Hawaiian Style

I am finally sleeping longer into the night. I have been crashing right after I put my kids to bed because I’m up early talking to my girlfriend to start out her work day. The past 2 weeks have been hard but I am able to call her, talk a few then go back to sleep. I think I’m finally over this insomnia phase. That’s been a 6 month struggle. I only need about 6 hours of sleep a night but being on a different time zone than all of my business calls or meetings has been hard to adjust to.

The kids are all doing well. We are all adjusting to our 2 new additions to the family. Life is peaceful, boring, and easy. I love it. When the kids are in school I glide along the weeks because it’s pretty much the same routine. Homeschooling is a challenge but we are working hard with the boys teachers to get the school year started in a positive direction. We have been at it over a month now and I can say it is getting better. The first few weeks were rough for a lot of their classmates. I have opted out of this school year, they offered online school for those that want it. We are back in lockdown for another 2 weeks which means I can only go out for emergencies or food. They are looking to pull back some restrictions but it’s been a roller coaster. I have to buy food for 3 weeks at a time just in case we go back on lockdown. We had it so the girls and I could go out Monday through Thursday anywhere we needed or wanted to go. The understanding was mask up, glove up, or don’t go. I keep telling everyone we all have made it through this COVID mess without getting it. I have to keep doing the exact same precautions to ensure we are all healthy. We could sign up for the drive thru COVID testing but no one has any symptoms. I don’t want to waste any tests when I know we are on the compound and not coming off of it for a while. If someone had been sick, of course I would take everyone for the test. I thank God every day that we have made it this far.

I also pray everyday for healing and purpose. There have been almost 10,000 cases of COVID so far with 87 deaths. I’m so thankful I made the right choice for my family removing us from Denver. Alex’s health is number 1 to me and I was scared he would get it and die. In Denver county they have 11,579 cases with 434 deaths. I don’t know why the death rate here is so low but I’m thankful for all of the medical professionals that are keeping us all safe. They are all heroes. It’s a tough time in the world. Pray and try to show grace to all. That’s all we can do.

How are you guys doing? We are going to be talking about the Michael Cohen book on my #VeganSam podcast. We knocked out about 5 episodes of that one and my #SoulToLife podcast over the weekend. I’m still working on editing but I promise all of my podcast fans they will all be up soon. I’m loving our new spot! It makes editing, adding filters and text to our videos much better. Yes I just got a haircut and yes it is much shorter than I wanted. You will see that in the videos. I’m happy it will grow out fast but I needed a new style and this one is called Hawaiian style. Feel free to add your comments in our comment section over there when you watch the shows. And yes my dog was barking a lot in one of them. Sorry? He was playing with the boys.

That’s about it. No huge updates. Quiet, calm. The best part of the year. Is it almost fall? I wouldn’t know. It’s 84 degrees here every day Lol

1st week of Homeschooling, done

Today Hawaii celebrates Statehood day and there is no school. This means we all survived the first week of homeschooling. The Clever app that the kids are using is getting easier to understand. The boys all love their teachers and really are enjoying the activities. I think they think it’s a giant game and they are also learning as we go. This is the first year I’ve allowed them near an Ipad or Laptop. I’m not one of those parents. My kids do not even know how to work a cellphone. Allowing them to push the numbers with their finger on the Ipad is blowing their minds. They want to do more of it and I’m happy to see them excited about schoolwork. Our classroom had 2 critiques and Sarah was not happy with either one. That made my day Lol I told her she loaded up the former bedroom with too much stuff. She thinks we will utilize all of it, we will see.

I am missing Denver more and more. I love being here but I want to be in my house. Everyone congregates to the main house and I never get a break. I take walks in the afternoon while Kate and I talk on the phone. That helps us both get outside and enjoy each other’s company a little. I’m finally feeling well enough to start lifting weights again and getting some cardio in 4 times a week. The swimming has helped my back and foot a lot. I haven’t been surfing at all lately because I don’t want to wear myself out and miss my walk/talk time.

Hawaii really is a paradise. I wish we could go out and explore a lot more than we have. The Governor has put us back on lockdown again. That is limiting the places we can go. Life is quiet and boring, I love it. I really did pick the perfect place to ride out a pandemic. My family is happy here. We have stopped arguing and bickering about petty things. We are happy.

Hope you guys are doing well. I watched some of the Democratic Convention this week. It’s cemented more and more why I will be voting for Joe Biden. I hope some of my readers will vote for him too. It’s so important to get Trump out of the White House. I will be watching the Republican Convention to see what information they put out. It may not be as exciting but I’m sure it will be interesting.

Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all!

Hawaiian Tourists

After the family quarantined for 14 days plus 2 extra days we all loved up into the rental van and went out into the world. We had our masks around our necks and our gloves in our pockets. YES I DID MAKE EVERYONE WHERE GLOVES! I got so many comments today about that. I don’t care. This was our first family trip out into the real world in months. I wanted to see what’s going on first before I say hey, no more gloves, we will Purell after every store. It went fine. The kids LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVED getting out. Finally! They felt free and happy. They had not been out at a grocery store in months. Proabably since early March, I’m not kidding. Heston said can I touch everything. I said no or you will go sit back in the van. He kept his hands to himself. Alex was spinning in the milk aisle Lol And yes I did make a small video of Sky walking in a grocery store Lol My family loved it. She held onto the basket and wobbled a few steps before I put her back in the cart seat. She’s still new to the whole thing but I wanted to show off her skills.

We finally bought the foods we wanted. No more lists and fighting about whatever I forgot to buy. Everyone was happy. Then we drove around and got out at 2 tourists things that were outside. We made it quick before we had freezer items to drag home. It was really fun to take family photos outside. I will put them on my Instagram account tonight. Yes I signed up with Instagram because I did delete my Facebook.

We are back home and everyone has happily put their items away. The kids are playing with their new toys. I did buy a few school supplies. I’m looking into maybe putting my kids into public school here. NOT Catholic school. I’m having an issue with the local Catholic Church and their lazy COVID response. I have several months to do some research and figure out if that is even a possibility. Hawaii did not get hit that hard. It’s really nice knowing that things might be, dare I say, NORMAL here come fall? If that’s the case I will stay here until January. I don’t know yet. I just want my kids to be safe and healthy.

I really did enjoy taking the family out. Tomorrow I’m going to take the kids and Lynn with me for a few hours in the morning. We are going to go explore the city. When I come back I will leave the van and the girls can go anywhere they want the rest of the day. Wednesday we will go out as a big group again, Thursday, same thing as tomorrow, just me, the kids, and 1 adult. And we will not go anywhere Friday/Saturday/Sunday to avoid the huge tourist crowds. Today we were not in any crowds. It was really nice. I feel pretty good about my decision to come back here. I think we will be okay. I’m still going to make everyone where the masks until we really get used to the social distancing. The kids are having a tough time learning that one. I may need to get 2 pool noodles and tape them to their heads Lol If your pool noodle hits someone, you are too close. Just kidding.

How are you guys? I hope you are having a great start of your week. A lot is happening back in the mainland, I am keeping an eye on things. Mask up, Americans! We have to do our part to prevent COVID in our local communities. Love you guys!

Don’t buy her a Cameo video

We love it here in Hawaii. We really do. The kids have so much more open space to run around in and explore. We are working from our new nanny schedule. You work 1 day, have a day off, work another day, have 2 days off, work 2 days, have 3 days off. This is mixed between 5 adults and it’s working out very well. We should have been on this schedule the whole time. This allows you to completely have more than 2 days off in a week. It’s a nice break. I’m still hanging out with my kids daily. But when it’s not my day I get to lean back a little and relax. The kids enjoy not having all day with me.

This week is all about Peace’s 3rd birthday party planning. Good luck with that, thanks COVID. I’m thankful we are all healthy but I’m bummed for her because no one can come. Lindsay said she was going to quarantine and follow the rules but she already broke the rules on Day 4 and now she can’t make it in time for Peace’s birthday. She’s mad but I’m glad she’s going to start over to get here in time for Sky’s 1st birthday. The theme is summer days. She loves sunglasses, the beach, and being outside so I have ordered and brought a whole bunch of Hawaii themed decor. I have more coming. We are going to throw her a very fun birthday lunch. I’ve rented a bouncy house but I’m not even sure they are bringing it now. They restarted their business than Hawaii said NOPE last week to that kind of stuff so I really don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s all I’m working on this week. I’m going to try to throw her the best birthday party I can under COVID restrictions. I’m also thinking ahead for Sky. What works for Peace may be relaxed and better timing for Sky. With everything else, I just need to figure it all out.

It’s fun being back here. I love standing outside in the backyard and watching everyone hang out and play. We set up a baseball diamond. My boys were supposed to start baseball this year but that got cancelled. I’m teaching them all of the basics and I really hope this summer they get the basics down easily. They have a lot of fun batting but not so much fielding.

I’m finally feeling better. I had two issues that are being resolved with medicine. It was nothing serious, it was more annoying. I feel like I’m finally getting my full lungs back. I did not heal up like I thought I would. Getting older sucks. You don’t bounce back, you just bounce then lay there and wonder why you can’t get back up and be normal again. I mean, I am 47. I need to do things with the forethought that I can not just jump around and do everything that I used to do. I have to remind myself before I do things, hey, you may get hurt, be careFUL!

How is your summer going? I love all of my comments I’ve received the past 2 weeks. Yes I will continue to blog more often. Yes I am still with Kate. We have been in a good place for months. We had 1 stupid fight the other day that we squashed within a few hours. She will have an announcement about what is going on with her soon. Probably in the next podcast, it’s the reason we were fighting but it’s leveling off now. Things are pretty great. No complaints. My plan is continue to chill out and relax. I’m plan to still surf the morning waves and find new recipes. That’s about it. All family time this summer. I love it.

I don’t….wait do I smell bread baking?

I’m in another midst of not sleeping well. I am not feeling well (Again), I blame 2020. I’m on antibiotics, a muscle relaxer (relaxor?) and Tylenol. I’m supposed to take it easy for 3 to 5 days and my girlfriend is in FULL ON WIFE MODE. She’s bossing me from afar Lol It’s very cute.

I’m okay, it is nothing serious. I went to the clinic yesterday and had to drag Sarah with me out of quarantine for the Essential medical visit. She stayed in the van. I rented a big passenger van for this trip. I’m all done relying on Mads to bring me around for shopping. He’s happy I can finally get myself around now. Blood draw, urine sample, fever checker. I did not have to get another COVID test. I’m going to live. I just needed to ease the pain a little. It is nice to know my body parts are finally aging as fast as my sunbaked face and forehead. I also don’t like the weird ass symptoms that pop up out of nowhere. I woke up yesterday with this issue and next thing I know I can move my left arm or hand and had to stoop to walk. Laying/sitting on the couch all day was not helping anything at all and I knew it was time to go get real help. Sarah had been nagging me all day to just go in and get it looked at. I’m glad I listened to her and my girlfriend.

Today is all about Chilltown. I’m ready for some real couch tv time. I never get to do it so I’m anxious to see how long I actually last. 20 minutes is my best guess Lol I can not sit for long. I have too many things I want to go do.

Hawaii is perfect. I love it here. I’m glad we left when we did. I’m glad we have a set time line this trip. I’m also glad to know if we HAVE to stay here, it’s still going to be okay. My kids love it here. They really do. No one has even mentioned going home. Yet. That’s a big plus so far.

The plan for this week is baking. I’m going to bake a bunch of stuff and throw it in the freezer. That’s how I stock up on my families favorite treats. I also love baking because I let my kids help me. They are already learning how to sift, sprinkle, and roll out dough. I love it, I really do.

Here’s to another day of chilling. Have a great day guys. I’m going back to bed and I’m going to try to get more sleep.

Surf & Sunrises

Good morning everyone. I’m up early because I want to get my meditation and stretching in before I go surfing. It’s my first time back in the waves since we’ve been back. I haven’t had time to enjoy a quiet morning alone so I’m hoping this becomes my routine. The sun comes up at 6am here and I can’t wait to get a few waves in. I really look forward to my morning surf. When I’m done I come in and shower and I can start my day. I’m happy.

Today I’m going to try cooking some different kinds of foods. I hope my family likes it. This whole week is all about catching up on every thing. I’ve been blogging more. I know that’s exciting for some. I’m going to try to keep that going as well. The plan is to stay here for 3 weeks. If the US/Canadian border stays closed we might stay longer. I want to see my girlfriend very badly. It’s been months. I am trying to keep the effort up high between us. I don’t want to become complacent with her. I’m always challenging her to do new things or to talk about new topics we haven’t delved into yet. It’s good for my mental health as well as hers.

Quarantine is no fun and being isolated in our Denver house wasn’t working out very well. The kids were fighting more, they kept being “bored” in the afternoons so I think being here will change the dynamics. I hope so.

I need to go center my soul and get my body ready for the water, waves, and fun. Have a great day guys! Love you!

I might have bought a boat, maybe

I went and looked at a boat today. I’m not sure we need it but it might be fun to have here. I love boats. I’m a little concerned about our area for boating. It’s a little shallow and a little choppy. I’m still thinking on it. I offered the guy a fair price. He countered and I said no so I walked away. He’s already texted me twice.

I’m going to sleep on it.


We made it safely. I did have to adjust a cargo area that I had put too much stuff in when we landed in L.A. BTW I hate flying in, near, around, out of LAX. It takes forever for smaller planes to leave, you sit and wait, wait, and wait some more. It’s annoying to me. The family and pets are here and happy. We let the kids sleep a little on the plane ride out here so when we arrived they would want to stay up and start getting acclimated to the time change. I am now 6 hours away from my girlfriend which always messes things up for us. I don’t like being this far away from her. It was a discussion on whether I should come back or not and how that would impact our relationship. I think she understands I’m not planning on staying here for the rest of the year. I mean if that’s what is best, I will. I plan on staying here 3 weeks. We want a different area to explore. It’s summer time, I can’t travel with my kids like I wanted to so this is the 2nd best thing. And I mean, it is Hawaii.

I did not have to quarantine. I had all of my health paperwork in proper order. I was a little worried I would have to quarantine like everyone else. They are all in lockdown. But after their 14 days we will explore the islands this time. A lot of restrictions are being lifted here because the Hawaiian government has done a fantastic job on COVID response. They took it very serious from Day 1 and I appreciate that. We will abide by all the rules and do what we need to so we can all enjoy our vacation time here.

We got everyone to the main house, I told them stay in here tonight. The next morning we ate a small breakfast, had a family meeting and divided out the cabins. Sarah is staying in the main house with me and her baby. She said everyone ends up here all day anyway, it would be easier for her and the baby. I said okay after trying to kick her out several times Lol Brenda got 1st pick and loves having her own cabin this time. The last time she pulled her mom into her cabin because Lynn had a 14 day quarantine all by herself and she was worried. Lynn got 2nd pick and took a cabin a little bit further away from everyone. I was surprised. She said since the nanny schedule is so set in stone, she wants to enjoy her time off. Gabby took the same cabin she had before. She really liked it. Everyone got 2 golf cars each. One to charge, one to use. I reminded everyone these are our family homes so don’t break or rearrange too much. We moved all of their luggage to each new home and let them get set up. Then they came back and I hit the 2 grocery stores I wanted to go to. Mads picked me up in a new truck. He said his old truck finally died Lol I was happy to see him finally treat himself and then wondered if I’ve been overpaying him all of these years Lol Who cares if I do, he does a wonderful job taking care of our family compound. He deserves it all. He will be retiring this year and I’m already anticipating a huge loss when he is gone.

After the stores I came back with about 2 weeks worth of food, we handed that out to the girls and I told them cook for yourselves more so I can enjoy only cooking vegan food. They agreed.

So here we are. We did absolutely nothing for 4th of July other than grilling out 2 meals. I don’t do fireworks and my boys hearing loss is not a good thing for big booming noises so we avoid that stuff. We did see them going off in the distance here and there.

For the twins, we will continue doing ABC Mouse Academy online to catch them up on school things. Peace will also be doing about an hour a day to prep her for school this fall. No school stuff on weekends. I think making them all do 1 hour a day is a good thing. This trip I plan on relaxing way more. I was in such a rush to keep the kids active. This time it’s going to be more about let them do whatever they want to. As long as we can see them and they don’t go near the water unsupervised. They already understand how danger works. And the boys are vigilant on watching after their sisters.

Peace will be turning 3 in a few weeks, followed up by Sky’s 1st birthday in August. We will be here for Peace’s birthday which screwed up plans for a few family and friends to show up for her party. That’s okay. I’m working on figuring all of that out. I’m still going to work from here a little. I have bigger plans for my blog, podcasts, and writing. Now that Sarah made our schedule to watch the kids, I can see a lot of free time. I do actually need that.

Sarah and Gabby are on the nanny schedule for part time. Myself, Brenda, and Lynn are on full time but we get to skip days. It’s a good schedule and I don’t know why haven’t tried this format before.

This upcoming week is going to be fun. I fretted over the decision to come back here. I think it will be okay.

How was your 4th, guys? You doing okay? Wear a mask, social distance. Stay safe! Love you!