Coming to an iTunes Store soon!

IMG_5019  Lindsay finally woke up and helped me get the iTunes information filled in. She had a late night of poker and debauchery. We are waiting for all of my information to be verified by Apple and approved. Shouldn’t take too longer. Last night Amazon said it would take up to 12 hours and it was online within an hour. They move fast. Apple wanted my blood type, my 4th grade math teacher’s phone number, and 2 snaps up in Z formation to get my book on the iBooks Lol It was a lot to fill out. We had a lot of fun on Skype going step by step.

She really does make me laugh. I was talking to a friend of mine last night on the phone and out of nowhere she said Lindsay is really funny. I didn’t even know she knew about her. She said she has seen her twitter. I swear that twitter account gets more attention than mine. Somehow she pissed off a troll so badly the girl took a photo of her teeth to prove she had some, based on a comment I had said, and Lindsay now has the photo pinned to her twitter account at the top Lol She said she is never taking it down. How does that even happen? How do you make someone so mad they snap a selfie of their teeth? Lmao

As soon as my iTunes is approved I will let ya’ll know. I don’t know how long Apple takes to verify information but it should be soon. The other book selling websites are going on now. The next step is offering the Paperbacks and the Second Edition of the Ebook for sale. That will be as soon as we get through this online book selling process. Sorry it’s taking so long. I don’t know how to do any of this and trying to get Lindsay to sit down with me and help out via Skype has proven to be a challenge.

This is fun! I love seeing my book on Amazon. I can’t believe that is happening. I’m excited!

International Man

I thought that the latest round of tabloids were the reason why I had a weekend full of book sales. It was the International finale of the tv show. I wondered what was going on. My book sales went crazy and now I have all of these great new friends that I’m emailing. They all say the same thing. They see that she was lying. Which is what I said all along. So my 15 minutes of fame which is at minute 14 just went international. I knew we had a huge following in the Netherlands. I thought that was weird. The UK, Ireland, Australia, and a lot more are all reaching out. How cool is that? For my first book. I didn’t think that would happen. I honestly thought if I sell a few books we will do okay. I’m almost at the 10,000 books sold mark! That’s not even the actual book. It’s the Ebook. I’m starting to worry now. I ordered the printing company to only print up 1,000 paperback books to sale. That doesn’t count the books I promised for free to anyone that PreOrdered. What if this book takes off? I’m not prepared at all. This shows me how compelling the story is. It has nothing to do with me, it’s all her. People want to know why she said such contradictory things on the show’s ending as what I have proven on my blog over and over and well you get it.

This is exciting new. For anyone that is having a hard time finding the book link here it is:


That will take you directly to the ordering form for the Ebook. I hope that helps. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from the weekend saying they can’t find it. I just assumed it was all English-speaking countries that would have interest. I was wrong. Now we are scrambling to get foreign language translations out. This is so fun.

I want to thank all of you for still coming here and hanging in with me. My life is my life. It’s up and down. I do my best and I try really hard. I guess I’m making a small impact on other people. They are sharing their relationship stories. They are giving me great parenting advice. There are a few that want to mail me baby gifts. That is so sweet but I can provide for my boys. Please donate to your local women’s shelter. I would love that so much. Those women need help. I just need advice.

I talked to two of my friends on the phone last night. One is doing so well. I know she was being strong because she sounded so tired. But even through all she is going through she made me laugh so hard. We cracked up. I just love talking to her.

My other friend shot me a late night email so I called her. She is in “Sam, I’m coming down” mode because she realized that I have really done nothing to prepared for the babies Lol I told ya’ll I haven’t done anything yet. I figured I’ll just wing it. Now I do like to make lists. I like to be organized and I can get things done. I’m definitely not a procrastinater at all. I honestly haven’t had the time. I’m done traveling until the boys are born. And for a few months after. I got all of my work and fun trips checkmarked. I’m good. I don’t need or even want to go anywhere. I’m missing Mardi Gras this year but that’s okay. I have a much bigger party coming soon!

Here is our plan we all agreed with. The morning of Feb. 15th my cousin and her daughter are moving in. I have to pick them up at the airport. I already (My secretary) got us car service so we have plenty of room for their luggage. I told them both don’t pack much we will go shopping and I will get you whatever you need. I am having my maid come in Saturday to help me clean the entire place. I told her I will help you this time and she just laughed and said Okay okay. Whatever, I know how to clean! I just don’t wanna Lol But this is for my sons so I will scrub my whole place top to bottom. I started talking to my dog about the babies. I’m worried about him adjusting. He’s very snuggly. He sleeps in my room every night. I’m also talking to God at night. I kneel next to my bed for prayers but I end up just talking to God. I have a lot on my heart. I just want to do a good job being a dad. I want them to know everyday that I love them. But I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know anything Lol

I went over my list of names last night with my friend. She told me to write them down and start mixing middle names around until I come up with a combination I like. I honestly don’t know what names I want. I have one name picked and solid. That has been a breeze. It’s his brother’s name that I haven’t really figured out. I’m working on it. I’m not matching first letters or rhyming the names. I want them to be individuals as much as they can. I mean who are we kidding ya’ll know I’m going to put them in matching outfits the first 14 years Lol Just kidding. Honestly probably the first few years. Up until they are 2 then it’s time to put out the different outfits.

And you know there will be lots of Batman!

Just sayin Lol The delivery is scheduled for March 1st in the morning. But I was told several times she may go early. She has agreed on a c-section no matter when they come. She does not want to prolong their birth because it’s really hard for her. She is not a happy camper this week. I’m trying to give her space and when she calls I literally jump out of my seat and do the Hello hello are you okay???????????? Lol Is that normal? I told all of my buddies I will be housebound for the next several weeks. If they want to hang out, come over because they won’t be seeing me much. My cousin and her daughter will be my priority. I’m going to work but then come home and do whatever they both need. I went to my Foster parent certification class last night. I have to do X amount of hours to get certified. I asked if I could double up to get done faster because I explained everything. They said no. But because I have lawyer documentations everything will be okay. They get to come home with me…….oh shit I need to get car seats! After work I will go car seat shopping. That is a must have. I forgot to put that on the list. I even said it last night I have to get it but I never wrote it down.

Parenting can’t be that hard with newborn twins, right?



The Ebooks are done

The company distributing my ebooks emailed me and told me all of the ebooks have been sent out but one. Even the Free Ebook I promised someone because I insulted her husband.

I’m going to start posting the reviews. I’ve been sitting on them for a week because I don’t know how to work the Review plugin that Lindsay installed and I wanted to get all of the books out so the people who had not received it yet would be upset.

The delays are over. If you did not receive your ebook please contact me direcly. and I will look into it tomorrow for you.

Also if you are having issues opening your ebook let me know how we can help. I sent out 5 different formats to cover all devices. But there is always issues with this kind of thing.

Thank ya’ll for your patience. Anyone wanting to buy the book, the link will be back up on Saturday. And you can order it then.

The paperback book will be on Amazon, Itunes, and about a dozen other book retailer websites. I am self-publishing it. It’s currently being printed. It’s going to be very cool when I get them in to actually see a book with my name on it.

This is an ebook and I am not a professional writer. But you can follow along with my story. I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, I don’t mind hearing that too. I expected a lot of really bad reviews. So far only 1 bad one.

I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah until Saturday morning. Then I’m going to Denver for the weekend to see Mike. Hope ya’ll are having a great week!