March 3, 2015

We talked until 2:20 am on Twitter DM. I gave her my cellphone number and told her she should call and wish me a Happy Birthday. She said it’s after midnight where you are. I said well it’s not midnight in Hawaii yet. 10 minutes later she called. We talked for 4 minutes. She wished me  happy birthday. We chatted briefly. I was flirting. She was giggling. Then we got off the phone and I texted with her some of these texts back and forth until at 3:35am my time I finally went to bed. We had talked from 6:30pm the night before.


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March 1, 2015

I have known Meri before all of this started publicly. We had talked back and forth but it was the night of the Divorce episode, last season’s finale show that we began talking so people noticed. We began talking on Twitter. Then she followed me on Twitter and we began Direct Messaging. Here are the public tweets that I sent out that day. This is from my Twitter archive. We did not start Direct Messaging each other until March 2nd. I have all of those too.

With twitter you have to read from the bottom up. Sorry about that format but that’s how it archived.


Happy Father’s Day

fathers-dayEvery year on Father’s day I think about my dad who has passed away and my son who also passed away.

To my dad, he wasn’t the greatest guy or dad. But he worked very hard and he taught me all that I know about construction. He taught me to work very hard and do your best for the customer. He taught me to have manners and be respectful of my elders. And to stick by your family, even when it’s impossible and hard to deal with.

To my son, he died before he was born to me. 7 months was never enough. Not getting to hold him or see him was the worst part. But knowing he existed has carried me 12 years without him. I loved him the moment I knew he was alive. And I talked to him and sang to him a lot. I prayed with him and for him. I dreamed about him, I wanted him, I love him. He is my son. And I miss him everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and what he could be now. It took me 10 years to move on with my life and 2 more years to really start dating again. It’s because of him I’m finding my happiness again. I want to live the best life I can while God allows me to stay.

I hope everyone has a great Father’s day. You know it’s not about getting dad a present or cooking out on the grill for him. It’s telling him today how much you appreciate him. All that he is, all he has taught you, all he has done in his life. That’s what all dads really want to hear on Father’s Day.

I will be going to Paris for the next week on business. I blackout all social media while I’m gone. I will talk to you all soon. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!