Proof I’m not young anymore

Last night was date night with my wife. She said work was stressful, court has been really stressful and she just wanted to blow off some steam. I decided dinner and dancing with some of our friends would be a great idea. It was, however she had other ideas of how to accomplish her goals.

We had a very delicious dinner at the Pump Room. It is one of my go to date night places. Always great service, always a fun evening. My wife loved it. After we were full of laughter and many glasses of wine (Not me, I don’t drink) I asked if she wanted to go dancing. I told her I had seen on facebook some of our friends would be there for an event and I thought it would be fun to check it out. She said yes.

We got there and the place was packed for a Wednesday night. I was surprised by that. We didn’t see our friends for  a while but we made our way to the dance floor and got our groove on. About an hour later I was sweaty, exhausted and wanting a nap Lol Now, my wife is younger than I am. She’s not 30. She has high energy and was really just wanting to let loose. I was doing my best to not be the tired old man and show my girl a great night out. When we met up with our friends they wanted to sit at a booth and hang out. I was fine with that. Another hour went by and we decided to dance a little longer and then my wife said let’s go all of a sudden. I figured her good senses had kicked in and she realized we both had to work in the morning. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We walked to the car and she said are you up for one last adventure? I said sure hoping it had to do with a late night snack Lol She told me where to go and we pull up in front of a hotel. She said I really want us to get a room so we can be alone and really get wild.

Who would EVER say no to that! Come on Lol

So we got a room and went up to the 5th floor. We had a blast checking out the room and looking at all of the stuff. It is a new hotel by the lake front that she has mentioned a few times. She said it’d supposed to be a very green build and was pointing out some of the things from the brochure the clerk had given us.

Let’s skip until 4:30 am when she said we need to get home Lol I was tired. Guys, and I’m talking to all of my bros that read this, I tried. I tried really hard to keep up with my hot, young, blonde wife. I almost made it but I guess I had fallen asleep at 3 Lol She said she snuggled with me anyway because she must have worn me out (She did) and she just wanted us to be as loud as we wanted to (We did).

It was one of the best nights of our marriage so far. Fun, so much laughter, good food, friends, dancing, and uhhh alone time. I really had a great time. So much so I look like heck!

I need to jump in the shower and stop bragging about having sex with my wife all night in a hotel Lol High fives all around. Have a good one!

That’s Bull

  Out of nowhere last week my wife surprised us all with Bulls tickets for tonight. She said she wanted to thank me for helping her folks get a new house. That is very sweet of her to do. And they are really great seats too. So my boys will be going to their very first Bulls game. How exciting is that! And then I realize how am I going to wrangle 2 one year olds at a 3 hour  basketball game. I’m taking Sarah with me. She’s great at that stuff plus she loves the Bulls. My wife said she will help but I told her to enjoy the game I can take them out of the area when needed. I did warn her if we need to leave early that’s just how it goes and she said okay. She realizes that babies can’t sit still and enjoy a basketball game. Those are things I am still learning too. I still think this will be great and plan to take a ton of photos and videos for my Facebook page. We bought customized jerseys for everyone so I’m going with the old school MJ jersey and my boys are MJ and Pippin Lol I thought that would be awesome. My boys have great teamwork but they also don’t always get along all of the time. We have started to show our not sharing and grabbing things from each other phase now. So far no hitting but a lot of crying and screaming. And out of nowhere my very chill boy Heston has started doing some kind of a screeching thing. He just does it out of nowhere. Sarah said he’s just testing his limits and seeing what his voice will do. Okay? I don’t know but he does it a lot. It’s getting easier to get used to. I’m a helicopter dad. Anyone that makes a noise I immediately go over and see what’s going on. I can’t help it. Well I probably can but I’m not going to. I’m still in the mindset that these boys need me every single moment I am home and I just can’t stop myself from worrying all of the time.

Then my wife starts talking about when my boys start dating and I almost had a heart attack. I said no. No dating in my house. They can be 25 before they start that and she just laughed. She said as cute as they already are they will both have girlfriends in elementary school. Oh geez. I keep forgetting they are going to grow up into little people. And all the things I did as a kid they will also do. This is what I get. I had to adopt 2 of them Lol I just need to teach them to treat women right. Be respectful and nice. It’s something I’m always trying to remind myself every day as well. We all should.

Tomorrow night my wife and I are going to get the Lionel Richie concert tickets because Mariah Carey will be there and that’s one of my wife’s all time favorite singers. I’m more excited to sing and dance along to Lionel. He’s got some great songs that I still remember. And I heard his show is pretty awesome.

Sunday will be all about the Church until noon. We volunteered to help usher and serve snacks so we will get out at 11:45. We have to be there at 7:30. My wife told me yesterday and I just looked at her like Really? She said it will be good for you and don’t complain. Okayyyyyyy. Geez!

After Church we are hosting a bbq at my place. My friends and my wife’s friends are coming over at 4 to play some new game they found and eat. Grilling meat is one of my least favorite things to do in the world but oh well. My buddies will help me out like they usually do. I have to the butcher tonight right after work to pick up my meat order. Yuck. I hope it doesn’t smell up my Range. Very gross. Hoping the weather holds up otherwise it will be indoor grill time.

I’m excited to go to the game tonight. I hope the Bulls win. They probably won’t Lol Sorry Bulls fans but ya’ll know I’m an OKC Thunder fan. Go Thunder!

Should be a great time. If you are in Chicago get outside today and enjoy it. This weather, I’m telling ya’ll, this is exactly what I needed after a long week of work. And just before a full night of rain too. Spring is here and I’m so happy it is.

Have a great Friday everyone, Go TGIF yourself Lol

Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

I thought it was nice they got back to filming something fun instead of all of this heavy stuff all of the time. We all know Meri’s pet name for me was baby. When I started getting serious in dating my wife she knew this and told me not to ever call her that. I said fine, I will call my children that. It’s just a southern thing to call your woman baby so I came up with 2 different pet names for her. Which I won’t share. My wife has one pet name for me, it’s not baby. And we have gotten past that.

I will say my wife being so much younger than I am, she gets her monthly Cosmo magazine and lawyers answers out of me like the vicious lawyer she is Lol If I get even one question wrong I am immediately accused of not listening enough. But when I get one right she says Very good, (insert pet name). I can also say taking those relationship quizzes makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork Lol It’s just all a big set up. Cosmo does not have relationship saving advice. And that magazine is very raunchy. I don’t like that she reads it when there is so much more informative thing to read. But Cosmo and Vogue are her dirty little things she does she says. And she doesn’t complain about all of my pilot, food, or veganism magazines I get. We work it out.

Great way to get the audience back to watching, some silly fun and getting more insight on who these people are.

Las Vegas and more

I wrote this in the morning but forgot to publish it. I’m in Salt Lake City now. We’ve been here since early this morning. We are getting ready to grab lunch to go then head down to Reno. Here is what I wrote.

We made it to Vegas. The flight out here was peaceful. The boys had their bottles as we got into the air, zonked out the entire trip, and got woken up to get bottles on the descent. All went very well. Which is good news for me because now maybe I can start traveling more next year and take them with me.

Lindsay said she baby proofed the house, no problem. Except all the dog toys laying around. She said her dog can’t help it and she will put them outside. Both dogs are getting along well. Only issue is meal times and we have figured out to separate them. My dog doesn’t like to share his food and her dog likes to take it away from him. Typical. Our dogs get along just like we do Lol

So far work has been great. The time difference has messed up the babies sleep schedule. We are getting them outside for lots of fresh air. The weather has been perfect. I was able to get out of the house last night for a dinner date. Things went great, ended with a long kiss and we are both back on track. Just like we never left each other. I had a great time. I forgot how much we laugh together. I’m very pleased with how things went and I look forward to our next dinner on Friday night. I wish I had more time to spend with her but I’m also not wanting to reopen the relationship we had. It’s better just casual dinners then we both go home alone.

The Las Vegas office looks great! Mark and Kim have done a great job getting things organized. They have been really working hard and I rewarded them with $5,000 bonus checks. Of course Lindsay said WHERE’S MY BONUS. I said you know you get yours quarterly. So you can wait. She has been showing up to work on time they told me, staying until 4 or sometimes after 5 and no drinking. She used to hit a few drinks at lunch but has stopped all of that. She and I go for walks in the morning. She has lost a lot of weight and looks great. I’m so proud of her. She made a promise to her mom to clean things up and I think she really has. Now if we could just get her to lose the attitude and arguing she would be a lot easier to get along with. I doubt that will ever change but they say you mellow out as you get older. Being 40 now should start that process.

Today we are going into the office then head up to Salt Lake City for the day. This afternoon we will spend time in Reno and get our investments looked over. Things are going well. We are turning a profit finally in both cities. The offices are running smoothly and we are looking to hire in both areas. Tomorrow we will go out to Los Angeles and then up to San Fransico. Lindsay thinks it’s time to expand again but this time on the West Coast. Our profits have been exceeded what we projected and she wants to get things moving forward. She doesn’t think we should sit on the money and wait. And her Mexico deals are paying off very, very well right now. I keep waiting for the phone call that the market has dropped out of the bottom there and we lose all our business services. This is why we don’t invest in the stock markets. We buy property and lease it or we hold on to it and we wait for offers. It’s all going well. I have never made this much money in my life. She has made some very risky moves financially but so far only 2 have failed. Smaller amounts we lost so nothing to get upset over. That’s business.

I look forward to seeing what this travel week brings. I’m excited to see all our employees and have meals with them. It’s nice to get out of Chicago before the winter hits and enjoy time away with my family. My boys love being with Auntie Lindsay. They crawl all over her and she makes all kinds of silly songs up about them. It’s good to see them so happy. If only we could get them to stop waking up at 4:30am Lol That is hard on me.

Sarah is enjoying the break. Lindsay takes over as soon as we get home, I go change then I take over for her and we both do everything. Sarah goes shopping, went to get her hair done last night. It looks really great. She’s been growing it out. She hasn’t found a really good salon she likes in Chicago and the 2 I heard about don’t specialize in African-American hair so she just laughed and said no thanks. I tried. She’s getting her nails done tonight and a massage. She scheduled a 90 minute one so she said she will be so relaxed tonight. I’m hoping we get back in town by 6pm like we scheduled so we don’t mess up her appointments. I just need to do a really good job today of watching the clock. In fact I probably should set some alarms for when we need to leave to get back to the airport.

I need to get in the shower. The boys are fed and crawling all over the floor. Sarah just grabbed Heston and he let out a huge laugh. I think she surprised him. I love seeing my boys this happy. I know I did the right thing bringing them out here.

Have a great week! Off to SLC/Reno!

Do you need me to come there? You know that I will.

heart We have been through this once before. It’s been a while but the feelings are all the same. This is what hurt feels like and what suffering I have to endure. I never thought things would get this bad but here they are, again. And I don’t know what to do. I’m doing the best I can. I’m trying. But it hurts. I have asked God what to do. What will He have me do because I don’t know how to stop this from hurting like this. I am praying so hard tonight. I am trying. I don’t know what more I can do.
This time is different because I have 2 babies to take care. I have a lot more responsibility and things that keep me….here. When I don’t want to be here. Not right now. I just want to go, anywhere. I can’t. So I get through the day. I get through each hour and I try to forget. I try not to hear that laugh that made me grin really big. I try to forget the hundreds of I love you Samuels that made me feel great. I am trying to deal with all of this and not lose my f***ing mind. It’s not been a good few days. I wish I could say Lindsay is here for a work reason but the truth is she knew. She knew I was not holding it together and she took an overnight fly to me. Because, we have been through this before. But this time, she is alive and somewhere instead of dead and gone. This is what my pain is. This is my suffering. And I have no one to blame but myself. I’m just trying to get through tonight. We shall see what shape I’m in by morning.
I have been so strong for months. I don’t want t be strong anymore. I want to let it out, feel it, deal with it and let it go. Because this hurts. It has been hurting me for months and I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t know.
The truth is I miss her. I’m still in love with her. And I don’t know what to do.

March 6, 2015

This was a big day for us. We were fully feeling something going on. And it was not changing. There was a lot of conversation about the Disney trip and how to behave. How to avoid being obvious. But all I did was make her laugh. I couldn’t help it. She got me. She was the first person to really get me. And I loved her laugh.
This first attachment. When she sent me that I was dying laughing. This was the kind of thing I’m talking about. She has a great sense of humor. She sent me stuff like this often. It still cracks me up. I had forgotten all about it until I found it writing this.
This is when we started talking about What If. As in what if she left. I started to realize how unhappy she really was in her marriage. Leaving was something she had been thinking about for years. At least 5 to 6 years, she later told me. We were assessing what would happen if she did leave, how it would affect her. How it would affect me. My only problem is, I knew once it got out I would lose clients.
And what has happened to me now is that because of the false story Meri told the entire world, not only have I lost clients, I have lost deals. I have lost money and I’m still losing money. It’s bad. On top of which, my employees are pissed. I’m having huge issues with all of my businesses. And I blame myself. I shouldn’t have had the affair. But I don’t regret it. I still do not regret it. It was an amazing 6 months.
The flirting was nonstop. Even on the phone calls we would say stuff to each other about love and relationships and just sit there and sigh. And drive each other crazy, but it was all sweet, affectionate stuff. Nothing dirty. That comes in the next post Lol
As you can see, it was Meri that named my cat Penelope. And it fit her. My cat has recently passed away. The trolls thought it would be great to send me photos of deceased cats. Which broke my heart even more that day. They are horrible people.
This is when we came up with a code to start posting stuff to each other on twitter that no one would find out. She began putting ……. behind stuff for me. I would up a 😉 on messages to her. This is also the first love letter I wrote to her. Which she has. Or had I’m sure it’s in the toilet by now. Just a one page love letter. Telling her how I feel about her.
I flew into Denver to pick up Mike. Meri was very excited. And then I flew into Las Vegas with Mike. I have owned a house in Las Vegas for 8 years. Long before Meri moved to Vegas. So no I am not the reason they moved to Vegas. That rumor is ridiculous. It was a condo to me and my friends. We used it for Boys Trips for the weekend. To have wild, party weekends and hit the strip. I also used it for any of my friends or family wanting a Vegas weekend. But I had been trying to sell it and m realtor was not doing anything to move it. My accountant told me to yank it off until closer to summer. So the Vegas trip was a planned thing at some point. Meri inviting me to Disney just pushed it up a few weekends.
Mike and I got into town. We got groceries and then McDonald’s for his supper. I went to my house. Got the house ready. Made sure Mike’s room was good to go. Then I went outside to talk to one of my neighbors that I hadn’t seen in months. We went outside of the gate to look at something. Meri called me. I was standing outside of my gate at that point. I told her I would call back in a few. Then we started texting as I was walking back into the gate and over to my house.
This is when things went to a whole new level!


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