Home sweet lake home

picture13707253107424  I am back in the U.S. We came back a day early. I missed my boys so much. I couldn’t go another day without them. I had a great vacation/work trip. I think we made some very good contacts there with people and may some day expand into Mexico for our investments. For now, it’s just a thought. My thoughts are pulling to an expansion in Dubai. That’s my next goal for myself.

We met up with 3 of our friends there and figured out who would be rooming together. The girls all decided to go in the bigger room and Todd and I split the 2 single rooms. It worked out great because the girls were going to be glued together all week anyway. This gave me time to look at my work emails at night and finally start catching up on my sleep. The entire week was amazing. We made some very cool friends. Some that live nearby and some we will keep in touch with. The lessons from the workshops were very powerful and also made me think a lot. I do not believe everything in regards to Abraham Hicks teachings. I do love the messages that come through but there is a lot of conflicting thoughts for me in regards to it. I sit and enjoy what is being shared and take in what aligns with my belief. The rest I just pass on by. Everyone was so kind and helpful at the hotel. It really was 5 star all the way. We signed up for extra things and went out on our own for some exploring. We did so much I’m looking back at all the pictures laughing. I did text some while we were there. I am going to send more out tomorrow so everyone check their emails. Also sending out the newest pictures of the twins.

My boys spent all week with my cousins. The nannies had the whole week off but Sarah was still overseeing things. It was fine until Day 3 when my cousins decided they wanted to take the babies out of the house. That was a no go. The weather wasn’t the best and Sarah told them no. She said it was fine and everyone figured out other things to do inside with them. It sounds like everyone had fun. That’s all I wanted to hear. I missed my boys so bad. I got home and immediately went into their room to check on them. I wanted to wake them up but that’s selfish so I waited because I knew they would be up soon enough. Heston woke up first. I scooped him up and his eyes got really big as soon as he heard my voice. I snuggled him for about 20 minutes, got him changed and put back down. He wasn’t hungry yet. Then I got on the phone with a friend and talked to her for a little bit. It was fun catching up with her. A little later on boy my boys woke up and I got to see Alex. He was hilarious. He was crying but as soon as I picked him up he stopped and just stared at me for about 3 seconds. Then he started crying again. We got some much needed cuddle time while I fed them. Sarah got up to make sure I had them because she knew I was tired. She said everyone wanted to go to the lake house early that the other 2 nannies would be over at 8am. We both laughed because we knew it would be closer to 9 for them.

Around 8:15 they showed up all ready to go. I loaded up all of our bags and we drove up with both vehicles. It is so nice being back here. All of my home renovations are done! It looks great. I am so happy with how it all turned out. I have to get the nursery decorated but the plain colored walls are all ready for whatever theme we do. Downtown their nursery is jungle theme with monkeys and all kinds of animals. I don’t know what we will do for here. All of the girls love their new rooms and bathrooms. It worked out great. The next big project is to get some of the outside stuff built. I can’t wait to begin planning that. I am so happy with how smooth it all was. I love it. It looks better than I imagined.

For me I’m going to run to the store then hang out with my boys all weekend. I have no plans to go anywhere I just want time with them before I have to go back to work. The girls are going shopping. I figured that’s why they wanted to all come up here. They have a few more things to buy for their rooms and then we can all start stocking up on household things for the summer. Most of my closets are empty because this house hasn’t been used in a while. I have the basics but for one person. Not for 4 adults and 2 babies. I love that Amazon app. We can order things and have it delivered here on the day we pick. So far everything we wanted has arrived and not broken. It’s been fun shopping online with them. I think the only thing I want in my room is maybe a new piece of artwork for above my fireplace. I think it’s time to take down the old one. I’ve been selling off or donating a lot of my grandmother’s artwork finally. Somethings are staying within the family but the larger pieces I am donating to some museums in her name. That way they go somewhere that everyone can enjoy them. I’m really trying to downsize all of my stuff.

I am really tan right now. It stands out in this white Cancun tshirt. I feel pretty good. I ate very well and was able to exercise and try yoga. Yoga isn’t that hard. It can be if you forget to breath. After a while it feels like liquid movements and your body follows the lead. I like it but it’s not something I want to do all of the time. It’s good for when my back is pitching a fit on me.

I think we are getting ready to go to the store. I am so glad to be back. I loved all of the messages and emails. Thank ya’ll for wishing me well on my trip. So sweet of you guys! Have a great weekend and I wil update more tomorrow after Church. We all agreed to leave here tomorrow at 6pm to get back downtown. I will have plenty of time to catch up with everyone this weekend.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!