Family time Sunday

We have Sarah’s parents here. They are staying 2 to 3 weeks. They will have to quarantine on the island but not in a cabin. They brought their medical records and also their negative COVID test results so their contact tracer said 14 days in our compound then call to get released. I was leary about letting them around my kids at first but I did read everything they had and I believe we are okay. I still checked their temperatures and made them take showers before they came in my house Lol I know, I know. I don’t care.

So we are in for some big time family fun. It is very nice having another adult male here. We can buddy up and shoot looks at each other when one of us is getting crabbed at. Which happens daily. Sarah’s mom loves to cook so she said she will help me prep meals. They are staying in a cabin, not in the main house. And already they have both kissed all over their grandbaby, Rain. It really is a nice thing they can be here with us. I hope they relax and enjoy their time here. I wanted them to maybe explore a little but the government here is scaling things back.

I found out that the boys will be starting school online for the first 4 weeks. I was stressing out about sending them to school, now I don’t have to worry about it. This entire week is going to be about building a real school room in one of my rooms on the 1st floor. I’m putting it near my bedroom since I’m tucked away from the main living areas. It will be used for the boys and for Peace. Sarah is going to teach, I will help her. I think it’s going to be fine. When she needs to help with her baby, we will take a break. It should be fine. We ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon to get it here in time for school next Monday. I’m looking forward to them starting the 1st grade. It will be interesting. For me it’s all about getting them to age 8. That’s when we can practically fix their hearing loss. I pray everyday it goes well and I can keep their ears healthy until then. It’s hard. We deal with a lot of ear infections, a lot of rinsing, drops, doctor visits. It’s not fun. I just want them to be happy and healthy. They are.

The weather has been perfect. We are getting back to a lot of swimming and hanging out together. The kids play together. I’ve noticed the kids are not fighting as much. With the kid to adult ratio that may be why. I’m not sure but I am enjoying it. We have completed a lot of home projects and yard work. I think teaching my kids to work with me on things it is teaching them responsibility as well as using their imaginations. We are building things, painting it, putting in place. I think they really do enjoy creating structures that we all can use.

Things with Kate and I are great. I love the trolls think they know her real name and know all about her. In fact all they have accomplished is harassing some poor unknown woman and family members who know nothing at all. Good try, wrong person Lol We both love it and laugh our asses off. I also enjoy them trying to figure out if they broke us up. Nope. I know their insane hate group thinks they have some power over my life or her life but they don’t. Look at the source of info. Look at all the fake, created, new accounts that magically has “insider info”. Nope. If you listen to a complete stranger tell you about me, that shows how indifferent we are to each other. A troll is a lying, sack of poo, who has no love in their own life. They have to obsess over me to feel powerful, wanted as part of a group with no real end game. All they want is to harass me. I ignore them, I block them, I report them. Please do the same when you see them show up on my social media. All of us reporting them gets their accounts taken away. Some of the things they post are hilarious, but I don’t see it. I hear about it from our insider trolls that work with Lindsay spilling the beans. The trolls are regurgitating the same info from 5 years ago like a bad piece of fish. There is nothing new, no one has found Kate’s real Twitter account or real name. You’ve wasted your entire summer on stalking me. Good job, Trolls. It does nothing. I actually sell more books and make new friends from all of your efforts Lol So thanks? Nahhhhh, F*** Y** Lol If you would have been nice and respectful I would have answered your questions. Instead you show who you really are inside and it’s a dark ugly piece of filth that I don’t want anywhere near me. Look in the mirror. Why do you do all of this? Because it makes you feel good? Because you honestly think I’m lying? I’m not. You are throwing around photos that ARE NOT ME. And…I’ve never posted those photos so whoever came up with those photos, you are a liar and a dumbass. You are trying to drum up any amount of false info that you can try to convince others is the truth. How about stop with the games and move on? I moved on 5 years ago. I’m in a very happy, healthy relationship. Just because her Twitter is deactivated (NOT DELETED) because her family member took a turn for the worse in the hospital does not mean you did something to us. We are fine. We love each other. We will probably get married next year. It’s time to get your own sh** together and look at who you have become. You are listening to people that have never even talked to me. That’s the best part. They know nothing about my life, yet pretend they hold all the secrets. What secrets? My life is open and live. Maybe try to get off the computer or phones a little more. Go outside. How about go make a real life friend instead of attaching yourself to Troll Life. It’s got to really suck to spend all of your waking hours hating on me. And I don’t even read your tweets/messages.

My orange roll dough is almost ready. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday with my family. Have a good rest of your weekend guys, even your trolls. I wish you well I just wish you would STFU. I’m not even worth all of your efforts. But keep doing you, boo boo. It sells my books for me.

Sunday is always Family Day

Boy do I have some updates to share. A lot has been going on, I have been extra busy and now I can finally tell you guys what’s been going on.

Brenda’s mom Lynn moved in for a few weeks to help us with the kids until my former nanny, Sarah, figured out what she was going to do. Sarah had her baby, a beautiful little girl named Rain. She does not know who the father of her baby is yet, but the only 2 guys that could be the dad have already been tested for DNA. The results will be ready in a few weeks. That’s a little nerve wrecking for Sarah. She loves being a mom. It was a huge surprise to all of us but I’m very happy for her. She will be a fantastic mom, she has been a surrogate mom to my kids and I have seen her motherly side. Sarah decided she wanted to move back to Denver. She enlisted her 2 best friends in Dallas and rented a huge SUV to make the trip as comfortable as possible. They left early yesterday morning and got her last night. Sarah will always be welcome with us. I have told her that for years. It was too hard for her to stay at her parents house. She said she wants her own life. She is not coming back here to be our nanny again. She wants to live in the guest house for a few months until she can figure out where to move to in Denver. She loves it here. She is FINALLY going to get a nursing job. She wants to teach nursing at the community college level which I think is great. So she is here, with her baby, and we are leaving her alone. The kids missed her soooooo much. The boys were crying and Peace kept grabbing her by the leg Lol It was cute. She is going to get her baby in the nursery and settled into a routine before she starts hanging out in our house more. She said she needs to be taken care of right now. I told her we will all pitch in to cook, clean, babysit while she showers or rest. It’s going to take a village. It always does.

My aunt is here. She decided to stay until next Saturday morning. She needed a break. She just got through a divorce and wanted to get away. I don’t blame her. My Uncle can be a little difficult to deal with. I pray they both resolve the lingering issues soon and then leave each other alone for a while. They need it.

And we just had a big family meeting. The plan we came up with may or may not work out. Here is what we are going to try to do.

Brenda and Lynn will be going home on Saturday morning. I am so appreciative of both of them for helping me out. They will be greatly missed. Sarah is staying a few months. When she can, she will pitch in and help me with the kids but I am not relying on her. I am finally going to be on my own with my kids. It was the plan since last year. I gave everyone months and months of notice. It is going to be hard. I want to do it. I quit my job and went part time to raise my kids. It’s that important to me. I have always wanted to be a dad. It took a long time for me to get here and now I want to do it.

I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves kids, she’s a teacher. We are kind of rekindling things after a huge breakup months ago. We are trying and it’s going very well. I know as soon as the borders open up I will travel up there and we can start all over again. I want a mom for my kids but more importantly I want a life partner. I want to be married again. We are going to take our time in building our relationship and I look forward to seeing how it goes. This is a huge step for me. I don’t date casually. I always have intention of things going into a serious relationship. I think I have finally met my match. I thought my ex-wife was it, but I realized after a year we were not on the same page in life. This time I have taken a LONG TIME to figure out what I need and want for myself and the kids. It’s the right time. I’m ready to start a big relationship. And I want it with her. I am happy. I am happier than I have been in a long time. Everyone is noticing it and commenting. I’m glad. I need all the support I can get, I do not have the best track record with women Lol

So how are you guys doing? We have the pool open already. The kids love it. They are swimming twice a day. It’s good to see how happy they are in the water. The swimming lessons they have all taken paid off. I’m doing the best I can to keep teaching them. I want them to be safe and I need to know they can get themselves out of trouble in the water if anything ever happens to them. Swimming to me is a life necessity. I think everyone needs to learn the basics.

We are playing a lot of baseball in the backyard. Guess who the best base runner is? Peace Lol She has picked it all up very fast. My goodness is my daughter smart. We are still doing a summer school program. It’s going well. I print off their worksheets in the morning. We spend about an hour each day on it and they like it. Education is key and my kids will go to college. I do not want them living life without a great education. That is priority #1. It’s giving us all a lot of bonding time and I really enjoy watching them figure things out.

Everyone is doing well. I hope you all are too. I have been fighting a bad headache all day. I think a house full of people, so much cooking, cleaning, and staying active finally caught up with me today. I crashed and burned. I’m feeling better now with 2 hot showers. My allergies are getting better but these migraines are impossible to deal with.

Take care of yourselves guys. Wear the damn mask. It’s only for a little more time, they will find a vaccine and we can be safe once again. Social distance until your local area says it’s okay. Please be aware there are guys like me out there trying to protect his kids at home from this crap. You wearing a mask means I have a less chance of contracting it and dragging it out home. I always wear a mask and gloves. I will until this whole thing is over with.

I will update more this week! Love you guys!

Another Family Meeting

Hey guys. How are you holding up? I’m okay. I’m having a little insomnia lately and a little anxiety but I think that’s normal right now.

We are still in Hawaii at the Family Compound. We are still all healthy and safe. The kids are doing good. They are still being homeschooled. That’s getting much easier. Brenda and Gabby are doing okay. And now Brenda’s mom has also joined us. She has been in a 14 day quarantine in the furthest cabin from the main house. We take a golf cart down to her a few times a day to check on her. We stand back from the back sliding glass doors and talk to her through the windows. That’s the best we can do. She isn’t sick. She had already been stuck at home. When she got here, we ran her through all of the steps we had to make sure she wasn’t bringing anything onto our little island. She’s a champ. She gets to join us on the afternoon of the 13th and boy are we all excited. Brenda struggled with it at first but she’s finally calmed down. I’m no longer accused of keeping her mom locked up like a damn zoo animal Lol We all agreed to the 14 day quarantine before she even got here.

So we had a family meeting this morning early. We had Lynn on speakerphone so she could get in her votes. She is strongly opinionated which makes everything so much easier. We rationed out this weeks food and snacks. We are running low on a few supplies and I explained to them I have some ordered but good luck getting it all here. I hope it shows up soon but I don’t know. I’m going with what I have at the house. Everyone has their pick. I ran Lynn’s box down to her house and chatted for a little while. She said my kids can call her Grandma Lynn which I love. I know they will love it too.

We are okay. My focus this week is to stay calm, to make a shopping plan and in 2 weeks go back to the stores. The Coronavirus is getting worse. I hope you guys are all okay. I pray everyday for all of you. God is going to watch over us and with our own decisions and guidance from the CDC we can be safe.

Stay Home guys. It’s only a little bit longer than we will be free again. My kids want to go home and I haven’t explained any of this to them. It’s going to be okay. Take care of each other!

Impromptu Family Meeting

We are still in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

For the first time since she became one of our nannies, Brenda called for a Family Meeting. Which included me and our neighbor Gabby who is staying with us in Hawaii. She is getting worried about her mom who is now laid off of work. Her mom had asked if she could come here. She has been stuck at home working since March 12th. She was getting her food from other family members dropping it off. She said she has not left her house at all, she has no pets, was not going to Church. She was quarantined and safe. I asked to talk to her mom so she put her on speakerphone. I asked, if you come here, do you mind a 14 day quarantine until I let you around my kids? She said no and she understands. I said I don’t know when we will or can go home but if she wanted to leave at anytime we would make the best arrangements we could. She said she is laid off of work and now would be the best time to get out of the Dallas area if she wanted to go. She had never been to Hawaii and probably would never be able to afford to come. Brenda said she would pay for the ticket here and when it was time we would take her back to Denver with us, then Brenda would buy her a ticket back to Dallas from there.

Then came the logistics. Can you even get a flight right now? Do you have a mask and gloves? Are you willing to wear old clothes so you can burn them as soon as you arrive, shower, then help us figure out what food and supplies you want in your cabin? Will you be understanding about just staying around your cabin which will be the furthest one away from all of ours? You can go outside there, you can use your golf cart to look around. You won’t be shut in without enjoying our nice weather. So many things to talk over. She said she can bring her canned goods, she can bring her toilet paper minus one roll to leave at the house. She will help us cook and watch the kids, she will do whatever I ask.

We voted yes, 3-0 so Brenda’s mom is coming out later today. Brenda found a flight to LA, then over to here. Her mom is so excited. She’s going to give away the rest of her food in the fridge and freezer to family so they can use it. She said she will bring her Ipad and some board games. I said and bring a deck of cards I didn’t have one. This will be great. I like Brenda’s mom. She’s a very sweet woman. She loves kids and I know my boys will latch onto her.

Things are going okay. We are staying on the island and not going anywhere. I think we have enough stuff to last a few more weeks. We talk to Sarah a few times a day on Facetime. She’s happy to be home with her family. She’s excited for her baby to arrive and said she’s sad she left. It really was the best decision for her. She went to nursing school with a lot of the people that work at the hospital where she will give birth so she knows they will take very good care of them both when it’s time. I’m glad she’s safe. That’s all that mattered.

The kids are doing the best they can. They don’t understand why we can’t go home. I’m trying to not tell them what’s really going on. I want them to just be kids here. I don’t want this on their mind. They like homeschooling (Sometimes) and they really enjoy being outside so much. The only issue is I may end up running out of sun tan lotion. We are outside constantly. Even when it rains the covered patio out back is plenty big enough to play or eat meals on.

I am so thankful to God and everyone for helping my family stay safe and making sure we are okay. We are becoming a lot closer as a family. I’m so used to swooping into town whenever a family member needs me. It’s hard to sit here and not be able to do that. I am sending out money where it needs to go to make sure my family and friends are okay. I’m also still donating to online causes or to random folks in my private messages a little here or there. I’m not looking forward to my next Walmart trip (I really don’t like shopping at Walmart) but I want to get everything we need in 1 store. I will do my best.

How are you guys doing? Is there anything I can do to help you? All I can offer are prayers and a little bit of money. I want you all to know I am thinking about you and please stay home. I’m saying it everywhere, the more you stay home the quicker we can all get out of our homes. I’m doing okay. My anxiety is finally calming down. I think worrying about Sarah’s baby was a big issue. I know she’s safe and I know her family will take care of her. I’m still dealing with a very odd sleeping pattern. I sleep a few hours at a time. It’s crazy. We are okay. We know God is going to guide us through all of this. I know it’s going to take more time. We are following the CDC’s recommendations and I’m making sure we are washing our hands and the other things that we can do at home.

It’s going to be okay, guys. Stay home, and deal with a new normal for a few more weeks or months. We all have to. I love you all!

It’s sandy daddy, why?

Hi from the Bahamas!

My kids love it here. The weather has been perfect everyday so far. I’m sunburnt, the kids are okay, and they don’t want to go home. I keep asking just in case one of them cracks. The water feels amazing in the heat of the day. It really is nice being on vacation and finally not having to cater to everyone else I’m with. I have real help this time. I didn’t know it would be this easy. I told the 2 nanny (friends) that came along we need to do this more often Lol Although I’m sure my buddy wants his wife and sister back soon. I just posted about 40 photos from this trip to our family Facebook page and I also uploaded the other photos from my phone and Ipad. I think you guys are all caught up on photos. I took this great photo of Peace splashing both of her brothers and she has the most incredible smile on her face. She really is a part sweet and a part naughty Lol She knew not to splash them but she did it anyway. The boys have been so helpful with her this time. They are growing up and I think they innately understand she’s the baby and needs extra attention. We have gotten in some serious beach time, then some doubly serious nap time Lol I think all of this sun is making us sleepy.

Jesse is having the best time. I know this because she keeps saying that to me. We have had 2 romantic dinners together and have found a little alone time here or there during the day. It’s nice to have someone with me that just wants to chill and have fun. She has made this trip very relaxing for me. I really have enjoyed getting to know her more and sharing some of my life with her. She didn’t realize all I had going on. I’m not very boastful about everything so a lot of people close to me are’t aware. I’m trying to balance my work/home/vacation life and I can honestly say, from here, I got it.

Should we move to the Bahamas??? Yes!! Are we going to??? No Lol I wish.

I do think we need to make this a yearly trip though. I already don’t want to go home and we are 5 days from it. I needed this guys. I really did. I also needed that couples massage we are about to get. Rub my legs and my sore feet please! All of this walking and chasing sandy coated babies around the beach has made me a little sore.

Hope you are staying warm or at least trying to back in the States. I will update again this week. Love you guys. I will be home soon!

Vacation anyone? Okay

We will be leaving tomorrow for our 1 week vacation. We will get home late Sunday night next week. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather and playing with my kids in the ocean/sand. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve hired 2 nannies to help me. Okay, well they aren’t nannies. They are friends of mine who wanted to go Lol We are also taking Jesse. It’s going to be our first trip together. We had a lengthy discussion about getting 1 room for her or she shares my room. Then it turned into okay we share a room, but 2 beds? We settled on a shared room with 2 beds in case she feels like it’s weird but she said or we can just mess up both beds Lol Soooooo I’m thinking this vacation is already awesome and we haven’t even gotten there yet!

Sun, sand, nothing to do but play with the kids all day. It sounds perfect. I’m almost done packing up for all of us but I’m still not sure what else we need. Oh well I will figure it out. I have someone coming to stay at the house all week to take care of my dog, my 2 cats, and the damn birds. I really wish the cats would get used to the birds instead of trying to eat them every morning. They also both sit underneath the cage and plot how to jump high enough to knock it down Lol

I hope everyone has a great week coming up. Stay warm and enjoy the week ahead! I will miss you guys. Love ya’ll, see you soon!

Denver, it was fun, but I’m leaving

We have spent this week family reunion-ing with my peeps. I have had a great time. My kids are having a great time and I just don’t want to see these people ever again until the next family reunion Lol I’ve had my fill. So we are packing up and leaving in the morning. I want to go home. I have a lot of things left to do before my kids start school. I have to figure out where to drop them off at, what time I need to pick them up. A lot of logistical things I haven’t figured out yet. I’m glad it’s only 2 hours a day. It kind of feels like I’m dropping them off to a daycare. I don’t know how any of this will go but I am going to enjoy my time with playing daddy at home while they are gone for a short time. This is supposed to boost their education. I don’t know. I read the things they will do the first month. It just sounds like a huge play time thing. I’m not very cool with that. I want them to be there and learn things. Not fight with whoever over legos, trucks, and anything else.

I have finally posted a ton of photos and a few short videos from our time in Denver. This trip has been full of family stories and laughs. Check out my Family Facebook Page and see how it’s been going. Yes my hair did get a little lighter in color. That’s what happens when your cousin is a new beauty student and talks you into going a little big lighter for the rest of the summer. Good thing my hair grows fast and I don’t mind cutting it all off if I decide I don’t like it. So far, it’s okay. I can’t wait to see Jen’s face when I get back home and she sees it. I told her about and she just laughed.

Jen and I have been talking off and on. Mostly texting. I have been busy but I try to answer her back. She’s very nice. I am having fun getting to know her and I did tell her I would like us to keep a friendship after we move back, if we do. That is also still up in the air.

I hope you all are having a great time. Lindsay will be logging in here tonight and doing our latest rounds of bans. So bye bye stalker trolls. See you nowhere for a while Lol It’s still creepy you give this much care to what I’m up to. And as always, go do something meaningful with your life. I really don’t see, read, or care what you have to say to me. Everyone has moved on a looooooooooooong time ago.

Thank you Lindsay. Thank you all my batfans. And thank you family for a great week together! Love ya’ll!

Denver Day 1

We actually had a great time today. We had a luncheon in a huge ballroom at a hotel, then we got assigned into groups to make it easier for all of us to move around together. Thankfully my group has family members I actually like. I’m so happy getting to see everyone. I didn’t realize how much time I’ve spent away from everyone. All of the kids are growing up fast. I’ve had a few new babies, marriages, and very few divorces I got caught up on. My kids are playing nonstop with their cousins. Today was pretty cool.

Tomorrow is picture day. We are doing ours in the late morning so my kids will have all afternoon free to go do whatever they want. My nannies are taking them with our group and I’m going back to the house to chill. Then I will meet up with everyone and do the last 2 things on the day’s schedule before we go out to eat.

Family reunions, they aren’t always so bad. So far Lol