4 days in Denver, Colorado, yes!

I just dropped the kids off at their Day camp. This is the last week/weekend they have to go to that. They will be so bummed out next week but I’m excited for all the fun I have planned for us.

First of all thank you, thank you, and a BIG THANK YOU from my daughter for all the awesome birthday wishes on our Family Facebook page. I did Facebook live a little from her party but we did keep it small and private. I’m so sorry the boys were so loud when I was trying to get Peace to talk on camera Lol Hey, that’s my life. The boys love to be filmed and for the most part want all of the attention. That dress was from Macy’s. I bought it special for her birthday party. Yes it is cute, since that was the majority of the comments, and yes her headband did not say on all night Lol She flung that off pretty soon after we wrapped up Facebook Live.

I uploaded all of our photos and videos from the past month including Peace’s birthday. Go check that out, guys. Be sure to welcome all of our new Batfans that have slowly been added to our page and interact with them.

I’m so happy to report I am leaving to go on my trip in a few hours. Lindsay ran down to the office this morning for a meeting. As soon as she gets back I’m GONE. Which means probably around 10:30am this morning. She will leave at 9:30am but she wants to stop to pick up a few things from the store.

I’m actually more nervous for her to drive my new Range Rover than I am for her watching my kids this weekend. She’s a speed demon (Always has been) and I just know there’s going to be a few lovely, new scratches on it when I get home.

So how is everyone doing? How much did you love Amazon Prime days this year? I just got the last of our orders in yesterday. I bought way too much stuff but you really can’t beat those deals.

My goal for my Denver trip is to check out my house renovations, talk to the general contractor to see what his timeline is and make sure all of our inspections are good. So far that house has been a breeze. I think it’s because it had such solid bones. I did a really good job picking it out. It’s only a 4 year old house so we only had to customize a few of the rooms. The best part is the kids picked out the bedroom colors and it was be completely done when we move in. I will not have to paint or do a single thing. Won’t that be nice. I’m also going to be hanging out with some of my gaming friends so I’m excited for that. Nice is meeting up with me on Saturday and Sebastian will be driving up also. It’s going to be a fun, fun, weekend. I really can’t wait.

I hope you all are having the best summer ever. I am because it’s been quiet, calm, and peaceful.

Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, beautiful little girl. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. She is our peacemaker, our joy, and our sweetness. The boys love their sister with all their hearts and I don’t know what I would have done if my beautiful Peacey pie didn’t come into my life. I always think about her adoption and her biological parents on her birthday. I don’t know if one day they will reach out to the adoption agency and ask for my info but they are always welcome into our family. I’m cool with changing the closed adoption they wanted into an open adoption any day they want. I pray they both change their minds some day. I look forward to raising Peace up to the very best life I can offer her and I sincerely promise she’s going to be an outstanding citizen, student, sister, friend, daughter, and (OMG) girlfriend, mom, some day. I’m leading by example by showing her as much love as I can daily. She knows she is special, she knows she is very loved, she knows 100% she belongs with me. She is a light in my life and hearing her laugh is literally one of the best sounds in the world. Right now I’m just her daddy but I know when she’s all grown up I can also be one of her best friends. I want nothing but the best for her and I will do all I can to educate her in whatever way she needs. She is incredibly smart and I’m pretty sure at some point she will skip a grade.

Peace, your little face is one of my favorite things on Earth. I love you, the boys love you. The entire world loves you. Never change who you are, and just be my sweet, happy little girl for as long as we can. Also, don’t grow up Lol Ever! I love you, my princess. You will always be Daddy’s GIRL!

So it’s dunzo? Yeah, I think it is

In the progression of working things out with Stephanie I invited her over for dinner last night. We had a lot of fun with the kids, she’s so great with them. We had a chance to go sit out by the lake and watch the crazy waves flow in and out. We got to talking and she had some hard questions for me. If this, what would I do. If that, what would she do. Going back and forth on things, some of her answers didn’t make sense to me. I started asking why she felt that way or why she would do things that way and it just didn’t flow with me at all. We had a deeper discussion and at the end, we both sort of just looked at each other and knew. I said “So it’s dunzo?” and she said “Yeah I think it is.”

She started crying, I felt bad. We hugged and I kissed her goodbye then I walked her out. She didn’t go in the house to say goodbye because she thought that would be hard. I was cool with that. She got in her car and she left. I did feel bad about it later when I was laying in bed thinking it over. I’m glad we at least tried because I really felt I would have regretted not giving it one more chance before I moved. Things are in a good spot. I texted her this morning and I think her and I can be friends. I’m friends with all of my ex’s so that’s not a huge surprise. In fact 3 of them texted me yesterday about my blog post and Twitter Lol They kind of check in with me every once in a while. I’m amazed that I’ve met and dated such incredible women, they still care. I do treat them well and show respect always so that’s a big reason they all have said they want to remain friends. I’ve invited some of them over at the same time for bbq weekends or whatever. It’s never been an issue unless they bring up our dating history. Then it gets awkward and I just laugh and walk out of the room because who wants to be in the middle of that at a party?

Am I maturing? I think I am. Letting go of someone can be hard but it doesn’t have to be drama. I think being completely honest and upfront about how you feel and what you think is key. Also both people listening. It’s no fun at all getting raged on by someone who interrupts every sentence. When they ask you a question, you start to answer and then BOOM here comes all this venom. I’m happy Stephanie and I left it peaceful. It’s nice.

So I’m single again which is fine. I’m not going to date until after I move and get the kids settled. I’ve already decided that. I told Stephanie that too. She appreciates the gesture. She half believes it I’m sure because my dating history has been so many first or 2nd dates then I move on. I’m just out here trying to find love. Again. It kinda sucks but I’m not giving up.

The kids went to day camp. After I dropped them off this morning I went to Church. I signed up to volunteer to help pack up some mission supply boxes. We have 5 couples out of the country on missions and we send them monthly supplies. It was fun getting together with my Church family and spending time laughing as we worked. I took a moment to pray by myself before I left. I feel at peace. I’m doing okay.


Next is my weekend trip. I’m leaving Thursday and will be all over Periscope showing off my new house. Guys, I’m really excited to see how far they are. I wish I could move in now but I know they are still doing my kitchen. It’s going to be a big change but I’m ready. I worked my a** off to get here. I don’t have to work out there, I don’t have to do anything but be a dad. I’m going to enjoy life, make new friends and figure out what my next step is. I’m so blessed. I really am.

Here’s to my next chapter in life and in love!

It’s a Steph-anie in the right direction

Hi guys! How are things going? Me, I’m fine as always. A few quick updates then back to work.

I was supposed to go to Comic Con this year but didn’t make it out. My dog hurt his leg. I took him to the vet thinking they will send us home with some pain pills, tell me to restrict his walking/running and that was it. He blew out his frickin’ knee. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. I just know $4500 later it’s fixed. He has 8 to 12 weeks of rehab to go and it’s been very frustrating. I found out if you use a beach towel to help hold up his backside it does make it much easier. You sling it under him and grab it down low in a bunch so you can control his motions with the bad leg. The vet told me to do that. He has a leg brace and a wound that has to be cleaned out twice a day or more if needed. He’s laying around a lot which is very hard for an active dog like him and it’s pinned me to the house for days now. I did miss Comic Con but it’s worth it. I will hit the next Comic Con event and still catch up with my friends there soon. Sorry guys!

What else? Stephanie and I had broken up. She was too controlling and really pushing me into being on the same page as her. I wasn’t there yet, I mean I was getting there, I just wasn’t there….yet. She didn’t want to hear it and gave me an ultimatum. I didn’t like it so I told her and we agreed to end things. It’s been over a month. We have met up a few times and talked a few times. Last night she texted me and said why can’t we just discuss this in length? I had Lindsay to watch the kids so I went over. An hour later we had worked out what happened, what was going on and how things could have been handled better. Essentially she fought me and didn’t throw me away like a piece of trash, so we are going to work it out. Just in time too.

I’m leaving Thursday mid morning to go do Denver for 4 days. I’m checking on my house renovation there to make sure things are good. We are moving there as soon as possible to get the kids settled. My house here will go on the market whenever we are officially and finally moved. I’m keeping my downtown condo in Chicago for when I have to fly in for work stuff but this is the big move. I want to raise my kids close to Alex’s doctors in Denver and I want a change. It’s time.

Stephanie understands all of this and is still willing to work things out. She is open to moving after I’m settled if that is the direction of the relationship. I told her I don’t mind her coming to visit every weekend if she wants but I’m done trying to prove how I feel about things. It was a really good grown up talk. I felt mature after it. Well and then the sex helped too Lol I mean good makeup sex is always worth it. So I don’t know guys. We will see. I’m giving it a chance. I really like her, the kids like her, why not her? We still have over a month before I move so we have time to really dig in and see what we want together. I’m trying.

My poor dog, Bubba is doing his best to be a good patient but he has not patience to be a patient. It’s been very hard. I’m not sleeping much because I’m worried about him so much. Luckily dogs take a million naps a day so I’m finding a balance to rest for an hour or 2 here and there.

The kids summer day camp is almost over with. This is the very last weekend and then I have all 3 of them at home ALL DAY WITH ME. I’m excited and happy. I have all kinds of things I want to go do with them. It’s going to be a very fun summer. I had a ton of travel plans set up but as life goes, I make plans and God says HAHAHAHAHAHA……..no.

How is everyone doing? I’ve gotten the yard all cleaned up today, my bedroom all cleaned up and I’m starting to pack for my 4 day trip.

Denver….here I come!

I’m so lazy its a Hammock life right now

I have been trying to figure out where I am going to move my family. I love the Chicago area, I love this house, but I want and need a change in my life. The kids are getting to be school age and if I move them soon enough we can get them settled and ready for the beginning of their school careers. Right now we are doing the prep work so that the boys will have the greatest success from day 1. It’s a lot of hard work for them but they are soaking it all up. I love seeing them learn new things. They get so excited. So after a bunch of back and forth debates on what the best city is for my family I’ve choosen Denver, Colorado. I bought a house there a few months ago. It is being renovated right now and it’s almost done. My plan is to sell this mansion, sell a lot of the furniture and things that go with this house and get ready to move us by September 1st. The boys’ school will start the middle of September so I really feel like this is my best time. Big deep breath. I have prayed and prayed on this decision. One of the main factors is that Alex’s doctors are all there. He is getting much better, we fight a small infection here and there but he is doing great. The house I bought is in the northwest side and has a lot of great amenities to the property. I’m actually downsizing if you guys can believe it. Those that have seen my Chicago house folder on Facebook can see how much space I have now. Our home is HUUUGEEE. I don’t need this much house. I need room for me, the kids, and a few bedrooms for guests. That’s it. No more crazy yard space, no more lake life. Okay, I’m obviously not going to be mowing my own lawn Lol That’s not the kind of downsizing I’m doing. I’m $till a $poiled brat. It’s time I just settle into dad life. I think this is my best option and we are going for it. I actually have several friends interested in my house and will be working with a local broker to help get this house on the market soon. I already have a survey done and the house inspected. The 4 things that needed to be updated or fixed are getting done in the next 2 weeks so I will be fully ready to say LIST IT!

Being closer to the west coast is going to have a lot of advantages for me. It’s also a great part of the country and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city.
I wish I had more of a huge update but I don’t. Oh wait, I’m going to Comic Con next weekend, that’s some news. Umm, I think that’s about it. I did upload a ton of new photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Go check those out. We have done a few Periscopes and Facebook live videos. Those are also on there. Life is quiet. I love it. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

Denver Day 1

We actually had a great time today. We had a luncheon in a huge ballroom at a hotel, then we got assigned into groups to make it easier for all of us to move around together. Thankfully my group has family members I actually like. I’m so happy getting to see everyone. I didn’t realize how much time I’ve spent away from everyone. All of the kids are growing up fast. I’ve had a few new babies, marriages, and very few divorces I got caught up on. My kids are playing nonstop with their cousins. Today was pretty cool.

Tomorrow is picture day. We are doing ours in the late morning so my kids will have all afternoon free to go do whatever they want. My nannies are taking them with our group and I’m going back to the house to chill. Then I will meet up with everyone and do the last 2 things on the day’s schedule before we go out to eat.

Family reunions, they aren’t always so bad. So far Lol

Welcome to Denver? Is that a cock-a-mouse? HIMYM joke

We are in Denver, Colorado until next Sunday. Unless I can’t take my family anymore and we leave early. I rented an Airbnb house because I prefer my kids to be more comfortable than crammed into a hotel suite. This house is pretty nice and we are very close to Cherry Creek mall which is a bonus.

Yesterday was spent with the girls running to the different stores to get us groceries and all the things we needed while I watched the kids with some family members. They enjoyed the swimming pool and I got the house ready. We ordered in pizza to make it easier for supper time. Today my cousin Nancy who coordinated this whole thing has emailed me the schedule of events. They have all kinds of kid friendly things planned which might mean I’m going to be bored out of my mind with a few occasional fun things happening. This is one of those family trips you just have to suck it up and get through it. Also the main reason I’m not sure we will be staying all week long.

The kids are having fun. On Tuesday is family picture day which means I have to wrangle them, try to make them sit still and smile a few dozen times. I think that’s going to be pretty tough. I am happy to be able to get some updated family photos done professionally though. I keep forgetting to go do that. We did some for Sweet Pea’s birthday party a month before her party so we could have photos up around the place. Then the party got scaled back so I didn’t put them out. I should have.

The boys wanted Disney pancakes this morning so I already mixed up the batter. They love the big Mickey mouse ears. I’m starting to get good making them. It’s taken me a full year to figure out how to get it just right. Flipping it is actually the hardest part. You can’t rip it otherwise you hear about it Lol I hope I can do a good job this morning.

Next week the boys start school. We bought all of the things on the school supply list. Yes even kids going 2 hours a day had to have a few thing. Mostly just hygiene related things. Kleenex, extra set of clothes each, handywipes, etc.

I’m going to have to get in a routine of getting them up early this week to prepare them. My kids usually sleep until about 7:30ish. Sometimes it varies. Usually one boy will wake up the other and then they go run into Peace’s room and get her up. Or they run into my room and decide I need to get up. I try to get up earlier than they do but Alex likes to get up at 5am to pee and usually crashes in my bed after that. He’s my snugglebug.

My headaches are coming and going right now. It’s not fun. They are all at the top left side of my head and it makes my head pound when I take a step. I’m taking Tylenol or aspirin. I’m doing all I can to help them go away but they soon make their way back.

We are all going to discuss our big Hawaii vacation that’s coming up soon. We will be there 4 days only. Everyone’s schedules are way too hard to coordinate this year. We are also praying that storm doesn’t sideswipe our family compound out there. The staff has already picked things up and secured each cabin to make sure we don’t lose anything of value. I pray everyone out there stays safe.

How are you guys doing? I’m here. That’s the best I can say for now. I’m spending a lot of time teaching my boys about school. How they will get to play but they are also going to be playing with educational toys. Things that will help them learn the things they need for next year.

And finally once school starts we are going to see how it goes but I may decide to get rid of my nannies. I’m doing great on my own. I will need to find some local babysitting help but I think for the most part I can handle all of it. I say that now thinking I’m Batman (Haha) when I’m not even close. I want my kids to start to see that I’m the only adult figure in charge. They get so confused. The whole purpose of me having these kids is to raise them. I didn’t realize I would have to do it all alone but until I meet Mrs. Batman than I need to step the F Up here. I rely on my nannies. I love them both but they need to get back to their lives. They do not like it here. I hear about it daily. They understand the circumstances with Alex and his lungs/heart issues so we can’t fly yet, but they do not like it. At all.

I pray we all get along this week and I find a better understanding of my family. Let the fun begin? No, no, no. Let the FUN BEGIN!

Rocky Mountain Adventure?

Greetings from beautiful Denver, Colorado. I flew in early this morning so I could catch the sunrise. I was late and didn’t make it. I will get to see it tomorrow. I wanted to take photos because it’s a great landscape here for it.

I’m here to take Mike and his mom to the AFC Championship game. He’s a huge Broncos fan and I promised (Lost a bet) to take him if his team advanced (I didn’t really think they would win Lol) so here I am. We don’t have the best seats but we will be there. And I said if he could get us into some cool tailgating parties with his buddies I would fill him and his mom up with stadium food all during the game.

I will be sporting my #6 Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears, jersey to the game. Because I will not represent a team I don’t like. Go Bears! Pretty sure I will be the only Bears fan there in jersey. Should get interesting with the folks sitting around us. We just finished breakfast and are back at my hotel for a few minutes. I spilled some orange juice on my shirt and tie so I need to make a quick change. His mom is planning out our shopping trip with what stores she wants to hit at Cherry Creek mall. I hope they have a candle store. I love candles.

All of the Ebook orders are processed and marked paid. There were a few people saying they did not get theirs. Please check your Spam folder. For some reason some of them went there. If you did not receive it please leave a comment anywhere on this blog OR email me at:

Samuel@Notbatmanyet.com and I will get the processing company to send it out today.

You can now purchase my Ebook from my website. The link is at the top left of my site. If you are using the Mobile version of my blog, please scroll down to the bottom and hit Desktop to see the link. The price is still $6.

The paperback copy and the 2nd version of the Ebook will be on sale in Amazon, Itunes, and about 12 other book sellers online. I have no reason to put them in actual book stores because I don’t think that I will have enough interest for that. I knew the preorders would be the bulk of the book sales. Now I think I might get a few more hundred more over the next few months but I think that will be it.

Yes there are some errors in the book. Yes I am aware of them. The 2nd version will have those fixed. There are a few people commenting on formatting errors. It was tested on the latest edition OEM operating system on 21 different devices. If you upgrade your operating system on your device it should be okay. If not, please let me know so we can fix the Ebook as soon as possible. The paperbacks are being printed and as far as we saw, there are no errors in the printing. I’m sure there will be some but I didn’t see any.

If you bought the book, read it, please leave me a Book Review here:

Almost Meri’ed Ebook


Thank you all again. Have a great weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


Denver kind of Saturday

I am in Denver. I’m visiting my buddy Mike. I’ve known him since he was 8 years old. He’s had a rough time growing up but his mom raised a good kid. He’s out of college and working as an intern at a corporate job. He says he likes it but wants to advance faster than he is. I’m trying to give him some good career advice but being that age, I remember wanting everything right now. He knows he has to earn it. He knows he has to stay consistant and keep asking for more responsibility. I think he’s going to be just fine. I am very proud of him. His mom and I have been catching up. We haven’t visited for a while. We only talk on the phone every 3 or 4 months. It’s nice to see her living in Denver so close to him. I think he’s happy. I hope he is. He’s definately doing everything he can to make a life for himself.
I love it here. These aren’t like the Utah mountains, but they are great waking up to. I took a long walk just to clear my head and get some fresh air. It’s beautiful. I am so blessed to be doing so well. I spent a few days in Chicago, then flew to Oklahoma city and spent the last week there. I will be going back to Las Vegas on Sunday for an indefinate timeframe. I have a lot of things to wrap up before I can finally leave that area for good.
The office in Vegas is doing well. Lindsay has kept things going the past 4 weeks and managed to drum up more business. Kim the new assistant is working well with Mark and they seem to be getting along. I’m happy to leave this in all of their hands and move my life back to Chicago.  I like Las Vegas but it’s not a home for me anymore. And I’m happy to be back where I feel the most comfortable. I never thought I would leave Las Vegas this year. I guess it’s all a big curveball.
A lot of people are coming here trying to figure out about all the media stories coming out about me. Just ask me. There’s a comment section on all of my posts. I answer them as soon as I can. The nasty, mean comments get deleted. There’s plenty of those. But if you have a question, I’d be happy to answer it. Things are quieting down finally and I think it’s best to leave it that way.
I live a simple life. I like big expensive toys, but for the most part I’m a simple guy. I like being outdoors as much as I can, I love my pup Sam jr. And I enjoy learning about life, love, and the purpose that I’m here. There’s a lot of specuation, accusation, and false things being said. Made up to cause drama or create lies to make my life’s story much more interesting than it is. For those people that are still trying to cause a problem in my life, I pray for you. You are doing nothing to me. I ignore you, I block you, I feel really bad that you are wasting your free time trying to figure me out. I’m really not that interesting. I’m not a catfish. Never have been. I know why the people that say that are doing that. I know who they are and I don’t really care what they say or do. They are horrible people. They don’t bother me.
To the new people that have come into my life to show support, I realize the kindness of total strangers. I like getting to know all of you on my facebook and elsewhere. I am enjoying video Skyping with people that are curious about me. It’s fun. I’m happy, I think people that get to know me will see that. I’m nice and respectful, and I wouldn’t change anything that I’ve been through. It’s made me stronger than I even thought possible.
I’m glad you are here, please feel free to read anything I have written. Reach out to me if you have a question, or just share a thought. Life is good. I am happy. And God has blessed me so abundantly. I am faithful and faithfilled. God is so good to me. I know he loves you guys and I love ya’ll too. Have a great Saturday!