Up early and ready for the day

I woke up with Heston at 4:30am. He has a little bit of a cough so I went in and gave him his meds. He didn’t wake up Alex thank goodness. Heather got up too and we decided to move him into his portable crib in the living room just in case he does wake up Alex with the coughing. We have the humidifier going in here and I’m sitting here watching over him. Heather is still up even though I told her to go back to bed. She said this is what I get paid to do. When they are up, we are up. That’s true. I think it’s from all of the weird weather lately. Cold, rainy, then warm, rainy, then cold. Chicago weather changes drastically. It’s supposed to be 52 today. That’s great. And 59 tomorrow. Even better. I know the girls are going to go shopping in Wisconsin this morning. Then off to a play this afternoon. I just want to be with my boys. Especially with Heston having this cough.

I just took my dog outside. He started barking at something out there and now he woke up my wife Lol She went back to bed. She checked on everyone then said mind if I go back to sleep, it’s too early for me. Go on. We are okay. I get up early anyway. I was hoping to sleep in a little but not if my boy doesn’t feel good. Heston is the one that rarely gets sick. I think he’s been sick 2 times in the past year. I think that’s very good. Most babies struggle more than that I think.

The good news we have to share this weekend is that next weekend we are all going out-of-town again. A road trip up to Wisconsin Dells. It will be a fun family weekend. We go up there a lot anyway. Anytime we are here at the lakehouse the girls do all of their shopping at the malls and outlet centers up there. Just easier and less crowded. I guess there’s some big sale going on this weekend and they can’t miss it. Oh boy! Have fun. I’m all about the Sons of Anarchy this weekend. I am on Season 1 and almost going to Season 2. It’s getting interesting. I think Clay is going to get beat up or shot or something. And now that Abel is home, things will change a lot. It’s interesting. The girls don’t like it so I watch it on my own. But not around the boys. I watch it after they go to bed or early in the mornings when I work out.

Is anyone else sick of Disney movies? I’m starting to see why the put that stuff on DVD. So you can play it forever! I know this hasn’t started yet but any new Disney movie that comes out on DVD brings itself to my house somehow. And we put it on the shelf for when the boys are older. I want to limit my boys tv time. I also want to limit their cellphones until they are at least 14. I think that’s a good age. It’s weird I’m thinking so far into the future but I have more good news to share.

My adoption attorney called and they found a little girl. She is 4 years old. Both of her parents have passed away and I guess no one in her family is willing to take her. She has been with a foster family for 6 months and still no one in her family has come forward. The state decided to place her for adoption and it seems like a good match. My boys being so young I wonder what an older sister will be like for them. I also worry about what this little one has been through. My wife and I have been praying on this for the right decision. I don’t know if this will fit or not. I was hoping for a daughter and I said any daughter is fine with me. I just worry that someone in her family will block the adoption. She does belong with her family but if they are unwilling, maybe this is God’s plan. I have until Monday morning to decide. There has been a lot of debate amongst our family meetings all week. Sarah said she is fine with it. The adoption would go through quickly once we agree and she may be home in 2 to 3 months. It all depends.

This adoption would be a closed one. I don’t know the family and I don’t want to know them. I want to know about them but that’s it. They all have had 6 months to step forward. After that much time has passed, I don’t want them to have access to us. There are a lot of things to consider. I mean we would have to get her into this fall. Am I ready for that? Do I want an older sister for the boys?

We are praying on it. I don’t know what to do. God will tell me. And we will honor His plan. Whatever that may be. This being April 1st, by June or July she would be home. Wow. That just hit me. That would give us plenty of time to get her room ready at the condo and at the house. I don’t know. We have been so back and forth. And then what if my wife turns up pregnant soon? I just don’t know.

I’m going to go back to doing my work emails. I’m not going to work out today. I want to sit here and watch over my son. His coughing has stopped and he’s sleeping so peacefully. Heather is dozing off on the other couch and I’m trying to type this quietly.

Hope everyone has a great day today! A fun weekend and  a relaxing day is all I want. I will update more later.

God loves you and I love you too!

Happy Birthday to me (Yesterday)

Yesterday was my 44th birthday. All day long I was receiving the love from everyone I know. It was very nice. Thank you all. I felt great all day.

Last night my wife surprised me with a big party. We shut down a hotel ballroom and had a catered dinner, a live band, and a few really funny toasts. My friends do not hold back on calling me out on everything I’ve ever done that was either really stupid or funny. Pictures and videos from last night are now up on my Facebook. I was going to do it when I got home last night but my wife had one very sexy present left for me to open Lol

It was such a great time. I loved seeing my boys come out in their baby tuxedos. That lasted a half hour before Sarah took them home for the night. We ate, danced, and laughed. We got home at 1am and I’m struggling to get my mind focused on this morning.


I’m so happy to read all of your messages today. Thanks again guys. I love ya’ll right back. We are having a nice quiet weekend at the lake house. Sarah is staying in the city. Brandi and Heather are driving up tonight after they get out of classes. My wife is “supposedly” getting off work at 4 which means 5. I’ve learned that one. My boys and I will wait for her then drive the Escalade up with the dog and see how that works. Usually Sam jr rides in the Range Rover with the girls. Makes it easier on the babies. We shall see. Either he or one/both of the boys will be crying on the drive, I guarantee it.

Anyone have any big plans this weekend? I can’t wait to flop on the floor and play with my sons. My wife and I have been actively trying to get pregnant. The adoption is still going forward. I know it’s going to take a while and in my heart no matter what, I know we can all handle it. Now would be the time to have more kids, even if it’s 2 more at the same time. I changed my preference from a baby to a toddler, child, pre-teen, or teenager. That way we won’t end up with 2 babies at the same time. I really can’t go through it all over again Lol Remember, I almost didn’t make it that first month. It’s a lot harder than you think. My wife missed out on all of that. She said she came into the family when the coast was all clear. Ha ha honey, nice.

We will see what God blesses us with. I do know 100% I am adopting a girl. I just don’t know who she is yet. I can’t wait to meet her. She is already loved and wanted so much! And since I’ve already been through the adoption process once my attorney told me this time it will go quick. We may hear we have a match and a month or two later she’s coming home. I just pray she wants us as much as we want her. I look forward to it. I really do. Adoption means so much to me. I know I can provide a very healthy, happy home life. I just need to work on being overprotective. I’m still having mini heart attacks watching my boys walk. But you have to let go some time, right?

Have a great Friday work day everyone and have an awesome weekend!

Love ya’ll!

Sunday Dinner

We got up and worked out in my home gym. That was very cool. My wife works out but not at the same times I do. It was really fun. She said she was looking at my sweating and lifting weights like I was a piece of steak she wanted. I laughed. That’s really funny. We got dressed for Church and got the boys ready to go. Church was great. The message was felt deeply throughout everyone. The whole time I was worried about my Heston and Alex. Turns out they were perfectly fine and made a lot of new friends. I was so grateful for that.

After Church we went over to a little brunch spot I’ve been wanting to try. We had a very good breakfast buffet meal and had a great time. Then it was off for some shopping. I knew we wouldn’t be out there long because my boys get tired out after a long morning. It was so fun getting their stroller out and walking around. My wife can buzz in and out of the stores like a champ. She loves watching after the boys and holding up little outfits for them. It’s all I have dreamed of. This family life suits me.

We are back at the lakehouse a few hours before we pack up and head home. I can’t wait to see Sarah and show her the things I bought for her. I always try to bring her something back when I’m away. She texted me a few times to check in and see how the boy are. She misses them when they are gone but she is also trying to ween herself off of them. She doesn’t want to cause a mess with my wife. They get along great but I also know there has been a little tension. It all got better as soon as the wall was finished.

Tonight I’m hosting family dinner at the condo. My friends and my wife friends are coming over. This should be interesting. We’ve had them all mashed up together in bigger events but not in close quarters like this. I’m making a giant mexican buffet. As soon as we get home I need to hit Whole Foods to get the things I know I have forgotten. Sarah is going to start dicing and chopping up veggies with 3 of her friends. I thought it would be 10 people but next thing I know everyone invited someone and it has turned into 26 people and more. That’s okay. I love it.

Right now I’m going to go play with my boys. They are up from their nap. I hope ya’ll are having a great Sunday! God loves you! And so do I.

Lazy Saturday

We have implemented our new schedule. On weekends when both my wife and I are in town we take the kids up to the lake house by ourselves and give Sarah and the other 2 nannies time off. It’s working out great. I get plenty of time alone with my boys and we all get a lot of extra time with my wife. She works a lot of hours on during the week and has a lot of court cases she works on. She loves coming up here on weekends to get away and relax. She wants to change my house and I told her no. I told her the lake house is set up specifically for my boys and I and until they get older and we need to keep the house baby proof just as it is. She let it go. I told her the same for the condo. Just a few more months than we can change some things just like she wants. Marriage really is a daily compromise.

My boys have been perfect all day. We have had so much fun with them. I made breakfast, I made lunch and my wife is making dinner now. We took the boys out for some baby gym time. We also went swimming. It’s been a very active and fun day. Tomorrow we are going to Church. My wife is also Catholic. We are going to take the boys and put them in the nursery with the other kids. I’m very nervous about that. I don’t know. My wife says it will be fine and if we go to drop them off and it feels weird, we will just make an excuse and leave. She said we can always go to Church Wednesday or Friday night. So smart. That makes me more comfortable. We are going to hit the big mall tomorrow afternoon before we come home. My wife loves to shop Lol So it is a perfect match.

I really am happy. I’ve been reading all of the congrats comments on here and on Twitter. Thank you all for that. I appreciate you taking the time. It’s been fun to stay connected to all of my readers. I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

25,000 and counting!

It was a little over a month ago I had hit 15,400 followers. And now we’re at 25,000! How exciting. I appreciate all of the followers. My Crowdfire App is amazing. It does all of the work for me. I’m very happy to continue to build a community of people who read my feed and also get directed back here to my blog. It helps get my story out there.

I am getting off work at noon today. We are all heading up to the lakehouse for some fall fun and relaxation. It’s cloudy but it’s going to be a nice cool weekend. I’m getting on my boat (Without the boys this time) and going out for some exploring. At the last-minute my buddy Josh asked if he could drive up tonight after he gets off work. He needs a weekend out-of-town I guess. The more the merrier. I’m going to drop everyone off then run to get a bunch of groceries. The service I have got everything on the list for us already but there are some new things I need to pick up for this weekend’s recipes. I’m so excited to get to cook all of this new stuff. The girls did a really good job in picking out meals. Adding my own vegan twist to all of them will be fun. I really hope they turn out well.

Another great week at work. Not as stressful. Things are going along. The money is flooding in right now and I love that. It helps me put a lot to the side to cover expenses. We have 2 more businesses opening this year and then we are done expanding until after 2018. Next year will be focused on getting all of the businesses showing a profit and making good financial moves to secure a great future. Next year will also be my swan song as I want to focus on my family. I don’t mind 2 board meetings a month. I can handle that. I’ve worked so hard for so long I worry I might get bored within a week but I know my boys will keep me busy and right now they are the most important.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My boys and I will be enjoying some college football then some NFL. The girls aren’t going shopping this weekend. Not sure why. I do know Sarah sat them both down and worked on their budgets with them. They asked her for help. They both have made a lot of money working for us and are getting ready to decide what to do with it. I stay out of it. I just sign their checks. I am happy to know they are looking out for themselves financially and working on plans to save as well as plans to move into a different building. I have offered them one of our apartments. It’s closer to me, it’s nicer, and it is safer as far as I know. They would get a discount on the rent of course and I would finally feel good if they wanted to take the boys overnight for a weekend. They both have earned my trust on that. They have been asking about it for months and I said NO! They have both stepped up and stopped being brats (Thank you Lindsay) so I really think we could try that soon. But not yet. I love time with my boys on the weekends. We do man things. Like eat, and spit up on our shirts and go outside and roll around on the blanket Lol I can’t get enough of them. They are growing up so fast. It won’t be long and they will be crawling all over the place. They are both getting really close to it.

Enjoy the nice weather guys! Get outside and do something fun. You all deserve it! I will update more tomorrow. TGIF! Love ya’ll!

Church it Up

Church was so great this morning. I had so much fun listening to the message and I feel like I had a very good prayer afterwards. I got to see some folks I haven’t seen for a few weeks. We had been staying in Chicago and I have been out-of-town. This Church is smaller but more like a community. I like it. Sarah comes with me. We were both raised Catholic so she gets it. We are both expected to go to Church, preferably Sunday or Friday night. Then go to Confession on the last Saturday of every month.

Let me tell you the poor Father that has been hearing my last 9 month confessions must have his mind blown at this point Lol I mean my accent is so unique to this area it’s not hard to tell who’s in confession. Even though the politeness of confidentiality will always keep the weird looks off of me. I can’t even imagine what my religious leaders think of me. I know what some of them do because I routinely get called in on Wednesday nights to talk over what’s in the media or what other people email to them. The most asked question is why am I allowed in that Church when I had a public scandal/affair? I simply say I come here to be closer to God, not for gossip or to harm anyone. I’m here for me. That usually is a good enough answer for everyone. I’m trying to live a better life in Church, not without it. I want to come. I deal with all of the looks and whispers. I can handle it. But I’m there for me. I want to go. It’s a very deep need of mine. Without Church I do feel completely lost. As soon as I can I will be taking my boys to Church. It’s very important to me to set their spiritual foundation in place. I will make them go up until they are at an age they can sit me down and explain why they don’t want to go anymore. I know that age is around 12 or 13. Hopefully not sooner than that.

Sarah actually gets more looks showing up with me than I get being the local Church whore Lol She is African-American, she is beautiful and young. People automatically assume we are together. We aren’t. She is my nanny and my friend. On Sundays she is my friend and I introduce her as such. If someone asks how we met, I let her answer it however she sees fit. I stay quiet. And if someone sneaks me off to ask about her I bring them over and introduce her and offer to answer any questions they may have about us. Sarah is a very sweet, smart, loving woman. Until she finds a boyfriend or more friends that want to attend Church with her she’s stuck with me. The best part is the car ride home from Church. She always calls her mom and talks about what the Mass was about that day. And I hear her mom always ask did you go with Sam? Yes, mama Lol So funny. In Chicago we have been picking up her friend Kelly to go to Church with us. She is also in Sarah’s college and doing the online classes just like she is. They have bounded over trying to balance work and school. Trying to figure out what to do next for the courses and just life in general. Kelly seems like a great girl. I’m happy Sarah has been making friends. I want her to. I don’t want her stuck at home with me all of the time. I want to be at home. I have lived. I have partied, I have had my fun. And I will continue to have fun when I can. Right now my entire life and free time is all about my kids. I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t even miss going out. I do miss some restaurants but I figured out I can call in my order and swing by after work to get it.

I am working on a few things for this blog today. There will be some changes. Lindsay is back home finally. She basically had most of May off of work dealing with the loss of her mom and handling all of the estate stuff. She has been working on a lot of things that I wanted on here. I am ready to add them. I am happy to see her doing better. She was in a real funk for several weeks. That’s just not who she is. She is always happy and smiling. She can be very quiet but lately she’s just been keeping busy. Silent. Not her usual loud, gregarious self. I think finally being home will help and she will find her new life without having to worry and take care of her mom anymore. I do know she is looking to sell her house soon. She wants something bigger. I get that but I hope she doesn’t go too crazy. I know she will always get what she want so I wish her and Ben the best in finding her Vegas dream house! They are still going through with the divorce. Ben lobbied one last shot at trying to save it and she said it’s either you divorce me or I go dig a hole in the desert and there’s that Lol So he said he would sign the papers and he did. She said it will be done in a few weeks and then everything will be perfect again. They will remain together, very strange to me. But like she said, she only got married to make her mom happy. Now she’s getting the divorce to make herself happy and if Ben is “stupid enough” to marry her he will be “smart enough” to divorce her Lol Her words. Ben just wants her. Forever. He really does love her. He says no 2 days are ever the same. Her spontaneity is what keeps it all fun and she is the most non-judgemental person he has ever met. She simply says k to everything he wants to do. She doesn’t crab at him or ask why. She accepts it and goes on. Except anytime he goes out-of-town without her. That she does pitch a huge fit. She thinks if they travel the “law” is you offer to take the other with them if they can go. She loves traveling and she wants to always go somewhere. If he has trips out-of-town for work she makes his life hell until he gets home Lol Doesn’t surprise me, she has been doing the same thing for me for years with work trips.

My boys are chunks. I love them so much. They really are getting to that fun age. For the longest time they just looked at me. Now they are moving their hands to touch my beard and face. They are always trying to grab my hair or ears. I play with them everyday and every night. I am taking care of them. There has been questions on why I have 3 nannies. Well I have 2 right now and I’ll explain it. Not that it’s anyone’s business. Sarah is my live in nanny because I have to work. I need someone to watch them when I’m working. I have 2 part-time nannies for the weekends so Sarah and I can take a break from getting up at night. Also so Sarah or I can go out and do the shopping or errands. Sometimes Sarah and I go together if it’s been a week or 2 that she has actually left the house. I have 3 nannies so I can work and I don’t get burned out raising twin babies. I have 3 nannies so Sarah doesn’t get burned out and quit on me. I understand the question of why have 3 when 2 would be enough but the answer is this. If I solely rely myself to 1 person being our backup and I solely rely on her schedule always being with us every single weekend I do believe she would have quit on me already. Every single weekend she would give up until she either quit or I let her go. So I got 2 of them to trade-off shifts so no one would leave me, no one would complain they have no time off on weekends and no one would leave Sarah and I without any help on the weekends. I hope that explains it. Most of the times during the days on Saturdays and Sundays I have my boys all by myself. The nannies are there, they are doing other things or just hanging out, but their role is to help me. Not raise my kids. I am raising my kids. I am doing everything I can for them all on my own. There are sometimes I just can’t do anymore that day. I run out of energy usually by Thursday. On Fridays I’m brain-dead and I still have to get through an 8 hour work day. It’s the exhaustion new parents feel. Do you remember those days? It’s hard isn’t it. Try doing that and working all day. I’m not complaining, this is the life I choose but it’s still hard. The night-time feedings are better now. Only because both of my boys are sleeping more at night.

That should answer that one to the best of my ability. I need to go make lunch and get packed up. I have a big Question post I’ve been working on a few days. It’s over 100 Questions long that we have taken out of the comments and emails. I will answer most of them. Some I did delete because they were just rude. I will post that later on.

Hope ya’ll have a great Sunday! I prayed for all of you this morning.

What a week, huh


Good morning from my beautiful lakehouse in Lake Forest, Illinois. My phone says Cloudy today. It’s currently 45 degrees. The high will be 52. It is May 14th, right? The weather so far has been weirder than the Soprano’s finale. I just don’t know and I can’t even. Did I use that right? Probably not. I’m now a dad meaning any and all trendy catchphrases must be used to both embarrass and prove I am still “hip” and “cool” Lol I fully intend on mortifying my boys with Dad jeans, blaring my Bon Jovi cd’s and asking their friends if they want to see my rad tattoos!

The voicemails, well at least the ones that I will release publicly, are almost done. After that I will never publish another voicemail ever again in my entire life. Screenshot that one, folks. There won’t be a reason to. After the voicemails, we (Meaning Lindsay) will finish this off by posting the phone call log to prove I did not call her at all after we broke up, as  well as the last set of text messages. And then I will write the world’s longest blog post to explain all of this once and for all. I will leave that up for an undetermined time and then I will be erasing this all off. I don’t need it, I don’t want it, it will have served it’s purpose soon enough.

And I’m kind of over myself when it comes to this story. I am proud of how I have handled myself. It’s not been easy or fun. I have learned


And I’m happy now. I wasn’t happy for a while after we broke up. Months. But now, today, I am happy and at peace with my decisions. I told my story, my way. I didn’t cash out and sell any of it. The problem is this. This story won’t bleep word go away. So I embraced it. I had no other choice. Ignoring all of this would not have helped me at all. I would have only created more problems for myself and honestly, for her. This way, she gets her ratings she is after, she gets public sympathy, she gets to see everyone call me an Asshole online, everyday, and I get to spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like had we made it out of this together like we planned. She is fine. She wanted his attention, she got it. I’m not saying she used me. I know she loved me. After over 300 voicemails in total, does anyone doubt that Meri did in fact love me? Either way, she is fine. She is happy where she is at and things are getting better in her life, I assume. I don’t know and I can’t even.

So now, the big tv reporters are aching to talk to me. NBC contacted me, Fox contacted me, and yesterday CBS got involved. Some are just local affiliates wanting to come to my office and interview me. It is tempting and my lawyers are all contemplating what to do. If I am going to talk, if I am going to put my butt in the chair in front of a camera for the 3rd time, (One previous Las Vegas NBC interview with Lindsay, One interview with the 5 screenwriters) now would be the time. Otherwise the moment will be gone and I may regret it. Then again, I have these 2 innocent little babies who were born into my scandal. My twins haven’t even been legally adopted yet so my court case may or may not be impacted by any and all things I say on tv or even on here. That is a heavy price to pay. It’s also something my lawyers brought up.

And do I really want to expose my entire life to the world? Do any of you really care who I am? I will be looked at and go Oh, there he is, he is real. And then that’s about it. No big shocking reveal, no big ambush on Meri in front of the cameras. It will be a huge let down because I am actually male and I am actually Samuel Lol Even having to type that is ridiculous.

There was a very sleazy tv group of people who mentioned all 5 Brown adults will be in Chicago at Soldier Field sometime in July to promote their shows with other TLC shows and it would be the best idea to ambush all of them so they could film it. You people are blocked from my email and cellphone. You disgust me and what the hell is wrong with you? Why would that be a good idea? So I can further embarrass her and cause a huge mess? No thank you. By then this story will be over and old news. No one will care. There is zero chance she will meet up with me then. There is zero chance she will talk to me then. There is zero chance of anymore Samuel and Meri. Zero.

As this story is wrapping up I’m trying to make a list of all the key points I want to make. And there are many. The most important point I would like to share right now. I completely fell in love with her. Just her, for who she is. I never cared about the show. We barely talked about it because for one, it involves her husband so why would I want to hear about that? And two, I don’t care about that show. I wasn’t really a fan. I didn’t watch more than 10 episodes total if that is even accurate. I don’t watch it now, I won’t watch it unless Lindsay, Kendra or my lawyers call and say you better watch this one. Then of course I will. But so far everyone is saying it’s not worth it. And believe me I am hearing about it anyway Lol

So I downloaded the Crowdfire app on my phone. It was supposed to help me boost up my tweet about my book. That’s all I wanted it to do. 1 tweet. What happened is my entire Twitter account has been taken over daily by all of these weird accounts. I let it go thinking this Crowdfire is great! Look at how many people are interested in my book. But no. Those are spammed up accounts adding to my account to boost those numbers. I can’t even get to the accounts I actually like. I have 10 accounts I liked to read everyday. I can’t find them now. The app is awesome, it makes it easy to add and delete people, but you do have to put work into it. Otherwise it will spam your account with things you don’t want. I have muted over 4200 accounts. I have blocked probably another 100 of the sexually graphic accounts that added themselves to mine. That’s what I get for trying to promote my book.

I am at the lakehouse now. I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 2 days this week at a seminar. It was fun and boring. I had to sit on a panel on Thursday for an hour talking about commercial investing and answering questions. I probably talked 30 minutes out of that hour and the other 4 guys split the rest. People kept asking me about my casino investments. Guys, I literally fell ass backwards into that. I have invested in 5 casinos now and we are barely showing any profits because they are all so new. The casino business is going to crap right now because of Macau. Some guy Lindsay was talking to said to me Nice watch, what is that. I told him, showed him, and he said if you have a watch like that you don’t happen to have an extra $5 million dollars lying around do you? No I don’t, well technically I do, so we started talking. He was an investment broker for SLS. That was the very first one we bought into. The next was MGM, then Circus Circus Reno, now revamped, then Wynn, and now Encore. Please keep in mind we have very, very, very small percentages in those. Very small. You can read why we got into it last year in September, 2015: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/las-vegas-gaming-gains-unable-to-offset-macau-losses-cm517027 so they wanted to know how much, what have I earned, what the difference is between business investment and casino investment. I was over myself then too Lol After a half hour I had a headache and decided to shut up. Then I spent the next day deciding at what point I was going to get up and leave to ditch the rest of the seminar. Most of the people who attended are investment folks I have known for years and I heard a few of them say “There goes Coop again” as I was making my ninja like exit Lol I am famous for ditching these things the second day. I get what I need out of it or make my appearance, then I want to go see the city I’m in. Shelly even asked me if I really needed a hotel room or not because she figured I would leave the first night Lol I stayed this time! Sort of. I left around 10 or 11 I think it was.

I’m home. With my boys. I just fed them and they are sleeping. When they get up it will be time to change them and then I will throw down a few blankets and pillows and lay on the floor to play. They are awesome and don’t do much just yet. I am told as we hit the 4 month mark that’s when things get fun. And of course that will be when we are 1 nanny down so good luck to all of us on the team. I can’t believe they are almost 3 months old already. It flies by!

I love my boys. They really are perfect. They make me so happy.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. I don’t know if I will write again later or tomorrow. Not sure. We are going to get groceries later on then I’m cooking a huge Mexican feast for the girls and Cam. He wanted me to make him my grandmother’s enchiladas before he has to go to work at his bar tonight. Cooking meat is about the last thing I ever want to do. It smells so bad to me. I can’t stand it. But it is a great recipe and I haven’t made it in about a month. I love to cook. It lets me be creative and also show people you really can eat healthy food. If they just put down the meat!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!