#Dublin Ireland Day 1

  Taking several people on a family vaca is a daunting task to say the least. My wife planned our trip. She coordinated it with her sisters who helped her siblings figure out where to go, what to show us, and how to make it a comfortable trip for all. She dropped the ball on ordering extra transportation. A rookie mistake Lol Since that was the only bad thing that happened the entire week she still gets an A+ and we were all very impressed with her vacation planning skills.

On Thursday night we packed up everything that hadn’t been packed. I told the girls 3 bags each, NO MORE! I took 2 bags for myself and 2 bags each for my boys. We still didn’t wear all the things I had packed for them. Keep in mind we were shopping like crazy and kept laundering, then wearing our new clothes so that helped. We had our flight info from our chartered flight. That was the best part and probably my smartest move. I knew getting all of us on time for a commercial flight would be bad. Or having my boys stuck on a commercial flight for 8 hours would be bad for everyone else. I ordered a 50 passenger plane for the week and told everyone the back 2 rows are for us, ya’ll can have any other seats. I needed room so that we could do things with the boys because I knew they would not sleep the whole way. We even had that conversation of flying in at night on purpose so that they might sleep but I changed my mind a month prior to the trip. They need to learn these things because we are a traveling family. I also need to learn since 99% I’m the pilot and I don’t get the experience of what my boys are doing while I’m in the cockpit.

On Friday morning the flight was supposed to leave at 10am. My wife made that non-negotiable. She even sent out a Group text saying if you are NOT AT THE AIRPORT AT 9am for check in YOU ARE NOT GETTING ON THAT (Bad word) Flight, No excuses!!! <— She added the 3 !, not me. I love her hard-ass side when it’s not unleashed on me Lol Now keep in mind the departure time she picked changed 3 times. I was expecting people to show up late. It didn’t happen and thank goodness. Everyone was there and waiting for us. We arrived at 8:30 at the meeting spot before we were shuttled off to the airport. Shuttles, she should have ordered us some shuttles for when we arrived. She didn’t.

The flight was smooth. The pilot had me come up so we could talk a little. I was a little freaked out because I don’t like being a passenger on any plane. I like to be in control of the flight. He was a very, very experienced ex-commercial pilot who had retired young and has his own business now flying families, bands, groups anywhere for a hefty price. His plane was awesome. I want one Lol Of course I do. My wife just looked at me. We are trying to “downsize” my lifestyle. She thinks that would humble me a little more and that I need that. I say Go Big or Go Home! I was raised in Texas so the bigger the better!

8 and a half hours later we are walking off the plane and into Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is not bad. I had a few friends warn me about customs and how they usher you all over to the self check-in stuff to make it easier but we had no issues. We got going and immediately everyone wanted to go buy something. I asked and Terminal 1 has better shops so we all flanked that way to get some souvenirs. I didn’t want to, but the shopping half of our group made us go that way. I forgot to mention the security part of flying into Dublin is a breeze. We didn’t have any problems which surprised me. Everyone bought a few little things to start off. My father in law was itching to get to a Pub and I wasn’t excited at all to hear that. We got out front and I asked my wife where the shuttles were. Uh oh! She said she thought the place I rented for all of us would have sent some. Noooooooooooo, they send some if I request that. I didn’t request it because YOU WERE supposed to get us shuttles from the airport. She just looked at me like I was dumb and this was about to be all of my fault so I went and got us shuttles. We had to stand there for 30 minutes but that’s fine. It wasn’t that big of a deal. On the way to our seaside house rental (It turned out to really just be apartments) we saw all kinds of really cool places. I’m always amazed at how each country is set up so differently. Of course there’s about 20 Starbucks in Dublin, Ireland (Sure, why not) so my nannies asked if we could stop. I didn’t even have to say it, my mother-in-law said No Lol She’s my new favorite.

We finally arrived just in time because Heston had a meltdown in the driveway. He was all done. My poor little guys had been cooped up for the last hour and just wanted to get out and walk around. The house manager greeted us and then presented me with a basket of stuff. I still haven’t opened it yet. I’m pretty sure by the time I get back home the nosey nannies will have ransacked it anyway to see what was in it. He showed us inside and told us how the setup was. In each of the “rentals” (They were apartments) you can sleep 6 people. I took the top floor for my wife and kids. The rental right next to us we put the nannies and only one complained about that. Then my wife started telling everyone to go pick which one they wanted. We knew each one would sleep 6 people so we pretty much just put families all together and the ones that had more than 6 people (Which would be almost all of them Lol) we had requested extra beds. I told them we would figure it out even if I had to go buy stuff. I wanted everyone in a bed because we were going to be out most of the days and we all needed a good night’s rest. How naive I was at the beginning of this trip. I just laugh thinking about that now.

Everyone got situated and it was time to go hunt for food. I had packed my boys enough food for 3 days just in case we had an issue. I had been lugging it all around in my backpack and we only had to dip into it once on the way to the rentals. Everyone had sandwiches for a snack until we could call the restaurant and make sure our reservation was still on hold. It was so my wife told everyone to go get ready we were going out. I told my nannies to crash my boys so they picked Heather to stay behind and get them ready for bed. At this point the time change was really screwing with them and I just wanted them to get settled in. Heather was not wanting to go out with all of us anyway. She wanted to chill she said. She has a slight anxiety disorder that flairs up when she’s overwhelmed and she told me later on that’s why she volunteered. She said she really enjoyed getting the boys down then walking around the place. She said the view was amazing and couldn’t wait to see it in the morning with the sunlight.

My mother-in-law made contact with the first round of Irish relatives to let them know we had made it. She gave them our address so they could meet up with us in the morning. She told them what restaurant we were going to and also asked what Pub we could go to afterwards. I told my wife I wanted to go check on the boys after supper and she agreed. She said her brothers would babysit everyone anyway so we could be off duty for the night.

Guess what restaurant doesn’t take American Express credit cards Lol The one we went to! I had to pay cash which was fine and thank goodness I had it on me. I wasn’t going to take it out of my bag because I really didn’t think I would need it. At the last-minute my wife said take some cash please, you never know. I listen to my wife so I did as I was told and thank goodness because she was right.

Guess what DID TAKE Amex Lol The Pub my father-in-law wanted to go to. You know how I know that? Because I was called a wee little man (Yes he really used an Irish phrase on me) to get me to go to the Pub and have a pint. After dinner we found ourselves at The Porterhouse Pub. It’s centrally located and near the restaurant we ate at. It also became the place we could find my father-in-law any night he went missing. How he continued to get himself over there is still a mystery.

Irish food, hmmmmm. It’s very meaty which doesn’t work out for me however the way they cook the vegetables, alright. That was tasty. I learned a lot about Irish food and learned it’s not all just meat and potatoes. They have some very delicious local things and I did go off vegan to take a few bites of things because I honestly wanted to know what it was, how it tasted, and to experience it.

Oh yeah, and guess who showed up at the Pub with most of us? Lol The Irish relatives. A few of them at least. It was a holy reunion and there were real genuine tears. It has been a few years since they have all seen each other and my wife made sure to introduce me to all of them. Great, great guys. Honestly, her relatives couldn’t have been nicer. And so funny. They had us all cracking up. They served as our guides the entire week and I did try to give them some money for all of their help which they laughed at and said “We don’t do that kind of thing here” and “Happy to help”.

We got home at Midnight Dublin time which meant I had been up for too many hours and we all just crashed when we got home.

Day 1 recap over with. I am going to go grab something to eat.

Right now my wife and I are in Las Vegas at Lindsay’s house. We will be here all week. It’s a vacation but during the days Lindsay and I will be at the office having meetings because I’m starting to turn things over to her. She will be taking over most things on January 1st and we really need to get started on this process. Everyone is sleeping but my body wakes me up at 5:30am no matter what I do.

Lindsay’s house is awesome. She has bought more new cars. This place belongs in a music video. She has bought more guns now too. That part I could live without. We were supposed to come this morning instead but I felt great and my wife said lets go, so we left yesterday. It’s only a 4 hour flight and I knew I could handle it. Sitting for 8 hours coming back from overseas just made me antsy to get in the pilot seat and go somewhere.

My boys are in Chicago and will be at the lake house all week. Their birth mom and birth grandma are in town for their visit. We had this planned out for a while. I do like to give them privacy with the boys because my little cousin told me it just feels awkward with me around. All 3 of my nannies are at the lake house with them for the week and I hired a chef. I want everyone to have a good time. My buddy Cam is also stopping in to make sure all of the ladies are doing okay and he promised to invite them to his restaurant a few times to feed them. I know my boys will be fine and I pray they both have a great time. They are growing up so much in between her visits and it’s really important to me to always keep that door open to her. I constantly ask her to move to Chicago to be closer and she says it’s just too hard. Plus she’s still in college and wants to finish up there. Having an open adoption has worked out great. We have had a few hurt feelings along the way but I’m always happy to compromise the best that I’m capable. My wife is okay with the open adoption part but always has a lot of questions about why I leave and let them come stay. She is confused by it. It’s because there is a bond that I will never have with the boys like their birth mom has. They need to know who she is just as she is without me telling them things. They need to understand she gave them me. She picked me and she really didn’t have to. They need to know their whole lives that adoption is a great gift of love and they should be very proud to be able to know their birth parents. Their birth dad didn’t want to come this trip but he is asking for more photos which is great. He also can come see them but ONLY if I’m there. I know that’s backwards but my agreement is with her, not him. I barely know the kid and will be happy to host him and his parents anytime. Just not when I’m out-of-town. I explained my feelings on that and he didn’t have a problem with it. I also told him only up to 3 days because after that, it’s an interruption to our schedule. He has certain moral rights to see the boys but he also can’t use his time to get it in his head he can take them from me. My adoption attorney cautioned me on some of the cases she has come through and some birth dads regret signing over rights and try to sue. I would crush him if that ever came out of his mouth and he would be thrown out on the street in 2 seconds Lol No way can anyone take my boys away. We all agreed and it has worked out perfectly (For me). I guess the boys too. At this point they don’t know any better. All they know is that everyone that sees them loves them a lot and are very happy to get time with them. My boys! Mine!

Enough of that. I’m hungry. I hope she has some fresh fruit, I’m really wanting an apple or an orange right now.

I will be posting Day 2 later on. Hope everyone had a great 4th. We did. I will get to that soon! Love ya’ll!

I’m back!


#Cubs win, of course

Last night my wife and I had a double date at the Cubs game. We met up with one of her sisters and the brother-in-law. Nice couple. I like them. We are all still getting to know each other but her sister pulled me aside and told me that my wife just gushes about me constantly. I guess I’m good at this marriage thing. She also said she’s very happy for her sister and that she just loves the boys. She’s excited about our little baby Cooper coming up in January and I’m glad to hear it. My wife talks to her family members daily. They are always texting or on the phone. I love they are so close. I hope I’m as close with my kids as they grow older. Her parents send texts. They haven’t mastered Facetime yet but they will learn. Very good people. Her family has just welcomed us in like we belonged to them forever. I was nervous the first time she took me to a birthday party and we were making our official debut to her family. It went great and it was a lot of fun. I’m usually wanting to leave those kind of things after a half hour. I have a lot of things to get done and I really am not used to just hanging out just to hang out. At least not at a party I wasn’t hosting. I pop in. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’m a pop in guy. Hey, great party, oh food. Happy (Insert whatever kind of congratulations here) this was great, I need to get going. That’s me. Not anymore.

The cubs won 3 to 1. Didn’t even need the bottom of the 9th. Looking good but still floating below where they should be. It’s early but time does go fast in baseball. The Astros are looking strong this season. Have you seen their record? Wow. 1st in the AL West. They are a team to watch. We all had a great time and I drug home even more Cubbie gear for everyone. They always have new stuff. I can’t help it. We are a Cubs family.

Tonight I’m taking the nannies, all 3 of them, and my boys to the game. It’s going to be beautiful weather. Perfect for my boys to be outside for hours. I’m aware we most likely are going to have to leave early OR we are going to end up holding 2 sleeping boys by the end of it. I want my boys to get experiences in crowds, to learn how to stay near Daddy and to listen. I also want them exposed to baseball. It’s a great sport and I’m an avid fan. The nannies have been group chat texting about their outfits for 3 days now. Like I care. Just throw on a Cubs tshirt and let’s go. How is that hard to decide. I guess it’s because it’s a huge place to meet guys (That are half drunk btw) and with all 3 of my nannies single I’m going to be saying, Don’t talk to that guy a lot Lol They make me feel old. They also make me watch them more than I watch the game. Someone is always hopping up to go somewhere. Last time Brandi was literally holding a hot dog and said she needed a hot dog as soon as a guy she wanted to approach went by. It was ridiculous. Women!

We are now at the half way point of the year and I’m leaning on Lindsay more to take over things. She is learning very fast and trying to get all of her Mexico business passed off to the 4 people that she is going to push it off on. I have 6 more months of this working career before I retire. I’m taking a break. I need one. I have kept my foot on the gas pedal for almost 10 years now. It was really hard in the beginning. It was just me and my secretary from Nebraska, Shelly starting out. She had all of the faith and I had none of it. She kept encouraging me to hang in there. Even when I lost deal after deal after deal. I’m so thankful I listened to her. I wanted to quit a dozen times but she told me the only way up is through. She was right. I’m excited or it to end. I’m also excited about cashing the checks I get each month for my ownership. It will be nice not working and still getting paid. Perfect timing too because our baby is due in January. God has blessed me so much. I almost feel like I don’t deserve this much good stuff.

I had won 2 tickets to go see the movie the Mummy at a preview event. I gave those tickets to my wife. She’s taking a coworker. I didn’t want to see it. It doesn’t even look that good but she said Ooohhh Tom Cruise so that was easy to give away. I know they will have fun tonight. She said movie previews are usually packed. Thanks again to NBC Chicago for hooking me up. I appreciate the tickets. They are going to get good use and the theater will be making money off of my popcorn, snack, soft drink loving wife Lol She always has to get the biggest combo they have then doesn’t even finish half of it. And doesn’t take it home to finish later. She says she thinks she wants more than she actually does.

Tonight’s Cubs game will also be a winner and I pray my boys enjoy it. It’s always Alex that has the issues. He just doesn’t like to sit still very long. Heston will sit on my lap and munch on his food with no problems. The girls usually have to take Alex to walk around a few times. That’s my boys. Identical and completely different. I’m so glad they are mine. We are a perfect fit. I love my family. I really do!

I hope ya’ll are having a good start to your work week. I will update more tomorrow. Have a good one!

Atlanta is awesome

Atlanta is for real. This city is awesome and I’m so happy my family is here. My morning meeting went well. It did go a little longer than I expected but I think we have found a good company to buy. It’s a family owned company and desperately wants to survive. The oil prices have tanked and they are selling off as much as they can. The issue is they don’t want to shut it down. They have worked too hard for too long and just need help. I listened to their proposal, offered what I can do and they get to decide. They have until Monday morning. It’s a win win as far as I see it. I hope they decide to take the deal. Everyone went shopping in the morning and stopped back by to pick me up when I was finished.

We went to Herban Fix this amazing Vegan place my wife found. They have this huge buffet which in the vegan world is hard to find. Everyone loved the food and we all tried a bunch of stuff based on the recommendations of the staff. It was so sweet of my wife to make our first meal here vegan. She really puts in a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into our trips. I was stuffed full of good food and my boys loved it. They ate probably way too much Lol Oh well it’s vacation.


Then I had my book signing for my book Almost Meri’ed. The usual mix of questions came and I politely answered them. I stood and took pictures with my “fans?” I don’t think they are really fans I think they just wanted to make sure I’m real Lol I also Facetimed with some lady’s mom. Who told me I’m too tall. I am? Okay then. It was fun and I sold 32 books. I signed all of them. One lady bought 4 books. I asked if she was afraid of losing them and she said they were gifts. Why anyone would buy my book as a gift is beyond me Lol It’s not really a gift giving type book but okay. I’m glad she purchased it. This is my 4th book signing. It did go okay and the “security” the book store provided me was a guy in a book store vest standing by me the whole time trying to look and act tough. My wife is taller than he is Lol My publisher is so thoughtful in making sure I’m safe and have the best possible security around me for these events. And why I need security at a book signing? No one is going to tackle me to the ground and scream at me for writing a book. I have had 1 person say shame on me. She still bought the book so I wrote “Shame on you for buying this book, Love Samuel” in her book. She didn’t like that and told me to go screw myself. No thanks I have a wife for that Lol Then she proceeded to attempt to leave a very, very long ranty type comment on here which of course Lindsay read to me over the phone as we both laughed and then she hit delete. I like meeting people who know about my book. I just don’t like being chastised. If you don’t like it, don’t show up at the book signings and definitely don’t buy my book.

The rest of the night we just drove around and stopped at different places. We got to see a pretty good amount of the city. We got the boys back to the hotel, got them in bathes then bed and then I took my wife out for a nice romantic evening. We got back at 1am and stayed up a little later because according to her hotel sex is better for some reason. Well if you insist! It’s better than listening to her play Scrubby Dubby Saga on her phone before we go to sleep.

We just got out of Church. Sarah is changing the boys then she is taking off. She wants to go explore a little. It’s her time off. Heather is with us today and Brandi is going to tag along. She starts working with us at 2 today. My wife wants us to go visit a few more places before we leave. We are taking the boys to the Georgia Aquarium first. Then to the Contemporary Art center and lunch at my wife’s pick. It’s a sushi place so I’m pretty sure my boys and I will be eating side dishes. But that’s fine because I want her to try the sushi. It sounded like it was pretty well made when she read the reviews from the review pages. After lunch Sarah is going to meet up with us and we are all going to the King Center to learn about Dr Martin Luther King jr. Sarah has been so excited to finally see this place. I have driven past it a few times but I’m ashamed to say I never stopped in. I want my boys to learn about this great man and get to see some really important times in our history. Dr. King changed America forever and I’m so proud to take my family there to learn more about his life. We are also going to try to hit the botanical center right after before we fly home. It’s a lot to do in one day with 1 year olds but I think they will be okay. The stroller helps a lot.

We have a full day ahead of us. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. God loves you and I love ya’ll too! Happy Sunday!

Why don’t we go skiing this weekend, hon? Um, okay?

Earlier last week my wife asked what my plans were for a ski vacation? I said none. She said why not? You brag about your snowboarding days. Yes I do and that’s when my knees and back were much younger. It left a thought. This week my very beautiful and persuasive wife asked again what do we want to do this weekend? I said watch tv, grow a beard, eat Lol She says how about we go skiing? Um okay? Okay? Okay. Okay! Fine. Let’s go. Then we began the talk about what about the boys. 1 year olds aren’t much for skiing since they are just learning how to walk. She made the valid point there are plenty of fun baby snow activities we can partake in. Sledding, holding them as we ski a little small hill so they can feel the rush of the wind. I said no to that. I would have a coronary seeing either of my babies going down a bunny hill in someone’s arms. That’s not happening. Not even with one of their seasoned ski instructors would that ever happen. No way! She said well they would just eat the snow anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s 100% accurate. We talked about not taking them but that’s too far away for me to be from them. California to Chicago. So we agreed they are coming with us. Then the nanny debate. Who? How many? Can we do it alone? With all of the ski equipment and all of the cold weather and everything else we need a nanny. Or 3. I called a family meeting and proposed the idea to the girls. As long as we left after 5pm on Friday all could go and really, really (Insert shrieking and giggling) wanted to go skiing. Sarah set out making up the schedule so that one nanny was always with the boys 24/7 as per usual when we take trips. We also agreed that I would spend more time with the boys and let all the ladies enjoy some ski bunny time together Lol That phrase got all 4 women rolling their eyes at me in one swoop.

Then the shopping debate. Here we go (AGAIN!) with the shopping. My wife has “absolutely nothing to wear skiing”, of course not honey. I told her we will go shopping tonight if places are still open by the time we get there or go grab stuff in the morning. I told the ladies the family is leaving at 6pm sharp and we will all have a very fun, snowy weekend.

I’m excited. I’m going to leave work at 4 to help everyone pack. I hope my wife actually gets home by 5:30 otherwise we will have to run by her office and pick her up. I threatened to carry her over my shoulder while she holds her briefcase if her little ass wasn’t home or heading to our waiting vehicles by then. She laughed and said you wouldn’t dare. Oh yes I really would. She seems to forget Florida Lol

Today will fly because I’m ready to go now. I have to finish up some work and then start making my list of things to pack for the boys. Sarah does most of it I am in charge of the 2nd bag check to make sure she thought it all out. My boys have plenty of warm clothes. The weather hasn’t been 60 everyday it dips way below that even though this winter was much milder than the past few years.

We are going to Mammouth Mountain! We are staying at a fine hotel there and I am excited to get my boards back on the mountain. I will take a few runs then go back to the hotel to hang out with my little men. I wake up so early anyway I can do the early morning ski runs a few times and get back in time to order breakfast for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I love ya’ll and God loves you too!

Our family vacation to Atlantis

Where did I leave off? We went to the Bahamas for a family vacation. I took all 3 nannies or rather they invited themselves. My wife planned everything out for myself and the boys. The nannies worked out a great schedule. All we had to do was get the babies on the plane and keep them happy for the almost 4 hour flight, two times. The first flight there was great. They both were a little fussy but we worked it all out and were able to keep the crying to a minimum. I think our fellow passengers appreciated that. Nothing worse than two babies crying at full volume for 4 hours.

We got to the airport and rounded up all 6 bags. We had to take 2 vans to the hotel and have help getting all the bags upstairs. The room was really nice. It was big enough to unload all of our portable cribs and baby stuff. It was supper time so we decided to order room service to make it easier. The boys were going to crash at some point and I didn’t want to have meltdowns in a restaurant. Thankfully they did have their meltdowns about half way through dinner so we got them fed, did baths and got everyone to bed. Then we had Heather stay with them in the room so my wife and I could go explore a little. The hotel we were in is very nice. I highly recommend it to everyone. We stayed at The Reef in Atlantis. We decided to walk down to the beach and have a romantic walk. She told me how happy she has been and how many more vacations she dreamed of us taking together. We decided to promise to take a vacation at least once a year.

We got back up to the room 2 hours later and completely ripped the bed apart. We had brought brand new sheet sets for everyone’s bed. The bedbug story right before we left freaked everyone out Lol We put on the new sheets over the mattress cover we brought and decided to chance it. The entire time no one had a bedbug bite at all. No one had any bedbugs at all. We asked the maid service to change everything everyday and wash our sheets. They were so great to help us out. I’m a little bit of a germaphobe so this helped calm me down a lot.

On Saturday we ate breakfast downstairs and enjoyed the 75 degree morning. We decided to take the boys to the beach. As we were getting ready to go downstairs my wife started squealing with happiness. My little baby boy Alex was standing there all by himself. He had lifted himself up using the coffee table and had taken a step. She saw him do it. He stood there not knowing what to do. He was wobbling all over the place it was hilarious. I grabbed my phone and got the video going. Then I told him to come here and bent down. He took one step, two steps, three then made it to me and fell down. Alex started walking! In the Bahamas! How cool is that. I already wrote it all down in his baby book. We told the nannies and he got all kinds of hugs and kisses for that. We got down to the beach and set up our massive beach plot Lol We had 4 umbrellas, 5 chairs, lots of towels. We took turns with the boys in the water. They were allowed to sit in the water but only allowed to go in the water with 2 people per baby. I held Heston and my wife held Alex. We had Sarah and Brandi with us the first round. Heather was talking pictures and videos. They both laughed when the water would hit their feet. We didn’t go in very far at all. I was worried.

We went back and forth into the room to cool them off. Each time the nannies rotated on sunbathing and swimming. Heather made a little friend named Jay. Jay seemed like a nice guy but I chased him off before he got invited to dinner. I told her he was trouble and flirting with other girls before he came over to her. She didn’t know that but we had seem him. He was just looking for anyone. She told him to buzz off and he immediately started up again. I told her see, he’s an ***hole Lol She said yes but he’s cute. Girls will be girls. We all enjoyed a nice time at the waterpark and did some of the slides. We took the boys to the baby pools and took turns going into the swimming pools with them. My wife took Heston down the lazy river and said it wasn’t so bad so we took Alex. He is the one that freaks out. We test most things out with Heston first and if he’s cool with it, we take Alex. I’m sure that will be discussed in therapy when my kids are older. How I used Heston as the tester of all things scary.

Saturday night my wife and I had a romantic dinner date. We got back to the room late because we had such a great time. On Sunday we went shopping and went around the resorts. It’s someplace we will come back to someday. The ladies all said they had a great time. They managed to get nice tans going. My wife said it was beautiful and she felt freshened up after a busy few months.

If you ever get the chance to visit Atlantis in the Bahamas, go. It’s a great vacation spot for the family. We had a great time. I feel relaxed and had a great week at work. I loved it. I put all of our photos and videos on my Facebook for my friends and readers that are on there. I’ve already seen some of your comments Lol Yes that’s my back tattoo. I got tanned too and it makes my tattoo show up better.

Have a great Sunday everyone! I love ya’ll!

25,000 and counting!

It was a little over a month ago I had hit 15,400 followers. And now we’re at 25,000! How exciting. I appreciate all of the followers. My Crowdfire App is amazing. It does all of the work for me. I’m very happy to continue to build a community of people who read my feed and also get directed back here to my blog. It helps get my story out there.

I am getting off work at noon today. We are all heading up to the lakehouse for some fall fun and relaxation. It’s cloudy but it’s going to be a nice cool weekend. I’m getting on my boat (Without the boys this time) and going out for some exploring. At the last-minute my buddy Josh asked if he could drive up tonight after he gets off work. He needs a weekend out-of-town I guess. The more the merrier. I’m going to drop everyone off then run to get a bunch of groceries. The service I have got everything on the list for us already but there are some new things I need to pick up for this weekend’s recipes. I’m so excited to get to cook all of this new stuff. The girls did a really good job in picking out meals. Adding my own vegan twist to all of them will be fun. I really hope they turn out well.

Another great week at work. Not as stressful. Things are going along. The money is flooding in right now and I love that. It helps me put a lot to the side to cover expenses. We have 2 more businesses opening this year and then we are done expanding until after 2018. Next year will be focused on getting all of the businesses showing a profit and making good financial moves to secure a great future. Next year will also be my swan song as I want to focus on my family. I don’t mind 2 board meetings a month. I can handle that. I’ve worked so hard for so long I worry I might get bored within a week but I know my boys will keep me busy and right now they are the most important.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My boys and I will be enjoying some college football then some NFL. The girls aren’t going shopping this weekend. Not sure why. I do know Sarah sat them both down and worked on their budgets with them. They asked her for help. They both have made a lot of money working for us and are getting ready to decide what to do with it. I stay out of it. I just sign their checks. I am happy to know they are looking out for themselves financially and working on plans to save as well as plans to move into a different building. I have offered them one of our apartments. It’s closer to me, it’s nicer, and it is safer as far as I know. They would get a discount on the rent of course and I would finally feel good if they wanted to take the boys overnight for a weekend. They both have earned my trust on that. They have been asking about it for months and I said NO! They have both stepped up and stopped being brats (Thank you Lindsay) so I really think we could try that soon. But not yet. I love time with my boys on the weekends. We do man things. Like eat, and spit up on our shirts and go outside and roll around on the blanket Lol I can’t get enough of them. They are growing up so fast. It won’t be long and they will be crawling all over the place. They are both getting really close to it.

Enjoy the nice weather guys! Get outside and do something fun. You all deserve it! I will update more tomorrow. TGIF! Love ya’ll!

I’m ready to go and no one else is

Who’s going to see the Cubs play today? This guy! Our 94-53 Cubs have clinched the division and it’s time to start thinking about October. Everyone is up, I made breakfast and the girls are in the bathrooms getting ready. I heard one of them holler which sunglasses are you wearing today? Oh boy. My fun adult outing has turned into a fashion show. I understand it’s a great place to meet guys, but really girls. This was supposed to be family day! Not pick up Cubs fans and get free beers because they look hot day Lol Oh well. So I’m sitting here waiting. I’m in black shorts, my new Division Champs Cubbies shirt and ballcap with my new black Nikes. Oh and my Ray Bans. Aviators. Classic.

They picked a nice restaurant to go to for lunch. We’re going to sit on the patio and people watch while we eat. Then we are walking to Wrigleyville from there. There was a lot of debate on that too. Heather and Brandi said they would prefer to be dropped off because they can’t walk in their shoes that far. I said why can’t you walk in sneakers? And they both laughed at me. Whatever. So Sarah said we can all walk, plan different shoes. It’s almost like the LORD HAS SPOKEN when Sarah bosses them. At least I don’t have to do it.

Have I mentioned lately that my boys are the cutest babies on the face of the Earth? Oh I have? Well guess what. They still are! They are really getting big personalities. They do everything alike. It’s hilarious. If you get one laughing and start making a fuss the other starts then they go back and forth. The competition has started early. We go on Monday for our 7 month checkup. Yes I go monthly. I don’t care. I want to make sure we are hitting our nutrition marks for growth. And we are. My babies eat vegan food. Only vegan food and it has not in any way hampered their development. That was my main worry about deciding to do that. I’m going to have to get over myself when the boys start hanging out with other kids and they start discovering other food. When they decide they no longer want vegan, ok. It will kill me inside Lol but okay! Because I just don’t want to look at or cook meat. It’s disgusting. Yuck. Even the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Gross. I’m going to try to sway them as long as I can but eventually those Golden Arches and those beautiful looking french fries will win their hearts. And then it’s off for Happy Meals once a week. At least we have a solid basis to start from. The doctor actually said starting them off from day one with the vegan aka elemental formula has proven to him that it is not at all a bad choice. And he will start doing some research into this. He said if it really is all vegan and all natural it is the absolute best thing besides breast milk. Duhhhhh, doc. That’s why we’re doing this. My boys get the best. Until they are brats and tell me they hate me. Then they get NOTHING! Lol

Looks like 2 of them have made it out here. Brandiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LETS GO! Bye guys! Go Cubs!