It’s a GIRL! Sky Lindsay is born!!

My new daughter has arrived in the world. I named her Sky Lindsay. Yes Lindsay is shocked and very honored I finally named one of my kids after her. She has been very upset I didn’t name Peace after her. She wanted Lindsay Lindsay and I said no, that’s way too much Lindsay Lol

I love the name. She was born very early in the morning on Tuesday, August 6th. Let me tell you how this all happened.

My adoption agency has called me 2 times about 2 different babies. I signed up for another adoption in January of this year. I had just assumed, well, it’s going to be a year or 2 of waiting. I really felt this wasn’t going to be the year it would happen. I wanted a daughter so that’s what I requested. I didn’t care about the race, health issues, any of it. I just wanted a girl to balance out what I have already. Gosh, it feels like ordering a kid I swear Lol That’s one of the perks of adoption though. You can pretty much get what you want. 2 times I wasn’t in a place to have the baby and I also wasn’t very cool with the circumstances that came with either of them. I know that those babies went to other homes and have their life started out. When they called this time I heard all of the information, the young girl was single, the ex-boyfriend already signed off on things and was willing to be a part of an open adoption. He agreed to providing family medical history and be available for genetic testing because that’s my preference. Same for the birth mom. The baby was due this week, if I want this to happen, she’s all mine. It’s a girl.

I said let me call you back in 5 minutes. I gathered up my kids and asked them if they wanted a new baby sister. The boys said yes. Peace has no clue but agreed because the boys agreed. I quickly prayed on it and in my heart it all sounded perfect. I called them back and said Yes, I want her. Where do I go?

She was in southern Illinois, so that makes it waaayyy easier to bring her home. I immediately rented the bus that I’ve used once before and they said they would get me a driver. It makes it much easier for me to pick her up, walk around a little bit, and make her more comfortable on the way home. I called Lindsay and Drew on speakerphone and told them to get ready, we’re doing it again Lol They are both so happy for me and my kids. They both know how much I wanted another girl. Then I called my family and then the nannies. Sarah said I’m packing my clothes right now, I’m going to be there and help.

Sarah does not get enough credit at all. I mean I pay her very well, but that’s not all her worth to me. She is an amazing human being and I love her like she’s my own kid. I mean, she drops everything for me when she can. She is just so sweet and helpful. I started crying out of gratefulness and honestly some relief. I now have help until we move.

I packed up a few days worth of clothes and then went to the baby store to get the basics. The hospital always gives me a baby bag full of things to last a day or so. My adoption agency also gives me a baby bag full of things to last a few days. But I wanted my own stuff. I had nothing. I went into a frenzy shopping spree and got her crib ordered, some clothes, baby things, and the essentials that I need right away and told them to deliver it all ASAP. I knew Sarah would set up the nursery. I mean she’s already done this twice before Lol She’s a pro by now.

Then I hit the grocery store that I know has vegan baby formula. I bought 6 cases of that and 6 cases of diapers and wipes and some extra bottles. I had the things I needed. I got back home and Lindsay had relieved my neighbor who came over to watch the kids. She helped me unload everything and pack up my new baby bag (It’s all pink floral) and get myself ready. A few hours went by and the bus arrived. The driver this time is Juan who I know from some other car service I’ve used (Same company) so that was fun. I know he’s a very nice guy and I would enjoy our chat all the way down to get my daughter and back home. I told him we will be gone a week or a little more because she was due but I have no idea when she would be born and he said he packed for a week which is perfect. Then I got a call from my adoption attorney who said she had all of the paperwork ready for me to sign and to take with me. I told her to meet me somewhere I would grab it on the way out of town. She gave me the name of my social worker at the hospital that would be helping me. The adoption agency has always handled that part because I have no idea how to do anything. I’m usually in baby fog and have no working brain cells from shock and happiness. I called my lawyer and told him what was happening. I have to give him a copy of all of the paperwork before I sign it so he knows what I am signing. Every state is different and every type of adoption is different. I’m all ready to go. I kissed the kids goodbye and then got on the bus. Lindsay said she would stay home to watch my kids and get the house ready. I knew Drew said his wife would be flying out that night to come help too. Her favorite part is helping with the nursery and holding the new baby Lol She loves it so much. I have to pry my child from her arms some times because she just loves babies so much. Drew said he would fly out Friday night with his kids to come visit and meet his new niece.

It took about 4 hours to get there. I checked into a hotel with Juan first. We got rooms right next to each other that way I can have his help if I needed anything. Super nice guy, I will do a Yelp review and give him a big shoutout later for the company he works for. He made me laugh and kept being very encouraging. He has kids so he knows the feelings. We went to get food and then I ate and called the hospital. They said I could meet up with them in the morning, be there around 10am to start filling out my half of the paperwork.

The birth mom went into labor that day but the hospital sent her home because she was much too early to come in. I didn’t even know about that part until I got there for the real birth. I went to bed praying it would be soon and just wanted both of them to be healthy and okay. I got a call from the adoption agency very early, maybe 4 hours after I went to bed. They said it’s time, get up to the hospital. I am allowed to see the baby after she is born but not allowed in the room while she’s giving birth. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in there during it anyway to be honest. That’s a little tough situation and I feel the birth mom needs time with the baby if she wants to without me being anywhere in there.

I waited and wait and waited and finally someone came in to tell me she’s here. They said the birth mom said I can come in so I went in and tried to be cool. I completely fell apart as soon as I saw my daughter. I met my new friend, the birth mom and just lost my shi**. I cried, smiled, laughed, I almost threw up, I mean it was all too much Lol I know I embarrassed myself but I didn’t care. I got to take some photos of the baby and I think I kept saying thank you over and over to everyone. They took her away to do somethings so I asked if she wanted me to leave? She said yes but come back later. She was so tired and wanted to talk to her family who was in the room a little while. I went out to the lobby and started making calls, and posting photos to everyone and everywhere. I hadn’t said a word on social media Lol So it caught everyone off guard. Surprise!

It’s all a giant blur, I’m back at the hotel. I’ve been able to feed her, change a few diapers and talk to the birth mom a little. I told her my whole life story plus all about my other adoptions. I told her how my open adoption works with my boys and asked what it is her and her family wanted. She said pictures, videos, and the chance to meet up with her when she’s older. She’s not interested in coming to visit for years, it’s too hard. I asked why she was giving the baby up for adoption? She explained her life and how she didn’t want to get an abortion because she doesn’t believe in it, but she knows this is the best choice for her baby. I tried to reassure her how much I want this child and how much she is already loved. I said I’ve been waiting for her for over 2 years because I’ve always known after Peacey pie, I wanted another daughter. I’ve written that on here a few times I’m sure. We got to know each other and exchanged info so we can keep in touch. She’s a sweet girl, really young, scared, a little lost she said, but she knows this is best. I told her if she did change her mind, which is her legal right for 72 hours I think it is, she can have all the stuff I brought with me. She said no, she had made up her mind months ago and has been prepared for all of this. She has been to therapy to get ready for it and said she will continue in therapy afterwards to help get through it. didn’t even know my adoption agency did that. How cool.

Everything is going fine here. I’m just waiting until tomorrow. I get to take her home! I’m so excited I can’t wait. I love her, I mean I really, really, love her already. She has the sweetest face, lots and lots of brown hair Lol I mean this is it. She’s my last kid. My last baby. I’m done! I have 4 beautiful, healthy kids. My dreams are all coming true. I couldn’t be happier.

I have been posting photos of her and a few that people have taken for me of me holding her. Some of you have those already or saw them on my social media accounts. If not, go check out our Family Facebook page! She’s here!

And on that note, I’m so very sorry to learn of the mass shootings. I have been praying for everyone involved and I did donate money to both city organizations that asked for donations for the families. I don’t know why these things happen but it hurts my heart to see the news and read the articles. Help by donating guys. Those families need money to pay for funerals, hospital bills, all of it. As always, I won’t promote who I think you should donate to, but pick 1 or more and help please. They need us. God bless everyone.

Please don’t go to Church

Please don’t go to Church

Lindsay has decided she’s taking all 3 of my kids to Church this morning with her friends. I asked her not to. She’s doing it anyway. They aren’t going to a Catholic Mass. Oh no, she’s taking them to a Baptist Church so they can see what a real Church is like. Keep in mind Lindz does not even believe in God but she said the Baptist really do. Huh? I can’t wait to hear what they thought of that. Peace is going to love it because she just loves everybody. The boys might freak out at first but I think it’s going to be fine. Lindsay said if she “catches the spirit” she’s going to haul ass up and down the aisle like she’s seen on tv a few time with Pastor TD Jakes Lol I said please don’t. She said she may just do it just to see what happens. Dear God, please forgive her. She mocks you. It’s sort of funny. So I guess forgive me too?

I got in a groove and got everything boxed up, taped, labeled, and ready to go. The only thing I haven’t done is put everything in the garage. I need to pull the car out to make room for all of it. Luckily the shipping company is sending a big van tomorrow morning so it can all get out-of-the-way soon. I had to check the weather. In Colorado Springs out of nowhere the rain hits, the wind blows and then it’s all sunny and dry. It’s the weirdest weather I have ever experienced. I’m going to miss it. I have really enjoyed the cooler temperatures. Fall here is so beautiful. I want to take my kids on one of those train rides up through the mountains. I didn’t go the last time they went. I want to see everything. We will do that next weekend.

We are moving back to Chicago now in 2 weeks. It’s going to be a big welcome home party. I’ve missed out on so much but I had to make the right choice for Alex’s health. He’s doing great. I get so many messages asking how he is doing. My boy is a tough cookie. It was very hard at first because Heston just wants to be all over him all day long. When we lifted up his shirt to show Heston his owwie, that’s when he backed off. I’ve had to remind him a million times be careful, Alex has an owwie, he backs off. Not immediately, but he does tend to stop. Peace is doing great, she’s so pretty. My daughter is the sweetest little face on Earth. Heston is just a big brother through and through. He’s in charge of everybody. He tends to take the lead and say Come on to the other 2. They follow him around and do what he wants. It’s very cute to see. Then Peace says deuces and leaves the boys to play trucks or whatever they are doing. She has her little princess setup filled with tons of girl toys. I’ve had more cups of imaginary tea than I can count at this point. She had her toenails painted and she wiggles her toes when you ask to see her tootsies Lol It’s pretty cute.

I just finished watching the online Catholic Mass so that’s done for the day. Such a beautiful message of hope and how to live a balanced life. That’s what I’m currently working on. I do not attend the regular Catholic Church yet they continue to solicit money from me. I read it and toss it. I do donate to my Church and that’s good enough for me. There are differences in how each Church conducts itself and I’m glad to know that my derivation relies on itself and not outside mainstream pressure. That’s exactly why I’m raising my kids to be the “other” type of Catholics.

Today I get to move boxes, chill out, move boxes, chill out. It’s going to be an easy day until the kids get back. Lindsay is bringing them home at 5 so I can feed everyone before their flight takes off back to Vegas. It kind of sucks I had all kinds of summer plans and trips I wanted to get to but Alex is more important than my plans. Next summer we will hit the road and get to do everything.

Prayers to Hawaii. Our family compound took a hit. Everyone is safe but extensive wind damage. They will have to repair all of it when they can. And of course Prayers to Senator/War Hero John McCain and his family. I did not agree with his politics most of the time but I do respect is decades of service to this country. He will be greatly missed. He did the very best he could with what he felt was right. He stood up and spoke when he felt the need. What a life he had. You will be missed. The entire news media is looking back on his life. It’s amazing all of the things he accomplished.

Have a wonderful Sunday my batfans. I love you all. Be sure to praise God in someway because today is going to be awesome!

To do list and then a nap

Aunt Lindsay is in town. She came in late last night. I wasn’t expecting her at all. She said she has a fun weekend planned, that 3 of her friends will be in town in the morning and they are taking the kids to a hotel. They want to swim with them and then take them to some kid friendly places. She tries to make it into town once a month to be with the kids. Her work schedule is very busy right now so it’s been hard for her to get here. She also wanted to check out Colorado Springs some more. She’s always here to visit with Mike and never get a chance to just look at things.

We got the kids packed up, loaded up my truck and then  headed out to the hotel early, early this morning. We all ate breakfast and then she dropped the boys off at school. She took Peace to get her hair and nails done (Because that’s a thing with a 1 year old now?) after she dropped me back off at the house. She has my truck with all the car seats. I’m driving around in my new car that I never get to drive. I’m pretty stoked too. It’s beefy loud Lol Vrooom vroom.

My job this weekend is to pack up all of my personal things, get them ready for the shipping company to come by on Monday to get it out of here. We are only keeping our clothes and usual household things. This is supposed to make it very easy for the movers to pack up the rest of our things and send it to Chicago. So far, so good. I went and got a ton of boxes, packing tape, 2 tape guns because I always lose one. I’m ready. And now I’m sitting here writing about working on it Lol

I’m going to get all of the bedroom stuff packed up today, all of the kitchen extra stuff, and all of the living room. I think that will help. Tomorrow I will do the garage stuff because I have way too much stuff in the garage somehow. Sunday will be about finishing up and getting all of the boxes into the garage.

That’s the plan.

Lindsay is doing great. She is tan and slender. She has steadily lost weight. She looks great. I’m so proud of her. She has been eating more vegan foods than regular foods and she likes it. She is also exercising and getting fit. She walks and works out 3 times a week but she told me the best thing in weight loss is change your eating habits. She said that’s made all of the difference in the world for her. Good job Lindz!

I’m going to finish this blog up and get myself going. I have goals and time tables to work with. What could possibly distract me? (My cellphone, Netflix, anything on the radio)

Wish me luck Lol

It’s Dubai Time again

I have a lot going on in the next few days. A lot of change in plans but we are trying to work everything out.

Lindsay is in town. I just picked her up at the airport. I had to wake up Sarah to let her know to watch the kids until I got back. As soon as I was leaving Heather woke up too so that makes me feel a lot better.

The first thing Lindz said to me was “Yeah Hi, can you make me french toast with powdered sugar on it as soon as we get back to your place?

Hello, yes I can Lol

I asked if she had a craving for it or why she wanted that and I got shushed. Lindsay has been in Mexico for a few days. She always buys my kids things while she’s there. She usually has it all shipped to my house then I have to figure out how to wash, clean, or even what to do with the things. I appreciate it and my kids love presents but it’s too much stuff. We are trying to downsize before our big move. She doesn’t care.

Today we are going to spend a few hours with the kids. We are going to pack up my kids and take them to their grandparents house. They will be there until tomorrow afternoon when my cousin Tyson flies into town to pick them up. From Sunday until Friday of next week my kids are going to Lincoln, Nebraska to spend their “Christmas” with my side of the family. We will be taking the kids to Paris for Christmas.

This is the 12th plan my wife has decided is the “Final PLAN”. At least for today.

Lindsay and I are flying to Dubai tonight. We will be there until Friday morning of next week. It’s my annual business trip and this year she wants to go with me. Last year I took Sarah. Sarah loved it but wants to use this week off to get her new apartment ready to move into. She has a lot of things moved into it already and she’s also been shopping for things. She’s moving into it January 1st. That’s a solid plan. Heather will be moving into her apartment on December 27th. She is going to her family’s house for Xmas and when she gets back she will be moving the rest of her clothes.

On December 22nd after work I will be taking my kids to Paris. They are moving there officially. That’s what my wife has decided and we have all our paperwork with that specific date on it now. To me we can’t change it. Well, I’m sure we can but I don’t want to. So the kids and I will be going there and the kids will stay.

I will be in Paris from Dec 22 until Dec 26th. I will fly back and get the rest of our lives buttoned up. Finally. I will stay until January 3rd and finish all of my legal/work/family/friends/whatever things left on my Take Care of it list. This include FINALLY getting my 2 condos in a pocket listing. My wife insisted that we don’t sell them until after Xmas because she has family coming into town and she wants them to use the condos to stay. Fine by me. They can also stay in our house and she said well she already filled up the house with other family members that are flying in Lol Okay, good to know I guess.

This also means that from Dec 26 until January 3rd I won’t see my babies and I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with my wife. She is not happy but in order for me to wrap up the last 10 years of my Chicago life as well as move the rest of my things for our big move I need that week. She says as long as I promised this was the ONLY NYE that I miss in our marriage, I did. I don’t see any other holiday we won’t be together for. I hope so anyway.

That’s the plan. For today Lol She will probably change it.

The good thing about going to Dubai is on our way back home we are going to stop in Paris for 2 days. I want to check on her and Talon. I also miss my dog and I want to make sure we have absolutely everything ready for Christmas. We have to plan everything way in advance because my wife may literally going into labor at any time. She is healthy, she is fine, but we also watched a lot of videos and some times the baby comes early. I hope not but if it throws off our schedule I want my other kids to be well taken care of and able to enjoy everything while we are dealing with Talon’s birth. We are very VERY prepared for his birth. We have lists of lists Lol

Now that we negotiated (My wife told me) the schedule we have everything ready. I just need to finish packing, take my kids out for lunch and then the toy store before Lindz and I take off. She is happy to be back here. My kids love her to death. She can make Peace laugh just by talking. It’s the Australian accent I’m sure. My boys crawl all over her and they all have a great time playing Ducky Wucky. It’s some weird game and they just love it. I am not allowed to play it. I can only watch and referee when someone gets tagged out.

Big huge sigh, this week is going to be crazy. Our flight is almost 13 hours, some of which I wanted to sleep but Lindsay said she has to go over a lot of things that will be happening to our companies in January. She has a plan.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I don’t know when I will be updating again. Maybe in Dubai. I’m not sure. Wish us luck on a great business trip! Love ya’ll!

P.S. And yes I made the french toast as soon as we got back here Lol

Baby shower tomorrow, I’m going out

Hey guys

It has been a very busy travel week for me. I have been gone every day and gotten home around 7pm or so each night. I had to make it home to watch the Cubs….lose. Geez what a disaster that last game was. It was a great season though and I can say I still like the look of our team. Go Cubs!

I have been so busy working that I keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry guys. I see your messages, I will write back to you tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon is the baby shower. My wife said I need to be there just to greet the ladies and then I need to go away. I said FINE! I’m going to Detroit. She said no you aren’t. I said thennnnnn I’m going downtown and she said that’s fine. I am kind of tired of flying right now anyway. I will go check out the condos and look around downtown. My kids have to stay at the house for all of the women to smother them with kisses and tell them how cute they are, or whatever it is you do with kids at a baby shower. I would rather at least take my boys with me but she said no they are needed for photos. Listen at this point in our marriage and this pregnancy she can have whatever she wants. I no longer try to argue. I just stand there about ready to say something back but then I look at her huge belly and think to myself just STFU bro Lol Get through this and in a few months you can have your wife back.

I am very excited for Drew to come next weekend. Boys trip! We are going to stay at the condos all weekend with Lindsay and just hammer out all of the paperwork. She is finally being reasonable. She was holding me hostage over money. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my 2 best friends and to finally get this contract over with. Huge weight off of my shoulders.

Tonight I am going home to cook a huge supper for everyone. I haven’t been cooking much this week. I did make 2 casseroles that no one ate. So I’ve been snacking on them at night while we watched the Cubs games. I was trying to help buy Sarah said what helps is your credit card and a call to order food Lol I guess they have been eating out a lot. I guess expecting any of the 4 WOMEN LIVING IN MY HOUSE to cook is too much to ask. My wife doesn’t cook. She has tried a few times but it’s not her strongest talent. I knew that going into this. I love to cook and she loves to eat things while I am prepping the meals. That’s what she does. The nannies clean up. That’s how they help and I appreciate it because then I feel like I can make any size mess since I’m not cleaning it up.

How is everyone? What did Trump do now? I see all kinds of a mess on Twitter but I haven’t really read it yet. Is he impeached yet? Is that happening soon? Anyone want to guess when his impeachment is coming? I vote next year by June. That’s what I think. He is just a bad President. He’s embarrassing all of us. It’s a shame.

I’m doing great. My wife is the in 26th week which means she is you know what all of the time Lol I feel like a stud horse but this is what she wants so I have zero complaints plus she is very very good at everything. I enjoy private time with my wife VERY MUCH. She’s also very appreciative of all of my creativity. Her baby bump is logistically something I have to think so it’s been fun to figure this all out together. She really is the love of my life. We laugh so much every day. She’s so funny and sweet. She is the best woman for me. I am glad I decided to call her back after she phone bombed me 3 times in one day. She said she needed to tell me something, when I called her back a little annoyed she said she forgot what it was but to meet her for dinner and she would figure it out. I said no. Then a few hours later I said yes. After that dinner I stopped dating the other 2 women I had been casually dating and we became an Us. She didn’t even move in until after we were engaged for a month. I told her we needed to work on that slowly for the boys sake, not because I was freaking out. She has been so great with the kids and seeing her with Peace melts me. My kids own me, but my wife has every piece of me that I have left. I love her. I really do. Abby (Insert Maiden name, still her lawyer name here) Cooper is my wife. I would do anything she wanted me to do. And we do want more kids but not for at least a year or more. She said 2 year break so we can get them out of diapers at least. I agree. Wiping butts x 3 is hard wait until our son comes. Baby butts x 4, geez, what did I do Lol

Speaking of our son, we have a name and I will be announcing it some time this weekend. I didn’t pick out the first name. It grew on me over time. I did pick out the middle name and I told her there is no other option for it. This is his middle name. She said if I felt that strongly about it, then she knew I put in a lot of time to think it over. I did. I really did. It’s very important to me and soon you all will understand why. And we have had a completely change of plans for the godparents, again. My wife said just keep Drew and Lindsay as all of the kids Godparents that way it’s just easier. I guess she can’t pick which sister Lol It turned into a huge deal and feelings got hurt so she ended up blaming me and told everyone I insisted all of the kids have the same god parents. That’s not true but who cares at this point because it got the whole damn thing diffused. I didn’t realize her family would be so upset over it. It caused 5 phone fights and 3 text wars. I had to take my wife’s phone away from her one night and told her enough, she was upsetting Peanut Lol Peanut is not her first name by the way, or his middle name. That would be silly. Most likely that’s his nickname for life now. I like it and that’s what we call him now.

I hope everyone is having a great week. My wife just got here so I’m going to hit Spellcheck then publish. We are heading home!

Finally an internet rumor that’s TRUE!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to spend hours with my 2 best friends and a bunch of family. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories from the past. It was also good to travel over to the family cemetery and say hey to Ryan and his mom. They are both buried next to each other. I updated them on all of my family stuff and my life. I prayed for both of them. I cried and told them both I missed them and I promised to see them both someday. Hopefully not soon, God. Did you hear that part? You have to honor your loved ones that have passed before you. Their loss is a huge turning point in your life. If they didn’t make an impact that’s not their fault, that’s yours. I learned that lesson early.

We had 2 book signings yesterday. Huge crowds at both but what do you expect for the hometown boy. It was so funny seeing my family members watch people’s reactions to me and Lindsay being real and showing up together. My Uncle kept saying of course they are real, stop reading trash! Great advice. Tabloids, trash blogs, and troll accounts are garbage. They serve no purpose and add no value. Roasting someone with lies and false info is not entertaining. Yet here we are 2 and a half years into my story and I’m more popular than ever. From what my fans have told me it’s all because I have never backed down from any of it. I took my share of the blame, I stood up and admitted what I did do and I also called out all of the things I didn’t do. I have been honest from day one and anyone that doesn’t believe me, well, I don’t care. You can twist anyone’s words into anything you would like. You can do all sorts of nasty things to someone to try to bring them down. Didn’t work, folks. I’m still here Lol And there will be a HUGE SURPRISE coming very soon for some of ya’ll that think you are powerful. I guess you will have to see what I’m talking about good behavior.

A troll who I have never known about came to our book signing event. She waited in line for us to sign her books, she looked like a normal person until her horns popped up out of her forehead and all this venom starting coming out. She blasted me first for all kinds of things that I completely ignored. I only wrote an S on her book before I lifted my marker and passed the book over to Lindsay. Lindsay wrote GO AWAY TROLL Love Lindz in huge print and handed her the book back Lol I’m very sure today or tomorrow that book and a complete false story of what really “happened” will come out. I’m very sure it was all a set up to try to get one of us to pop off and I’m very glad it wasn’t me. Lindz told security to get this troll out of the building and when they had her and was walking her out Lindz decided to let her have it. She unloaded on this poor girl who was totally shocked and had no comeback at all. That’s the thing about Lindsay, she is incredibly smart and she knows how to destroy someone so hard they have nothing to say Lol She has done this to me for years. That’s why I stopped trying to argue with her so much. Her tactic has always been complete and total logic. She started in with the I can’t believe you are wasting my time with your beep beep. Go pay for our books because I’m going to spend your money on booze and lottery tickets tonight. Then she hit her with the Next time don’t wear beep beep leggings with a I can’t even type it Lol Everyone that heard it was dying laughing and I just stood there shaking my head. Our publisher team told security to just get her out of there and that’s exactly what they did. When we left they hustled us through the back door into Drew’s truck and off we went. Some of my family members stayed behind and they told me later on that everyone was happy to see Lindsay stick up for herself. They said that’s how we both get treated online everyday and they are really sick of seeing people do and say such rude things to me. I’m very happy to have support.

We have 2 more events today in Lincoln and then we are out of here. So good to be back here but like I’ve said before, my home is in Chicago. I really can’t wait to be back with my wife, kids, and pets. I miss them all so much. Seeing my wife and babies on Facetime just isn’t enough.

The current internet rumor going around is that after I retire I will be working on furthering my education. Yes I will and I don’t know how anyone knows that. I have never spoken up about that. I have a masters degree and I want to get another one. It’s not for any reason other than I want it. I want to continue to learn and figure things out so that I can offer the world something bigger than I already have. Whatever my next career path will be, no idea yet. I just know if I have more education I can figure it out faster. I can do it all online and I’m very happy to know that is something my wife supports fully. I asked her if that would be okay and she said yes. I was very happy that she has never asked me Why or Why now. She just said of course you can, you go get that other masters. Isn’t she the best!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 2 more days of this and then I’m home for while. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Have a great day and if you are near Lincoln or Cleveland come see me! I would love to meet ya’ll! Just be nice.

3 Booking signings, 2 WTF’s, and an Uber No

Yesterday Lindsay and I packed ourselves up and flew up to Milwaukee. We had our first joint book signing event. We had a nicer crowd then I have ever gotten before. The book store manager told us around 85 people showed up plus those lingering around until after so they could ask questions and take photos. Lindsay was extremely calm which surprised me. I really thought she would get asked 2 questions and announce she was done Lol She was actually…nice. I asked her what was wrong was she dying and she said no I am getting paid to not destroy these people so I better just shut up. Good point. We are getting paid a LOT of money for this tour. We stayed and did the photos. We answered a bunch of questions most of them were for her. You guys want to know what the #1 question people asked us? They asked Lindsay how she got so many troll accounts suspended on Twitter. She told them all exactly how to do it. I didn’t realize how easy it was. Lindsay is a confirmed 150 + account killer. It’s one of the main reasons Twitter won’t touch my account. Also because I never reply. By proving all of their lies, harassment, and targeting is 1 sided, Twitter protects me and my account. Keep in mind I’m also not doing anything that violates their TOS so there’s that also. Who knew if you are a good person with a great reputation and a ton of followers you can grow a community of fans. Someone suggested we start a Youtube Channel together because we really were pretty funny. We have been friends for 22 years now. She knows every thought in my head it’s almost like she can read my mind. I can’t say the same for her because if ya’ll knew her you would know how completely random she is. For example, we ordered an Uber to get us from the airport to the book store downtown. She opened the door to get in the Uber while I was putting my backpack in the trunk and she closed the door and said grab your bag, this is a No. ????WHAT???? What do you mean this is a no? This is our ride. She said we’re taking a cab, just go.

She said she opened a portal of the 4th level of stank and the cab smelled exactly like burnt grease and nasty socks. She said the guy looked like Bucky from BuckBuckShow Lol I have no idea what that even means. In fact I even googled that and I don’t think that’s a real show. She said she told him No thanks, told me to get my bag and had to scuba breathe for 10 minutes to get that smell out of her nose. It must have been really bad. Sorry Uber guy, but your rating was really bad from us. Clean up your ride. Take a shower. Something.

We grabbed something to eat and flew out to Los Angeles. We got there on time and had about 20 minutes before the event started. So I started shopping for books for my kids. Lindsay said don’t but I didn’t listen and the next thing I knew I was getting surrounded by people. They asked if I was “Him” Lol What does that mean? I do have a name and no it’s not the name Trolls call me. Yes I’m Samuel, hello. Easy to spot me I’m 6’6″. I put the 2 books I had back and walked back over to the signing area. Lindsay said I told ya and that’s what you get. It was fine. I was only a little taken by surprise.

Huge crowd thanks LA! We had 190 at the first LA event and 260 at the second. The 2nd event was at their sister book store that was not too far away. I think it’s weird to own 2 book stores that close together but this is also where they literally have a Starbucks or a McDonald’s every 3 miles. I’m not kidding.

We finished up both events. The plan was to stay the night in LA and maybe go do something fun. She said she was over it (Of course) and wanted to just fly over to Lincoln, Nebraska. I know she only did that so we wouldn’t have to get up really early to leave. Oh and she also said let’s buzz into Vegas she forgot her “good sunglasses”. I said I will buy you some. She said they don’t make them anywhere here she got them in Egypt. Yeah, I know. It’s always complicated with her. For example, (Again), one time she literally threw a sack full of sausage biscuits at a girl because she forgot to put in napkins. I think there was more to it but by the time I went inside to see what was taking so long all I saw was the bag flying and the girl yelling at her. That was a fun morning, not really.

So we went to LV, made it to Drew’s house around 3am and I’m already up. I miss my niece and nephew so much. Drew’s kids are getting so big! I can’t wait until the wake up for school so I can see them. Drew had each of our rooms ready and thank goodness he remembered to make my room on the opposite side of the house than hers. In fact he put her upstairs and told her don’t wake up the kids. She didn’t so that’s good.

Today we have 2 book signings. Tomorrow we have 2 more and then we go to Cleveland to end our tour. This tour is very nice. We are having a lot of fun and I’m doing my best not to get angry or pissy with Lindsay treating me like her butler.

I think I hear the kids. I’m going to go say hi.

Have a great work day guys!