I want a little Peace at home

Hey guys. How are you doing tonight? I’m good. I’m listening to a podcast as I type this. It’s pretty funny so I may pause a few times to listen to a story they are telling. I hope this won’t take that long. Like right there. I just learned how they both figured out Santa was more of a helper to our parents than we all figured out Lol It was a great story.

I have decided to keep Peace at home now. I put her into daycare to give her time to socialize and see if that would go well. Her brothers are in school all day now and I want her to feel a part of all of that. She only went half a day. This allowed me time to bond with Sky. Sky is older, sleeping longer at night, things are smooth.

Now I get both of my girls at home all day and I’m trying to figure out all of the girl type things they might want to do together with me. So far I planned a very special lunch that got crapped on by a bad phone call. It took longer than it was supposed to and I ended up missing out on the entire meal that I prepared. Peace was mad and she had every right to be. So I did what every guilt ridden, single, Catholic parent would do, I took her for ice cream. It helped but she still let me know that was not okay.

I am sorry Peace. Next time I will put you first and make a better choice.

Sky decided to chill with us the rest of the afternoon and it’s very interesting to see my girls interact. Peace loves her little sister. Now keep in mind she hates being a big sister to anyone. She still wants to be the baby of the house. And I tend to favor her over everyone in my life. I am working on that. She’s so dang cute though. She looks up at me and I just melt.

The boys are doing great. We had a great Christmas, a great Disney trip, and my quick trip over the weekend was a good break for all of us. I had a business trip to Napa, California and I got back way too late the next morning. That meeting turned out like complete crap. I’m not happy at all how that business is going and it got a huge change of command as of NOW. Not me, I put someone else in charge. It did not go over well but it’s a business. And I let it go for 3 years now. I’m done.

2020 for me is the year of ZERO FU**S. I mean it. I’ve finally been setting boundaries and walking away from my toxic friendships. Certain people in my life have about 1 more phone call left in me before I say, I’m done, bye. Click. I love my friends but some of them, time to go. And 2020 was the year.

The podcast I’m listening to is debating if some guy should shave his back Lol I do not have a hairy back. I have no opinion of this at all but I think it’s funny the answers they are offering up. A back scratcher with a razor taped on it? I guess that might work. I also do not have a hairy butt, thank goodness. Hairy legs, yes, hairy armpits check, yes. A small patch of chest hair I usually just shave off, yes. That’s my usual stuff. Shave your back Lol Wow. Good luck to that guy.

So much for finishing this blog. My kids are fighting over a puzzle so I’m wrapping this up. Have a great evening everybody! Tomrrow I’m getting us a new vehicle. I’m selling my Range Rovers. It’s going to be sad but I need a much bigger vehicle now with Sky in our family. Love you guys.

No, not that school

For reason’s I’m keeping private (Except my family and a few friends) I moved my boys out of the school I put them in and today was their first day in the new Catholic school. Things didn’t work out in our first school, I’m happier, the boys seem okay?, and this is my decision. I did get a lot of advice yesterday as this decision was pretty much being made for me. It was a no-brainer moment. So now we are in a school that’s very close to our new house and I think this is how we will do it.

I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out if this was the best move for me. Is this better? Is this what’s best for the boys? We will see when I pick them up this afternoon.

Peace. My daughter Lol I swear everyday she proves more and more than she is 2 going on 25. I keep feeling left out of her school life. She finally did hug and kiss me goodbye today but that’s only because I had a hold of her little hand walking into school and I wasn’t going to let her run off this time. Someone said she has a “girl squad at school now”. I was mad Lol No she doesn’t! She’s my baby! And yet she acts like I’m just her ride.

So how is everyone else surviving school? How are your kids adjusting? Mine are doing okay. We are trying to get into a routine. I purposefully kept them out of school until after we moved and did give them an extra week here to get used to everyone. I felt it was too much to move and immediately get them into class. We started late from everyone else but I really don’t care. It was a good choice.

Ok I just found the color setting block on my WordPress software and apparently I can color the background here.

That’s interesting. If I ever get fancy maybe I can start coloring the sections I want to emphasize on each post. Don’t hold your breath. I need to go pick up Peace. Brenda our new part time nanny and Sarah are going to stay home with Sky. I’m going to pick up Peace and take her to eat. Then we will grab food to bring home to the girls.

I really am enjoying my afternoons just with my girls. I get to hold Sky and watch Peace play. Or when Sky is sleeping give all of my attention to Peace. I love it!

Have a great rest of the week guys! I love ya’ll!

4 days in Denver, Colorado, yes!

I just dropped the kids off at their Day camp. This is the last week/weekend they have to go to that. They will be so bummed out next week but I’m excited for all the fun I have planned for us.

First of all thank you, thank you, and a BIG THANK YOU from my daughter for all the awesome birthday wishes on our Family Facebook page. I did Facebook live a little from her party but we did keep it small and private. I’m so sorry the boys were so loud when I was trying to get Peace to talk on camera Lol Hey, that’s my life. The boys love to be filmed and for the most part want all of the attention. That dress was from Macy’s. I bought it special for her birthday party. Yes it is cute, since that was the majority of the comments, and yes her headband did not say on all night Lol She flung that off pretty soon after we wrapped up Facebook Live.

I uploaded all of our photos and videos from the past month including Peace’s birthday. Go check that out, guys. Be sure to welcome all of our new Batfans that have slowly been added to our page and interact with them.

I’m so happy to report I am leaving to go on my trip in a few hours. Lindsay ran down to the office this morning for a meeting. As soon as she gets back I’m GONE. Which means probably around 10:30am this morning. She will leave at 9:30am but she wants to stop to pick up a few things from the store.

I’m actually more nervous for her to drive my new Range Rover than I am for her watching my kids this weekend. She’s a speed demon (Always has been) and I just know there’s going to be a few lovely, new scratches on it when I get home.

So how is everyone doing? How much did you love Amazon Prime days this year? I just got the last of our orders in yesterday. I bought way too much stuff but you really can’t beat those deals.

My goal for my Denver trip is to check out my house renovations, talk to the general contractor to see what his timeline is and make sure all of our inspections are good. So far that house has been a breeze. I think it’s because it had such solid bones. I did a really good job picking it out. It’s only a 4 year old house so we only had to customize a few of the rooms. The best part is the kids picked out the bedroom colors and it was be completely done when we move in. I will not have to paint or do a single thing. Won’t that be nice. I’m also going to be hanging out with some of my gaming friends so I’m excited for that. Nice is meeting up with me on Saturday and Sebastian will be driving up also. It’s going to be a fun, fun, weekend. I really can’t wait.

I hope you all are having the best summer ever. I am because it’s been quiet, calm, and peaceful.

Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, beautiful little girl. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. She is our peacemaker, our joy, and our sweetness. The boys love their sister with all their hearts and I don’t know what I would have done if my beautiful Peacey pie didn’t come into my life. I always think about her adoption and her biological parents on her birthday. I don’t know if one day they will reach out to the adoption agency and ask for my info but they are always welcome into our family. I’m cool with changing the closed adoption they wanted into an open adoption any day they want. I pray they both change their minds some day. I look forward to raising Peace up to the very best life I can offer her and I sincerely promise she’s going to be an outstanding citizen, student, sister, friend, daughter, and (OMG) girlfriend, mom, some day. I’m leading by example by showing her as much love as I can daily. She knows she is special, she knows she is very loved, she knows 100% she belongs with me. She is a light in my life and hearing her laugh is literally one of the best sounds in the world. Right now I’m just her daddy but I know when she’s all grown up I can also be one of her best friends. I want nothing but the best for her and I will do all I can to educate her in whatever way she needs. She is incredibly smart and I’m pretty sure at some point she will skip a grade.

Peace, your little face is one of my favorite things on Earth. I love you, the boys love you. The entire world loves you. Never change who you are, and just be my sweet, happy little girl for as long as we can. Also, don’t grow up Lol Ever! I love you, my princess. You will always be Daddy’s GIRL!

It’s a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday party and a surprise announcement

My daughter’s 1st birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since she came into the world. I didn’t get to meet her until 3 days later but it was worth the wait. She is still perfect. She’s very chill except when she’s saying dada over and over. She is my little snugglebug. She loves to be held, she loves to laugh and play. She’s doing all she can to grow up into a sweet little angel. Until her brothers take her things, then it’s whack-city Lol

Over the weekend we had family and friends fly into town. We were going to do her party on Saturday. Saturday morning she woke up sick. I said let’s try for Sunday. She still wasn’t doing better so I told them sorry, go home. We are going to do a small party with a ton of food and decorations because I still have everything we ordered. My living room looks like a garden Pooh party. You can barely get around in there.

Did I mention I’m still in Colorado Springs? Yes, we will be here for the next 7 weeks. Our house is finally all set up and ready. The nannies helped out so much with that. God bless them both. Sarah is flying in tonight. She wouldn’t dare miss the make-up birthday party. I texted her early Saturday and told her to hold off on her flight. We have a poop issue, not a pooh issue. She said okay. Lindsay has been here for a few days. She’s been very entertaining. She has Peace thinking that she runs the whole house, which she probably does. Peace gets everything she wants right now. Thankfully she’s not of age to know that she has such powers full-time. She mostly just wants some fruit. That kid is a fruit nut. She loves all kinds of chopped, pureed, or diced fruit. I’m very happy about that.

I had to reorder the Pooh cake because the boys destroyed the first one. I wasn’t very happy but I have to remember, kids will be kids. As long as we have the new one in time tomorrow morning I will be fine with it.

Alex is doing great. He’s getting around much better and his breathing treatments at night are going faster. We get to reduce down the dosage. I just wish that machine was quieter. It’s loud.

Man it’s been raining here all day. I wanted to get the backyard set up with a bouncy house but that’s not going to happen. I bought a nice size inflatable swimming pool so that the smaller kids could at least dip in with their parent holding them. It’s not big enough for adults to do anything but sit in it. I thought the 1-year-old friends might enjoy a dip. The sun is supposed to come out right around party time at lunchtime so I’m really hoping that we can do something fun outside. If not we can play the 3 games I found for babies and hope they have fun.

I’ve tried so hard to get this party perfect. I ordered way too much stuff. I made too many birthday present choices. I wanted a nice, small family gathering. It turned into a shindig.

Colorado Springs is pretty awesome. I’m starting to find my way around town. I love the local radio stations here. The morning talk stuff is pretty funny. They are playing a great selection of the newer songs and the old. I listen to it a lot while I’m cooking breakfast and then cleaning up. I really have enjoyed my time here. We haven’t been able to get out and explore much but I hope to soon.

Happy Birthday to my little girl, Peace Taylor! I love you very much and I really hope you enjoy your special day even though you aren’t going to remember any of this. We are still going to take a mountain of photos and videos. I will do a special Facebook Live tomorrow with the birthday girl for you guys. Be sure to check it all out on our Family Facebook page. I will try to update more tomorrow.

Have a great week! Love ya’ll!

Peace’s Baby Shower is today!

This morning from 8am to noon we will be hosting Peace Taylor Cooper’s baby shower in my office. I’m already here waiting for the caterer. My wife and the girls will be bringing down the kids in about an hour. I came here last night to meet up with my wife to see how things were going. The event planner that Lindsay hired had so much stuff Lol I guess that’s how she shows everyone how much she loves her niece. I have to send videos and pictures because Lindsay won’t even be here in time for the party. She’s in Mexico working and said she may be a little late. I said how late she said Sunday. I guess that’s her choice. Peace will be surrounded by love either way. Our daughter is not even a month old yet and she is already getting spoiled rotten. Good. My boys and I all cater to her. Anything she needs we all go running over. My boys are even starting to grab diapers for me. It’s so funny they fight over who gets to hand me one and then I take the other one and act like I’m using it too. They just laugh and are proud for helping me.

My wife loves all of this girly stuff. She kept picking everything up and saying she loves it. The pink baby shoe centerpieces are her favorites. I like the balloons with Peace’s name and birthdate on them. I thought that was a very good personal touch. I never thought of doing that but Lindsay said she ordered them and had them sent to the event planner. She said a sack of 50 balloons only cost $45. That’s not bad I need to do that for my boys’ birthday next year. I guess also for my wife’s birthday too. That’s coming up soon.

We invited the entire city of Chicago plus all of our out-of-town family and friends. I am very surprised so many from out-of-town showed up, especially my family members. The boys’ birth mom and both grandparents are here. I can’t believe it. Their birth dad  and his parents wished us well but said they wouldn’t be joining us. I understand that. I have sent everyone photos of the boys with their new baby sister. I have also let them all know we are also pregnant and having a baby next year. All of them have been very supportive and think it’s really great the boys will have siblings. I told them all we have set the number 6 in our head. We want 6 kids. My wife loves the idea of 6 kids but there is one condition. If she ends up with twins at some point we are done. Triplets we are done AND I’m cut off forever she said Lol I told her I’m a verified baby boy maker (Ryan) and that’s all I know.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will update more tonight I have a very busy travel schedule next week with Lindsay. We are doing joint book signings. Her book is finally out and it’s hilarious. I really did enjoy reading it. My wife read it and said Lindsay needs to go into comedy. She has such a way with words. I’m very proud of her telling her story and what really happened. So happy that bookstores want to book both of us. We have a 4 day trip starting on Tuesday because I go to court on Monday morning to get all of the adoption paperwork for Peace sealed up and signed off on by our family court judge and then right after that I’m meeting my wife at her doctor’s office to find out the sex of our new baby! I will be announcing that very soon. We are going to do a gender reveal party on Facebook Live for everyone that way we don’t have another party for it. She said almost all of the people who would come are on our Facebook let’s just do it on there. We are going to open a big box with the right color balloons in it. Our nannies will know the sex of the baby because they all said they are dying to know and they want to help us with the reveal part. We won’t tell anyone else. My wife’s parents will be coming over to find out live so that will be who is standing there with us. I know they will already start hugging and crying as soon as they find out. They love all of their grandkids so much.

I better wrap this up I think the vans just pulled up outside and I didn’t get a permit for them to park there to unload so we need to unload on the sidewalk real quick Lol

Happy Baby Shower to my beautiful daughter Peace Taylor! I hope you know how much we want you and love you! As of Monday you will officially be mine!

2 weeks of Peace

2 weeks ago today our precious baby daughter was born. It’s flying by. She is so sweet and quiet. She barely makes a fuss. Having a daughter in the house changes the whole dynamic. Both of the boys and myself are catering to her every need. As soon as she wakes up and starts crying the boys say Uh oh and come find me. I come walking out and say I know I know Lol They are her protectors already. I think that’s great! The dog also starts barking so he’s also a really big help.

This weekend was pretty chill. The girls finished up the last few days at #Lollapalooza. They have so many great pics and videos they shared. I put more of them up on our Family facebook page now. We relaxed and had a very good weekend.

This week I will have to go into the office tomorrow for half a day. There’s a meeting I have to sit in on because Lindsay isn’t going to be able to make it back here for it. She is flying all over the U.S. trying to handle my schedule. I can’t even handle my schedule so pray for her. Business is BOOMING! I don’t know why but we are at 65% capacity on all of our properties total. That is the biggest number we have ever had. We usually float around 40%-50% full. I’m so happy our leases are getting filled up and we can enjoy the economic boom the rest of the country is feeling.

No, it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s just the beginning of the end. The bubble always grows right before it bursts. Again like I’ve said, in 2018, s*** is going to hit the fan. I said that last year. I saw what was happening and I predicted a huge market shift.

My wife even pulled her investments out of the stock markets to protect herself. I told her leave it in, that is your money and she said no, I want to keep it my money. Amen. I do not invest anything in the stock markets. We invest in properties. Those are things I can’t lose because some other group(s) decides to dump all of their stock. It’s a safe investment and as long as we find the right people to run it, we are always fine.

Paternity leave would be pretty boring if I just had 1 baby. Having the boys run around too, that makes it so much more fun. This is such a great age for them. They follow me everywhere. They want to hang out. I’m loving it because I know when they hit about 12 I will no longer be “cool” or whatever slang word is popular at that time. I still think Lit is an awesome word. I try using it and EVERYONE IN THIS HOUSE ROLLS THEIR EYES AT ME. I had to cap that one.

Today is all about baby Peace and making sure she is still thriving. The nutritionist that we had with the boys is coming up today. I did not get along with her but my doctor recommends her so she is coming to do a check. I will do whatever I need to. I want to make sure she is healthy.

My adoption attorney will be joining us for dinner on Thursday. Without her I would have no kids. I asked her to come up tonight but she is busy. I’m excited for her to meet Peace. Adoptions are such a blessing. I knew in my heart that I would have kids I just didn’t know when or how. I really thought when I called her to tell her my wife was pregnant that would end our search for now. She said no, that is something that happens sometimes. I was not disqualified. Going through 1 adoption already helped us out with a faster process. She has already asked me if I wanted to go again. Of course I do Lol But not right now. I really do need to stop adopting babies. 4 kids all at once is enough of a great start. My poor wife Lol I still remember the look on her face when I said I know this is really bad timing but…

She is so happy though. She loves her little Pea. They have already bonded and Peace loves her mama. We have that new parent glow. I’m exhausted but that’s my own fault for not using my nannies more. I don’t want to. I have time off of work, I will sleep later. In a month. Or two. 3?

Have a great work week, while I’m just chilling with my kiddos!

God love you and I love ya’ll too!

She’s home!

Yesterday morning we took Peace back up to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor said she’s fine to fly. He said straight home and get her into the house. I said Yes, sir. We left and took one last family selfie before we got in the car. I had to drop my wife off at the plane and then go return the rental car. That took a little longer than I thought. By the time I got inside Peace was up so we decided to feed her, change her, and then leave. I also decided to get myself and my wife something to eat at the airport before we left that way we both can make it. I usually have snacks with but this time in the rush of things I forgot. We both had a light breakfast so we were pretty hungry.

On the way back to Chicago Peace slept great. She woke up twice my wife said but she just held her until she went back down. We landed and had to get my plane parked again. We finally found car service. The guy went to the wrong pickup spot. I was getting pissed and finally told him 5 minutes or we are taking a cab instead. I didn’t want my daughter outside that much. We put the cover over her car seat so she was okay but I didn’t like that. He apologized and made sure he drove safely home.

We pulled into the driveway and around the round part to see a huge Welcome Home Peace sign. I’m guessing they made it because it looked a little janked up Lol Lindsay said they had all pitched in to make it so thank you girls, great job. Still a little janked. We got her inside and immediately she was swarmed. Everyone go a chance to look at her. I made sure each one washed their hands and had on a clean shirt then they could hold her. But only for a few minutes. Poor thing got passed around like a bowl of beans Lol Everyone got photos taken real quick and then it was time to get the boys to sit down and meet her. All they wanted to do was touch her and look at her. Heston was fine with her right away. Alex was a little shy until he saw Heston touch her. Now they are obsessed with her. They are trying to learn her name. They know she is sissy. They have that one down. My dog just sniffed her and walked off. He’s over it Lol He’s so done with me and all my babies. He just wants to hang out in the backyard. With it being fenced all the way on the sides and only open to the beach he spends all day out there. He loves it. He even walks on the beach and checks things out. My wife’s cat Tristan hid. I know  he will come out soon but with all the people in the house, he’s a little scared.

Lindsay did a great job on Peace’s nursery. All of the things we didn’t buy she bought them. She even remembered to get the bath chair for newborns. We have the one for the boys but she wouldn’t fit it that one at all. I am so glad she remembered to get it. That makes it a lot easier.

We got all of our bags unpacked and I showed everyone the videos of when we first met her. They saw it on Facebook but Lindz hooked up my phone to the big tv so they could all watch it better. I am such a goofball I didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

The rest of the day was all about resting and making sure we were ready. She’s home and that’s all I care about. My wife has to work all next week she can’t take off. I will be home with the nannies and we can all pitch in. I told Sarah this will be a piece of cake and she said I’m not really thinking about trying to feed Peace with both boys trying to eat her bottle Lol No I guess not but we will work things out.

This morning we are going to Church. Heather and Brandi are staying behind with all of the kids. I need to go thank God for this miracle in our lives. I promised I would go and I think a little break will be good for us. After Church we are going to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Lindsay gave me a list. She eats the weirdest things, I swear. Why does she need powdered sugar? What is she going to put it on? I don’t know.

I’m so happy to be home. My daughter is amazing. I am so in love with her. I hope we are bonding. I’m spending all of my free time with her and the boys and my dog. We are all hanging out together. When I walk out of a room everyone follows me. It’s so good to be home.

I hope everyone has had a great time the past few days. Thank you all again for the great messages I read them and I appreciate all of the congrats. Adoption really is a blessing. It’s a long, long road of waiting and hoping. I don’t know how this happened soon but it’s been almost a year. I guess it was longer than I thought. I had forgotten when I filed the adoption paperwork. I put it all on hold a few times but as soon as I released it and opened us up for it to happen, bam, 7 months later! God is so good to me.

Go to Church everyone, thank God for all your blessings. Have a great Sunday!

Quality time

We have spent all of our time with Peace. She is the quietest little girl in the whole world. She barely fusses and when she does it’s for a few seconds. She’s eating good, she’s pooping and peeing like she should. Everything is good. Is it possible we end up with a very easy baby? My wife said wouldn’t that be just like her name. How funny is that. We are so happy. My wife holds her more than I do. I love looking at her. Her little face is so beautiful and my goodness all of that black hair Lol We can put a little bow in it. I went out yesterday and bought the outfit she will be in to meet everyone. I told my wife we will change her into it on the plane before we go home. I called car service already and made an appointment to be picked up so I don’t have to mess with it. I also didn’t want anyone to come get us at the airport. Knowing Lindsay she would be standing next to my hangar rental so she could scoop her up right away.

The girls all told me they have everything ready. Sarah said Lindsay has spent so much of her own money buying things. We have 2 different strollers and she found a stroller that will fit 3 babies Lol That is hilarious. I didn’t even know they had that. We have a side by side seated one for the boys. We also have the one in front, one in the back kind too. It all depends on where we are going.

3 kids. Wow. I’m 44 and I am going to have 4 kids by the time I’m 45! God is so good to me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve so many great things recently. My wife is so happy. She keeps hugging me around my neck and telling me how in love she is with our life. I am too. We are so excited to bring Peace home tomorrow. Everyone is going to love her. The DONT TOUCH rule will be in effect when the bigger crowds of family and friends start coming in. I do not want a sick baby right away. You can look but no holding her. That will be just for the 8 of us. Drew’s kids can hold her for a few but only if they wash hands before.

My boys still have no idea what a sister is and that’s okay. When we bring her home they will find out. My dog and her cat are going to have to adjust. Sam jr is so good with my boys. He runs around and the boys chase him. It’s really funny watching the boys go after Tristan. Heston will say titty titty instead of kitty kitty. We all just laugh.

We are going to hang out one more day here to make sure she is okay. In the morning we are going back to the hospital to make sure her lungs can handle a short flight. Her doctors said because we are both healthy and wouldn’t pass off any airborne germs to her she can go as long as her lungs sound good. I told my wife if she is in any distress I will land right away and we will have to drive back. She said okay.

I just put up 10 more videos and 12 new photos of Peace. She isn’t doing much yet but she is Daddy’s girl so I have to show her off. I already put a Batman onesy on her Lol I had to do that. It’s pink with a black Batman logo on it. My wife said where did you get that. I said I found it at Toys R Us when I was buying her foldable crib. We had to go buy one because the crib the hotel had for us looked gross. I was not putting my daughter in that. I told my wife, BRB and came back with a bunch of stuff. I’m glad we bought it because we can use it for the new baby.

My wife is now 14 weeks pregnant. Let me look at the app we use. Oh, our new baby is the size of a peach this time. How funny. It says baby is probably thumb-sucking and wiggling toes. It says the baby has probably doubled it’s weight since last week. It says my wife should be feeling hungry a lot. She’s over the throwing up finally. She still gets queasy when she smells something that triggers it but she is so happy to be done with the morning sickness.

This app is giving us fun and creative ways to announce the pregnancy. We did that already. We did that as soon as we wanted. Waiting to share that kind of news in our family won’t work. We have 3 nannies that can sniff out a baby faster than anyone so trying to hide it in our house, no go. We decided to tell everyone earlier than most but we wanted to. It’s our first baby together and I was so happy to learn I got her pregnant in our first year of marriage. We want a big family. We have settled on no more than 6 but we are more comfortable around 5. It all depends on my wife’s health and her desire for more. I told her even if she only as the new baby we can keep adopting.

She loves being a mommy. She said she has learned so much about life from taking care of my boys. So have I. It really is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. These kids, they have my whole heart forever. I love all of my babies! I love my life. Things sure turned out way different from I thought it would but I kept faith in God.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday!