First day of school or the 2 hours break Lol

I’m up early to get myself ready so I can get my boys ready for their first day of Pre-Pre-K. Yes it’s a thing. I didn’t even know it was until one of the moms at the play place asked me which school they would be going to. Uhhhhhhhh. So now I enrolled them, paid for the whole year even though we may be moving back home in a month, and I’m trying to figure out what to feed them for breakfast. I will be going with them for the full 2 hours today so I can see what’s going on. All parents are invited to stay today. I’m excited for them. I also am trying to remind myself to let the teacher take care of things. I’m so used to rushing over and just handling things. I really do hope my boys behave, but let’s be honest. They are my boys Lol They are going to be a disaster zone. Maybe not the first day. Maybe not the first week. But I guarantee you guys at some point I’m getting “the call” from school Lol

I’m going to go wake up my little monsters and get them ready. I’m dressing them in different shirt colors today to make it easier for everyone to tell them apart. We have to do photos real quick of them before we leave the house. I have a lot of little things to do.

Please God, make sure my boys behave. Amen!

Is it Friday yet?

Last night as Sarah had the video camera going my wife had one hand, I had the other and my son Heston William Cooper took his first steps! We let go at the same time and off he went. One step then bam. Right down. I picked him up and gave him kisses all over and told him what a big boy he was. He laughed and then my wife took him and I rewatched the moment on video. Then it was Sarah’s turn. She had him and let go then he took another step and another. He finally did it! Alex was a witness. Then it was his turn and he boycotted the entire process. That’s okay. I know he will take his first step soon and I’m kind of glad it wasn’t on the very same day. I like knowing they are growing at their own pace and they won’t do everything exactly the same. I already updated the baby book. I sent out the video to everyone via Facebook. It was a big moment in the Cooper household. Very exciting stuff. Then Sarah let off the bomb and said you do know now he will get going everywhere, fast. I don’t know that I’m prepared for that yet. I’m so used to just picking them both up and carrying them everywhere. It’s much easier than dragging them around in their baby seats if we are just running in some place.

I loved watching the video over and over again. My wife was so proud. I really can’t believe he’s not even a year old yet and he took his first step. It was a shaky little step but he did it. And it counts because everyone saw him do it. Heston has always been the one to do things first. Which is funny because he’s only a few minutes older than Alex. I have talked to several parents of identical twins and they all told me they don’t do it at the same exact moment. It’s usually later. I know Alex will be soon and we will have the camera ready. Sarah said she is going to work with Heston more today to see if he can get a few more little steps in. She said she will work more with Alex so he can get one in. I told her to set up the camera in case we miss it and she said okay. I have the nanny cam all over my condo but I would like a close up view of it. This is exactly why I’m retiring after this year. I don’t want to miss big moments. I want to attend their school stuff or sports and music stuff. I want to be there. I have more money than we need and I have several backup amounts in case the world implodes or something. I’m okay. I just want to concentrate on my boys. It’s a blessing and all I want.

I’m having a great day already. I tried getting Heston to walk again this morning before I went to work but he was too busy chewing on his oatmeal. That’s my boy. Food before anything else Lol He’s so much like me already. I’m really excited to be able to let Heston walk into the ocean this weekend. We will have him by his hands but I can’t wait for him to feel the sand and the water on his little toes. We will do the same for Alex. I bet he will laugh. He is very vocal. Heston is the calm one.

The women are all excited about this trip. You would think 2 and a half days in the Bahamas was equal to a month-long stay. They have tried on I don’t know how many outfits. They started a group chat last night just about the weather predictions for Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be in the upper 70’s. And Sarah has been barking out orders on what we need to pack for the boys. I said we can get beach toys there all we need is the floatie arm things I bought at the swimming classes, their life jackets, and swim wear. Because it’s going to be so warm I bought them those wet shirts that divers wear. I had no idea that you can get those in baby sizes but they fit perfect and will prevent any sunburns. I know the boys won’t keep their beach hats on so there’s no reason to even take those. I also know they will have big beach umbrellas we can rent or use. My crew will need 4 or 5 of those Lol We’ve already talked about going down for an hour. Coming back in to cool off so the boys don’t get over heated. Then going down to the pool for half an hour. Cooling off again then more beach time. Sarah made a spreadsheet. Yes she really did. This is why I let her plan everything. Because she knows what’s best for them and I’m still learning all of this stuff. I’ve read over 50 baby books and they seem to forget some of the basic things I need to know. My wife doesn’t have a clue and helps me decide most everything but when it comes to packing baby stuff up she hasn’t gotten into that part yet. She will I’m sure.

Work is going great this week. Short weeks are always fun. I’m going out-of-town in a few hours for the day. I have to fly to a meeting. Should be an interesting lunch then come back and try to make it home in time for supper.

I hope everyone has a great week and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this week goes!

Our first Christmas

We took the boys to their first ever Christmas mass at midnight on Christmas Eve. Surprisingly enough they slept through most of it. When we stood up to leave that’s when they decided to wake up and cry. Thank goodness it was over at that point. I had so many people want to take a peek at them under their blankets but I said after the service please. I can’t wake them up. Lindsay loved holding Heston and showing him off. He is my dominant one. He’s not afraid of anything. Alex will go to a stranger then scream and cry until he gets handed back Lol Two different beings that look exactly the same. Having identical twins is completely different from I had expected. But it’s twice the fun also. So let’s go to our Christmas update!

The twins had a very nice and relaxing first Christmas. Auntie Lindsay and I got up early enough to set out the presents that Santa left in the closet so my dog wouldn’t get them Lol Santa is so thoughtful. I took Sam jr for a long walk while Lindsay finished getting things ready and then she went back to bed. I think I was more excited for the boys than I am. I went down to my Church food bank and volunteered to feed the homeless. The breakfast smelled great and I was able to help serve over 200 people. I gave extra to all the kids and got scolded twice. Oh well. God wanted them to have extra. I finished washing the dishes from my service station and then helped take out the trash. Then it was time to go home. I stopped and picked up some breakfast for Lindsay and I. She just wanted donuts. Of course I got the wrong kind. Apparently an assortment is not good enough. Had to be chocolate icing with whip cream filling. My bad. By the time I got back the boys were still in their cribs but awake. Lindsay had already changed them and got them into outfits. But they were both full from eating their breakfast and wanted to lay back down. I got home and showered. Then it was time to show them what Santa brought them.

I put Alex down and he immediately started crawling for the tree. I told her to watch him then I went and got Heston. He did the same thing. We sat down with them and I started handing out gifts. They were more excited to rip stuff up and touch the boxes then they were for the actual present Lol So funny. We got things opened and cut the plastic tie things off. Whoever invented the idea of plastic tying things inside of a baby toy box, thanks a lot. That took forever. And as impatient as my boys can get it was a crying fit until I freed the toy. We got clothes, toys, baby shoes, baby coats, baby everything. We also got a lot of stuffed animals. And Alex let out a new word. BobooobbooOOOOhhhhh Lol It was so funny. I don’t know what boboooh is but we all cracked up. We have already had our first Da da. Heston finally let that one out and I started crying. I said that’s right. I’m your da da! Alex is holding his in I guess. I know someday soon he will say it but for now it’s fine. And Heston has either forgotten he said it or is holding it until Alex says it next. Either way the Da da was here and now it’s gone. At least it’s on Video. That much was worth it.

We played for a few hours and both of my boys literally passed out on the wrapping paper. That allowed me time to clean up and start putting things in piles. Thank you to everyone that sent us gifts, well wishes, and cards. You will all be receiving thank you cards next week. My boys love everything you gave them. And for all the people who sent loud, beeping, horn-making toys I plan to donate the box full of them to a Women’s shelter Lol My boys do not need to drive me nuts hitting the same button 50 times per hour. They would too. So those toys are going bye bye.

Lindsay and I also got some amazing presents from Santa. We both must have been very nice this year. She did talk a little about missing her “mum” and how hard it will be every year without her. She did go spend time with her former stepdad and stepbrother’s families. They had invited her over for a meal and to ask for money. The yearly handout as she calls it. She said she had fun and came home a few hours later than she said. I’m glad she got to see everyone. I enjoyed the peaceful quiet time alone with my babies. They will never have a first Christmas again. They will never get much alone time with me over the next year.  My travel schedule is going to get worse since I am ending my career with SJC. But retirement from those businesses will lead me into full-time parenting. And will also give me plenty of time to adopt more kids. My life purpose is my boys right now. I want to be there for everything. When they are both in school that is the time I can launch my next business adventure. Right now I need to figure it all out. I have plenty of time and I’m not in any rush. I want to enjoy my 2017 and watch my boys go from babies to toddlers, God help us all.

I’m excited for how Christmas went. It was perfect. Everything was quiet just like I wanted. We are going back to the city tonight and preparing for the arrival of the nannies tonight. I can’t wait to see everyone and see how their holidays were.

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and you feel joy and happiness all week! God bless and have a great week!

My 1st Father’s Day

My very first Father’s day started out the only way I wanted it to. Lindsay woke me up with both of my boys freshly bathed, smelling great, new diapers and new Batdad shirts on Lol She put them in bed with me and took some photos of us all piled together. Then she let me just play with them alone for a while. She went to get their bottles ready. I took my boys hands and did our daily morning prayer then kissed all over them and tried to see who I could make laugh the longest. Heston won this time. Alex laughed but he mostly grinned. I think he was more hungry than ready to play.

These boys are a gift from God to me. I can not express or even find the words enough to describe what it means to me to have them in my life. I didn’t know I was ready for a family until my family was ready for me. I know what it meant for their birth mom to release them to me to raise. That has never been lost on me. I talk to the boys about her often. And tell them she is a great woman. She did what she felt was the best thing for them. Her photo is in their room because I never want them to be without her. She is the reason they are with me.

Thinking back on the beginning of this legal adoption I realize all the hoops I have already jumped through. I am a patient man and that’s good because waiting for one email or that one phone call that will tell me what our adoption hearing date is tests me, daily. It is not a goal. It’s a need. I need to know that my boys can never be taken away from me. I need them to know I love them so much I fought to have them forever. It has never been a usual case. It never is when a single parent goes for full custody. I’m hearing all of these stories about adoption and I love that. I’m learning both sides of it and I know that I still need to work on my compassion for it all. I have an open adoption plan. But nothing has ever gone by our agreement. On my side I have kept my word all the way through. Even when it was hard. On the birth parents side, the birth dad has walked away. He wanted photos one time. We had 2 phone calls and he’s gone. He did give me all he could, his DNA for testing, his signature on the papers we needed him to sign, and all of his family history that he collected from his folks. He was great. I thank him for all he has done to help out. I wish he wouldn’t have walked away from us. I pray he comes back. I think the boys would love to know him throughout their life. Their birth mom has pulled away. She still asks for photos. She stopped asking for videos and she’s not coming to visit us until November. She said it’s too hard and she’s trying to move on. She has stopped therapy and I think she is happier with that decision. I support anything she does. Doesn’t matter if I agree, my job in her life is to support and love her. No matter what. I tell her all of the time you are welcome here, always. You and anyone you want to bring with you. Come stay even if you don’t want to visit me and the boys. Come be near us. I will arrange a getaway weekend. Anything I can do for you. She has been great. I still worry about her thoughts and what she feels that she doesn’t tell anyone. She has gone a little quiet. I have to give her the space to process this. It’s a lot for me too.

My entire life changed in November of last year. Despite all of this negative press I get, this has been my true cross to bear. I have been scared everyday since I found out they were twins. I have learned how stupid and naive I was thinking this adventure would just be all fun and games. It’s hard work, no sleep, forgetting to eat, and trying to juggle work and baby duty. Going out anytime I wanted, flying off for weekends, even hitting a occassional concert has stopped. I spend all day thinking about my boys. Which is good for me because I’m so selfish most of the time I spent all day thinking about me Lol My life seems easy. It’s not. My life seems like I have no problems because from the outside looking in I have enough money to take care of my problems. Babies don’t care about money. My babies don’t even realize what they have been born into it. And I don’t want to tell them. Not yet. I want them to slowly realize on their own that they have a better life than I did. And that’s as far as I want them to realize. I don’t want them to turn into snots. I said that, yes. I am only referring to my own kids, no one else’s kids. That’s not my place for comment. My kids will not be entitled, selfish, snots. I will teach them to feel blessed because we all are. I will show them that service to others and for others is the only way to live. They will work. I’m not the type to hand off anything. But it won’t be how I was raised. I learned. I’m still learning.

In 21 years from now we will be at 2 college graduations. Maybe we won’t. In 21 years from now maybe I will already be a grandpa? Maybe one of my boys will be gay? Maybe both? In 21 years from now I will get to look back on this first year with my boys. My sons. And think back on what my dreams were for them. And then I get to laugh at myself when I realize my dreams for them only meant one thing, that I wanted them to be happy. I will always want them to feel loved and be happy.

Whatever comes our way it has been an honor to have these 2 little souls as my sons. Last year at this time I never thought this would happen. It was a dream that I shared with 1 person. That dream I thought had died with the loss her in my life. I realize now the loss of her opened this door. And for that I am thankful and aware of how God works. I had to lose something I loved very much in order to gain something I love more. My family. Today will be about spending all of my time with my boys. We are going to go have some fun and get them outside. I don’t do this very often because I guard them so closely. It’s time to enjoy this. They deserve to get some fresh air and sunlight. I’m ready for a great day with my little family. And of course my 2 friends who are my chosen family. Lindsay and Josh went to Church with me. Brandi is coming with us to help out for the day. I can’t wait to show off my boys today. They are my proudest grin and my fullest heart. I love Heston William and Alexander James more than I can describe!

Happy Father’s Day to everyone! Being a dad really does make me feel like Batman.

Well, Not Yet 😉

Foxy, News interview

This morning I took my kids into the dr for their 3 month check up. I have two 13 pounders. They are both 25 and a half inches long. My gosh, they are getting so big. Everyone is healthy, thriving, and happy. All of the shots are up to date and we no longer need the dietician weekly. They do want her to come by once a month and do weights so I told her see you in 29 days Lol I’ve had enough arguing why I use vegan formula.

I ate lunch at my desk because I got back to work a little later than I expected. Then I had the Fox news people come in and do an interview. I thought we had said next Friday and I’m dang sure I did but they wanted something right now. I guess there’s some big rush to get me on the air. Alright.

So I sat there for about half hour while they set up all of this stuff. I wanted to play with all of it. I asked questions and kept to myself. I texted my lawyer get your old butt over here now, tv crew here. He rushed right over and sat close by out of camera range. He said any question he felt I should not answer he would just interrupt and say No Comment. There were 4 he vetoed. Not going to discuss those. The lady was very polite and friendly. She was nervous. I was nervous. And I found out I really don’t like having a camera shoved in my face. I don’t like sitting there. I don’t like the big light things or the big wing? What is that called? It’s to help the lighting. I don’t like it. And I really don’t like being hooked into some microphone pack thing.

The questioning I was fine with. I was ready. I kept my answers short and to the point. I was honest. I told my story. I declined to give a shoutout to either of my books because that was too nerdy and if people want to find them, they will. I didn’t want to be one of those guys holding up my book and saying GO BUY THIS. I also declined to have them come to my home and film my kids. Instead we had Sarah Facetime me with them off camera to show the reporter to verify I have them. Isn’t that the dumbest thing in the world? Who on Earth doesn’t believe I don’t have twins? Are ya’ll that stupid? Really? Anyone that has been talking to me the past 3 months would tell you because they are very loud and present in my life. That’s just offensive. Ya’ll should be ashamed for even suggesting that one.

What was only going to be an hour took 2 hours and 45 minutes because her list of 20 questions all had follow ups and follow ups to the follow ups. She said I was very interesting to talk to and my story had her on my blog for days researching it. She was surprised at how polite I was. She said online I am labeled some very bad words and she found me to be nothing like what I was described as. She asked to take photos with me. I said only if my lawyer can be in there too. He hates that Lol She also asked that I not divulge the questions. I told her I did not sign anything and would not agree to any stipulations so good luck trying to boss me Lol She laughed and said she realizes she will be making my blog sometime soon and couldn’t wait to see what I said.

So hello, Fox news lady. Nice meeting you today. Hope you like that Naked Juice I told you about. Good luck on your event this weekend.

I have no idea when my interview will air. My guess is all of you will know long before I do because I know I will be hearing about it Lol That’s what always happens.

It was not a fun experience. It was interesting.

The only question I have is, are we all over this by now? Am I really worth all of this?