Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

We check in 6 weeks later from the last therapy session for Meri and Janelle. Remember, good therapy is every 6 weeks Lol Come on. Meri might as well be in therapy with a jar of pickles. Could these 2 hate each other any more? Their issues all stem from the beginning of Janelle moving into the trailer Kody and Meri started out in. Meri gave up the master bedroom to welcome Janelle to the cult and Janelle didn’t like losing control over the money. At the time Kody and Meri spent like they actually had cash.

What turned out to be a $230,000 bankruptcy a few years later.

Read about all of the bankruptcy’s here:

2005 Kodi Brown and Meri Brown (his legal wife) jointly file for bankruptcy
Kody’s monthly income: $3,948 (plus a little
Meri’s monthly income: $865.50
Monthly expenses: $6,101
Total assets: $104,892.91 (Includes $90,000 invested in their Utah home, 3 vehicles, clothes, furniture, etc.)
Total liabilities: $229,892.91 That breaks down into:
Secured claims (1st and 2nd mortgages totaling just under $137,000 and 2 car loans totaling over $7,000)
Unsecured claims: $85,612.73 (This looks to be mostly credit card and retail debt)
Some examples of the unsecured claims:

$2,756.70 – Sears
$3,298.73 – Discover
$1,539.88 – Lowe’s
$1,566.68 – Lowe’s (separate)
$1,328.03 – Best Buy
$4,338.98 – Home Depot
$3,863.24 – Home Depot Credit Service
$6,992.71 – CitiFinancial (for “consumer purchases)
$6,824.37 – CitiFinancial (for “consumer purchases)



I guess Janelle should have taken over sooner. Meri’s issues with Janelle came when she was pregnant with Mariah and they got into a huge fight. Janelle grabbed Meri by the shoulders and jammed her knee into Meri’s baby belly. That’s when the big split happened. And also when any possible relationship/friendship between the 2 ended completely. And obviously forever. I was the one that pushed Meri to forgive Janelle and try to work things out. That episode aired and the follow-up to that one when Meri hugged it out with Janelle. It took me a month to get her to do that much. I told her she had to let things go. As we all have seen now, she doesn’t let anything go. And she holds a grudge until the end of times.

Janelle is the one that wants to pass the peace pipe. Meri has no intention of working through any of this. She is going along. She wants camera time and sits there without any viable input or suggestion of how to fix it. You can tell she feels this is beneath her and its a waste of her valuable centerpiece making time. Oh wait. I mean painting time. I forgot she has thrust herself into copying the art of an at home art teacher. Please hold your applause and keep reading.

The best part of this episode was watching Janelle squish herself onto that love seat. They were thigh to thigh. Meri acted like every flea Janelle has ever had jumped right over and sunk into her socks Lol Wasn’t that the most uncomfortable thing you have seen all day? I laughed my ass off.

The reality is I had already given Brene Brown’s book to Meri as a gift. I told her how much it changed my perspective on my life. I gave it to her and I know she had been reading it. How funny it’s the exact book the therapist offered.

I’m a huge Brene Brown fan. Here are some great Youtube links to watch her in person. Great, great, life lessons.

So that’s about all for this episode. They will never work things out. Not until they both learn to lose control a little, calm down, let go of the grudges and most of all take responsibilities for all the rotten, terrible things they have each said and done to each other.


This was the day they filmed the forgiveness scene between Meri and Janelle. They set it up around noon time I think I remember. Meri called me before they mic’ed her up. She was very nervous. I told her to keep asking herself, Who would she be without that negative thought about Janelle, she said she would be much happier. And she confided she thought Janelle would be much happier also. I kind of got on her a little and said Meri, Janelle has been in your life longer than Kody. She has been your sister all of these years. Start treating her like it. Hug her. She said she would think about hugging her. But she didn’t think that would happen. She said she had to go.

A half hour later she called me back and said I just got back you won’t believe what just happened. The crew is literally running over here to do a one on one interview with me about it, Oh My Gosh Samuel, thank you so much for helping me, thank you thank you. I feel really good! I feel great! And she had to go. About another half hour ago she called me again and told me what happened. What you see on the show is how it went. She got up and hugged her, then they both started crying and they said I love you to each other. Meri told me the producer said that was like Christmas to us. This will be a really big moment for the show. It’s been a long time coming. On that day Janelle tweeted out right after, Amazing things happen when you least expect it. I think later she deleted that tweet, but it may still be up. Meri told me that in the one on one interview after they filmed the scene she told them about the work and the worksheet. She said a very dear friend, meaning me, had talked to her a lot about forgiving Janelle. Which is true. We had talked about it off and on for months. Because I never really understood what the issues are with them until she opened up to explain it. There’s a lot. On both sides. It was so good to know that they are going to work things out. I have never seen that scene because I am not watching this season, for obvious reasons. But I am so proud of Meri. She was nervous and she decided for herself to forgive and love instead of holding onto more negative feelings. She was so happy afterwards. Her mom was in town and the went shopping. I told her to buy Janelle a little gift. She said she would think about it. It was a really good day! So proud of both of them. They do love each other, they just don’t know how to communicate with each other at all. They never learned how.


IMG_2268 IMG_2269 IMG_2270 Img_2271


This was the day before she was going to film the make up with Janelle episode. I asked her if I could share something with her. So she could start forgiving Janelle for all the really bad things that happened between them when they were younger. At that time we did not know they were going to film that scene the next day. It was a few hours after we both completed our worksheets that the producer came to her to ask if she wanted to give Janelle an answer finally. Meri said yes, I am ready. Because her answers on the worksheet showed her she was Judging Janelle for things that Janelle really could not control. There is so much more to this story, and Meri did share more about her relationship with Janelle than she did about the other 2 women. It was shocked, and sad to find out all of the many reasons they have conflicts. But 20 years have gone by, they are both not the same people at all from when they first became family. Time does heal all.

Click to access JudgeYourNeighbor_Worksheet.pdf

This worksheet is by Byron Katie and it’s called Judge Your Neighbor. It helps you understand to have a new thought about something that is really a problem in your life. I told her I wanted to do a worksheet on my secretary in Oklahoma. She could do one on Janelle and we would share our answers and talk things through. This is what made Meri finally decide to look at the issues with Janelle with a forgiving and open heart.

The other issue on this day was a guy threatening to expose voicemails he said he had from me and Meri. As trolls do, he was lying and trying to make her talk or at least talk one on one to him to get information from her. These people are ruthless, as we all have seen. They have no heart and will tell whatever lie they can to cause a reaction. It upset Meri so much. I had Lindsay go delete this twitter account and then Meri calmed down.

IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2268 Judge