That’s not the Family Portal login

I downloaded the Clever school portal to my devices to get my kids ready for online learning. I couldn’t log in. I gave up. I found out I downloaded the app for the administrators, not the parents one. Geez. I’m off to a good start over here with homeschooling. We are doing okay with it so far. The boys are engaged, learning, and trying to figure this all out. Just like Sarah and I. I think it’s going to be okay. We will settled in this week and next. By the 3rd week I think we will be fine and the boys will enjoy homeschooling.

So far I think after 4 weeks at home I can send them into school but I doubt that I will. I think I need to reverse what I was thinking and keep them home for the entire school year. The numbers are lower here than Denver, but COVID can get to anyone. My boys may or may not follow all the proper guidelines, however other kids may not. And that’s the problem. I’m still struggling like all parents about this school year but I believe God will help me come to a decision.

We have gotten a lot of chores down around here this week. It’s been nice getting the kids working and outside. The yards are all cleaned up, the beaches are all cleaned up from high tides pushing plastic and crap onto the sand. It really has been a nice summer. I have been grilling out a lot for everyone. I still feel like I’m either cooking or cleaning all of the time. I called for a family meeting today so I can tell them all to start pitching in more. I don’t mind doing everything for myself and for my kids but for all the extra adults I have here, they need to step it up and help out more. I think it will be fine. They are all enjoying their summer too and become a little lazy. It doesn’t help I’m a neat freak and I like my house and outdoor area to be perfect Lol I need to relax more. I’m trying.

I love my family life. I keep thinking about my life before kids. I was not out and about living a crazy, wild bachelor life. I like to have fun, I would have wild moments but I liked working and going home at night. It was my weekends that tended to get a little crazy. Now I sit on the back porch with everyone watching my kids run around and laugh at how much chaos it all turned into. I love my life, just the way it is right now. Things are better than ever. I have a lot of goals for the rest of this year and I am excited to see how things go. I really do love my kids. They mean the world to me. I’m happy. My pets are healthy and happy. This year isn’t all that bad.

How are you guys doing? I am going to write back to the comments, emails, DM’s I have this morning. I have a few more hours before the kids get up for the day. It looks like I have a lot of DM’s. I wonder what’s up with that. Have a great day guys! Love you!