First day of Homeschooling…Again

Our 2020-2021 school year will look a lot different but that’s okay. My kids were excited last night when I put them to bed. They hope they can interact with the other kids in their class or at least see them. Today is all about going to the school to get our virtual packets, any computer equipment that I don’t already have, and coming home with it. Sarah and I will be teaching the boys. Brenda will be teaching also. I’m keeping Peace on the ABC Mouse Academy online for this school year. She is ready to be in Pre-K but she is too young and I didn’t get approved for her exception. Public schools are different from private Catholic schools. You can’t get what you want if you donate big Lol Oh well. By the time she starts she’s going to be more than ready and excited. I did have the option to put her in a daycare/school all program but I said no way. COVID is making most of my school decisions very easy. We are ready. I think we have all the school supplies we need. Our at home classroom is ready. Sarah finally stopped moving furniture around at 8pm. She wants it to be perfect since they can’t go to the school building. She’s overthinking things. I get it, I was too until I saw how much stuff she ordered. We are ready for homeschool!

Everyone is happy that we are still in Hawaii right now. Sarah’s parents will finish up their last week of quarantine than we can send them out to go explore the island. No one has been sick this entire time. Other than my occasional insomnia, stress, stomach issues. I’m doing better and I am ready for whatever thing happens next in 2020.

I will be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am not a Democrat but the Republicans are so far away from my morals and values I can’t even consider voting for Trump. I wouldn’t anyway, he’s a sh**. It’s one outrageous thing after another with this guy and I can’t and won’t support that. I have signed up to work an at home call block. I get to call people and ask if they have registered to vote, give them information how to register, ask if they will be supporting Joe Biden’s campaign, and ask if they would like us to send them a yard sign or some stickers. Sounds easy enough. I can do that at night. I’m going through an online training course to participate this weekend. The girls want to see what it’s all about before they sign up too. No one in my house will be voting for Trump, most of my family will be voting for Trump so that’s been a sore topic we barely discuss. After the summer of racism with some of my family members on social media, I learned a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. It was a reality check and it cost them our family money. I am still withholding it and I’m not going to change my mind. A half-a** sorry only because you no longer receive your $5000 a month stipend is not good enough. When our Family Foundation lawyers looked back at some of their accounts they have been posting horrible things for years. I wasn’t aware of it. I can’t change who they are or what they have said, I can change how our family represents ourselves and I really don’t want a PR nightmare like that ever again. It’s been a mess cleaning all of those corporate partnerships up. Trump is a racist. I don’t agree with most of his policies. I know in his mind he thinks he is helping but 170,000 Americans have died so far. SO FAR. By January, it may be 200,000? 225,000? I mean how many people have to die before we get a national solution? It’s scary.

How are you guys doing? I’m great. Kate and I are great. The rumors that she broke up with me/turned on me/hates me now are complete BS. We have been laughing about the things that get screenshotted to me. Her family member is still in the hospital. It was looking very bad for a while, than back to school information for teachers were put out. She’s trying to prepare her job, her own kids for school. She is busy.

Lindsay got 1 troll account suspended. I have no idea who that guy even was. Things have been quiet since the show ended for the year. I love this time of the summer. Nice weather, no trolls, life is amazing. I am so blessed by God, I has been enjoying every day with my kids. We are having fun. It’s not the same as the plans I had, but maybe this is better. As long as we are all healthy that’s all I care about.

2020 has been a real bad year for a lot of people. I do pray for all of my readers and ask God to keep you all healthy and safe. We will be rolling out a huge cash give away next week on our Family Foundation social media accounts. I’m happy to do direct cash payments once again. I love trying to help as many people as we can. We select than randomly. You just have to let us know you need a little help and we will contact you back. Have a great start of your school year guys, whenever it comes around. We are excited, and blessed. Here’s to 1st grade and more!

Lynn is free today!

Good morning guys. Today is the day Lynn gets to come out of her 14 day quarantine. Brenda’s mom has been a real champ staying in a cabin away from all of us. We have done all we can to support her and make sure she has all that she needs. Lynn has never had a long vacation. She has worked 2 or 3 jobs all of her life so being in Hawaii for 2 weeks not worrying about work (She was laid off from her job) and relaxing, she’s enjoying it.

We are helping the kids make up a bunch of signs. We made up a bunch of signs on Saturday and taped them to the walls to do a few Facebook Live videos to support our Healthcare workers. The kids loved it and our audience loved it. So happy to spend our Easter doing something with love and kindenss. We will be making a bunch of things to show her how much we love her and want her to come play with us. I know she’s really excited.

We are going to move her into Brenda’s cabin. Gabby and Brenda will be spending the morning cleaning the entire house and getting her bedroom ready. They will stock up the fridge and freezer after Lynn is out and home. I want them both to come up to the main house to pick what they both want to eat for the week. Gabby will also get her food stockpile for the week at that time.

I can’t wait to go get her. The full 2 weeks are up at 3pm but we are going to get her out at 4pm to make sure. She has to take her temperature before we go in her house and send me what the temp is. She has had no symptons, no fever, no coughing. She’s fine. I knew she would be but I have to protect my kids. It will be nice to be a family again.

Tomorrow night I’m planning a big celebration dinner for Lynn and I’m making everyone dress up. I want her to feel special. She has been stashed away for 2 weeks and I did feel guilty about that. She is really happy to be getting out soon. She wants to hug her daughter and I know Brenda wants to hug her too.

We will get through this. One small step at a time. Hang in there guys. I love you.

Christmas Busy

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much lately. Here’s why…


With my wife being in Paris growing our son Talon to perfection and living her dream life I’m here working, taking care of the kids and trying to stay sane. Things are so busy with Christmas, year-end work things, and trying to prepare to move. I’m overwhelmed. I have gotten and now read all of your messages. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ve just been really busy, guys.

Alex had a cold he’s much better now. Thankfully Heston and Peace did not get it. I think it was because Sarah sequestered herself up with Alex for a few days. We barely saw them peek out of their side of the house. My condos are NOW for sale in a pocket listing and I have 4 offers. I had no idea this would go that fast. My wife said go for it so I’m finally allowed to sell them off. I’m mulling the offers today and I will decide by tonight which one to take. I love multiple offers when I’m selling buildings. It makes the price go up and up. I don’t like it when I’m one of the bidders Lol

Work is great. Very busy trying to wrap up my 10 years at SJC. I’m over 30 years at my construction company and 20 at my gas stations and mall investments. I am still going to be HALF owner of all of it. I just will be the silent partner now. Lindsay is taking it all over. She has a new team working hard and she trusts them. It also helps that SHE is the only one allowed to make financial decisions which means she has to stay in contact with all of the businesses daily. She loves it. She said this is her new dream job because she is always busy and she never has a dull day. Plus she gets to travel all over the place and not pay for it Lol Nice to have a corporate credit card.

The kids are all doing great. My wife hit the 34 week mark! Well 34 weeks and 1 day technically. That means we have 5 weeks and 6 days until her due date. I just need him to stay in there until I get there in early January Lol Once I move over and am settled in he can come see us anytime he wants.

With Talon I’m actually not that nervous. I’m really excited. I talk to him as much as I can and I let him know how much we love him already. I can’t wait to see his beautiful little face and count the fingers and toes. As soon as she goes into labor Drew and Lindz will be making their way to us with her parents and a few of her siblings. The ones that can take off a few days from work will come and we will be sending videos and photos as often as we can.

Yes I FINALLY uploaded photos from all of the things we have been doing. Yes that’s our Christmas tree this year Lol It’s in Paris and it’s HUGE. My wife decided since we have 12 foot ceilings, go big or go home. I think that’s really funny. Her and Brandi spent a long time deciding the theme and I think it looks great. Yes that’s also a lot of presents but we have a large family now. Everyone is spoiled rotten by my wife so that’s why the gifts are pretty much filling up half of our living room. I always said I wouldn’t turn into that parent but look at me now. My wife went nuts which made me feel competitive and now our kids will have way too many toys Lol Oh well. We will do better next time. I hope.

We are also actively trying to figure out the boys’ birthday party theme. Yes it’s close to that time already. 2 years old. Can you guys believe it! It is flying by. As soon as Talon is born we are done having kids for a few years. I’ve already been told several times we need to slow down a little. My wife wants to get her body back in shape and just enjoy the kids we have. We do not have plans to adopt anymore kids until 2020. We both agreed that’s a good time to start talking about adopting again. We do want to adopt one more child. A little girl, again. We are very interested in adopting an non-white child we can. I think having a variety will make us all better people. I really enjoy having Peace in our lives. She is so beautiful and is growing up with a happy home life. She smiles all of the time. I can’t believe my baby girl is so big now. 5 months old guys! Wow. The time is just flying by. She is sitting up, she has the sweetest light laugh you have ever heard, and she has a whole bunch of black hair. We had to trim it already because it was crazy. We put little bows but she gets mad so we don’t do that very often. The boys help out so much and it helps now that she’s sleeping almost all the way through the night. I am really enjoying that part.

My kids are happy, we are moving to Paris soon and we will be living our best lives so far. I can’t wait.

I miss my wife so bad. She needs to be there and I know that but I just miss her. She loves to snuggle in the morning, she also fills the house with laughter. I do everything I can to make her giggle or laugh every day. She loves it. She misses me too which makes me feel really good. We are having the best time. I’m so happy I married her. I couldn’t imagine my life without this woman. She is everything I was looking for and nothing I expected. She does not let me get away with anything. We have slowly been building a trust that has not been broken. She knows all of my bad decisions from the past are completely over with. I am dedicated to my family and no one will tear us apart. Not that a few haven’t tried. My goodness the women from my past really need to let me go. I know we had fun, I know we laughed and had good times but that’s not my life now. I just want to move far away from all of that and keep going forward with my wife and kids. They are #1. They deserve my full attention. I’ve tried to be gracious but there comes a point when my wife is getting really pissed off and starting to blame me for them leaving voicemails or text. It has been hard to deal with in moments.

If your life isn’t the best or you are not happy, move on. That’s what I did. It’s hard. It’s really hard at first until you realize you can deal with things all alone. You can figure out what happened and why. Then you laugh and think boy was that really stupid and I put up with way too much crap. I should have known better.

I’m finally mature enough to know that. It has taken 42 years to get there but it hit me like a big bag of bricks. My life is my life. I am in charge. I make choices. I’m happy. Right now in this very moment I have everyone and everything I need. If you can’t support that or you are jealous of that, sorry. You don’t get my attention anymore. You phone games and passive aggressive “I need your help” texts have no effect. I know you want my attention (2 specific ladies I mean here) but you don’t get it. My wife and I have decided that I do not need to communicate with you anymore. In order for her to fully trust me I finally cut you 2 off. I had to. We can’t be friends especially with both of you still claiming to be “in love” with me.  Well I’m not in love with either of you and haven’t been for years. I love my wife. I love my gorgeous, happy, perfect, pregnant wife. I hope that’s clear for you. I do wish you all of my best and I pray you will get out of your miserable situations but until you feel like you deserve better you are going to stay stuck. You don’t have to, but you will. I’m free of all of that. My past is miles away from me and I am keeping it that way. My wife and I know that causes problem in our marriage and she was very open and honest about her feelings of jealous of you 2 still being friends. That’s why you are out of my life. I’ve said all of this at least a dozen times but now I’m publically saying, STOP. I am okay. You don’t need to check on me anymore. My wife is all I want. She loves me more than either of you ever did. The things you don’t want me to publically say, I still haven’t. I have kept your secrets about your relationships. I know to keep them this time. Good luck, God bless, Bye Felicia.

Enough of that. I need to start my work day here.

Everyone have a great weekend. We are going to be at home trying to get things ready to move. We are taking the boys swimming tonight. I promised to take them a few days ago and didn’t. Alex is better and I think he would really enjoy a hot swim. It will make him feel better I think. I will update more as soon as I can. Sorry for the rant but I am trying to wrap up all of my American loose ends Lol And let’s face it you guys love hearing the behind the scenes part of my life.

Isn’t is fun being a Batfan? Lol Love ya’ll!

House of Cards has taken over my tv

My wife loves a good Netflix binge. She likes watching certain shows but after those are over its Netflix time. If we start a series all of the nannies like they come over to eat dinner with us then they all watch with us. We are on Season 3 of House of Cards. I had heard about it a little but I didn’t know what it was.

It’s too dark for me. The characters are always screwing people over, being bullies, and lying to push their own agenda. Wow, sounds like the trolls Lol I just realized that. Probably why I don’t like that show much. My wife says this is what lawyering can be like if you let your moral compass go. She has not. She works very hard to prosecute people for breaking the law. It’s been her life long dream and she’s living it. Good for her. Seeing her watch this show and try to figure out the next move is why I watch it. She enjoys talking about it even after we flip it off for the night. At that point I am ready to do or discuss something else but if she likes it, okay.

Have you guys seen that one? I know that Season 5 is going to start soon that’s why she’s bingeing. We should have it done by next week. We can only get in 2 or 3 episodes a night. We start watching after the boys are down. Alex is my pop up baby. I get him down, everyone is chill, then he pops back up and wants more cuddle time. It takes me about 45 minutes to get him down. Sarah is adjusting his nap schedule a little. They are still taking 2 naps a day but now they are short naps. About a half hour. She doesn’t want them to sleep too much so they are up at night. It’s worked out with some minor adjustments. The show is very plot driven. All twists and turns that you never see coming. I’ve figured out by now if something has a dark, murderous plan behind it, Frank is obviously the one that put things in motion.

The acting is very, very good. I hope the 2 leads have received many awards. They are believable. They have done a great job making the characters their own. I like politics but it’s not something that I have enjoyed lately. Trump has pretty much ruined all hope. I really do believe he will be impeached or quit before they get to that point. When things get tough, he whines some more than gives up. That’s who he is. It’s been a waste of policy. So many great things could have been done by now. He stalls all progressive movements and only cares about things that cost us all more money. This guy is a dumbass.

House of Cards has invaded my house and we can’t stop watching. I hope it has a happy ending but I don’t see how. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I have had 2 out-of-town trips this week. Both quick and successful. Yesterday was my wife’s luncheon that she warned me a hundred times do not be late for. Guess what. I was late. She was fiery pissed at me and I was told we would talk about it when she got home. Oh boy did we. It wasn’t a fight it was more of a very calm You can not do that again discussion. I told her we hit traffic and I literally ran in there and sat down next to her. I apologizes while the speaker was talking and she grabbed my thumb immediately and hurled it backwards to let me know I’m in deep shit Lol When I realized I was going to be late I had my secretary hand deliver 2 dozen roses to her office while we attended the luncheon. That way she would get back and realize I knew how badly I had F’ed up. The card was a very huge apology of sweetness and I’m sorry I will do better. She appreciated it and that’s probably what stopped it from becoming a big fight.

This is another reason why I will be retiring after this year. My wife needs my support. She has a lot going on the next year and a half before we move and she wants to finish strong. She has not yet decided if she will continue being a career lawyer or she will begin a new legal career in Paris. She is looking into it. She is very excited to move. She’s going to miss everyone but she said it will be the adventure of a lifetime and as long as I promise to move us all back if needed, she’s looking forward to it.

Guess who doesn’t want us to go? My nannies. When my wife and I decided we are going to move in 2018 I offered them all to join us. They have school and I knew at some point we would be losing each one. Sarah has been the most vocal about why are we moving. She doesn’t want us to go. I told her it’s what we want for our family. She gets it but she doesn’t like it. I promised to fly her over to come visit a few times a year. It’s not me she’s going to miss its my boys. She is so attached to them I really don’t know how we are going to do this. But we need to do it before they have the cognitive memories of everything. That way all of their memories will be of our life in Paris.

My last huge update is that…no I’m not ready to share that yet Lol We have big news but I’m going to wait just a little longer! It’s all good, don’t worry.

Have a great, what day is it? Thursday! A lot of people are having last day of school stuff this week. I’m happy for all of my friends’ kids who are finishing up and getting ready to enjoy their summer. Good luck with that. I pray every day for all of you. I’m glad to see how many loyal readers and friends I still have coming here. I appreciate you all staying around. It’s not a big flashy life story but I’m working on that.

Happy Thursday!

Year 1: An Open Letter to my Sons

This is how our journey began:

I go back and read that post often. To see if I’m keeping all of my promises.

Dear Heston and Alex,

Today is your very first birthday and I can not wait to spend this entire day with both of you. It is 5:30am and I could not bare to sleep anymore. I am so excited for your special day.

Since I found out you both existed I knew that God was leading you into my arms. All that I had worked for, all that I had wanted in my life has always been for you. I said “I will take them” and those 4 words changed my life more than I have ever known.

As you have grown the last year I have documented all of your big and small moments both with the camera and with memory. Your baby books are filling up fast. They don’t mean anything to you right now but someday they will. We will sit on the couch together and laugh at all of the things I found so very important from last year.

I promised your birth mom to protect you both with my life, to love you and make you into good people, good men. I’m still working on that. You have meant more to me than I can ever find the words for. Your distinct personalities have been such a surprise to me as well as how much you two look exactly alike. I have always tried to treat you both equally and with compassion. I love you Heston as much as I love you Alex. You are the light in my life. You are my entire world. Everything I thought I knew wasn’t nearly enough before you came into my life.

Because of you boys I am a brand new man. Today we celebrate your 1st birthday. And your step-mom and I get the honor of showing you both off with such pride and honor. We all get to look back at your first birthday photos later on in life but today, I just want to focus on your wants and needs. Your happiness means everything. Keeping you safe and healthy has been equal to making sure you are having fun and learning new things daily. Your nannies, Sarah, Brandi, and Heather love you as much as I wanted them to. They have helped me every single day and have been there for both of you through everything. They are my tribe. And I could not have raised you through Year 1 without you.

I pray you have a wonderful day. Daddy has done all I can to make it a fun and happy day. I hope you have a great time with your enormous, loving family. Daddy wants that foundation to always be a priority for all of your lives. I need you both to know how much I love you. Daddy will always give you both my last piece of food if you want it. And that’s saying a lot because as you know Daddy doesn’t share food!

I love you Heston.

I love you Alex.

May God bless you both with 100 plus more years of this amazing life we are all building together.



Happy Fourth of July!

I pray you all stay safe and have a great time today and tonight. We are at my lakehouse and will be enjoying a quiet family bbq. The girls have plans tonight to go out with their new friends and watch the big fireworks show nearby. I am staying in and watching fireworks on TV. I want extra time with my boys since I’ve been really busy this past week.

What a week it has been! I haven’t had time to update and I’m sorry about that. Let me try to remember all that has been going on.

So Heston scared the bejesus out of me. We had him outside a lot last weekend. I wasn’t thinking anything about it. He did have a little runny nose and he was coughing some but not a lot. I put them both down for the night, took a shower and went in to check on them. I do that a lot. I just like to look in their cribs. He didn’t look right so I put my hand on his chest and started shaking him a little. Nothing. So I picked him up and ran out to the living room with him to see what was going on. I woke up Sarah yelling. She started helping him and I went and threw on some clothes. My condo is right next to a huge hospital. Literally right across the street a half block away. I came back in picked him up, told her to meet me over there and I took off running with him. He was better. I don’t know what she was doing but he looked a lot better. His color was coming back to him and he was started to cry. I ran into the ER and told them my baby stopped breathing and I don’t remember much of anything after that.

I remember Sarah coming in a panic and they shuttled us both back to where he was at. She started filling out the forms you have to do and they began checking him out. They suctioned out a lot of snot from his nose and mouth. A lot. I had never seen so much. They gave him a shot of something and told us what most likely happened. We were there for a few hours they wanted to do all kinds of checks on him and I said do it. I had Brand bring over Alex to get checked out too because I didn’t know what was going on. After a few more hours they sent us all home. Heston was perfect, Alex was perfect. It was just a bunch of congestion and I panicked Lol Are we all shocked? No! I’m the helicopter parent. I hover over both of them. So then I had an out-of-town trip. I was trying to cancel it but it was one of those you can’t cancel. I hired 3 nannies to come help. It told them someone needs to be in their room at all times or you are all fired Lol I was dead serious. I told them I want eyes on both of them until I get back home. I had planned on being back that night but of course that didn’t work out. I headed out to California for my meeting and to see a friend and her family. It was a quick visit. Then went over to Las Vegas from there.

I ended up staying in Las Vegas, the going up to Reno the next day. Lindsay needed to show me what has been going on with our investment casino. It looks amazing. Almost sexy! If a building can be sexy. I am so proud of the decisions she has made. And I’m really happy about all of the new money she has got coming in for our companies. She is doing more than I could ask for and everyone is reaping the benefits. The money is awesome. We are able to give out bonuses like I’ve always wanted to do and recognize all of the hard work people are doing. They really feel good and appreciated. I’m doing a lot to save up money for the future projects but Lindsay wants to take more risks. It’s been a balance to trust her but still be cautious.

The rest of the week back home was very busy at work. Late night hours. Even going back into work after the babies are down for a few hours. It’s been a long week and I am exhausted. I’m finally sleeping better.

Yesterday I took my family to Summerfest in Milwaukee. That was so much fun! The weather was perfect for the boys and I got to show them off. We always get attention anywhere we go because people are drawn to twins. They just want to peek at them which I’m okay with. Trying to touch them, that’s another story. I do the whole don’t do that please and give a look. That stops everyone but older women who don’t care what I have to say Lol I did not follow my vegan diet and I’m paying for it today. I have a stomach-ache and my mouth feels full of salt. I love fair food. I always have. It’s one of the times per year that I don’t go vegan. We ate so much stuff on a stick I can’t name it all. Brandi and Sarah have no problem sharing food anyway so they would go get in line while I watched the boys and buy a few things on the menu. Then we would all so there and pick some off to try it. It was so much fun. I’m a huge foodie so I love discovering new tastes. I had a chocolate covered jalapeno Lol Now that is quite a combination. I didn’t even know they had those! We also got a funnel cake because that’s a law if you go to any fair food event. We had chicken on a stick, Turkey leg, deep-fried pickles, deep-fried Twinkies, Nachos, double double burgers, pizza, and curly whirly fries Lol With cheese all over the top. Then we all got Tin roofs for dessert. I haven’t had a Tin Roof in a long time. My goodness was that good! I came home and wanted to take a nap. But we dropped off Sarah and the boys then Brandi and I went back for the Tim McGraw concert. Before we were going to head out I came walking downstairs and said Are we ready to go? Brandi said where’s your cowboy hat? I said it’s in my room, why? She said go put it on. She has never done that before. I usually get teased for wearing it. But I don’t care because it covers the top of my head and all of my face from the sun when we go out for hours. I said oh now you want me to wear the darn thing, why is that? She said I want to walk around with a cowboy tonight Lol Girls are really weird!

Our seats weren’t that great but it didn’t matter. You could see everything. The stage is huge and he worked the whole thing. He sang a bunch of songs I recognized. I didn’t realize how many songs I knew. Then he sang a bunch of newer stuff I didn’t know. It was great. We danced and had a great time. We sat with a bunch from his fan club and they were telling us all about him. I really did enjoy it. We got home late, I didn’t enjoy that part but everyone had a nice day I think.

I’m working in my home office this morning getting caught up. Only until everyone gets up. I plan on playing with my boys all day. I bought some sparklers and we will show the boys what they are later. We might go out on the boat a little. I want to get on the jet ski and take off for an hour. I want to go wish all of my neighbors a happy 4th. Most of them will be on their boats all day.

It’s another perfect day. Cloudy but no rain. Tomorrow it will get hot again but this weekend has been great. I hope everyone is going to have some fun today. We all deserve it. Thank you to all of our forefathers for fighting for our freedom. Your sacrifices and courage are much appreciated by me and my family. I love America. I love everything about being an American. And I really love my country. God Bless America, the greatest nation in the world!

Thank you all for continuing to follow my story. I really enjoy connecting with all of you. Stay safe, eat a lot of good food and enjoy your day!

God loves you and my family loves you too! Happy Fourth of July, America!


The Book of Mormon

I listened to the entire Book of Mormon on audiobook. After 30 hours of it I finished it and came up with a few thoughts. I do believe that the Book of Mormon is a Second accounting of Jesus Christ. But I also believe that some of it was inspired by the Old Testament. There are far too many stories that are similar. I think that it’s a great book and everyone should read it in order to educate yourself on the Mormon faith as well as open your mind to possible other beliefs in this world. I bought my own copy off of and will read it again someday. To me it’s more of a text, not so much scriptural context. I really enjoyed the stories and finding new names of people in history who I had never heard of before.

I struggled through the first few books. But once I got past that, it kind of flowed and made more sense to me. I am glad that I got a chance to read this book and I really enjoyed learning about another religion. I made contact with a few people that run Mormon based websites to ask questions along the way. They were very helpful to me and we began emailing back and forth about different sections of the Book of Mormon. I value their input, although we will never believe the same way. It was a fun experience and I’m glad I took the time to learn about this. Up until a few months ago I honestly did not know what Mormons believed in.