More WordPress Updates?

Now that my WordPress blog is updated, they released more updates. I should be able to press the Update button now and do it myself. I was probably 2 or 3 years behind on all of the plugin, translations, core updates. Lindsay helped me get it straightened out and I do have backup files just in case. I learned how to do the backups myself.

I have decided my kids are staying home this entire semester for homeschooling. No one in shocked at all. Alex is doing so well here, I don’t want to risk it. I’m happy we finally have that decision made and we are working out all the small issues with the kids staying at home to learn. It’s a challenge to get the boys to sit and participate but Sarah and I are doing our best. We have to remind them all of the time. This is all temporary, you can go back to school later.

I’m doing good. I’m getting back to exercising regularly. I really love going out for walks and enjoying the cool ocean breeze. I’m able to be outside most of the afternoon and evening. My kids love to swim and play. It’s sad I can’t get them into sports or try to have other kids come over right now. We do a lot of Facetime calls. We have hit that daily same routine phase and I love it. It is calming all the household chaos down. Gabby is a party all on her own so it’s been an interesting time. I never thought we would end up here. I think God led me here on purpose for my own wellness and probably mental well being. I might be losing my sh** by now if we stayed in Denver and the COVID numbers kept going up.

Wear a mask, social distance. Follow the guidelines. If you don’t want to wear a mask, okay. But you are risking your own life. I think you should sign a waiver saying you will not seek medical attention WHEN YOU get COVID. Your choice, our consequences.

The Joe Biden phone banking is going very well. People have been polite. Some of the poll numbers my district is seeing is very good. I think Hawaii is a hugely Democratic presence anyway. Things with Kate and I are going well. We are working hard not to flip out or flip out on each other during this global pandemic. We are able to communicate through any rough patches. For the most part it’s a lot of laughing, a lot of Scrabble, and a lot of checking in with each other. I love her. She knows that. We are solid and happy.

Hope you guys are doing well. Stay safe out there. You wouldn’t want any North Carolina or Fort Worth cooties Lol

1st week of Homeschooling, done

Today Hawaii celebrates Statehood day and there is no school. This means we all survived the first week of homeschooling. The Clever app that the kids are using is getting easier to understand. The boys all love their teachers and really are enjoying the activities. I think they think it’s a giant game and they are also learning as we go. This is the first year I’ve allowed them near an Ipad or Laptop. I’m not one of those parents. My kids do not even know how to work a cellphone. Allowing them to push the numbers with their finger on the Ipad is blowing their minds. They want to do more of it and I’m happy to see them excited about schoolwork. Our classroom had 2 critiques and Sarah was not happy with either one. That made my day Lol I told her she loaded up the former bedroom with too much stuff. She thinks we will utilize all of it, we will see.

I am missing Denver more and more. I love being here but I want to be in my house. Everyone congregates to the main house and I never get a break. I take walks in the afternoon while Kate and I talk on the phone. That helps us both get outside and enjoy each other’s company a little. I’m finally feeling well enough to start lifting weights again and getting some cardio in 4 times a week. The swimming has helped my back and foot a lot. I haven’t been surfing at all lately because I don’t want to wear myself out and miss my walk/talk time.

Hawaii really is a paradise. I wish we could go out and explore a lot more than we have. The Governor has put us back on lockdown again. That is limiting the places we can go. Life is quiet and boring, I love it. I really did pick the perfect place to ride out a pandemic. My family is happy here. We have stopped arguing and bickering about petty things. We are happy.

Hope you guys are doing well. I watched some of the Democratic Convention this week. It’s cemented more and more why I will be voting for Joe Biden. I hope some of my readers will vote for him too. It’s so important to get Trump out of the White House. I will be watching the Republican Convention to see what information they put out. It may not be as exciting but I’m sure it will be interesting.

Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all!

Homeschoolin Twins _)(*$%_)*(#$%%(*!!!

Day 16 of our Quarantine. The more I’m seeing about Denver and the coronavirus spread, the more I realize I did make the best choice to leave and come to Hawaii.

I have been donating and donating to worthy causes to try to help. There just isn’t enough I can do and I am praying everyone is okay. I have lost 1 family member to Covid19, my cousin Mark passed away. It is so sad, our family is completely shocked. My Aunt and Uncle are trying to figure out how to get his body home and what to do next. It’s been a lot of phone calls to see what can be done. I don’t even know if they can get him home for a few months. I pray it works out soon.

Homeschooling my twins is not going so well. I have a girlfriend that’s a kindergarten teacher up in Canada. Our borders are closed so she can’t come be with us in Hawaii. We looked into it several times. It’s non-essential travel and that’s prohibited. She sent me a week’s curriculum to try on my boys. I’m doing the best I can. We do 3 hours, take a 2 hour break and do another 3 hours per day. I goofed up on Thursday and now we have to finish our last day today. The weather has been gorgeous and than it rains. Then it’s windy and then it rains again. Spring time here is different. We are spending a lot of time outside. We have begun spring gardening. I don’t know how long we will be here but it doesn’t sound like I can go home soon.

That being said, most likely I will not be sending the boys back to school even if they reopen. I will continue to do online things from their teacher and sending back photos of their work. That’s the best I can offer.

Peace is also learning as we do our schoolwork. She is so smart and sharp, I am amazed at how fast she learns. Sky is getting so big. She’s doing great. We have plenty of formula and we started to try out baby food with her. Some she likes, some she doesn’t. We are going slow with it.

We are okay. Please don’t worry about me or my kids. We are doing our best here. Lindsay and Sarah took off. Sarah is going to have her baby at the beginning of May so she went back to Dallas, Texas to her parent’s home. It was the best choice. She needs her family to help her out once the baby arrives. She’s having a little girl and I will not announce the baby name she picked out until Sarah says I can. Lindsay also left. She needed to get back to Chicago to run the office from there.

I just uploaded a bunch of photos I’ve taken to our Family Facebook group. Be sure to go check those out. It’s a lot of outdoor photos and photos of the kids. We have a good supply of food and things we need to stay here. I will not be going back out to the stores for a few weeks.

I pray for all of you. I love you all so much and I hope you are all okay. Your families too. Stay home guys. It’s the only way to stop the spread of this. I never thought in my lifetime I would live through anything like this. It makes me appreciate everything. Take care of each other. It’s what Jesus wants us to do. God bless!