Lynn is free today!

Good morning guys. Today is the day Lynn gets to come out of her 14 day quarantine. Brenda’s mom has been a real champ staying in a cabin away from all of us. We have done all we can to support her and make sure she has all that she needs. Lynn has never had a long vacation. She has worked 2 or 3 jobs all of her life so being in Hawaii for 2 weeks not worrying about work (She was laid off from her job) and relaxing, she’s enjoying it.

We are helping the kids make up a bunch of signs. We made up a bunch of signs on Saturday and taped them to the walls to do a few Facebook Live videos to support our Healthcare workers. The kids loved it and our audience loved it. So happy to spend our Easter doing something with love and kindenss. We will be making a bunch of things to show her how much we love her and want her to come play with us. I know she’s really excited.

We are going to move her into Brenda’s cabin. Gabby and Brenda will be spending the morning cleaning the entire house and getting her bedroom ready. They will stock up the fridge and freezer after Lynn is out and home. I want them both to come up to the main house to pick what they both want to eat for the week. Gabby will also get her food stockpile for the week at that time.

I can’t wait to go get her. The full 2 weeks are up at 3pm but we are going to get her out at 4pm to make sure. She has to take her temperature before we go in her house and send me what the temp is. She has had no symptons, no fever, no coughing. She’s fine. I knew she would be but I have to protect my kids. It will be nice to be a family again.

Tomorrow night I’m planning a big celebration dinner for Lynn and I’m making everyone dress up. I want her to feel special. She has been stashed away for 2 weeks and I did feel guilty about that. She is really happy to be getting out soon. She wants to hug her daughter and I know Brenda wants to hug her too.

We will get through this. One small step at a time. Hang in there guys. I love you.

Book Signings and no baby sightings

   I found this quote that’s my featured image and had completely forgot who Greg Louganis was. I had to Google him. Great swimmer. I remember watching him at the Olympics on tv when I was much younger.

Last night I went downtown to a book signing event. I actually had a lot bigger crowd than I expected. I was surprised. Everyone was very polite, a lot of pictures taken with me. A few videos and one person Facetimed with her friend. I said Hi how are you and did a mini wave and then I listened for about 3 minutes of nonstop OMG I can’t believe you are real Lol That’s my favorite. I love the people who show up just to see if I’m real or not.

Apparently some of my readers look at my blog here because I was asked a lot about Peace. She’s perfect and happy btw. No I do not bring my kids to book signings. No I never will. If my wife shows up, she waits until it’s over and then we walk out separately. If someone was smart they would walk out after us and see us get into the same car. That photo would be work a few grand I’m sure to the &#@)(#@ tabloids. So far so good. I hope my 15 minutes of fame is finally over. We will see when the next season of that awful show comes out. I swear if she milks her lie for Year 3 on there I’m going to be pissed. Get over me already, geez.

I sold 37 books total. 32 of Almost Meri’ed and 5 of Almost Defame’ed. I autographed all of the books and wrote a few nice messages for the people who requested it be for someone else. I try and spell the names right but I can’t always hear how they said it. I try.

We scheduled an hour of book signing which means with about 50 people standing around waiting on me we get to spend a few minutes together and I tell everyone if you wait until I’m done I will take questions. I hate taking questions but that’s part of it. If I take money for the book signing, I have to fulfill what they want.

Every stinking time they ask about Meri and if we still talk. They also ask if I have ever met Kody. They ask what my wife thinks of all of this. They ask about my kids. I’m happy to show them a few photos on my phone but I don’t allow them to photo or video it at all. My kids are on my Facebook. They aren’t for public exposure on the internet. I release what I want to my family and friends. If you are on my Facebook you are someone I trust not to ruin my family privacy. No one has yet and I’m happy about that.

What did happen is someone made a video of me last night and put it on Youtube. Then they also sent me a comment on here that I just found. It has the link and it says He’s real, now everyone stfu Lol That’s how I feel too. All of the efforts of the trolls have done nothing. They have stalked me (Literally), tried to find me, called places I’m at or was just at, continued to harass, stalk, bully, target, spam, and completely lie about the things I say on here. If ya’ll need to twist words into what you think it means, go for it. Or you could just ask me to clarify. I don’t know I guess the first one lets you spend your whole day talking about me and avoiding your own life. I have much better things to do than respond to trolls anyway. Lindsay has done such a good job the past month I have about 7 trolls left out of the 300 + trolls we started out with. 7. And 2 of them have multiple accounts.

I hit the mute/block button and I see nothing. Jack and Biz have really done a great job with the new Twitter anti-bullying TOS rules. You read them, you figure out how to word your report, you report every single thing the troll say to me and within a day or so BOOM, they are either locked up or completely suspended.

The trolls that create a brand new account after their account is gone are complete and total psychopaths. They are also wasting their time bad mouthing me. For what purpose? They are doing nothing to “Stop” anything. I just laugh when Lindsay reads some of the more insane comments to me. I don’t care. I live my life with peace (Hahaha Look at that) and nothing ever bothers me. I love they try to say my wife is fake, my kids are fake. Lindsay said even they think my dog is fake. Really? Where did I get my dog then? How dumb are these women. Avoiding your life but trying to bash mine online, that makes you a loser. You need to get over all of this. The 2 people involved (Meri and myself) have moved on. We are both much happier apart and we want nothing to do with each other. All she does is use me to get more attention for herself. Why? Because that’s good for ratings and it also finally got her husband’s attention. He has no idea at all how to balance a happy life with any of the 4, that’s obvious. They are sad. Look at them. It’s really sad to know how miserable behind the scenes really is in the reality shows. Take the money, take the fame, deal with the bs. I guess that’s their life. I’m so happy not to be apart of any of that. I actually value my privacy over fame and money. That’s why I’m a lot more careful about how I do things now. I hired a professional to teach me and give me tips on what to post, how to post things and how to secure my social media. He was awesome and really taught me how to keep myself and my family safe. That’s why the trolls are so dumb they can’t find my office, my condo or my house. Thank goodness!

Live your life. I am. My life is awesome. I am so happy to be married to my beautiful wife and raise our kids. We laugh all day long at things that go on. Our kids are healthy and loved.

Today we get to take all 3 of them to the doctor. Our pediatrician wants to see and evaluate Peace. He said bring the other 2 in just for a checkup. I will never turn that down. He can look at all 3 and I will know we are okay. My boys love going there. Everyone gives them so much attention. The nurses and office people talk to them and they end up with 3 or 4 stickers on their shirts Lol They are spoiled.

After our appointment I’m taking the boys somewhere fun and Sarah will drive Peace back home. Since our daughter came home I haven’t really had much one on one time with the boys so I promised today I would take them somewhere. It should be easy because they will be in the stroller most of the time. That always makes it easy when I’m by myself. Heather and Brandi offered to go with me but I said the people there doing our tour will help me if I need it. The last time we went somewhere alone one of the girls actually held Alex through the last half of it. He loved it. He kept playing with her hair. I made her go wash her hands before she touched him Lol She said okkkkkayyy then went and did it. When she came back I told her 10 people a day want to hold one of them or both. I’m a germaphobe I just need people to help me not get my kids sick. She understood then. She was also 16 or something so she doesn’t think like a parent.

A long full day of fun. I better get going. I also need to check in on my condos. The crew is there now working on them. There wasn’t much to do other than build up a better wall between them. They knocked down the one we had built and I told them to sound proof it. That way each of the condos can’t hear anything going on. I think that will be a great selling point.

Have a great day everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

Mariah announces that she’s gay. What a very brave, very important step for her to take. How awesome is that! I like her grandma hugged her first. Then Robyn. Kody stays seated, Meri stays seated. She really didn’t know her own daughter was gay? I told her I thought Mariah was gay. Lindsay told her she was “def gay, omfg are you blind?” We both told her. She said nooooo. She is just really busy with school and work. Um okay Lol That doesn’t mean she’s not gay. That just means she’s busy.

Meri admits she did not see it coming. Honestly, in this moment thank God for Janelle. She was excited, talking, so sweet and supportive. That’s everything she needed. She just needed them to hear it. Because all of her life she needed to say it. I’m so happy for her. I really am. What a great moment.

Oh here we go again. Blame me for your relationship with your daughter being bad. I did not catfish Meri Brown. She is lying! I have proven that over and over on this blog. We had an affair. That’s it.

Meri has always used Robyn as the buffer. She doesn’t want Kody to yell at her and he won’t do that in front of Robyn. So she has Robyn come in as a therapist to explain what each side is really saying. That’s so sad to me. My wife and I don’t always think alike but we always find a way to talk to each other. You have to.

Meri is upset about not knowing Mariah was gay. All of the signs were there. Anyone can log into her Tumblr at and see it written there for the past year. There’s even a photo of her kissing a girl Lol


If you process this without showing the real emotions, it’s no different from hiding the affair we had. You have got to be real, be up front, and be honest with this kid. She’s way too smart to not pick up on it. And she also has been through enough. That’s bad advice from Robyn. If you are upset, be upset. If you have questions, ask the questions. Hiding it because you are crying, that won’t help anything.

If Meri would admit things to Mariah and stop lying, I’m pretty sure Mariah would talk to her mom. If she would take ownership and say yes I was leaving for Sam, yes we had an affair. Yes I have lied to you. If Meri would do all that I have done, things would heal. I took ownership. I went around to all of my family and friends and told them I had an affair. I answered their questions, I asked for forgiveness. I lost some people in my life. I stayed true to my truth. And I showed them the proof they wanted or needed. That’s the only way I got my wife to start dating me. By showing her everything. She needed to know I wasn’t lying to her. She deserved it. After that, we had a clean slate together and ended up married. I love my wife. I know I say that a lot but I really really do. She just walked by and saw I was writing this blog and kissed my forehead.

If Meri really wanted to fix things, if she really wanted to heal. She would sit down and just fess up. I did. It scared the shit out of me. It was one of the hardest times in my life. Thank God for Lindsay. She got me through all of that. The months after we broke up were hell. And Lindsay took very good care of me. Then when it was getting to a bad point she called in Drew and they both took me to where I needed to go and we got through it. Meri doesn’t know how to talk to Mariah because she can no longer control her. Meri is a control freak. The best thing she can do is just fess up to the affair. Tell her everything. Stop denying it because all of my proof and the opinions of so many people are all over the place. The entire world agrees Meri is lying about me. They just haven’t figured it all out yet. They aren’t sure what she is lying about and what part might be true.

It’s so odd to me how much she oppresses herself. She wasn’t like that with me at all. She said what she wanted, she confided, she was truthful and honest. Now she’s just this fragile scared empty person. It really is sad. I wish she would get over me. So she could find happiness with someone new like I did.


Dropping bombs, all kinds today


Today has been tough. I didn’t get much sleep last night. My boys are a lot more active and want to stay up longer after the night diaper changes or night time feedings. It’s really hard. I’m exhausted this week. Every one that has spoken to me on the phone the last few days has been yawned at or at the very least heard my sleepy daddy voice Lol This is really hard. This is not easy. Sarah is beyond exhausted. She had to call in one of the part-time nannies today she said for a few hours just so she could take a shower and a nap. We have to take them into the doctor tomorrow morning for a 3 month check up. I’m really hoping we can finally get rid of the dang dietician lady. She was assigned to us and I willingly accepted her advice and help when Alex wasn’t gaining weight. Now he’s a chunk and I want her gone. She is nice, but she nitpicks every single thing I do or say about their formula. She says she is only “letting me use vegan formula” because I have proven its good stuff and she called the manufacturer herself to verify what I had told her was accurate. She is seeing the benefits of using it but she still thinks they need regular formula. Well if there was a medical reason, absolutely, I would switch them both right away. But we have been there, done that, and we are okay now. She sent me an awesome email and I kind of told her off in my reply back. I did say sorry I think somewhere in there that I am really tired but I disagree with half of what she said. She waited a half hour then called me at work. Then chewed at me for 5 minutes about the benefits of this and that and told me to think on it. I said okay thanks and hung up right away. That was me trying to be nice but I really wanted to just hang up on her! If Alex is fine, she is gone as of tomorrow.

Then Lindsay Lol I swear it is ALWAYS Lindsay that grinds my headache into a pounding migraine in a few minutes. She sent out a mass email to all of our upper executives about what her plans are for the next 2 months and why she will be taking money out of everyone’s budgets to feed into her latest project, the one I’m scared to go forward with. She said she made an executive decision and if she’s wrong she will pay it back. This came out of nowhere this morning. I tried calling her she answered and said “Yeah, hi swamped here call laters” and hung up on me Lol She only does that when she knows I’m about to go off on her. So I left the office. I called up my buddy Josh and asked what he was doing for lunch. He said he was playing hooky from work today to watch the Cubs game so I said I’m grabbing beers for you, a salad for me and coming over. I hid out there the rest of the day until the game was over. Then I went home. After I got my boys settled I took a longer shower, a really long shower. The kind you just stand there with the hot water pouring all over you and you don’t move at all. I was probably in there for a half hour. I think I wanted to cry from stress but I held it in. Or I was so tired my tears melted before they flew out of my eyes and the water dissolved them.

I am really stressed out this week. And I don’t know what to do about it. I am working out like a beast trying to get some of the pressure off but that is only making me more tired.

Then Josh called and asked if I wanted to come watch the next Cubs game at a bar with some buddies of his and Sarah overheard me talking about it and went off on me. Actually used an F-bomb at me for skipping work and not coming home. And she is 100% right. I was selfish, she needs help, I could have taken that 3 hours from work and went home to watch the game with my boys. She was really pissed. Hold on let me go out and ask her a mundane question to gauge her temperament.

Yep, still pissed Lol I asked her if she knew what the weather would be like tomorrow she said Why don’t you go ask Josh. Can a nanny put you in the dog house? If so, I’m there tonight.

Bombs everywhere tonight! I need to eat dinner. I haven’t even done that yet.

So we are putting the photos page back up. It a page not a post. I’m supposed to mention that because everyone will be looking for it in the posts. Here is the link for it. Yes it is blank right now because Lindz is looking into Photo Plugins that will organize all of the photos and make it look cool. That’s all I care about. I want to be able to write a label on each one to explain them. I have so many photos no one has ever seen. And it’s time to let that out there. Has anyone noticed every single time something gets said by the other side publicly I have a response to it? With more proof, more info, and more questions being answered.

Also, the NBC interview is/was a TLC thing for that show she is doing next. They wanted my response. So I gave them one. I answered about 15 questions for the producer lady. She was nice and respectful. Then she began hounding me. She wanted more info more this and that. So I called my lawyer to ask what to do. He said he would look into it and call me back. Yes, NBC is working with TLC on a new series. Yes NBC News really does want to do an on camera interview with me. But so does FOX and CBS now. So we are getting more info gathered up because the last thing I want to do is ANYTHING for TLC. I would like to insert the same word Sarah used on me earlier tonight, right here

_ _ _ _ No!

I will do nothing to help TLC at all. Look at what they have done to my life. And do you really believe they are going to let me actually tell my story and not edit me into whatever version they need this to be? Come on, ya’ll. Even if NBC News is contracted with them to do it, TLC still has the ultimate control over it all and my lawyer said put a pin in it until he can make some calls. We have been emailing back and forth for a few days prior to this exchange. CBS and FOX are local affilates just wanting a short interview they will splice together, not a big sit down like this NBC offer is.




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Weekend audible

welcome-iron-coffee-lg  It’s been a great first week back in Chicago. I have been running all over downtown checking out my buildings and projects. I love surprise visits to see how things are going.  It catches people off guard, I only stay a few minutes but I get to listen first hand on what people need or want. Then try to accommodate reasonable requests. Keep your customers happy and they will stay forever. 


My personal life is getting back to normal. I’ve been hanging out with my buddy Josh. He’s worried about me. He says I’m different. He says my soul seems sad or I lost my smile. I’m not sure if both or none are true. I feel okay. I feel like I’m working hard and going home proud of what I accomplished that day. But that has never been good enough for me. I push myself. I have to. I’m it. My employees have no one else to steer this ship. And I have all of our money tied together. If one fails, it will be a ripple effect across the board. This past month has been very tough. I’ve lost clients, leases, and a few will not be renewing with us. I understand, but I don’t understand.

I had planned on going up to my Lake house for the weekend. To really sit down and start writing this book. I have notes together, and an outline but no pages. The curve ball I got thrown this morning is that Peyton bought a flight out here and wants to come visit. I stunned her with my silence as soon as she said it. It took me a few seconds to recover and be the gentleman my grandmother taught me to be.

Sure, sounds like fun! What time do you get in I will pick you up?

Are you really sure it’s okay? You sound surprised?

No it’s fine. I mean it’s great. It will be great. Uh what time again?

My flight gets it at **:**pm.

Great. That’s really great. Haha Okay see you then. Fly safe. Bye


That’s what this feels like. I’m trying to be cool but I don’t understand this. I don’t know why she wants to come visit me. We have talked everyday on the phone, texted some. We are friends now. FRIENDS. I guess that means friends get to visit each other. But I was prepared to see her in December, with her sister. She’s coming alone. Staying at my house. Wants to see the big city.

Okay? I’m okay? Okay Lol Dang, it’s going to be fun. She’s a beautiful young woman and I have a great time with her. I’m just…

Wow, okay. Peyton is really coming here this weekend. Why?