Update on Lynn’s Freedom

Last night at 4pm we drove our golf carts down to Lynn’s cabin and went to the front door. I had my kids stand behind us with little signs and then we knocked on the door. She opened it and came out and immediately hugged her daughter Brenda. It was such a great moment. We finally got her out of the 14 day quarantine. We showed her the kids signs and each one got a big hug and kiss from Grandma Lynn. They loved it. I finally got to hug her and tell her I’m so sorry for doing that to her but it was all to protect my kids and all of us. She said she understands it but it was still really hard. It was hard for all of us. I feel guilty. I also know it was the only decision I had if she wanted to come to Hawaii.

We put all of her things into the golf carts, I went inside the house and took out all of the food she had left and threw it in the trash. There wasn’t much at all. We had rationed her down to make sure she had enough day by day so we wouldn’t waste much food. I hauled the trash to the dumpster and set it all on fire. You never know if this stuff lives on food, if it can stay on refrigerated stuff or not. I was being overly cautious. We finally got to move Lynn into Brenda’s cabin and dropped her stuff off. We left them there so they could have time alone to talk. I knew they would need it because they were both struggling with all of this the past 2 weeks. I said when or if you want to come up to my house for supper, you are more than welcome to, we will eat at 6.

My kids had all kinds of questions about this situation now that it’s over. Gabby and I tried to answer them the best we could but some times I don’t know the answer. I can’t put it in terms well enough and relying on God does this to teach us lessons. I don’t feel that’s why global pandemics happen. It can be tricky for me to find the right words.

We made supper and the girls came up. We all enjoyed a nice, family meal, FINALLY! It was so good to hear her laugh and see her smile. I could also see some tension on her face. I think this really got to her and I feel horrible. She helped us get the kids to bed so she could see our routine. She read 1 book to the kids then told them all to go to sleep so we can all play together tomorrow.

We spent another hour in the living room talking about everything. She said she was watching a lot of news at first but decided it was too much. She would watch some in the morning and some at night but that’s it. She can’t believe it rains here, stops, bright and sunny, more rain and then sunny again. That’s Hawaii in the spring. It’s better than Denver snow.

The girls left and I stayed up a little longer to prep some things for tonight’s big celebration dinner. We are all going to eat at 5. Everyone has to get dressed up. We are going to hold a dinner for Lynn. She toughed it out and she deserves a night to celebrate. She’s really excited. I showed her my list of food I want to make and she said she would come help me. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for that forever Lol The stories of her home cooking are legendary. Everyone from Sarah’s family have always told us about Lynn’s cooking. I hope she teaches me a bunch of new things. I’m really excited.

Today I told Brenda to take the full day off. Come hang out but Gabby and I would take care of the kids. I think they need time alone. Things like this really make you realize how precious life is and how important family is. Sarah called them last night to see how it went. She called me after and said they are both so grateful Lynn never got sick. She thinks we got her out of there just in time. Dallas is getting pounded with Covid19 right now and she’s being extra careful. She’s still going to have her baby in the hospital but they have isolated the maternity ward completely.

We are all okay. It’s a lot better with Lynn joining all of us. I think we are going to have a lot of fun. Everyone is healthy, the kids are doing well in home school. We are surviving. I honestly slept like a rock finally. Brenda and Lynn both slept great. I think that was relief.

I hope you guys are all okay. I’m praying for everyone. Thank you for still coming here to read my blog. It’s going to be okay guys. In a little more time life will go back to our new normal.

Lynn is free today!

Good morning guys. Today is the day Lynn gets to come out of her 14 day quarantine. Brenda’s mom has been a real champ staying in a cabin away from all of us. We have done all we can to support her and make sure she has all that she needs. Lynn has never had a long vacation. She has worked 2 or 3 jobs all of her life so being in Hawaii for 2 weeks not worrying about work (She was laid off from her job) and relaxing, she’s enjoying it.

We are helping the kids make up a bunch of signs. We made up a bunch of signs on Saturday and taped them to the walls to do a few Facebook Live videos to support our Healthcare workers. The kids loved it and our audience loved it. So happy to spend our Easter doing something with love and kindenss. We will be making a bunch of things to show her how much we love her and want her to come play with us. I know she’s really excited.

We are going to move her into Brenda’s cabin. Gabby and Brenda will be spending the morning cleaning the entire house and getting her bedroom ready. They will stock up the fridge and freezer after Lynn is out and home. I want them both to come up to the main house to pick what they both want to eat for the week. Gabby will also get her food stockpile for the week at that time.

I can’t wait to go get her. The full 2 weeks are up at 3pm but we are going to get her out at 4pm to make sure. She has to take her temperature before we go in her house and send me what the temp is. She has had no symptons, no fever, no coughing. She’s fine. I knew she would be but I have to protect my kids. It will be nice to be a family again.

Tomorrow night I’m planning a big celebration dinner for Lynn and I’m making everyone dress up. I want her to feel special. She has been stashed away for 2 weeks and I did feel guilty about that. She is really happy to be getting out soon. She wants to hug her daughter and I know Brenda wants to hug her too.

We will get through this. One small step at a time. Hang in there guys. I love you.