Happy New Year? Is Trump Gone Yet???

I’m supposed to be skiing. Or sledding. Or sipping on Hot Cocoa while wearing a new Christmas sweater. None of that is going to happen. Oh well.

Happy New Year Batfans! I am not going to be doing much. I plan on cooking. I will most likely watch the Ball Drop or Biscuit Toss, or Virtual concerts until Midnight. I might make it to 10:30pm. I’m old. The kids want a small party. We can do that. They like to sip Cherry 7UP and act like they are grown ups. They pretend to be me or Sarah. No one wants to be Lynn. She gets a stern look on her face. They like the smiling people. I would usually have already posted my End of the Year post with highlights of memorable moments but all it would be this year is a photo of me wearing a mask. Why bother? Those are already on my Instagram.

So here’s to all acquaintances not forgot and always brought to mind, when you are singing Auld Lang Syne this year, be a little more hopeful. Maybe a little more grateful. We are about to start a brand new year.

What could possibly be worse than 2020?