Back home in Denver

It’s good to be home. We have been home and enjoying getting our life back on track. Can we even say normal? This whole year is not normal. I’m doing the best I can to shield my kids from too much information on this global pandemic. They know something big is going on, however, they are not sure what it really means. That’s how I’m keeping it for now.

My kids are very happy to be back home. They are really enjoying being home and playing in their rooms with their own toys. I missed my bed. It’s stupid but I missed my own bed.

We began to transplant some of the stuff we planted in Hawaii. I had things in orange containers, but the other stuff had to stay. Mads said he is going to take care of it. I hope they flourish. The kids and I have begun our gardening here, we picked a spot that would be sunny but not full on sun the entire year. I think we have a great start. When I can I will go get more things to plant but for now it is not essential so I’m not even worrying about it. Remember, everything I have started out as seeds. I don’t want plant starters because for me that’s cheating. I want to grow the entire way through.

The other day my former nanny Sarah, had her baby girl! She is healthy, Sarah is healthy, everyone is finally at home at Sarah’s parents’ home and enjoying the sweet little bundle. Sarah has turned in the DNA for testing and in a few weeks she will know who the father of her kid is. It’s a little up in the air. It’s either David, her ex-boyfriend, or it’s the random party hook-up guy. I’m very happy to know that Sarah and her baby made it through everything and they got the heck into safety as soon as possible. She has a beautiful name and even better middle name. And she missed Lindsay’s birthday by 1 day. Lindsay told her she better push hard, she wasn’t sharing her birthday Lol

Happy Birthday to Lindsay, this past Sunday was the celebration of the Nascar Experience that Drew and I got her. She loves it. She is going to go as soon as they can schedule it. It may be next year. I’m happy she’s happy. We didn’t know what to get her at all. I’m glad she’s staying in Chicago and not going out. She’s working from home and doing the best she can to help our businesses survive.

That’s about it guys. Not much happening. I love being home. I’m excited to get into our summer months. I am opening our pool up this week. It’s a heated pool so come on over if you live in Denver Lol The pool and the hot tub are all hooked into each other so it’s a nice experience. The view from my backyard is dreamy, I can’t wait for our garden to grow and we get to enjoy the full beauty of my home. I’m so blessed.

Stay safe guys. I love you! I hope you are okay. I will start getting back to your messages this week finally. Have a great week!

Our family garden is What?

Our very first family garden is throwing out so much fresh stuff we can barely keep up. We are having to put a bunch of it in the freezer. For whatever reason this year the gardening has been out of sight. Great job to our gardners for keeping up on things. It always looks great and weed-free. I love going out there and picking whatever I need to make supper.

Gardens are awesome! I just added photos of our garden and all of the fresh veggies and fruits we have picked so far this year to our Family Facebook page. Be sure to check that out guys.

It’s going to grow, I swear

Last night after work my wife took me on a garden date. I had no idea what she meant but she literally meant a garden. As in she wants our landscaper to add a garden to the lake house and do all of the work on it. She wants to go out and help and also learn how to grow things from an expert. Mr. Wong is our landscaper and he is amazing. Very sweet guy he has had his company for years and really does a great job keeping our yard looking great. He always makes sure to clean up sticks or anything off of the beach before we arrive on Friday nights. He also emails us ideas he wants to try out. I pretty much have given him carte blanche to do anything he wants. I fully trust in his vision for our property.
We met him at the garden place? Center? I have no idea. It was this big tunnel like thing that led into a big terrarium. Inside were all kinds of flowers, fruits, and veggies plants starting to grow in these black plastic containers. We were supposed to pick out what we wanted him to plant when the weather turned better. I guess he has to order things far in advance so they can make sure they have enough. I didn’t even think about any of that. So we held hands and she basically pointed at what she wanted. She took off with him and I just started snapping pictures of what she picked out. It looks colorful. I think my boys will like that. And I asked him if he would put in a fence all the way around it to keep my dog out of there. Sam jr is a digger. He would go right in there and dig up everything. He buries his bones and we have found some crazy things he has buried in the yard. It’s pretty funny to see him out there trying to throw dirt up to get something in a hole. Then he uses his nose to push it all back in as soon as he deposits his treasure. I just don’t want my wife to get all of this stuff planted with Mr. Wong and my dog destroys it. That would not be cool at all.









They figured out a game plan. He had his Ipad and some app thing that showed a variation of our yard design and all he needed was to figure out where to put the garden for the most sun exposure. He has been wanting to do this for years but I always told him no. I’ve had this house for 9 years now and I’m good with having the lawn mowed. I said yes to whatever he wanted, gave him my card and he came back with my card and receipt. It really didn’t cost that much either. Most plants were about $3.50 each. I fell asleep last night trying to picture what the yard and garden will look like in a few months. He said he can’t plant anything just yet but as soon as he can then he will pick up our order and bring his team over for a full weekend of fun. Oh boy, have at it Lol I will enjoy watching you from the sidelines and really enjoy all of amazing things he grows for us to eat.
I’m getting ready to go to the airport. My flight leaves at 9:30 and I still need to put somethings in my bag. I’m going to Pittsburgh for 2 days. Wish me luck.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

I wrote this one yesterday but didn’t get time to post it. Being out of town keeps me busy because the people I’m meeting with feel obligated to show me around and take me to meals. Very nice of them. I got back to the hotel around 1 this morning and am just getting around. Our next round of meetings start at 11am and will conclude around 5pm today. Then I can go home. I bought some souveniers for my family and can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. I will update more later.