I’m awake but I’m not up yet

I went to bed early last night. That’s an understatement. I fell asleep at 3:30pm Lol I had a busy weekend and overdid the chores. The house and yard are all cleaned up so it was for a good cause. I always forget Monday morning at 2am my time, my girlfriend Kate calls as she drives to work. We talk for a few minutes. It’s mostly me incoherently grunting through the phone call. By the time we are off the phone, I AM UP! And I’m not always happy about it. I try to go back to sleep, most of the time I am successful. But not this morning. Today is one of those days I’m up and I might as well get laundry started.

We are in full swing of plans for Halloween. We are not going trick or treating off of the compound so the adults are trying to make it special and fun. We will be decorating, throwing a Halloween party with prizes for best costume, scariest noise, fastest apple bob. All the fun things we used to do at my 4H Halloween party every year as a kid. I hope my kids have fun. I know the adults have been having a blast planning the whole thing out.

I was going to go as something else but now I’m going as a Pirate. I ordered my costume, it fits, that’s what I’m doing. The kids have options and are still undecided. We even got costumes for the pets.

Let me see what else is going on around here? I’m still working the phone lines for Joe Biden’s campaign on the weekend. I’ve signed 46 people up to register to vote. That makes me proud of what I’m doing. It’s taken me 32 hours to do that Lol It’s something at least. I have given a lot of information out so everyone knows where to vote and how to do the absentee ballots if they want. This election is so important. I’m doing all I can to get the word out about Joe Biden. He is not my ultimate candidate but he’s pretty good. I don’t mind supporting him and I know he’s going to win in a landslide. The other side is so batsh** crazy, it wouldn’t take much for our side to win Lol

Please make sure you are registered to vote. Don’t just assume you are. Check on it. You can do it online. IWILLVOTE.com

Have a great week guys! I might try to go back to bed for a few more hours. I love my girlfriend’s calls but it’s still 3:30am here. I need my sleep!

Mystery solved

ITS-all-goodWe figured out what was causing such a bad stomach reaction in both of the twins because one of my nannies had the same reaction when she drank the same water we had been using in the baby bottles. She tried a glass of it to see if that was the cause. It was and we all thanked her for taking one for the team. I was going to drink it but I did not think that was it at all. So we are back on vegan baby formula and all is well. I did pitch that entire case of it so that kind of sucks but we have more coming tomorrow overnight express. Lesson learned.

Heston is still not eating as much as he was. Alex is doing great. They are both doing good. All is good back in the Cooper house! I’m home from work getting ready to fix dinner for my fam and then my boys and I will be watching the OKC Thunder playoff game and switching back over to the Cubbie game. Love this time of the year when I can get my 2 favorite teams going at the same time. I wanted to update everyone because most everyone reads my blog or twitter and I have received a bunch of how are the boys emails and messages.

We are okay. Just one of those things. I threw out that entire jug of water and the other 2 we had purchased from that store. I am glad we figured this out. I guess it’s just one of those things. We buy that special baby formula water you are supposed to use but we bought 3 jugs of it from a different store. I called there and the manager asked me to give him the product code number on it so he can call the manufacturer to report it. I was pretty pissed off.

I love my boys. I didn’t like seeing them sick this weekend. I also didn’t like changing twice the amount of diapers. I felt really bad for them. Big sigh of relief!

Tax day, did ya’ll pay your taxes? Don’t forget. I paid all of mine last week and was glad to get that over with. It’s a bigger amount each year and I’m shocked but that’s the cost of doing business and I’m happy it goes back into the American government to pay for all of our programs and funds.

I have decided when the boys are legally adopted we will be moving to Dubai. I know it’s going to take me month or maybe a year or two to get all of the legal paperwork to move there full time. I have to have all kinds of things before we can do that. I know in my heart it’s going to be great and the best thing for us. This is not the big announcement that I had talked about in an earlier post. That’s about something wonderful changing out of the blue. Love that kind of surprise. I’m very happy and still on cloud nine!

Have a great night. Go Thunder and Go Cubs! (And go Team Wanya!)