Finally an internet rumor that’s TRUE!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to spend hours with my 2 best friends and a bunch of family. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories from the past. It was also good to travel over to the family cemetery and say hey to Ryan and his mom. They are both buried next to each other. I updated them on all of my family stuff and my life. I prayed for both of them. I cried and told them both I missed them and I promised to see them both someday. Hopefully not soon, God. Did you hear that part? You have to honor your loved ones that have passed before you. Their loss is a huge turning point in your life. If they didn’t make an impact that’s not their fault, that’s yours. I learned that lesson early.

We had 2 book signings yesterday. Huge crowds at both but what do you expect for the hometown boy. It was so funny seeing my family members watch people’s reactions to me and Lindsay being real and showing up together. My Uncle kept saying of course they are real, stop reading trash! Great advice. Tabloids, trash blogs, and troll accounts are garbage. They serve no purpose and add no value. Roasting someone with lies and false info is not entertaining. Yet here we are 2 and a half years into my story and I’m more popular than ever. From what my fans have told me it’s all because I have never backed down from any of it. I took my share of the blame, I stood up and admitted what I did do and I also called out all of the things I didn’t do. I have been honest from day one and anyone that doesn’t believe me, well, I don’t care. You can twist anyone’s words into anything you would like. You can do all sorts of nasty things to someone to try to bring them down. Didn’t work, folks. I’m still here Lol And there will be a HUGE SURPRISE coming very soon for some of ya’ll that think you are powerful. I guess you will have to see what I’m talking about good behavior.

A troll who I have never known about came to our book signing event. She waited in line for us to sign her books, she looked like a normal person until her horns popped up out of her forehead and all this venom starting coming out. She blasted me first for all kinds of things that I completely ignored. I only wrote an S on her book before I lifted my marker and passed the book over to Lindsay. Lindsay wrote GO AWAY TROLL Love Lindz in huge print and handed her the book back Lol I’m very sure today or tomorrow that book and a complete false story of what really “happened” will come out. I’m very sure it was all a set up to try to get one of us to pop off and I’m very glad it wasn’t me. Lindz told security to get this troll out of the building and when they had her and was walking her out Lindz decided to let her have it. She unloaded on this poor girl who was totally shocked and had no comeback at all. That’s the thing about Lindsay, she is incredibly smart and she knows how to destroy someone so hard they have nothing to say Lol She has done this to me for years. That’s why I stopped trying to argue with her so much. Her tactic has always been complete and total logic. She started in with the I can’t believe you are wasting my time with your beep beep. Go pay for our books because I’m going to spend your money on booze and lottery tickets tonight. Then she hit her with the Next time don’t wear beep beep leggings with a I can’t even type it Lol Everyone that heard it was dying laughing and I just stood there shaking my head. Our publisher team told security to just get her out of there and that’s exactly what they did. When we left they hustled us through the back door into Drew’s truck and off we went. Some of my family members stayed behind and they told me later on that everyone was happy to see Lindsay stick up for herself. They said that’s how we both get treated online everyday and they are really sick of seeing people do and say such rude things to me. I’m very happy to have support.

We have 2 more events today in Lincoln and then we are out of here. So good to be back here but like I’ve said before, my home is in Chicago. I really can’t wait to be back with my wife, kids, and pets. I miss them all so much. Seeing my wife and babies on Facetime just isn’t enough.

The current internet rumor going around is that after I retire I will be working on furthering my education. Yes I will and I don’t know how anyone knows that. I have never spoken up about that. I have a masters degree and I want to get another one. It’s not for any reason other than I want it. I want to continue to learn and figure things out so that I can offer the world something bigger than I already have. Whatever my next career path will be, no idea yet. I just know if I have more education I can figure it out faster. I can do it all online and I’m very happy to know that is something my wife supports fully. I asked her if that would be okay and she said yes. I was very happy that she has never asked me Why or Why now. She just said of course you can, you go get that other masters. Isn’t she the best!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 2 more days of this and then I’m home for while. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Have a great day and if you are near Lincoln or Cleveland come see me! I would love to meet ya’ll! Just be nice.

Weekend with the boys

My friends from Nebraska came into town Friday morning. We spent most of the day trying to figure out what places we wanted to visit on this trip. Some of them had some pretty strong opinions of what they didn’t want to do but we all agreed, Cubs games all weekend! After the Friday game we went to a few bars in Wrigleyville. That was a lot of fun. Most of the time we just go home so it was different for me to hang out a little amongst all of the fans. Everyone in Cub Nation is very nice. As long as you support the Cubs. You say anything wrong and that’s it. Conversation over.

Saturday we spent all morning playing with my boys and taking them swimming. Everyone loved that. My boys really enjoy having more men to hang with. They went up to all of them at one point and it was nice to see my favorite people on the planet interact with my kids. Drew even said we all waited a long time for these 2 to come around. I said I know I know. I really do have the most loyal group of dudes. They defend me without thinking twice, they pick on me like I’m the older brother and they love my kids with all they have. Very true friends. Saturday’s Cubs game was not so great but still a lot of fun. After that game we went and picked up my boys and took them out again. This time my wife stayed home. She said she wanted a break. She’s also not feeling that great thanks to the bun in the oven we created. With the heat wave hitting Chicago she decided air conditioning was what she wanted over having a great time hanging out with us. We dropped the boys off and went out to dinner than went out for the night. I was finally able to show them into the club we invested in. It’s been fixed up now and it’s doing very well financially. It’s been a lot of fun being one of the owners. Free drinks for my buddies, orange juice or water for me. And a safe ride home for all.

Sunday we got up for Church, went to Mass together, ate brunch then went to the last Cubs game of the weekend. Now that game was hooooott! And a great game. At the end of my boys weekend I hated having to drop everyone off at the airport. Big man hugs all around and my 6 best friends from back home headed out. I really miss all of them. They are all at different phases in their lives. Some divorced. Some married. Some unhappily married. Then there’s me. So in love with my wife I can’t think straight. So excited for our new baby to get here as soon as possible. More ready for kids than I have ever been. I really thinking having twins the first time prepares you for everything. I think when our new baby comes next year I will think it’s too easy or something. By then my boys will almost be 2 years old and I think that will be the perfect age difference. Especially if my boys turn into holy terrors in school Lol The teachers will all ask are your brothers Heston and Alex? Yes, then a quiet Oh Sh*t Lol

I’m glad we finally got together. It’s been a while and I needed it. My wife said she loves seeing me so happy and laughing. My friends make me laugh constantly and the stories they tell about me are some how funnier now. I love all of my friends and really appreciate them coming to see me. We all had a great time. We all want to make that a yearly trip. I think I’m going to need it.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I have several more posts coming up to stay tuned.

Greetings from Nebraska

I flew into Lincoln, Nebraska this morning. I have some really big meetings today and tomorrow for my construction companies. We have finished some really huge projects and are finally getting paid. We have been working on things for 3 years. It was a huge gamble to take this bid but I really believed we would make money. We did tenfold thanks you to the State of Nebraska and the Federal government. I’m $$$very$$$ happy to be here Lol I brought the boys and Sarah. She loves my cousins (I don’t know why) and she wanted to pick up a few things while we are here. I just dropped her and the boys off at Uncle Drew’s house. He will be getting off work early so we can all go to supper together tonight. My boys love it at Uncle Drew’s house. The rest of my family will be coming over later tonight and probably tomorrow. We aren’t going to leave until about 8pm tomorrow so my boys will sleep the whole plane ride. It just makes it easier on Sarah having to deal with just them all alone while I’m flying.

My wife had to work and couldn’t come with us. My family has already been baby shopping for us and will probably already have gifts ready for me to take back. My family is quite dysfunctional but the one good thing about them is they are all very, very generous. Especially when it comes to me and my family. It might be tied into that I run our family foundation and make all of the monetary decisions Lol Kind of like The Godfather but without any violence. It’s more bickering over who wants money from the Family Foundation and me telling them no, live off of your monthly stipend. They all get one and it’s plenty. But they are always trying to get more this time of year. For travel. I say no, go to Florida like you always do, live RENT FREE for months and have a great summer. They just don’t get it.

I’m excited to be visiting Nebraska. I can’t wait to bring my boys back here someday to show them where I grew up. I was away from Year 3 to Year 10. We moved to Texas for my dad’s construction jobs. We came back when he ran out of money and he hated it. Nebraska is a fine place to live but it’s not for me. I want my boys to experience more. I want them to travel around and see the great sites of the world. We are already starting them on English, Spanish, and French. They are little sponges. It’s awesome. My spanish lessons have paid off and I’m actually doing very well. I’m to the point I’m working on writing Spanish letters to my maid Lol She thinks it’s hilarious when I goof up a word or syntax. She always corrects it and hands it back like a teacher. She has been so helpful. It’s easy to learn once you understand a few rules. I’m working on it. I want to be fluent. I know it will take me about 2 more years to full say I’m fluent but at least I know several other languages. And already knowing Italian made it a lot easier to learn Spanish.

We are going to get Runza! It’s one of my all time favorites and one of the few times I don’t eat vegan during the year. I grew up on Runza. We preferred it to McDonald’s. And they have Frings Lol Google it to find out what those are if you like.

I’m almost to my meeting now. I hope everyone has a great work day. I will update more tomorrow. I have meetings until 4:30 because as Uncle Drew said, “Supper is at 5:30, dumbass don’t be late”, Lol

Travel schedule filling up

We have some fun family trips planned for this year. We are going to Ireland in the summer. We are taking the boys to go meet my wife’s family members. We are taking her parents and a few of her siblings and their children. It should be a lot better than the trip to Greece I went on Lol Nothing will ever be like that I hope.

My wife wants to show me places they have owned and maintained for decades. I’m happy to go along and let her be our guide. She’s been working on our itinerary for months with her mom. She’s really excited.

We will be going to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend with the boys. We are going to meet up with their birth father and his parents. We are going to take a bunch of pictures and hang out together for 2 hours. That’s all he wanted. He said he wants to meet them while they are small and make sure they are okay. That way he has photos of them and will feel better about everything. Their birth mom is going to join us with her parents so this may be interesting. After that meetup the boys and Brandi/Heather will go back to my cousin’s house for the weekend and I’m taking my wife to Las Vegas. Lindz got us tickets to see Ricky Martin. My wife is so excited. She can’t contain how happy she is. We will be front row and mid center so we can see everything that goes on. I was told to just let her freak out for a few minutes then try to reel her back in Lol That shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve only seen her lose her shit one other time and that was the day of our wedding. After we were married and we walked down the aisle she lost it. She was so happy and crying and excited. She gave me a bunch of big kisses and kept saying how much she loved me. I hope she doesn’t jump on stage with Ricky and get thrown out. I probably should bring bail money just in case Lol Lindsay and Dave are going too so I’m guessing I’ll hang back with Dave while the girls dance the night away. I know a few of his songs but I’m not what you would call a fan. I did hear he does a great show so that should be fun. I’m more excited about Lionel Richie than I am Ricky Martin. Now that guy is awesome!

It will be a full weekend of travel and hopefully zero drama. I pray both of the birth parents families all get along. That’s why we are limiting it to 2 hours and I warned both sides if things get uncomfortable for my boys, we are cutting things short so we will start off with photos. That way we can do that before anything happens. You never know. My cousin tends to run her mouth and I told her this may be the only chance I ever have with both of the birth parents in the same room. It’s already going to be very awkward. We don’t need to add to it. Nice, pleasant, use your manners. That’s all we need to do. The boys will lighten things up. They always do. They make people very happy. My boys really are a blessing. So sweet and funny.

I wrote this last night and forgot to post it. So the last 2 posts are out-of-order but that’s fine because who cares anyway Lol It’s my blog and all of my 20,000 plus readers today will figure it out. Have a great day!


Home Sweet Home, Chicago

I am almost at the 10 year mark of living in Chicago. It’s been a great experience and I’m so happy to call this place my home. I thought I would end up living in Nebraska forever. I didn’t see any reason to go and I also didn’t feel any reason to stay. My move was a turning point in my life. One of those pivotal moments that you are scared to take but you do it anyway.

My businesses have all grown. I keep expanding trying to build an empire to leave to my sons. I’m also entering into 2017 knowing it will be my last year of working full time at this. It’s taking up too much of my family time. The day trips out of town were only supposed to be once or twice a week. My schedule is more like 3 to 4 times a week with my rushing home to eat dinner with everyone. I knew things would need to change. Having my babies my priorities are completely different. I can afford to retire early. I can afford to raise them, educate them, and provide for them. If I had a wife I may have a different outlook but I know it’s better to walk away now than to regret not having time for my boys when they really need me.

I’m going to start a new adventure soon. I have no idea what it will be. I will be able to work at it from home. That way my schedule is what I dictate it to me. My long time secretary Shelly is also retiring. She was my dad’s secretary and helped me grow from a small construction company into all of this. She has given her entire adult life to working for my family. I can’t begin to tell her thank you enough. And as she says just add another zero to the back of that thank you check if you want.

Chicago will always be home. I will keep my Lake house. It’s a great family home.  I will sell my downtown condo when the time to move comes up. I have already been to Paris and looked at daycare facilities, preschools, family homes and spent a lot of time thinking about if Paris is where I want to raise my kids. Just because I love it doesn’t mean they should. I don’t know.

Then there is Dubai. A huge jump forward in technology, government, development, innovation. My boys would be blessed to live and grow there. So many wonderful opportunities and they would be among some of the world’s brightest. It’s a mecca of education.

Or Las Vegas. Where Lindsay is. Where Auntie lives and would be apart of our lives forever. I don’t have a wife but I have a best friend that has been there for me on a monthly basis since my kids were born. And Drew my other best friend has a job offer there. My 2 best friends all together again. It’s the Dream we always talked about. It’s definately something to think about.

For now I’m going into this new year enjoying every moment. I don’t know what 2017 will

Double booked

offended  Thanks to for removing a ton of negative comments from my book and author pages. My Amazon rep, Eugene, is working on getting more removed. He said it’s hard to deal with for authors, but there are trolls that do this kind of stuff. He said several more will be losing their privileges to post reviews on Amazon because they have violated policies. I’m not really highly offended. I used this several times years ago when I was talking to a friend and we both thought it was hilarious. I found it yesterday when I was moving stuff from my old Macbook to my new one. Made me laugh thinking about how many times we shot this back and forth.

My family has finally all left. I love them but after 2 days I’m watching the clock to see when someone else is leaving. It’s much harder with the babies because we have them on a schedule. People staying in my house for days on end interrupts that when they aren’t here to be helpful. My family expects you to feed them, entertain them, and show them a good time. It’s hard to try to do with so many. I had 32 people come in from out of town. Oh it gets worse, wait…

So I’m going to fly my entire family to Lincoln, Nebraska Friday night to finally take my twins to meet the rest of my family. This idea was cooked up by my Aunt Carol, seconded by everyone, and decided on while I was showering Monday morning. I walked out of my room dressed and ready to head to work when she cornered me. She grabbed my elbow and led me to a chair and said “Don’t you think it’s time you brought the babies to come see everyone, Jake? I think it’s time, we all think it’s time. So you will bring them Friday and stay as long as you want. Okay that’s decided, Good!” Lol

We are leaving after work. I’m bringing 2 nannies with me. Drew is letting us stay with him because his wife is taking their kids to a baseball camp for the weekend. We are going to hit Lincoln that night then head over to GI for the day, then back to Lincoln that night. Sunday morning we are flying to Oklahoma City because I have a meeting I have to attend. My boys will be staying with a friend of mine while I’m at work. We will all come back Monday night. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. That’s a lot of baby stuff to lug around. I told Drew to go put up a crib so I don’t have to have a portable one. He laughed and said they never took theirs down they just shoved it downstairs. That will help.


April 23rd through the 30th Lindsay and I will be in Cancun for our Abraham Hicks land cruise as well as 3 business meetings with a developer there. She can never just let us relax. She always double books us. My whole life right now feels double booked.

Speaking of that. My 2nd book will be out soon. Probably sooner than I realize. It’s the story of what happened after the affair and how my life completely changed. It has NO REFERENCES to her at all. NONE. There are NO PHOTOS of her, nothing. It’s about my life and how to overcome a public defaming.

I have to get back to work. I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m excited to see how my babies do on the plane. I think maybe I need to just take all 3 nannies. Maybe if I promise a shopping trip I can get them all onboard. When I said we’re all going to Lincoln, Nebraska, 2 of them said where’s that? Nice.