It’s sandy daddy, why?

Hi from the Bahamas!

My kids love it here. The weather has been perfect everyday so far. I’m sunburnt, the kids are okay, and they don’t want to go home. I keep asking just in case one of them cracks. The water feels amazing in the heat of the day. It really is nice being on vacation and finally not having to cater to everyone else I’m with. I have real help this time. I didn’t know it would be this easy. I told the 2 nanny (friends) that came along we need to do this more often Lol Although I’m sure my buddy wants his wife and sister back soon. I just posted about 40 photos from this trip to our family Facebook page and I also uploaded the other photos from my phone and Ipad. I think you guys are all caught up on photos. I took this great photo of Peace splashing both of her brothers and she has the most incredible smile on her face. She really is a part sweet and a part naughty Lol She knew not to splash them but she did it anyway. The boys have been so helpful with her this time. They are growing up and I think they innately understand she’s the baby and needs extra attention. We have gotten in some serious beach time, then some doubly serious nap time Lol I think all of this sun is making us sleepy.

Jesse is having the best time. I know this because she keeps saying that to me. We have had 2 romantic dinners together and have found a little alone time here or there during the day. It’s nice to have someone with me that just wants to chill and have fun. She has made this trip very relaxing for me. I really have enjoyed getting to know her more and sharing some of my life with her. She didn’t realize all I had going on. I’m not very boastful about everything so a lot of people close to me are’t aware. I’m trying to balance my work/home/vacation life and I can honestly say, from here, I got it.

Should we move to the Bahamas??? Yes!! Are we going to??? No Lol I wish.

I do think we need to make this a yearly trip though. I already don’t want to go home and we are 5 days from it. I needed this guys. I really did. I also needed that couples massage we are about to get. Rub my legs and my sore feet please! All of this walking and chasing sandy coated babies around the beach has made me a little sore.

Hope you are staying warm or at least trying to back in the States. I will update again this week. Love you guys. I will be home soon!

Vacation anyone? Okay

We will be leaving tomorrow for our 1 week vacation. We will get home late Sunday night next week. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather and playing with my kids in the ocean/sand. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve hired 2 nannies to help me. Okay, well they aren’t nannies. They are friends of mine who wanted to go Lol We are also taking Jesse. It’s going to be our first trip together. We had a lengthy discussion about getting 1 room for her or she shares my room. Then it turned into okay we share a room, but 2 beds? We settled on a shared room with 2 beds in case she feels like it’s weird but she said or we can just mess up both beds Lol Soooooo I’m thinking this vacation is already awesome and we haven’t even gotten there yet!

Sun, sand, nothing to do but play with the kids all day. It sounds perfect. I’m almost done packing up for all of us but I’m still not sure what else we need. Oh well I will figure it out. I have someone coming to stay at the house all week to take care of my dog, my 2 cats, and the damn birds. I really wish the cats would get used to the birds instead of trying to eat them every morning. They also both sit underneath the cage and plot how to jump high enough to knock it down Lol

I hope everyone has a great week coming up. Stay warm and enjoy the week ahead! I will miss you guys. Love ya’ll, see you soon!

Denver, it was fun, but I’m leaving

We have spent this week family reunion-ing with my peeps. I have had a great time. My kids are having a great time and I just don’t want to see these people ever again until the next family reunion Lol I’ve had my fill. So we are packing up and leaving in the morning. I want to go home. I have a lot of things left to do before my kids start school. I have to figure out where to drop them off at, what time I need to pick them up. A lot of logistical things I haven’t figured out yet. I’m glad it’s only 2 hours a day. It kind of feels like I’m dropping them off to a daycare. I don’t know how any of this will go but I am going to enjoy my time with playing daddy at home while they are gone for a short time. This is supposed to boost their education. I don’t know. I read the things they will do the first month. It just sounds like a huge play time thing. I’m not very cool with that. I want them to be there and learn things. Not fight with whoever over legos, trucks, and anything else.

I have finally posted a ton of photos and a few short videos from our time in Denver. This trip has been full of family stories and laughs. Check out my Family Facebook Page and see how it’s been going. Yes my hair did get a little lighter in color. That’s what happens when your cousin is a new beauty student and talks you into going a little big lighter for the rest of the summer. Good thing my hair grows fast and I don’t mind cutting it all off if I decide I don’t like it. So far, it’s okay. I can’t wait to see Jen’s face when I get back home and she sees it. I told her about and she just laughed.

Jen and I have been talking off and on. Mostly texting. I have been busy but I try to answer her back. She’s very nice. I am having fun getting to know her and I did tell her I would like us to keep a friendship after we move back, if we do. That is also still up in the air.

I hope you all are having a great time. Lindsay will be logging in here tonight and doing our latest rounds of bans. So bye bye stalker trolls. See you nowhere for a while Lol It’s still creepy you give this much care to what I’m up to. And as always, go do something meaningful with your life. I really don’t see, read, or care what you have to say to me. Everyone has moved on a looooooooooooong time ago.

Thank you Lindsay. Thank you all my batfans. And thank you family for a great week together! Love ya’ll!

Denver Day 1

We actually had a great time today. We had a luncheon in a huge ballroom at a hotel, then we got assigned into groups to make it easier for all of us to move around together. Thankfully my group has family members I actually like. I’m so happy getting to see everyone. I didn’t realize how much time I’ve spent away from everyone. All of the kids are growing up fast. I’ve had a few new babies, marriages, and very few divorces I got caught up on. My kids are playing nonstop with their cousins. Today was pretty cool.

Tomorrow is picture day. We are doing ours in the late morning so my kids will have all afternoon free to go do whatever they want. My nannies are taking them with our group and I’m going back to the house to chill. Then I will meet up with everyone and do the last 2 things on the day’s schedule before we go out to eat.

Family reunions, they aren’t always so bad. So far Lol

Welcome to Denver? Is that a cock-a-mouse? HIMYM joke

We are in Denver, Colorado until next Sunday. Unless I can’t take my family anymore and we leave early. I rented an Airbnb house because I prefer my kids to be more comfortable than crammed into a hotel suite. This house is pretty nice and we are very close to Cherry Creek mall which is a bonus.

Yesterday was spent with the girls running to the different stores to get us groceries and all the things we needed while I watched the kids with some family members. They enjoyed the swimming pool and I got the house ready. We ordered in pizza to make it easier for supper time. Today my cousin Nancy who coordinated this whole thing has emailed me the schedule of events. They have all kinds of kid friendly things planned which might mean I’m going to be bored out of my mind with a few occasional fun things happening. This is one of those family trips you just have to suck it up and get through it. Also the main reason I’m not sure we will be staying all week long.

The kids are having fun. On Tuesday is family picture day which means I have to wrangle them, try to make them sit still and smile a few dozen times. I think that’s going to be pretty tough. I am happy to be able to get some updated family photos done professionally though. I keep forgetting to go do that. We did some for Sweet Pea’s birthday party a month before her party so we could have photos up around the place. Then the party got scaled back so I didn’t put them out. I should have.

The boys wanted Disney pancakes this morning so I already mixed up the batter. They love the big Mickey mouse ears. I’m starting to get good making them. It’s taken me a full year to figure out how to get it just right. Flipping it is actually the hardest part. You can’t rip it otherwise you hear about it Lol I hope I can do a good job this morning.

Next week the boys start school. We bought all of the things on the school supply list. Yes even kids going 2 hours a day had to have a few thing. Mostly just hygiene related things. Kleenex, extra set of clothes each, handywipes, etc.

I’m going to have to get in a routine of getting them up early this week to prepare them. My kids usually sleep until about 7:30ish. Sometimes it varies. Usually one boy will wake up the other and then they go run into Peace’s room and get her up. Or they run into my room and decide I need to get up. I try to get up earlier than they do but Alex likes to get up at 5am to pee and usually crashes in my bed after that. He’s my snugglebug.

My headaches are coming and going right now. It’s not fun. They are all at the top left side of my head and it makes my head pound when I take a step. I’m taking Tylenol or aspirin. I’m doing all I can to help them go away but they soon make their way back.

We are all going to discuss our big Hawaii vacation that’s coming up soon. We will be there 4 days only. Everyone’s schedules are way too hard to coordinate this year. We are also praying that storm doesn’t sideswipe our family compound out there. The staff has already picked things up and secured each cabin to make sure we don’t lose anything of value. I pray everyone out there stays safe.

How are you guys doing? I’m here. That’s the best I can say for now. I’m spending a lot of time teaching my boys about school. How they will get to play but they are also going to be playing with educational toys. Things that will help them learn the things they need for next year.

And finally once school starts we are going to see how it goes but I may decide to get rid of my nannies. I’m doing great on my own. I will need to find some local babysitting help but I think for the most part I can handle all of it. I say that now thinking I’m Batman (Haha) when I’m not even close. I want my kids to start to see that I’m the only adult figure in charge. They get so confused. The whole purpose of me having these kids is to raise them. I didn’t realize I would have to do it all alone but until I meet Mrs. Batman than I need to step the F Up here. I rely on my nannies. I love them both but they need to get back to their lives. They do not like it here. I hear about it daily. They understand the circumstances with Alex and his lungs/heart issues so we can’t fly yet, but they do not like it. At all.

I pray we all get along this week and I find a better understanding of my family. Let the fun begin? No, no, no. Let the FUN BEGIN!

4 kids and now she wants another one??? NO!

My wife has baby fever. She is literally trying to do things to make me want to have another baby. She said she wants to just get another one now. She said one more and we can be completely done. I said I thought we were going to adopt and she said yes we can do that too. But naturally, she wants one more and now!


I’m not ready. I don’t want another one so close to Talon’s birth. We need to wait. It’s like talking her off of a baby ledge Lol She’s getting annoying about it. I told her we need to give it more time. She’s at work all day. I’m at home working and taking care of the kids with the nanny. It’s hard.

That’s why I haven’t been updating anything lately. I pop into Twitter, Facebook, and here but that’s about all I can manage.

I’m finally into a schedule for my work. We get everything ready for the day and we decided when my wife gets home than it’s mommy and daddy time. I am pitching in with all of the kids but mostly just for meals. So far it’s working out great. Until Peace gets a little more active. I told everyone we will make adjustments as much as we need to.

How is everyone doing? I’m actually pretty good. I’m feeling good. I’m working out again. Life is perfect. My wife is loving her job. She goes back and forth on if we should move back to the States or not.

It’s been a lot of fun in Paris and we are finally just getting out to explore. We do our Friday night date nights and our Saturday all day with the kids things. We take them almost everywhere. They are all doing great. My boys Lol Oh geez, my boys are something else. They are so active. I feel old chasing after them all of the time. They want to get into everything. They are working together to get stuff they shouldn’t have. It’s pretty funny listening to them plot. You get it, no you get it. It’s hilarious.

We have a big trip coming up in July for Peace’s first birthday. Other than that we won’t be going back to the States anytime soon. We have a lot of weekend trips planned. I can’t wait to hit Norway. That’s coming up next weekend. It’s going to be a 4 day trip. There is so much I want to check out.

I am finally getting back to all of my messages today so be sure to check your Inbox if you sent me something. I love all of the great messages and comments. I’m so happy we get to keep in touch. I love all you guys and can’t wait to meet you guys at my next book signings.

Have a great May 4th!

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 45!

Yesterday was my giant birthday bash. We had all of the family and friends come over that wanted to join us in the celebration. They also wanted to meet Talon. And we decided it would be the perfect time to do Talon’s baptism. Why not, we had everyone here anyway. We have been flooded with family and friends for days and I love it. I love having all of our people around us. My kids love it and my wife loves it because she gets a much-needed break. Her sisters and mom take over with the kids immediately. She said she does feel a little guilty at first but then she sees how much fun they kids are having and she just says God bless and lets them do everything Lol I enjoy it too because I also get a break.

We had a huge birthday lunch set up in the guest house. My wife and I have decided any and all parties can be held in there so we can deal with the mess later or at least avoid a huge mess in our house. It’s easier with 4 kids around to just do it there. We don’t really let the kids go in there yet. They don’t have any toys in there and it’s not set up for the babies at all. It kind of became our catchall for the stuff we hadn’t unpacked yet but as soon as I moved in we did 1 box a night until it was emptied out. Now we have both bedrooms decorated and set up, the mini kitchen in working order after some new plumbing and flooring installed and the fireplace finally works. It’s good enough for our guests when they want to come visit. It’s also a main reason we liked the house. It’s a nice size property and we got very lucky that we got it at the price we wanted. It used to be a AirBnB property but the guy wasn’t making much money with it anymore because he hadn’t updated anything. As soon as we bought it we immediately had the crews gut some of it and fix it up. It was a very time-consuming task for my wife because that’s her joy in life, redecorating. She’s even redecorated me with better clothing. I’m a t-shirt and jeans guy after work or on weekends and she has stepped up my attire. I appreciate it because some of my t shirts I’ve had since college Lol It was tough to see them go but they were all faded and worn out.

The party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my presents and cake. I loved that all 4 of my kids were with me and that my wife got to see my face when I opened up her big gift. She got me a Disney Paris Fastpass! For everyone. We get to take the kids there as much as we have time for. I love it! We haven’t been yet and now we can go. I’m really excited to see the difference between the places of Disney I have visited. I wonder if they have any rides or attractions I’m not familiar with. I wanted to go right away and take the whole family but my wife said no. Talon is too young still for that much outside time and she said we had enough going on this weekend.

That evening we went to Church in our Saturday best and baptized my son Talon Andrew “Paul” Cooper into God’s Kingdom. I cried, my wife cried, Talon did cry. He did not like the water going on in his head at all. Lindsay and Drew are his godparents. Lindsay was very well-behaved for the entire event. She wasn’t a brat this time. Drew was so proud to hold Talon after it was over. I love my 2 best friends are in charge of my kid’s spiritual well-being. Lindsay bought Talon a ridiculous diamond cross with diamond rope chain. He looked like a mini-rapper Lol It’s going in the safe and he can have it when it’s 21. It was insane. Drew gave Talon his bible when he was a kid. That was such a sweet and special sentiment. I thought he would give it to his own son but he said he gave his cross to his son and his family bible to his daughter. I thought that was really cool. I love Drew’s kids. They call me Uncle Sam even though we aren’t blood related. They truly are my niece and nephew anyway and I would do anything for them. I miss seeing them grow up but I’m glad for the times they come over to visit.

Everything has been great. Our family and friends love it here, they have been going out in small groups to visit the city. The weather hasn’t been that bad. Things are going great. We haven’t even run out of food yet. We are also enjoying some time talking about how things are going. We get updates but it’s not the same as in person. My in-laws are planning a big cruise for them and all of their grandkids next year. They are saving up to be able to afford the flights and the cruise tickets. We donated a little money to them for that and they took it. They have a lot of grandkids Lol I think that’s a great idea and I pray they are both able to take that trip. They love their grandkids so much and do everything for them. I love seeing Peace laugh and smile when her grandpa blows on her cheeks. It’s very cute. She adores him and his funny hair. She always tries to pull on it.

Everyone has enjoyed Talon. We have been kind of shi**y about everyone washing hands before they hold him but we have a ton of people here and we don’t want to cover him in germs. He’s getting a bath 2 times a day to help get him cleaned up. He doesn’t mind baths at all so we got lucky with this kid.

I feel very loved. Thank you all for the nice birthday messages. I read them today and started to reply. My Facebook blew up with all the great messages. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to think of me. I love you all and can’t wait to head to the states soon.

Lindsay and I will be leaving tonight to head out for our book tour. I will be gone for 2 weeks. I am going to miss my wife and kids so much but we wanted to get this book tour done now before Talon gets a little older. He’s in the very easy stage right now. He has his little routine, he has his nannies to help out and it sounds like my wife’s parents want to stay a little longer. That’s fine, whatever they want to do we will rearrange their flights home.

I am all packed up and ready to go. I just want to enjoy the next few hours with everyone and talk to my wife about a few things. I will be able to update you guys daily on my tour stops. I’m very excited to get back to the states and enjoy some of my favorite food! I will see some of you soon!