To do list and then a nap

Aunt Lindsay is in town. She came in late last night. I wasn’t expecting her at all. She said she has a fun weekend planned, that 3 of her friends will be in town in the morning and they are taking the kids to a hotel. They want to swim with them and then take them to some kid friendly places. She tries to make it into town once a month to be with the kids. Her work schedule is very busy right now so it’s been hard for her to get here. She also wanted to check out Colorado Springs some more. She’s always here to visit with Mike and never get a chance to just look at things.

We got the kids packed up, loaded up my truck and then  headed out to the hotel early, early this morning. We all ate breakfast and then she dropped the boys off at school. She took Peace to get her hair and nails done (Because that’s a thing with a 1 year old now?) after she dropped me back off at the house. She has my truck with all the car seats. I’m driving around in my new car that I never get to drive. I’m pretty stoked too. It’s beefy loud Lol Vrooom vroom.

My job this weekend is to pack up all of my personal things, get them ready for the shipping company to come by on Monday to get it out of here. We are only keeping our clothes and usual household things. This is supposed to make it very easy for the movers to pack up the rest of our things and send it to Chicago. So far, so good. I went and got a ton of boxes, packing tape, 2 tape guns because I always lose one. I’m ready. And now I’m sitting here writing about working on it Lol

I’m going to get all of the bedroom stuff packed up today, all of the kitchen extra stuff, and all of the living room. I think that will help. Tomorrow I will do the garage stuff because I have way too much stuff in the garage somehow. Sunday will be about finishing up and getting all of the boxes into the garage.

That’s the plan.

Lindsay is doing great. She is tan and slender. She has steadily lost weight. She looks great. I’m so proud of her. She has been eating more vegan foods than regular foods and she likes it. She is also exercising and getting fit. She walks and works out 3 times a week but she told me the best thing in weight loss is change your eating habits. She said that’s made all of the difference in the world for her. Good job Lindz!

I’m going to finish this blog up and get myself going. I have goals and time tables to work with. What could possibly distract me? (My cellphone, Netflix, anything on the radio)

Wish me luck Lol

Lindsay’s Book Preorder! “I Stepped in Troll Furphy”

Lindsay’s book “I Stepped in Troll Furphy” is going on sale very soon here! She is launching her Pre-order now. We will get it for Pre-order on Amazon tomorrow. She has just been selling the paperbacks so far and ran out. She’s doing her 2nd printing and decided to sell it on here and other book websites soon. I’m glad. A lot of people have been asking me about her book. It’s a lot longer than my book. I think it’s hilarious. She has a way with words that’s for sure and I’m glad that I’m not the entire subject, I’m just in a chapter or 3.

If you want to Pre-order her book you can go here now:

I hope that works. The books will start to be sent out in a few weeks. She’s using the same company that I used to process. They did a great job for me and they are pretty fast. Her book is going to cost $14.99 initially and she will lower the price in a few months or never. She hasn’t decided.

It really is a funny book. Several of our friends that have read it said she should write more. I’m happy to see her finally doing something with it instead of emailing me how many books she sold at her marijuana store events Lol I guess it’s got a slight drug, marijuana drug cartel following? I don’t know who her friends are but she’s doing well with book sales.

I just got Talon back to sleep and remembered I told her I would post this. I’m going back to bed now guys! Goodnight!

2017 Year in Review – No

Merry Christmas everyone! We are wrapping up our Christmas eve things and getting the kids in bed so that we can attend the midnight mass at Church. We finally agreed to find a new Church and after much discussion and me telling her this is the Church for us, she gave up Lol To all the guys out there, I finally won an argument! Mark that down somewhere. That never happens. She said she trusts my judgement and didn’t want to keep stressing both of us out over something we both need to be supportive of. She also said if she hates it we aren’t going back Lol She also said if we don’t go back she’s going to call me a few names and find the right Church for us. That figures.

We all got to open 1 present each. The boys have been playing with their firetrucks all day. Peace threw her new handle toy thing around but only cared about the wrapping paper. My dog has been slinging his new snake rope toy around like crazy. The cat looked at her dragonfly toy and could give 2 sh**s Lol My wife LOVED the new perfume I found for her in Dubai. I am rocking my new sweater since it makes me look sexy and very Christmasy. We are all having the best time.

I would love to sit here for a few hours and recap how my 2017 went but you can literally read about almost all that happened on here. Hit the month you want to start at and go down the aisle I guess. I don’t have time to do the recap. My wife is a billion months pregnant and in constant need of my attention when my kids aren’t in need of me.

I can say I have had the best year of my life. If you had asked me 3 years ago would I be married with kids, NO. I just didn’t see much of a future after my very public affair.

I can tell how much I have grown and I still stand in the truth that there never was a catfish of Meri Brown. There was ONLY an affair and you are finally going to start seeing the truth on that stupid show. Their marriage was sh**, is sh**, and will not heal. The reason for that is Kody has read my blog, listened to the voicemails, and read my book. He now has the same information I had. He said at first “no fault” on her part at all. Now that he is more informed of the full situation he doesn’t want her anymore. He loves her and will always love her, but he’s not in love with her anymore. That is largely due to the lies she has told him and everyone. It also is because she still plays victim. She has done it with him for years, she did it with me, and she continues to play victim with all of you viewers. She has never owned up to the affair. She admitted to lying to avoid fighting with him. She admits that we had a love relationship, she even briefly admitted we had a great time and laughed. Then she realized if she told the REAL truth about our affair she would lose everything. She has NO WHERE TO GO. That’s why she stays. She’s not there helping raise kids. She’s not there because she’s in love with her husband. Meri stays in that awful marriage because since she was 19 years old this is all she knows. She is a part of that family and she does want that. She just has no way out. Think about it. She is legally divorced and got NO ASSETS in the divorce. The house is still in both her and Kody’s names. She is still providing money to her daughter’s living expenses, and continues to try to make money on the side wearing clown outfits and going around the country selling things to other clown outfit fans. She looks ridiculous in that stuff. Yes she is fully covered up but one of the things she told me is she couldn’t wait to be able to wear anything she wants. Hey, whatever got her out of all of that denim, I guess, right? She is an almost 47-year-old woman with a failed marriage and she continues to be selfish. She is very needy, she has no sense of self and if you really know her like I do, you can see her Pinterest quotes that get tweeted are all FOR ATTENTION. It’s not to empower herself or others. It’s to make people say Whhhhhhatttttt??? Meri are you okay???? And then the comments follow and her ego is fed. There is a lot of emotional trauma she has been through and none of it was with me. We broke up. I left her alone. She started harassing me, I stood up for myself. End of story. The truth will be coming out. You will see that Kody NEVER forgave her for the affair. He NEVER believed her story because according to her all we did was “talk on the phone and text on Twitter and cellphones”. If that was true why didn’t she block my number? Or how about this? Hang up the phone! She didn’t because she was in love with me and she lied about our affair. She wanted me. She just didn’t know how to leave.

She is going to leave some day because God help me something in her brain will trigger the exact response she should have had yeeeaaaarrrrsss ago. She married a douchebag that traded her in 3 different times for someone new. That has got to cause so much emotional damage I don’t even know what to say about that. They are not doing this multiple partner lifestyle because of their religious beliefs. They don’t even have a Church anymore. The few times we have seen the “Church” service it was in their own home and no one paid attention. They are doing this because Kody has convinced some very naive, helpless, rundown women that he can provide a better life for them. It’s about sex, and providing him with income. He is a cult leader and the more you step back to really see what’s going on the more you feel disgusted. I’m glad to be out of that mess. Lindsay had told Meri that Mariah was gay. I asked her if she was a few times and she said no she just concentrates on school and hangs out with her friends. Sorry but if a girl has never been on a date with a boy or EVER had a boyfriend all through middle school, high school, and college something is up. She was blindsided but not really. We told her. She just didn’t believe us. I think it’s very cool and I hope all of the best for her. She is a very sharp girl and I was happy to get to know her the little bit that I did.

I appreciate all of the support I have gotten. Yes I know that stupid show is coming back on. You won’t see anything new. It’s the exact same thing and that’s why they reduced it down to a few episodes and to air once a year. Their ads are down, they can’t come up with any new exciting storylines. This is all they have left. One hand gripping the cash and the other flipping off their own viewers.

I wish I made that up but it is all true.

I have grown up so much in the past 3 years. I am exactly with the right woman, creating a family and building my next chapter. My life is perfect. I am officially done working until I figure out what I want to do next. I still have no idea at all.

I pray everyday that everyone that reads my blog is healthy, happy, and living the best life they can. Even my haters. Very few people these days harass me. The ones that still cling to their made up version of my life are losers and have no business commenting on anything. Look at their lives. What have they accomplished in a year? The got blocked by me and spent the next 11 months calling me names, saying I’m a girl, and embarrassing themselves? Lol That’s a waste of your life.

I’m happy. I’m not going anywhere. My proof and truth are RIGHT HERE. I answer any nice question I can and love meeting the people who are interested in my book. I have made a ton of real friends from all of this mess. I have kept my old friends and we have had the best vacations together. I very much look forward to the birth of my son Talon in late January. I can’t believe my boys are almost 2. I can’t believe I have a daughter! My dog is healthy and awesome. Life in Paris is going to be an adventure. My life turned out great.

So Merry Christmas Batfans! I’m so happy you are here. Here’s to another great year together. My 2018 is going to be Batastic!

I love you guys very much and I hope you get all of your Christmas dreams! May God bless each of your families and bring you all closer together this year.

You all deserve the best!

Love, The Samuel Cooper Family

P.S. Santa is going to be extra generous to my kids this year. Lindsay must have bribed him Lol

Ho HO HOOOOOOO Meerrrrryyyyyy Christmas!

Hi from Paris

Hey guys.

Sorry for not posting as much. With my wife not being around it’s all on me to make sure all 3 kids are doing okay. Sarah and Heather help out a lot but I come home from work and it’s game on.

After we play, eat, snuggle, bath, bedtime, re-bedtime for whoever won’t stay asleep, that’s when I have to clean up the house, do the dishes, laundry, get meals ready for the next day, and finally finish my own work that I didn’t get done. It’s mostly emails so it’s not hard but it is time-consuming. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But as you can see I have done a much better job of posting our photos to our Family Facebook page. Check those out I just added more.

So my wife called me up crying and saying she can’t do this alone anymore. She was struggling to sleep, eat, and relax. She’s anxious about giving birth and MY SON is too big. She’s scared. I tried reassuring her over the phone and finally said Ok ok we are coming. I called the airlines to find a flight out that night but I could only get early morning tickets to NYC. Once we were in NYC we could get plenty of flights onward to Paris. It was REALLY expensive to switch everyone’s travel around but as long as she was happy it made it worthwhile. This meant I had to rearrange the 2 nannies flights back to the states too. They were okay because that meant they get to their families a day earlier. You guys have no idea how hard it is to keep 4 women happy all of the time Lol Ironically I think one person that still READS my blog religiously can (You are still a douchebag). He knows who that was meant for.

So we got tickets, I started packing that night and finally called my wife to tell her. Honey we are coming and we will be there tomorrow late. She sounded a little better. Whatever was going on was not a momentary flip out. If I was longer into my marriage I would have done the It’s going to be okay, I will be there in a few days, stop crying Lol But I’m not and I’m still new at being a husband and I really don’t want to blow the big emotional support moments that I want to get better at. So I sucked it up, I made arrangements and here we are.

I did get a heroes welcome when we arrived. But first let me get back to the flights.

So my kids are not exactly great travelers. Especially Alex. He freaks out when we get on a plane. We can calm him down after about 20 minutes but I had to warn every passenger around us that he will freak out for a solid 10 minutes with 10 extra minutes of soft boo-hoo’ing and then he’s quiet the rest of the ride. They were all very understanding. I mean I could see the look on all of their faces when I show up with 3 kids under 2 Lol It was like Oh GREAT this flight is going to suck! Well it didn’t. It was actually Heston that had the major freak out. Alex mostly slept and Peace near the end of a full day of traveling literally cried the entire way off of the plane, through customs, and into the vans waiting for us Lol The ENTIRE 45 minutes, guys! She was done. She was over it. And thankfully I’m not putting my kids back onto the plane for a long time. They are all now officially moved to Paris. Big huge sigh on that one. My nannies did a great job helping me with the kids. I tried my best. I’m really sorry if you were on our flight Lol The food was crap, we had been traveling all day and all of us had lost our patience while we were in New York City waiting for our overseas flight.

My wife gave me a huge hug and a few kisses when we got to the house. I said HERE, here’s YOUR DAUGHTER! Lol I had enough of the crying nonstop. I had a massive headache. She swooped up all of the kids and sat in the big oversize chair with them while I got bags put up and started to unpack clothes. I finally reemerged to see Peace eating her bottle and both of the boys trying to point out all of the gifts. My wife was sobbing. I mean a full on bawl when we came in. I felt so bad. She really was not in a good place. I said do we need to fly your mom over? She said no. She just needs me hold her. I said no problem. I let all of the nannies deal with the kids and I took my wife into our room. We laid in bed for about 10 minutes before I fell asleep Lol I didn’t mean to but I’m old. I was exhausted. I just couldn’t go anymore. I took a 35 minute power nap with snoring which I rarely do and got up. My wife said she feels better but not fully. She just needs me around. I said okay.

In the back of my mind I’m sitting here thinking am I even going to be able to go back to the states after Christmas for that week? I really have a lot of things to get done. I am going to have to ease into things.

Guys, My dog went NUTS when he saw me Lol He was doing circles. He was running around and jumping up on me. I laid down and let him kiss all over me and kept asking if he was a good boy. He was so happy. I did take him for 2 long walks and he slept with me when I crashed for several hours.

I’m awake. Finally. I’m showered, the kids are good and I’m getting ready to take all of the nannies to the airport. They are such good sports. My wife and I gave them their GIGANTIC christmas checks Lol They were shocked. I was shocked when I wrote that number down on all of their checks but you know what, for almost 2 years they have been there for me. I can’t really come up with the right number for how I really feel but it was a big fat check. And they were all very happy to receive them. I do feel bad they are going back on the planes to get back home and then on to their families but they are young and can handle it way better than I can.

I’m a wuss. I’m so old I get up out of bed all stiff and sore. It’s pathetic. My lower back said “OH you want to stand up Hahahahahha……”. I struggle the first few minutes. Does anyone else go through that?

So here we are. The kids are happy. They slept longer than I did. My dog is soooooo happy and my wife hugs me nonstop. She just is scared I think. She watched the birthing video without me. I told her not to. She did. She saw what’s about to happen Lol

I did not look when my twins were born but I was in there holding onto their birth mom’s hand. I was near her head and that big curtain thing covered up the view. What I saw was them hold up Heston, put him on her stomach and let me cut his cord then rush him off. And then I came back to see them struggle to yank Alex up, them not even really put him down, they cut the cord I didn’t and he went right into a flock of nurses and doctors. They were trying to save his life. He was not the right color at all. It scared the sh** out of me. I will never forget those moments until I heard him let out a cry. I pray every day we don’t go through any of that with Talon. I pray he comes out easy, it’s not very painful for my wife and I get to see his little face. I’m so excited. And nervous. I am scared too but not in the same way. I just want my wife and son to make it through the delivery and both be okay. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to either of them. I would lose my sh**. Thankfully they are both very healthy and doing great and we won’t have any issues.

I need to get going. Sarah just told me to be downstairs in 20 minute. Off to traffic and airport drop offs. I’m going to pick up my wife’s favorite meal on the way back. She found this cafe that has her very favorites she said. I’m going to surprise her. I hope I can do something to make her feel better. I’m trying hard but dealing with a pregnant woman is all new to me. I wasn’t allowed to spend much time with my cousin while she was pregnant. It was in small bits and she wouldn’t really talk to me. She just kept it short and sweet. This is my first full on experience and guys, this is hard. I feel like I’m on eggshells every day. I am trying to be supportive and I don’t even suggest her to try things anymore because I’m tired of getting yelled at. I can’t wait until my son is here so I can have my wife back Lol

Am I sure I want my kids? Yes! I can get through anything cuz I had twins first. One baby at a time is a piece of cake.

Have a great Christmas break guys. I don’t know when or if I will update until after Christmas. I will try. Things are going to get very busy for me.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

Love The Coopers, 2017

Home from Paris

What a whirlwind the last few days have been. At noon on Friday I left work and went to pick up my group from the condos. My wife said a tearful goodbye to our first home together. As soon as she’s moved over to Paris my 2 condos are going on the market.  I don’t want or need them anymore. She loved living there. She loved the location but with thing way things are going I don’t want to live downtown in Chicago anymore with our kids. I don’t want to raise our kids there. It was a great location to start out. Right across the street from a hospital. I really liked that part. I can pretty much handle things now and I’m not so worried all of the time.

We will skip the stop in NYC for a few hours because that was a mess and I’m still angry Lol

We got to Paris and it was dark. We had a driver with 2 huge vans pick us up at the airport to get everything and everyone loaded. We had every piece of clothing that Brandi owns, we had our 2 pets and we had all of our luggage for my wife and I. We had a LOT of stuff. In fact one and 1/3 van was just our stuff Lol

Now before we left I took both of our pets down to get all of their things updated and ready to go. It turned out they both were up to date on all shots and microchips and everything. I just needed their paperwork. It took longer get US through inspection than it did the dang dog and cat Lol They just looked at them and said Okay. I was like WTF! I wish it was that easy for me. I got flagged or something and had to be taken to a back area. I guess being this good-looking is dangerous in France Lol Okay that was lame I know but for whatever the reason I got pulled aside. I knew I hadn’t done anything but there’s always that Oh SH*T moment you feel. After about 10 minutes I was able to rejoin my group and my wife asked what happened. I said they told me I’m too good-looking to enter France, she just rolled her eyes so my joke failed.

We got everything through, everyone loaded and headed to our new home! That part was exciting. I had seen the photos and a lot of videos but it’s completely different looking at it all in person.

WOW. Our new home is awesome! I love it. We are 15 minutes outside of Paris. We have a nice sized walled around back yard which I prefered. We live in Asnière sur Seine which is west and north. It has everything we want and need. Great location and it won’t take us long to go do all the things we want to do. Immediately my wife started testing out her French. She has gotten good and I only corrected her a few times. I’m surprised at how well she caught on. Great job! Brand and I are both fluent so that wasn’t hard. We decided to only speak French until we needed to throw out English. My wife wanted us to and I was fine with it. We did the big tour and looked at all of the bedrooms. We let Brandi pick her room. She is on the upstairs in between the kids room. I think that’s awesome because our bedroom is downstairs and there’s a small bedroom across the hall from us that we were thinking of putting Peace and Talon in for now. The other 2 part-time nannies will be on the adjacent sides of the boys’ room.

We did talk about maybe putting them all in one room but my wife said with the babies getting up so often not a good idea. She said maybe when all 3 boys are older they can share a room or something.

We looked at the entire property and my wife kept hugging me. She loves it.


My very pregnant wife, who I love to death, has major attitude right now Lol Making her happy will be short-lived but also welcomed. She did manage to make it a full day before she started getting mad at me again. So I did have a little break from the puffs, huffs, and side eye.

We looked around the area a little before we got to unpacking things. I wanted the ladies to know where the groceries were, where the police station is, our new bank, and where to go shopping at. It’s all very close which I love. We got unpacked, got all of the pet stuff set up and then I took Sam jr for a nice walk. He just wanted to sniff (and pee) all over his new area. The cat hide for the first few hours but Tristian is not a very social cat at first. It takes him a while. We ate, got changed for bed and all decided to at least try to get 5 hours in. I knew we would all be too excited to stay in bed and that’s exactly what happened.

In the morning we had to go to the bank first and make sure our new account was active and ready. I did a wire transfer from home to test that out. I will need to move money both ways so I wanted to make sure we had plenty. Also my wife will be moving this weekend and I made sure she has PLENTY of money and access to more if she needed it. I was happy with how fast they took care of us. We all 3 tested out our new ATM cards and made sure we had some pocket-money on hand for the weekend.

Next stop groceries. I told Brandi buy anything you want for a week. She picked out the things she knew and wanted to try a whole bunch of new things. I picked out 2 things to try also. I’m very happy to report how much vegan selection they have. I do see I will need to order some things from the states but for the most part I’m going to be okay. So are the boys and Peace. We will have plenty to eat. I know it’s really dumb but I did have a fear they wouldn’t have much of a selection. Way to go Paris on that one.

We spent the afternoon buying vehicles. We took the vans back and met up with the rest of the staff. We finally got to meet the security staff. Great guys who I have known for years. I was very happy my wife and Brandi liked them. We had a family meeting and I told them all to keep their f’in hands off of my wife and our staff Lol I meant it. I know these guys and I was not going to put up with any of their crap. From what I can tell they have all changed. Maybe a few bad moments but it seemed like to me they have all matured. I’m very happy to find that out.

We got everything we wanted and got back home. I told my wife just send someone if she didn’t want to go. I know she’s not used to it and I’m not really that used to it but that’s what I’m paying them for. I said be patient with everyone until they figure us out. It’s going to take a while. She said she would try. I said BE NICE. She said STFU Lol

Shelter, food, water, fun. We finally got to look around the next 2 days. My wife wanted to go see the Eiffel tower during the day and at night. We also drove past a lot of things but really didn’t stop in to go look. We had a bunch of other things to check out so I said sorry, maybe later. She was okay with it.

Of all the cool things at the house my wife was most excited to see a Chipolte Lol I couldn’t believe it. I mean I knew the Starbucks being far away would be a major issue but as soon as she saw the Chipolte she made us go in and eat. That helped. I told here there are so many cafes with way better coffee choices and she can’t even have it right now anyway. She said okay with a pout. We will have to figure that out in February Lol

By the time we got up Monday morning and went over to my Paris office to check in it was already time to get ready to go home. Everyone was fine there. They love the new location of the office. They fee safe and that’s all I care about. Business is doing well but not amazing. That’s okay. It’s a small office and they generate profits at least. Not a huge amount but enough to keep the place going and throw money into the savings each month.

We got packed up went for a nice dinner and crashed for a few hours. Our flight was late Monday night with another stop in NYC.

I made sure Brandi had everything she needed. I told her the next time I saw her we would have all of her boxes for her and anything else she requested me to bring over. She said she would take good care of our pets and that she was going to go check things out. I said take security or you won’t be allowed to leave Lol I mean it. Ya’ll have seen the violence over there. It is random and kind of scary at times. She said fine. I gave her some extra cash and told her to stuff it in her bedroom that it was an emergency fund. I told her I would give her more next weekend so not to spend it all by then. She laughed and said I’m not Heather. That’s true Lol She gave us hugs and told us to text her when we got back home.

We made it to NYC and had a nice long wait before my wife was ready to go. I went in and out of the airport 5 times getting her stuff. It would have been 4 but I forgot her snack the 3rd time in and had to go back for a 4th. Then I made the huge mistake in telling her I saw some new Pringles flavor and she made me go back to get them Lol

We finally left, great flight home and boy is it chilly! We (I mean me) got all of Our (Her stuff) off the plane and into the Range. Sarah told us Brandi had called twice and so far no problems talking on Skype or the home phone at the Paris house. I told her to test all of it out. That’s a relief.

We got home and I went right up to see my babies. Everyone was playing upstairs. It was really weird walking into the house without my dog there. The cat tolerates me and I do pet him but my dog is by my side 24/7 at the house. I already miss him Lol I made Brandi send me a video of him.

My boys hugged me and I got a lot of kisses. Peace just smiled and smiled. I gave her tons of hugs and kisses too. My wife and I sorta passed them all around for a while then we snuggled on the couch. I missed my kids so much! I don’t like being away from them. I hope they missed me too. It’s hard to tell with Peace. She’s still at the smiling at everything phase. My boys cried a lot the first few hours. They clung to my legs as I tried to walk a few times. I even had to take a piss with them in there. They wouldn’t let me leave the door closed Lol Oh great. Now they have started that and it sort of makes me shy. I know it’s normal and I know they need to figure it all out so we can get them out of the diapers soon but I still get shy with that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. We are both exhausted and all messed up from Daylight savings and jet lag. I’m going back to bed now. Thankfully my wife gets to stay at home and relax. The movers will be here tomorrow to box up the last of the things they didn’t finish over the weekend. Everything is getting sent out Thursday so that all we need to do Friday morning is get my wife, Sarah and I on the plane and off to NYC to catch our flight to Paris!


Weekend in Paris

We are packed and ready to go. I have to go to the office this morning for some meetings and then I am out of there at noon. I’m taking my wife, Brandi, and Sarah and our 2 pets with us and dropping them off at the condos. They are going to take one last look around and chill with some of their girlfriends while I’m at work. The plan is pick them up, go grab something quick to eat then fly us all to New York City. From there we will park my plane and we will grab a commercial flight (Yuck) to Paris. The next 4 days will be about checking out the house to make sure it’s ready for her to move into next weekend. Also making sure the nurseries are ready or at least close to being ready and making sure our pets are there safely. We also will tour the hospital Talon will be born in and go meet our new o.b. for a checkup.

Our kids will be with Heather and their grandparents. They are coming to our house this morning to stay for the next few days. That will be fun. We didn’t even get a chance to ask my mother in law just said they were going to stay there and help out. I’m giving them a check for their help and if they don’t cash it, it’s not my problem. However my wife said to tell them to use it for grandkids Christmas presents Lol Brilliant way to get them to think it’s not really for them.

I’m really excited. I love being there, I love the food, I will love to show my wife around all of my favorite places.

We will have a 3 man security team with us. I do realize that Paris has been hot with terrorist activity for the past several years. We will not be strolling around any major tourist spots. We will go from Point A to Point B and get out of there as soon as we are done doing whatever it is we went to go do. I told her we can do all of the tourist things later on. She has promised me to take security with her everywhere she goes. She is annoyed but I told her these guys are professionals. They are Americans and have lived in Paris the past 10 years doing exactly what I have hired them all to do. I know them well, I trust them with her life, I know we will be safe. I have already gotten 4 comments about please be safe there. We will do all that we can. Thanks guys!

My wife is now 7 months pregnant. We have a letter from our doctor saying it’s okay for her to fly. He said don’t fly after 34 weeks is the norm and that’s exactly why we are moving her over now. I want her there, comfortable, and getting settled. If she has to go on bedrest she will be already over there and can just hang out all day. I will be moving at the start of January that way I’m there in plenty of time. My prayers every day include Please God don’t let her go into labor without me there! This is her first baby so labor is supposed to go a while. I already have a plan to just drop everything and leave if I have to. Lindsay would immediately fly into Chicago, stay at the house and work from our headquarters. We have gone over this a 100 times and she always says she’s bringing her dog. I said it’s fine but I don’t like her dog at all Lol Lindsay’s dog is an ex military dog. She rescued it and got it into the vet. Now she has it trained to kill, growl, or even look tough just to be a shit. This dog is huge. One of those big German Shepards that you see at checkpoints. Massive! It follows her like a ninja. You never even know it’s there until you try to move. Then it corners you Lol She thinks it’s hilarious. It’s really not. It’s scary. That dog scares the sh*t out of me and I’m not at all ashamed to say it. I also am afraid her dog will eat Sam jr but every time we put them together they just run around and they even sleep next to each other. It’s pretty funny.

I won’t update until we get back home. I hope everyone will have a great weekend! TGIF guys! Love ya’ll!

Lindsay is already in Chicago

Sarah just called. She said Lindsay is already at the house and already bossing everyone around. She said she threw out a few of the things the girls put into Peace’s nursery and rearranged all of the furniture. She also put a bassinet up in our bedroom for when we want her to sleep in there with us. I didn’t do that with the boys. I had them in their cribs from day one. I would let them nap near us in the living room or if I needed a nap they could nap in my room but we had decided early on they need to get used to their cribs. I’m getting all of these flashbacks from when we brought the boys home.

I’m so happy Lindsay is there. I knew she would be Lol She is going to Costco and stocking us up again. She does that every time she’s in town. Our baby closet is going to be so full she will have to find another room to put stuff in. She always buys about 3 months of everything. Diapers, wipes, formula, and now she has all of these baby girl outfits to buy. Sarah said she brought in a gigantic teddy bear. It’s about 4 feet tall. I said how did you get that on the plane. She said she made Dave stop at a store on the way to the house Lol How funny. I can see her sitting it up in their rental car and buckling it in the backseat. She said her god-daughter deserves the best. Yes she does!

Lindsay will help the girls get things figured out. It’s going to be a great weekend. I asked if she would go get groceries too and she said she was half way done with the list. She said she’s also hired a party planner to do our baby party for all of our family and friends. She scheduled it for 3 weeks from Saturday. So that puts it, let me look, August 19th. She said by then her immune system can handle that many people and by then we will all be in a routine with her. Then she told me we are not moving to Paris now and she’s going to go cancel that trip Lol I told her don’t do that and she said I’m a selfish a**hole for taking her nephews and niece away from her. I said move to Paris and she said there’s an issue she’s not allowed anymore Lol I don’t think Paris has banned Lindz but you never know with her. I’m sure she’s banned from a specific airline she doesn’t travel well with chatty seat mates.

Auntie Lindz is waiting at home to meet us. I can’t wait to see her hold Peace. And when Drew and his family comes it will be that same feeling all over again, a complete feeling of safety for my kids. With my 2 best friends I know 100% they would both give up their lives for any of my kids. Knowing that makes me feel more at ease when I get both of them in town at the same time. I just know everything is going to be okay because these 2 awesome people will always look out for me. Always.

I pray Peace has a great nap. She was up a little while ago with a bad diaper. I changed her and my wife said thankfully we both have enough practice with that. It does make it easier. My boys have made me a pro by now. I still don’t like dealing with the blowouts Lol But so far Peace hasn’t had one yet. It may be a while.

I have so much free time with her sleeping that’s why I’m blogging more. I want to share this whole experience with everyone. I just put up 4 more videos on Facebook, guys. Go check them out. Isn’t she cute!