2 Different Kinds of Adventure

I had a family meeting with my kids and the nannies this morning. I want to show my kids the need for community support and volunteerism. That’s always been a part of my life. My mom was ALWAYS volunteering me and my little brother to work for the Church for FREE. She said it was good for our soul. I didn’t realize as a kid, how ingrained that would become in me. I get it now with my kids.

We are going to work on a 2 for 1 system. Each week the kids and I get to pick 2 Adventures either around Colorado or around the U.S. And we will also pick 1 Food Bank to go volunteer at. The one thing I know that is Covid safe and is also very much needed is Food Bank volunteers. My kids can help sort food or stuff boxes. They will not be around passing out boxes. I don’t want that. Each person or parent with up to 2 kids can stand in a 6 feet apart, plastic guarded stall and stuff boxes or sort out food. It’s a very slow conveyer belt system. I signed my family up to work this summer. It will be good for them. I want my kids to make new friends. I want them to start building their work in the community. I found a local Food Bank that really needs helpers. I’m all for it. There will be other rewards for my kids as we start this process but for now this is my idea. My nannies will take turns because my daughters can not go. They are not vaccinated yet. All 3 of my boys are so I asked the Food Bank Director if I can have my nanny with one or 2 of my kids as we switch things up each week. She was awesome. And the best part we get to be on a schedule so I can go online and pick which day works best for us. I plan on picking the rainy (Or snowy, I mean it is Denver) days Lol One hour a week is not going to kill my kids. I also signed us up for the Recycling Center. That is going to be very fun for my boys because they get to break down boxes and put them into a big smasher press. They will love to help with that. We will go off and on and figure it out as we go.

I explained to my kids how much this means to me. I told them this is replacing them working in the Church. They liked that part Lol We will see.

So far we redid our backyard, we visited the Botanical Gardens, we went out to eat in a restauarant and we made Memorial Day wreaths that we went back home to have my cousins place on our family gravestones. Next weekend when we fly back to Nebraska I will take the kids out to the cemeteries and show my kids their wreaths. I’m trying, guys. I want my kids to grow up knowing that helping the world is the only way they will be raised. I pray our world heals and that I am part of that change.

Today we are going to swim and play outside. Both of my yards just got mowed so it’s time to enjoy them. I love it. This part of the year is beautiful. Denver is breathtaking on the clear days with the sun shining. I’m happy we live here.

Have a great weekend guys! I love you all. Thank you for continuing to be a part of my Batfan community.

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 45!

Yesterday was my giant birthday bash. We had all of the family and friends come over that wanted to join us in the celebration. They also wanted to meet Talon. And we decided it would be the perfect time to do Talon’s baptism. Why not, we had everyone here anyway. We have been flooded with family and friends for days and I love it. I love having all of our people around us. My kids love it and my wife loves it because she gets a much-needed break. Her sisters and mom take over with the kids immediately. She said she does feel a little guilty at first but then she sees how much fun they kids are having and she just says God bless and lets them do everything Lol I enjoy it too because I also get a break.

We had a huge birthday lunch set up in the guest house. My wife and I have decided any and all parties can be held in there so we can deal with the mess later or at least avoid a huge mess in our house. It’s easier with 4 kids around to just do it there. We don’t really let the kids go in there yet. They don’t have any toys in there and it’s not set up for the babies at all. It kind of became our catchall for the stuff we hadn’t unpacked yet but as soon as I moved in we did 1 box a night until it was emptied out. Now we have both bedrooms decorated and set up, the mini kitchen in working order after some new plumbing and flooring installed and the fireplace finally works. It’s good enough for our guests when they want to come visit. It’s also a main reason we liked the house. It’s a nice size property and we got very lucky that we got it at the price we wanted. It used to be a AirBnB property but the guy wasn’t making much money with it anymore because he hadn’t updated anything. As soon as we bought it we immediately had the crews gut some of it and fix it up. It was a very time-consuming task for my wife because that’s her joy in life, redecorating. She’s even redecorated me with better clothing. I’m a t-shirt and jeans guy after work or on weekends and she has stepped up my attire. I appreciate it because some of my t shirts I’ve had since college Lol It was tough to see them go but they were all faded and worn out.

The party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my presents and cake. I loved that all 4 of my kids were with me and that my wife got to see my face when I opened up her big gift. She got me a Disney Paris Fastpass! For everyone. We get to take the kids there as much as we have time for. I love it! We haven’t been yet and now we can go. I’m really excited to see the difference between the places of Disney I have visited. I wonder if they have any rides or attractions I’m not familiar with. I wanted to go right away and take the whole family but my wife said no. Talon is too young still for that much outside time and she said we had enough going on this weekend.

That evening we went to Church in our Saturday best and baptized my son Talon Andrew “Paul” Cooper into God’s Kingdom. I cried, my wife cried, Talon did cry. He did not like the water going on in his head at all. Lindsay and Drew are his godparents. Lindsay was very well-behaved for the entire event. She wasn’t a brat this time. Drew was so proud to hold Talon after it was over. I love my 2 best friends are in charge of my kid’s spiritual well-being. Lindsay bought Talon a ridiculous diamond cross with diamond rope chain. He looked like a mini-rapper Lol It’s going in the safe and he can have it when it’s 21. It was insane. Drew gave Talon his bible when he was a kid. That was such a sweet and special sentiment. I thought he would give it to his own son but he said he gave his cross to his son and his family bible to his daughter. I thought that was really cool. I love Drew’s kids. They call me Uncle Sam even though we aren’t blood related. They truly are my niece and nephew anyway and I would do anything for them. I miss seeing them grow up but I’m glad for the times they come over to visit.

Everything has been great. Our family and friends love it here, they have been going out in small groups to visit the city. The weather hasn’t been that bad. Things are going great. We haven’t even run out of food yet. We are also enjoying some time talking about how things are going. We get updates but it’s not the same as in person. My in-laws are planning a big cruise for them and all of their grandkids next year. They are saving up to be able to afford the flights and the cruise tickets. We donated a little money to them for that and they took it. They have a lot of grandkids Lol I think that’s a great idea and I pray they are both able to take that trip. They love their grandkids so much and do everything for them. I love seeing Peace laugh and smile when her grandpa blows on her cheeks. It’s very cute. She adores him and his funny hair. She always tries to pull on it.

Everyone has enjoyed Talon. We have been kind of shi**y about everyone washing hands before they hold him but we have a ton of people here and we don’t want to cover him in germs. He’s getting a bath 2 times a day to help get him cleaned up. He doesn’t mind baths at all so we got lucky with this kid.

I feel very loved. Thank you all for the nice birthday messages. I read them today and started to reply. My Facebook blew up with all the great messages. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to think of me. I love you all and can’t wait to head to the states soon.

Lindsay and I will be leaving tonight to head out for our book tour. I will be gone for 2 weeks. I am going to miss my wife and kids so much but we wanted to get this book tour done now before Talon gets a little older. He’s in the very easy stage right now. He has his little routine, he has his nannies to help out and it sounds like my wife’s parents want to stay a little longer. That’s fine, whatever they want to do we will rearrange their flights home.

I am all packed up and ready to go. I just want to enjoy the next few hours with everyone and talk to my wife about a few things. I will be able to update you guys daily on my tour stops. I’m very excited to get back to the states and enjoy some of my favorite food! I will see some of you soon!

Getting ready for Christmas

Yesterday I spent the whole day making things. I first started out with making some home-made chocolate Christmas treats. I had to do that early in the morning while the kids were still asleep. They love to help but when you are trying to melt chocolate and have 2 little guys holding onto each leg asking to help out it can get frustrating. I decided to just get it done on my own and hope for the best. The girls said everything tasted great so we packaged them and delivered them to all of our neighbors as gifts. I also included cards that I had my wife sign too and a few gift cards to places around the area. That’s the best we can do for them since we are moving soon. I told them all we really enjoyed living near them and asked them all to watch out after my place. No one will be allowed to stay there and if anyone does, please let me know via email right away. It felt good strolling my kids over to each house and having my boys hand over their gift bags full of goodies. My boys love that and really enjoy all of the hugs and thanks you back. It’s heart warming for me.

Next up we decided to start on our home-made christmas card project. My wife bought us a kit and asked that we get the kids hand print and foot prints on each of the cards in the precise (And she meant it) location that already had an outline. That was hard and thankfully the kit came with 10 cards cuz I burned right through the first 4 trying to get wiggly little Peace’s foot on there Lol She thought it was hilarious but I was trying hard to just get it down. I had set up an entire painter’s plastic cloth on the kitchen floor so we could make a huge mess but trying to wrangle all 3 kids covered in fingerpaint was a lot harder than I thought it would be I ended up having to take a shower afterwards myself We had fun and I just uploaded all of those photos to our family Facebook page. Enjoy those. They are really funny. Sarah had hand prints on the front of her shirt. She made a lewd comment about harassment and I said “Hey they don’t even know to grab for those yet” Lol Or maybe they do? Leave it to my boys to figure that out early.

I am missing my wife really bad right now. I can’t wait to see her. Here’s our plan.

Friday afternoon we are flying to Paris. It will be our very first Christmas in our new home. We will stay there until the 26th. After MUCH DEBATE and literally 2 weeks full of discussion I conceded and agreed to allow the kids to stay there. I really didn’t want to but the time frame of flying back and forth might be too much for them. Especially Peace. We are leaving on the 22nd because I have to fly Sarah and Heather home on the 23rd so they can go to their family Christmas events. I need help getting all 3 kids over. There’s no way in heck I would attempt that alone Lol I’m not that dumb. They agreed and I am giving them both 2 REALLY BIG FAT Christmas bonuses for doing so. Plus paying for their travel expenses and tickets to their families. Brandi will also be flying home on the 23rd with them. She will be returning on the 27th, which means it’s just me and my wife with all 3 kids for Christmas until the morning of the 26th. When I leave the part-time nannies will be there and they will help until Brandi gets home.

It really is a lot to remember thank goodness I keep it all in my Iphone calendar (Ical) otherwise I would mess everything up. My wife’s family are not happy we won’t be home but with her being so close to giving birth I’m not taking any chances. Plus she literally can no longer fly. It’s not an option. They can have us next year with Talon. I think that would be more fun.

My wife looks like she just finished eating 10 foot long subs Lol She’s beautiful and round. I have another word in mind but I know better. I’m well trained at this point.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I went to Church this morning by myself. Everyone slept in and I hit the early Mass. It was fun. I really enjoyed it. I found out which Church my wife wants us to join in Paris. I’m not at all happy about it. It’s a traditional Roman Catholic Church and I think we need to talk about that. She isn’t sold on it and just wants me to go check it out with her. This is be our Home Church. It needs to be within our faith and values not within a close branch of faith. I am NOT Roman Catholic and I really do not want to ever go back through that Church system again. All of my schooling until college was through the RC’s and it was not cool at all. I’m surprised I stuck it out with the Catholic Church Lol I have had my moments. My wife and I do want to raise all of our children as Catholic and until they are of an age and can give us good reasons they no longer want to attend, their butts will be in Church every Sunday.

I need to wrap this up. We have the family Christmas presents to deliver today and then Monday night we are going to deliver the friends gifts. It’s going to be an all day event today. And I’m supposed to Skype my wife from my phone so she can see everyone’s reactions to their gifts. We have to take 3 vehicles to get all the kids and all of the gifts. I spent probably an hour packing the trucks up so that we go based on gift order Lol I have a list that Sarah made of our schedule for today and we need to get going.

Isn’t Christmas fun?!? It sure seems like a lot of hard work this year, geez.

Adios, amigos/amigas!

The Wisconsin Dells

  Greetings from the Wisconsin Dells. We rented a cabin for more privacy. It’s really nice here. This is our first family vacation here and won’t be the last. The Dells are a lot of fun. Lots of family friendly things to do. We drove up here tonight and decided to just go get food to feed everyone. I did that, messed up Brandi’s order (Sorry, B!) but we managed to work it out. Then I hit the grocery store to get the things we didn’t bring. My wife got the boys settled, unpacked our bags, took care of my dog and I just unloaded all of the food. And again, I forgot to get a few things. I think my brain is in the off position tonight. I don’t know what it is but I usually have a very good memory. I’m just tired. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here tomorrow and 72 on Sunday. This is why we picked this weekend to come up. My wife wants to take family photos while we are here. The informal kind where we hand our camera over to Sarah and say pose us, make us look normal. That’s on our list as well as tons of sightseeing and fun. Heston is all clear to go swimming. I know we will hit the indoor stuff but won’t keep them in the water too long. I think it’s best if we do a little then take them out for a few hours, then do some more.

I have to wrap this up I just got bellowed at to come fix the tv. This is the part where I look at the remote, smack it a few times, and call Lindsay. Then Lindsay tells me to flip this, click that, and do a snap in Z formation just to get the tv working correctly. Or she will yell at me and tell me to call the cabin person because that’s important enough to bother the manager of the place. I hope it’s something easy…

Okay so there are no batteries in the remotes at all Lol I guess we were supposed to bring them ourselves. That’s awesome. My wife and I are going to go sneak out for a little night adventure anyway. We will stop and get some batteries and drop them off real quick before we take off. My boys are already passed out. We only took them to one place and they were already crabby so we left and checked into the cabin. So much for starting this weekend off in great spirits, boys.

Tomorrow we will be busy. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I will probably update Monday morning. I always write a little in the mornings but I sometimes don’t post them until the next day or when I remember.

Off for the night, goodnight everyone!

What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas friday night. Lindsay and her new man, Dave, were there in 2 vehicles to pick us all up. Dave took all of the bags in his truck and Lindsay took the babies and both my wife and myself in her Escalade. She has so many gadgets on it I can barely find the radio to turn it down. It’s really tricked out. She told hugged and kissed my cheek than said I put all of the guns up this time. I said good because the boys are walking around a lot better this time. My wife just looked at us as if we were nuts.

We got everything set up and then she gave us the 5 cent tour. Her house is amazing. They did a great job on it. Her pool is a lot bigger and her kitchen is my dream kitchen. She has a lot of stuff I want. She told me I can’t have any of it or even touch it. She knows me so well. She showed us to our bedroom and it’s very nice. She has everything in there that I asked for. We set the boys up in the room next door where she put cribs for us. She also started yanking out stuffed animals and for whatever reason my little Heston latched onto the small dinosaur. He had to have it with him everywhere. He has never done that before. Alex has a few he loves and carries around but this was Heston’s first buddy. It was very endearing. He calls it dada. Of course because that’s one of the 10 words he knows well. He also likes to run over dada when he takes off walking. Dada hits the floor like an old piece of sausage and forget it Lol I thought that was funny.

We all ate the big meal Lindsay and Dave made for us. It was so good! I ate 2 helpings. It really was very delicious. Then I told her my plans. She said she had zero plans of going and doing anything all weekend. Her and her girlfriends were all gathering to babysit the boys. She asked if she could take them to 2 places and told me all about them. I said yes as long as she watched them closely. My wife said she was fine with it too. I keep forgetting I now need to ask if it’s okay with her as well. I’m so used to just deciding on my own. We are a family now and as I’ve learned (And been reminded, gently) I need to think of US and WE not speak as myself anymore. We still haven’t had our first fight. But I can tell you whenever it comes and for whatever the topic will be, I am going to lose. There is no way I can out argue my wife. I have heard her on the phone at night talking to people at work and she does not back down. One thing I love about her. She stands up for what she believes in.

We all hung out and just relaxed. The flight was a lot for the boys and I know it was too much to take them out the first night. My dog made himself at home very quickly. Of course he has his own room which he doesn’t sleep in. He sleeps with Lindsay Lol Which is fine by us because that gives my wife and I a break from his snoring and pushing our feet all over the bed at night. Lindsay loves him as much as I do and has had serious talks about kidnapping him someday. She keeps telling me how much happier he would be with her. That he loves Las Vegas and belongs there. That’s not going to happen. He just ran around the house and yard and played with all of the toys he got. He also tried to take off with Dada, Heston’s new buddy, and Heston had a complete meltdown. I had to wipe dog slobber off as fast as I could then give it back to him. That made him calm down immediately. And if you are wonder, yes he was able to bring it home with him. Lindsay tried to give us all of their stuff to take with us but I told her leave it there for our next visit.

Saturday my wife and I got up early and went hiking. It was cloudy and a little rainy off and on. That wasn’t cool but we worked it out. Then we got dressed and went out for breakfast. We had a nice time together. The conversation started into the pending adoption of a girl. She said that when she thought she was pregnant she was slightly excited but wondered about my reaction. I explained if you were pregnant and we adopted a little girl I would freak out because that’s too many kids under 2 for me to handle. That may potential 4 kids under 2. That’s nuts. She said good because she was a little hurt the way I reacted. I said we either need to work on having our own baby and that may sideline your career plans for the next year or we just focus on getting our marriage stronger, and more time together and wait a year or 2 for the adoption to go through. Once the adoption happens then we can start working on having our own baby. She said what if we reverse it. She said what if we string out the adoption longer, which I can do, and start working on our own baby. I said but that’s your plan. She said she’s got baby fever. I said WHAT????? But??? You??? said??? and she just laughed. She said she just didn’t want to plan it all out. With the adoption it’s a huge question mark and it may actually take 2 years. She wasn’t sure waiting 2 years is what she really wanted. I said well I want as many kids as possible. I know in my heart I want to adopt a little girl. I know that but the rest is up to both of us. She said she wants us to think about having a baby now. I said let’s go Lol She said no here and not now. But let us think on it now. I said okay.

So now I may end up with 4 kids in the next 2 years Lol I wanted to string it out longer. So that my boys have a little gap between siblings and I can give plenty of attention to each of them. It really is hard raising twins. I don’t care how easy some people say it is or what they do to make things easier. It’s hard. And for me it’s a constant worry. I think about my wife and the boys all day. Even at work and constantly question my decisions on if I’m doing this right. Half of the time, guys, I feel like a bad dad. I feel completely stupid and think to myself how I’m screwing up these 2 precious little babies. Then I see how happy they are to see me or how much they don’t want me to leave in the morning to go to work and I know I’m doing somethings right. My wife is very happy. I may be doing a good job. But I don’t know.

I really thought she wanted to work on the marriage for the first year. And try to get in our own little rhythm. That’s why we put Sarah in her own condo until. But maybe that wasn’t enough. She said we have Sarah and 2 other nannies. We can do this. I don’t know. I want to be selfish and wait but then again I really think having a baby with my wife would be amazing. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. We did talk about it all weekend. It was exciting and scary and a really fun idea. So I don’t know what to do. I’m going to pray on it more.

We went to see 2 movies, 2 shows, had every meal together. We spent time with the boys but we mainly focused on ourselves. I did receive some hilarious photos of my boys in a huge suds pools with their faces all covered in soap suds. Then I got a video of them laughing so hard. Both of them. Lindsay had taken them to an indoor pool place that has an area for babies. She said it’s a new place and seems very clean. Then she also took them to a huge park. She put them on the swings and sent pics and videos of that too. My dog got to go to the dog park 2 times a day and Lindsay bought him small ice cream cones and a hamburger each time. I said he’s going to expect that now every time we go in the car. She said so what.

Sunday was all about packing up and taking photos. We really did have a great time and I do miss Lindsay a lot. She is in Mexico a lot now and Dave said even when she is home she is working a lot. He said they only go out to eat 2 times a week now instead of the nightly venture. He said her no drinking rule has helped him a lot and he really doesn’t miss it anymore. He’s a nice guy. I have always liked Dave. I miss Ben and I did get to see him. I introduced my wife to him. He is happy and doing fine. He still hangs out with Lindsay a few times a month and doesn’t like Dave Lol I told him she is happy so we all have to be happy for her and that I liked Dave a lot. He’s a nice guy.

The flight home was quiet. My boys passed out and my wife was able to come sit with me a little on the way. She loves that I have my own plane and can pilot it myself. She says it makes her feel like we can go anywhere we want without anything getting in the way.

We got home and Sarah helped get the boys in the bath. I got all of the bags upstairs and my wife started going through all of our mail. We brought Sarah some gifts from Lindz and she started laughing at some of them.

We really did have a great weekend. And we may have decided to start trying to have a baby together. If that’s what she wants. I’m slowly coming around to the idea. I just didn’t want to have a baby and 2 months later our adoption goes through. It will be just like having twins all over again. And as we all know, I almost didn’t make it Lol

God bless you all, have a great week at work everyone! I will update more tomorrow.


A weekend in Atlantis

It doesn’t feel like a Tuesday. We had a great family weekend. All 4 of us went up to the lake house for the weekend. Sarah stayed in the city. She loves having time off. I think it’s helping her study better. We baked cookies, went swimming. We did a little shopping. The most fun was Church on Sunday morning. Everyone loves having my boys. I think my boys are loving all of the attention. I like that they pray over the babies and children so they will have a blessed week. My Church community is the best. Being Catholic has been hard but not because of other Church members. I mostly struggle with some of the outdated beliefs. There are just things I don’t agree or abide with.

My wife is also a lifelong Catholic so she knows how tough it can be. She is also an attorney and deals with the bad things all day in court. I’m proud of the work she does but it worries me because I know she is face to face with some very bad people. It makes me nervous. She has the same issues I have with the Catholic faith. It has led to hours and hours of discussion about beliefs and morals. We have also made some really good friends with other Church members who struggle as well. It’s refreshing to hear what they think and it makes me feel not so bad for going against the traditions.

My wife and I have decided to take the boys to Italy near the end of the year. We want to visit the Vatican and attend one of the ceremonies they will hold. I have done that a few times and would love to see the Pope again. I was with Drew and his family the last time we saw him. It was a huge day in my life. I felt so humbled and happy being near him. He really is a great man. I look up to him a lot. His way of teaching means a lot to me.

I have cut back on my travels. This year I want to do 1 day trip per week. That way I can be home a lot more. My day trips seem to take longer than I anticipate and I end up missing dinner with my boys. My wife also has had an issue with it and after much compromise for both of our work schedules I agreed to 1 day. So far it’s okay. This means I’m sending others out to the places that I normally visit myself. Which isn’t so bad in this year of transition.

We finally opened our office in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Lindsay has been working on this deal for over a year. With a lot of the casinos struggling there she is trying to buy in small percentages so we can build on them over the next 10 to 20 years. She presented everyone with a casino idea to build, run, and own our very own casino. She said if we put all of our assets into it now the costs won’t be that much as it may be in the next decade. She has a great idea but that is a tremendous amount of money. She said she plans to grow her pot investments up enough where she can set aside $4 million bi-annually just for this project. I asked her exactly how much has she made in her pot investments and she just laughs. It has to be a lot more than I think. No one else knows either. We all try to guess but she refuses to share. I think that’s great and it also explains the car lot she now has parked at her house. She keeps buying vehicles and houses. I think she now has 4 houses in Las Vegas and 2 in Los Angeles. She says she’s buying cheap, fixing them up and sitting on them until the market booms and she can sell them all off for a big profit. She’s also really into buying guns. That part worries me. She already had a few laying around the house. I talked to her about leaving guns and so much cash around but she told me to stop worrying so much.

This year I will be traveling to the following places for work:

Grand Island, Nebraska
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Las Vegas, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Salt Lake City, Utah
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Paris, France
Dubai, United Emirates
Detroit, Michigan
New York City, New York
Atlantic City, New Jersey

These are were all of my offices are at. We have no plans to expand anywhere else this year. We all agree to focus on each office and build them up. Other than Las Vegas and Chicago most of my offices are 6 to 8 employees each. We want to expand that so we can build the businesses up. I’m also trying to help our reputation for being corporate real estate raiders. We aren’t in the business to buy buildings to piece meal them out. That’s not at all what we do. But we are well known for getting the buildings we want for the price we want. That hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s causing a little bit of an issue. The good news is we have a solid community service record in each city and we work very well with the businesses we buy and take over. My only interest is to keep business going and growing. I’m not interested in taking it apart and selling off the pieces. We only do that if the owner wants to shut things down or is in so much debt it’s not a reality to keep things open.

I love what I do but it’s a lot to remember. I’m trying to balance raising my boys and being married. I have failed in some areas but I’m working to fix it. I do communicate very well. I have gotten better at being home earlier. That was something that was a big issue early on. And I heard about it Lol My wife is not shy. Especially when I screw up. She lets me know that it’s not cool and not okay and to shape up. So funny. I listen and then she’s happy.

Let me see what else do I want to talk about? Oh my book sales are going well. I have increased the prices now that I’m printing it using Amazon for the paperbacks. I also updated the Kindle versions and can’t wait to see the profits climb. I’ve had a very steady year of book sales. Which has been great. I do donate all of my profits to 2 organizations that help people in or escaping polygamy. They appreciate the support and have updated me monthly with how they spend my donations. It makes me feel like I’m making a big difference. I like helping.

I’m glad that most of the negative things has stopped. It can be tough to ignore people that are nameless, faceless assholes. But after a few months of trying to defend and argue I found that ignoring them completely made them eventually go away. I only have 3 full time stalkers now. All 3 use Twitter like they get paid to harass me daily. I think they are pathetic and obviously have no real life. Why they choose to spend so much time talking about me and my life is beyond me. But I also know it shows how much they do not feel loved in their own lives. It also shows they have no real friends. They spend the day sending out nasty tweets about me without knowing one real thing about my life. I’m glad I have gotten most of the trolls suspended and removed. Lindsay has always been very vigilant to take care of me. She does it because she has always been a loyal friend. I appreciate everything she has done and pray that one day everyone just leaves me alone so I can raise my boys, enjoy time with my wife, and live the great, happy life I have going.

Things have been amazing. 2017 is going to be a great year! I hope you all enjoy this short week. We are going out of town Friday night. We are taking the boys and Sarah. She wants to go with us. I can’t wait to tell you guys about our trip. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Saturday fun

We got up to the lake house yesterday. I made a very healthy and tasty dinner for everyone. Sarah stayed in the city again this time. She had some studying to catch up on. She says she’s loving the new privacy and loving having weekends free. My other 2 nannies are not because we have cut their hours significantly. I told them they are still on salary so it doesn’t matter their hours are cut. They still get their monthly paychecks from me. That made everything better. They are both almost done with school. Which works out best because as of next year I will be full-time dad.

My wife slept in. I got up and worked out. I got the boys up and they helped me make breakfast. I always have a house service clean and mop all of my floors the day before we get up there. My boys now spend all of their time cruising all over the floors. They are also now trying to stand on their own. They use furniture or the tables but they are doing it. We work with them every night to try to help them learn. This is a lot easier with a 2nd person let me tell you. I had already been trying to figure out how can I teach 2 babies how to walk all by myself. My wife came into our lives right at the perfect time. It helps she is a great stepmom. I love that the most about her. We ate breakfast, played with the boys and now we are just laying around while the boys take a half hour nap. We are going to get showered up then take the boys swimming. We have a family pass to a local place here and they really do enjoy it. It also helps my back. I’ve been having lower back pain for the past month. It’s a nagging pain and I don’t like it. I’ve tried working on stretching with yoga 2 times a week.

After swimming we are going to eat at a cafe my wife found. They have a very cool looking salad on their menu. I always take my some food in case they don’t have anything we all 3 can eat. I’m really excited to see what else they have there. I’m such a foodie.

After that we thought about going to see a movie but I still think they are much too young. I don’t think they would enjoy it. But she said if they start making a fuss we can just leave. She said if we don’t try to take them to these places they will never learn. That’s true. I’m still very very overly protective and I need to loosen up I guess. They are fine. We haven’t had any sickness in months. So I guess it would be okay. I’m not really much into going to movies in the theater. I’m a germaphobe Lol I don’t really like touching anything in the theater. Those kids they hire do not clean the seats. And I watched a 20/20 show once on a black light in the theater. I wanted to hurl. Not cool.

I hope everyone has survived the storm. It looks bad on CNN weather update. We are safe and staying warm. My dog loves it up here. He takes off as soon as I let him out of the back door. He runs all the way down to the beach. My wife keeps commenting on what the beach will look like this summer. We had a beach play set set up out there so I can drag it into the water this summer for the boys. It floats. She’s very excited to try it out since it was one of the gifts she got them for their birthday. It was on sale right after Christmas so she bought it early and had it built and set up out there. I know they will love the slide. They have always loved the slide in the park by the house. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm and I will write more later! Love ya’ll!