No, not that school

For reason’s I’m keeping private (Except my family and a few friends) I moved my boys out of the school I put them in and today was their first day in the new Catholic school. Things didn’t work out in our first school, I’m happier, the boys seem okay?, and this is my decision. I did get a lot of advice yesterday as this decision was pretty much being made for me. It was a no-brainer moment. So now we are in a school that’s very close to our new house and I think this is how we will do it.

I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out if this was the best move for me. Is this better? Is this what’s best for the boys? We will see when I pick them up this afternoon.

Peace. My daughter Lol I swear everyday she proves more and more than she is 2 going on 25. I keep feeling left out of her school life. She finally did hug and kiss me goodbye today but that’s only because I had a hold of her little hand walking into school and I wasn’t going to let her run off this time. Someone said she has a “girl squad at school now”. I was mad Lol No she doesn’t! She’s my baby! And yet she acts like I’m just her ride.

So how is everyone else surviving school? How are your kids adjusting? Mine are doing okay. We are trying to get into a routine. I purposefully kept them out of school until after we moved and did give them an extra week here to get used to everyone. I felt it was too much to move and immediately get them into class. We started late from everyone else but I really don’t care. It was a good choice.

Ok I just found the color setting block on my WordPress software and apparently I can color the background here.

That’s interesting. If I ever get fancy maybe I can start coloring the sections I want to emphasize on each post. Don’t hold your breath. I need to go pick up Peace. Brenda our new part time nanny and Sarah are going to stay home with Sky. I’m going to pick up Peace and take her to eat. Then we will grab food to bring home to the girls.

I really am enjoying my afternoons just with my girls. I get to hold Sky and watch Peace play. Or when Sky is sleeping give all of my attention to Peace. I love it!

Have a great rest of the week guys! I love ya’ll!

2 blogs in 1 week, Wow

I’m going to try to blog more often. It really is hard to find time when I have my kids all by myself all day and night. When they go to bed I have to do the daily cleaning up and start responding to my text/tweets/messages/emails/all of it. I haven’t been watching much tv but I am getting excited for the new season of Game of Thrones. Also from the trash heap of my tv list I’m starting to record True Life Now on MTV Lol I friggin’ love that show. It shows so many different things I am not even aware of. The first on is 3 people obsessed with the Kardashians. I barely know who they are. I know there’s a Kim, a Mary?, Jenner? ummm I think the little one is Vanessa? I don’t care who they are. So this one will be interesting. I can’t wait to see the whole season.

Things are going great. I’m very happy to have my house back all to ourselves. I’m tired of all of the mess I have to clean up from my family. I love them but )*@#)(*$# those )*(W#$)(#$’ers don’t clean up after themselves. The dishes. The @#ERO)*(@#$ DISHES!

Kids are great, healthy, even though it has been cold. We are doing great. I’m doing great. Jesse the girl I have been dating is doing great. It’s nothing serious. Neither one of us want anything serious. I’m not ready and she works a lot.

And…’s almost time for our family vacation! I can’t wait to get out of here for a while. It’s coming up very soon. We all need it. The warm weather will be just what we all need.

How is everyone doing so far this year? I pray the government shutdown ends soon, I pray Trump goes away, and I hope whoever is going to run against him will win. Someone should take his cellphone away already, geez.

My New Year’s resolution this year is 1 thing, I am going to be a better listener to everyone in my life. It’s the one thing I’m not that great at, I tend to trail off into a thought if a story goes on too long. I need to pay attention. If I don’t I’m going to miss half of what my kids say and they are already talking up a storm Lol

Have a great week guys!

I sold out…then I hit pause

Because of the nanny situation I’ve decided to sell my app that I was working on to the software engineer that has been helping me create it. I know its monetary worth because I had it appraised and we agreed on a price I was happy with. And then…

I’m trying to deal with raising the kids on my own. I had a part-time nanny that would come in as needed. That did not work out at all. I’m here, trying to balance everything, and it just became too much. I had to choose. The app or the kids. I picked the kids. My kids have always been my dream. My career will be second to them always. I’m trying to get out of having a nanny. I want to figure out how to do the things I want to do and still raise my kids alone. I think that’s impossible at their ages. I know that in a few years they will be at school and I can continue on trying to find my next chapter. I kind of feel like I’m selling myself out or maybe I’m selling myself short. How many single parents have to actually go to a job 8 hours a day and still come home and do all of the family stuff. I can afford a nanny. I can afford several nannies but I don’t want that. I want to raise my kids.

Now a new idea has come up of having a live in nanny who can either stay in the house or stay in the guest house out back and would be available as much as I need. I could keep working on my app but limit the schedule down and mostly work from home. I could keep pursuing that dream and have the freedom to go to meetings and/or travel as needed for the app. I just don’t know. It’s complicated. I like my uncomplicated life. I’m thinking on it but how do you decide such a thing? I don’t need a nanny it’s more of a want so I can keep my app. But does this app mean that much to me? It’s a way to keep working. I’m not someone who can sit around and do nothing. I’m always needing to be busy.

How do you decide? I guess pray. The answer will come to me. I have plenty of time. I just have to figure it all out.

I just Jeff Lewis’ed all of my nannies and then hired a brand new one

I had a family meeting this morning with all 3 of my former nannies, Sarah, Heather, and Brandi. I decided not to re-hire any of them and hire a new girl. The reason is simple. I want them all to start on their nursing careers. I love them. God knows I couldn’t have done any of this without them but I know I’m holding them back. When we moved back to Chicago I wanted them to at least come on the weekends for a few hours so I can go to the stores. We started that but then I thought I’m ruining their personal time. I made it official. They are not coming back to work with me. They are family, they are welcome to visit, stay, hang out with us any time and some of them have. That’s where I need it to be. I don’t want to hold them back. Especially Sarah. She has a really great job and has done so well. I don’t want her to quit just for me. She said she would because it’s a lot more money for her. I don’t need a live in anymore. I just need someone a few hours a day. Maybe not even that. I told the new girl we can go day by day at first until we find the right schedule. She is not a nursing student or even a nurse. She is a full-time nanny.

We all were sad. It’s the official end of an era. And then….

I got a call last week from the adoption agency. They have a little girl who needs a home. I freaked out. I said no right away. I’m not ready. The truth is I was going to wait until January of next year to start the process all over again. I do know that it can take up to a few years for me to find a little girl. I’m not ready. I don’t even know if I will be ready in January. Right now I’m just focusing on my kids, taking time on myself. It’s going really well.

She is going to start tomorrow. Just for a few hours after supper to see the night-time routine. By that time of the day I’m fried out. I’m hoping this works out. I just need a little help here and there. This will also make it easier for doctor’s appointments.

Wish us luck!

Coming soon to a Batman blog near you, Okay it’s this one

This weekend was very relaxing. I didn’t have to wipe faces, change clothes, tell someone don’t do that 100 times. I enjoyed my break from the kids.

Aunt Lindsay took them on a 3 days adventure. They went swimming, to the play place, out to eat every meal, they even got to try a real corn dog. And Heston threw his Lol He hates hot dogs. Alex nibbled on the outside shell but didn’t eat the hot dog part. Peace ate 3/4 of her corndog and seemed to like it as I was told. They had so much fun they were crying when she dropped them off. They didn’t want her to go. She also bought them way too much shit. Way way too much. It’s ridiculous. She’s always been in a weird competition with Drew on what gifts my kids get. I don’t like it and it’s not healthy. They won’t stop. I get random boxes sent to my home with stuff for them. I’m not keeping score. I don’t care and I would actually like to buy my kids their own stuff. It’s kind of like I signed my kids up for a bi-monthly subscription box for the rest of their lives. Lindsay said she’s already saving up for their college living situations since she already knows I have their college funds filled up. I had to take Talon’s college fund and disperse it amongst the 3.

Speaking of Talon, I’m still not ready to talk about it. I’m getting a ton of questions. Obviously something happened and you can tell in June that I was barely blogging. My batfans are very smart. There will be a day where I get into it. From online, the only person I told what happened was Nyssa. She has been a loyal friend and fellow blogger. She has never told anyone else and I know that because it’s never gotten back to me. I do appreciate her very much for that. It makes me feel like I can trust her and that I can confide in her if I need to. Go read her blog! And don’t stalk her if you are one of my trolls Lol Some day I will write about it. Right now I can’t. I appreciate you being patient with it.

My ex-wife had decided once we move back home in 2 weeks we should start dating. How funny is that? I’m not interested at all. Ever. She had her chance. She blew it. We are friendly but I don’t talk to her. She emails me. I read it and delete it. I don’t respond. I told Jen what she said and she just laughed. Jen said she’s not so sure she’s getting rid of me when I move. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting! The only reason I was going to break up with Jen is because we are moving. I’m not wanting a long distance relationship. It’s not fair to her or me and I’m still wanting to keep things casual. She understands the reasons. I told her when I visit Mike and his mom there’s a good chance we can go have dinner. She said okay. It’s still a discussion though.

Mike and his mom are going to buy this house. They are going to a bank today to get a loan. I was going to rent it but they both did a credit score check to make sure they can do it and they think they can. That’s a much better deal for me because it will get all of my money back I’ve put into this place. I’m not going to profit at all. I told them I just want the exact amount I paid plus all the repairs. They don’t have a problem with it. Look how that worked out. God is always taking care of me. It’s a solid house. His mom said it’s big enough they can both have their own living areas. The main floor will be the common area and they will be able to save money and get ready for whatever future they both want. I’m so happy for them. I hope they get a loan with a great interest rate.

What else? I dropped the boys off at school today and they were so excited. We saw one of their friends (Brian and his mom) as we were walking in. They were so happy and waved like crazy. They love school. It’s going to be so hard when we move back home. They will have to start all over.

This weekend we are taking a train ride up the mountains. I called Alex’s doctor to ask if he can physically handle it. He said yes because the train slowly goes up in elevation giving his body time to process the ascent. If he can do that train ride, then the following weekend I can fly home. Finally. This whole experience started out like a nightmare. I was so worried and blaming myself for not knowing what was going on. It’s a defect in his body and it had nothing to do with me. The guilt though, dang. I felt so helpless. He has been so brave and it shows me how tough my little guy really is. I’m so happy he’s feeling better and back to being himself. It’s been a journey for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’m going to be doing a blog redesign soon. Okay I’m not. Lindsay is. I just pick out the theme and she customizes it. I’m getting rid of the sections I don’t want or need anymore. I’m also going more simplified. We will see the response to it. I will write again tomorrow. Bye guys!

I wrote this some time in the morning and forgot to post it. Whoops. Here you go.

Slow burning truths

I am just finishing up my first day working on my new business. I haven’t come up with a business name yet, I haven’t even filed the paperwork to start it. That’s what I’ve been working on today. I need a name. I’ve talked to some of my friends for suggestions. It helps but then it confuses me.

I’m starting a new online company that helps you do a Search with ALL of your social media accounts in one spot. If you want to see a photo of someone’s Halloween costume you type in Halloween costume and it shows you photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media accounts. Lindsay is the one that wrote the program for it. She did have help tweaking it. It was my idea and I did ask her how to make something like that happen. She said you just do this and started writing the coding for it. I’m so lucky to have her help with it. I think it’s a useful tool. I know that there aren’t that many out there. I think that my platform is a good way to connect people who you would never be in touch with and once you start looking at information you are essentially connecting yourself more to the world. We are working on the security functionality of it. I just need to focus on what to call it.

We are going to monetize it with ads later on. It’s going to be offered for FREE but we have to be able to accept ads on it. Not many just a few to start out. I’ve set aside $3,000,000 for the entire development, marketing, and launch of this new app and I really hope it works out. If it doesn’t, I’m not going to feel the financial hit from it. That’s why I capped it out with a number my wife and I were both comfortable with. She said she loves the idea and thinks it’s going to be a huge hit. I’m glad to have the support because I have had doubtful moments.

It’s new. It’s exciting and I’m really happy to share my new business adventure with everyone. I will not be needing investors, partners, or asking for donations. I don’t need help with it financially and I will not relinquish control over my idea or my app. I just need support help with the tech side of things which Lindsay and her Twitter friends are helping me with. I am paying them for that.

Wish me luck guys!

Also no I did not watch the Tell Nothing because I already knew nothing was really going to be cleared up. From what I’ve heard from my fans that sent me messages last night and this morning is it’s the same old crap. Meri is unhappy, she looks and feels completely lost without me. Kody doesn’t give a crap about her feelings or even wanting to fix it and the rest of the women say supportive things but do nothing to show support or even invite her into their lives. Same thing from 2 years ago, same thing last year, same thing this year. Nothing new. That’s why they truly tell nothing new. You see the relationship between Kody and Meri be exactly where I left her. It’s a sad state of affairs (Pun intended). She wants to stay in that kind of relationship with him, that’s her choice. She could leave. She won’t. Just like she won’t ever tell the real truth. We had a relationship. She was very happy. We laughed all of the time and she felt so much hope for a great future. We ended it and she crawled back into that hell she lives in. Except now it’s much worse because her husband who claimed from the beginning that he loves and supports her is now openly saying he doesn’t live with her. He doesn’t have sex with her. He doesn’t spend time with her.

I said that 2 and a half years ago. No one believed me. Now people are starting to see the real truth and I’m getting a ton of really great messages. A lot of trolls are apologizing to me. They see how this “reality show” isn’t being real. Did Kody or Meri explain WHY they don’t live together? Did they explain why they don’t have sex or they don’t spend time together?  Let me guess, this hard-hitting NBC reporter asked them Why, right?

My guess is no. That’s because they will ask the surface questions just around the edge of what you all really want to know but they won’t go in and really ask the tough questions.

So why is Kody and Meri in this place?

Because he found out our affair was real, because Meri won’t stop talking to me, because she continues to talk about it and he can’t stand it. He won’t begin to forgive her until she tells him the truth about me. If she does that, than she has her freedom, finally. He will either forgive her and start working on it or he will tell her to get out, finally.

Either way, this is what real polygamy is. It’s not for religious reasons. It’s not even about the family or kids. It’s about more than 2 adults saying they want to be together but struggling the entire way through. It’s emotional abusive to all involved and really tough to watch. All those happy, smiling moments are not worth all of the tears and hurt it causes if the adults are not in a good place with each other. It’s very embarrassing. Some people should not claim to be polygamists when all they are is 1 legal wife and 3 girlfriends.

Did Kody and Meri ever get spiritually re-married after the  legal divorce? No. Why not?

I wish her well. I moved on with my life a long time ago. I have a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. We are so happy and it’s real. Yes we do have fights and yes I do frustrate her but we work it out. We communicate, we try. We are always wanting to be together. We are completely in love and it’s the best feeling in the world. I wish that for Meri I really do, just not with Kody. He is abusive. She does deserve better. I hope she leaves him.

She won’t.

Happy New Year 2018!

Hi everyone!

My wife and I are spending our very first New Year’s eve in Paris together. She told me I was not leaving on the 26th of December as I had planned. She said I just got you here full-time, you can’t go. I don’t argue with my pregnant wife much and the look on her face as she put both hands on Peanut, that was it. She guilted me and I caved.

I will be going back to the states on the 4th and staying a few days until I can finally wrap everything up. Let me think where should I start on our update?

My condos BOTH sold, Yay! That was such a great process. The 2 families that bought them are in-laws and daughter with husband and baby. So they will be growing up and older together for a few years until they realize living next door to in laws sucks Lol Unless it doesn’t. I couldn’t do that. My wife could. The prices were exactly what I asked for and it will close in 21 days. I’m so very happy to see them going to a good family. I really thought it would end up in the hands of one person and they would do something like I did with them. Either way, that’s checked off of my TO DO list.

We are still keeping the lake house since it’s so close to my wife’s family. It is being attended to. I hired a company to go in every 2 weeks to check on things. They are in charge of managing the grounds and keeping people out of there. The only ones allowed in will be family or Sarah/Heather. I told the girls they can go up and just hang out any time they wanted. But they have to ask me first to make sure I don’t have family staying. They said they might use it more in the summer time for a weekend getaway. Fine with us. My wife said they deserve it after us throwing 3 babies a cat and a dog at them Lol

Sarah is gone now. It breaks my heart. I am really having a hard time without her. I am so used to her and I just being in sync. My wife and I are getting better at it but it’s not the same. I miss Sarah. At the end I literally threw her a blank check and said write out a year’s salary and come to Paris. She laughed, called me crazy and said she just wants to teach nursing now. She is almost done with all of her schooling to do it. It’s her dream and she told I knew her plan all along. She said why don’t you stay in Chicago and then we can work something out.

My dream was Paris for many years. I just never thought it would actually happen. Things are going well living here. I’m still not on the right eating schedule but we have managed to get all of the kids into the new hour changes. I’m eating breakfast when it’s dinner time. I’m eating dinner at lunch. It’s all messed up. I’m not sleeping well. I’m still having problems remembering where everything is around our home. It’s taking a bigger adjustment than I thought. My wife is practically fluent now. She has gotten so good and is even working on learning more. The locals have been helping her a lot and our neighbors just adore her. I don’t think they like me much but that’s okay.

My wife is now 36 weeks pregnant. The countdown has begun. Our expected Due date is around January 25th. I am not allowed to go out-of-town at all after January 10th. So I need to get all of my stuff done back in the States as fast as I can and race back. If she goes into labor I’m supposed to drop everything I’m doing and go to the airport right away. Luckily first time moms are supposed to have a long labor.

WE WILL NOT BE DOING A HOME BIRTH. We are having Talon in a really great hospital nearby our home. We have already toured it, checked in, and have our birth plan set with them. They know who we are and around when we will be coming in. The great news is we already met with the nursing staff. They are really the ones that will be taking care of my wife and son and they are such sweet women.

I have also talked to my wife about not having an extended labor process. She wants the drugs Lol I don’t blame her. She said my son will probably be over 9 pounds and her who-ha deserves drugs Lol I can’t argue with that. He probably will be. He’s already huge now. She has said if there is an issue, save the baby and let her go if the choice comes to that. I said no. I will save both, somehow. I don’t expect a moment like that to happen but after watching Alex’s birth it was one of those horrible conversations you must have.

Talon’s nursery is DONE. We put the finishing touches on it after Christmas. We did a bird theme of course. Cute little birds like from Snow White. Not Hawks or Eagles swooping down with their talons out. I thought that would be really cool but I was told no. We did man it up a little and we have some sports stuff on the walls too.

Uncle Drew and Aunt Lindsay are already to leave and come over. This time Drew is bringing his whole family. He didn’t take them on his annual Disneyland trip because he saved his vacation time and will be taking them around Paris and to a few other countries nearby. He is very excited to meet my boy. Lindz is still wanting to take Alex home. She has latched on to that kid since the beginning. I told her when they are older she can come get them for a few weeks in the summer. That would be fine but not until after they are both in school. I can’t even imagine the things she’s going to teach all of my kids. It will be payback for all of the years of me picking on her or pulling small pranks. I just know she will teach them all “Spaghetti Head” and I’m going to be so pissed the day they do it.

My wife’s parents and a few siblings will also be coming over. My wife’s parents are coming on January 24th. And sooner if need be. They don’t want to miss it. She said she wants them to stay the first 2 weeks to help us out. I have no problem with that. They are great and really good with my kids. I couldn’t have picked a better family to marry into.

Other than that, things are perfect. I’m done working. Lindsay took over but officially it’s not until the 1st. I plan to come back from my trip to the States and just enjoy time with my family for a few months. I will start thinking up what it is I would like to do with myself. I have a few ideas I wrote down and discussed with my wife but I don’t have anything solid yet. I would love to go to a cooking school here but my hand is so messed up I can’t. My knife skills now are horrible. I don’t have the dexterity that I would need and I’m afraid I wouldn’t pass. My wife said to start teaching myself to cut things right-handed (I’m a lefty) so that I could pass and I might do that. I mean cooking school in Paris? You can not beat that at all! It is a dream but I just don’t think I can do it. I might enroll in some cooking classes though. I think that would fill the gap I have in my heart for it.

My wife and I will be snuggled up on the couch watching our Game of Thrones marathon tonight. We aren’t going out. With the big bombs and truck plowing into folks over this side of the ocean I just didn’t want to take her out and risk anything in case something bad does happen. I pray it doesn’t. I pray all of you go out and have a great time! Let’s kick 2017 to dust and welcome the new 2018!

It’s going to be the best year of my life! Watch what happens next, guys 🙂

I love ya’ll. Thank you for reading this as we wrap up another year together. Take care and be safe. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!