It’s the weekend, lets party?

We are hosting a bbq tonight for friends. We all have been having a very boring end of summer (Thankfully so) and I decided to get the group back together for some fun. We are going to hang out at the house, cookout and play cards tonight. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see everyone again and be among adults again. I love my kids and they are finally at the age where it’s all fun and no more tantrums on an hourly basis. I miss hanging out with my friends.

I’m getting ready to hit the stores. My nanny is on the way to watch the kids for a few hours while I get all the things we need. She is working out very well. She asked me not to use her first name on here so I will just call her my nanny. Easy enough. She’s great. The kids like her, they listen to her and she is very interactive. It’s been a big help having her come over as needed. I’m trying to balance my life out a little better. She comes by on our preset schedule and when I do need her for something she is available. It was a good choice.

The kids are doing great. It was a hard adjustment coming back here without Talon. That nearly killed me but I am dealing with it and trying to make the best of a really bad situation. His room has been turned into a spare bed room that we don’t open. It’s too hard for me. I miss him more than I can express.

I hope everyone is having a chill weekend. We are going to party like it’s 1999….no. We are going to party like adults with nothing but fun in mind. I might even bust out the guitar and dust it off for a few firepit songs. We will see.

I just got all of the messages returned and posted the latest photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Thanks for checking it out guys!

We are homebodies?

My wife and I rarely get to leave the house. Our small trips to the grocery store are the only vacations we get. We argue over who gets to leave and go to the store Lol I love my kids and they are a lot to handle. Most of the time things are great and then that 1 kid just gets wild (Alex) and then we have a mess on our hands. Trying to keep a 2-year-old quieter for the sleeping babies is impossible. My boys have a lot of activities they are into right now and we keep them on a moderately flexible schedule. It’s getting them prepared for this pre-school experience they will have in a year or so. My wife thinks we need to teach them something new everyday. I agree education is great but how about we just let them be 2 for a minute? They are learning. I do teach them stuff and they do listen to me. Well Heston listens. Alex just wants to be loud right now. That’s who he is, I try not to discourage it too much unless he’s out of control. I don’t know why they say twins are exactly alike all the time. That’s not true. My boys are polar opposites and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that.

We had a family meeting about moving Peace out of our room. She slowly crept in there little by little until I finally realized she was not going back to her room at night. I admit it took me 3 days to notice it. My wife said its just easier to keep them both in there. I disagree. Neither of us get much sleep now. The little few hours we can do at night, I’d like to at least try. Talon gets to stay in for 2 more weeks. Then he gets booted to the nursery with Peace.

I’m also aware that I’m leaving for my book tour soon and when I’m gone she’s just going to bring them back into the bedroom anyway Lol

How is everyone doing? All of the school shooting coverage comes over here sporadically. We have CNN go on our ipads so we can keep up to date on what’s going on in the States. I do get some Twitter updates on “Breaking News” but honestly most breaking news items aren’t. They over hype that stuff way too much.

We are settling into life with 4 kids. My wife wants more kids with me. I am happy to oblige I just want to wait a few years to see if we can handle these 4. I adopted Peace and we had Talon so close together we will be raising them almost as we are raising the twins. They will be in the same grade in school. They will both share a room until we need to separate them. I pray they will always be close. I know their older brothers will look out for them when they all grow up. It’s fun. It’s also really exhausting and a lot of hard work. Being a stay at home parent is harder than I thought. I have all of this free time and then the entire day blows by and I realize I didn’t get one thing done on my To Do list. It keeps happening. I need to focus. The past 2 months I’ve just done things when I wanted to do them. I need to get it together. Thankfully we have a maid that comes over 2 times a week to help clean up and do laundry. I’m doing the best I can to keep things picked up but my kids are disaster zones. They go into a room and 5 minutes later it’s trashed Lol I swear all day long all I do is feed, clean, pick up on and on and on. Does anyone else feel like that?

When I back from my book tour my wife said she’s going to start looking for a job. She wants to continue in law. She’s very good at it and I support whatever she wants to do 100%. She just doesn’t know what to do. She said she will figure something out and then it’s my turn to figure out what I want to do. She said I can have 3 months off in my “retirement” and then I’m going to drive her nuts and I need to go do something. I don’t really drive her nuts it’s just the fact that I’m always home. She liked it when I was gone 10 hours a day during the week. When she was on bed rest the last few weeks of her pregnancy she said she liked it. It wasn’t that hard she was just uncomfortable. She realized she doesn’t want to be a full-time stay at home mom. She also does not want to work from home. She knows her limits and she would want to stop work to go play with the kids. Or the kids would come find her and bug her until she was not working. She knows what will work best and I told her our 3 nannies aren’t going anywhere. Go do you. Whatever that is.

I have some ideas for myself I just don’t know which one to pick yet. I know I’m not an author or writer so don’t worry about anymore books coming out of me Lol This whole editing process on my 2 existing books was enough. There’s a lot to it and I’m happy it’s done.

Any ideas on what my next big career path should be? We were offered a podcast about our family but I told them no. I don’t want to open my life up like that. I’m very private and prefer to share what I control to share. Not throw out a podcast on a weekly basis and let the entire world comment on it. No thanks. My story is my story and I just don’t like giving away the direction the content would go. I like doing the podcast with my friend once or twice a month. Her show is awesome and I enjoy doing it with her but she’s got way more free time than I do. She only has 2 kids. Single mom and she’s really making a name for herself. I’ve known her for years. Great person. I just don’t see myself doing anything like that.

I don’t know, guys. What should I do next?


According to the website Bitches Who Brunch Lol the best places to get Mother’s Day brunch are listed below. It’s a great list and I’m considering my options here. I asked my wife if she wanted to go out to eat and she said yes. I offered to cook but she said she doesn’t think it’s fair I slave away on her day. I said I didn’t mind and I could make her favorites but she wants us to get all dressed up so we can show off the boys. I’m good with that.

I still have a bunch of things planned for her weekend. We are all supposed to be at her parents’ house at 5pm for the big mother’s day celebration. My wife and her several, several siblings and kids will be filling the home with all kinds of love for their favorite mom. I didn’t go last year even though I was invited. It was right around the time her and I were slowing down our dates. And by Fourth of July it was donezo. We took a small break from each other and then she called me up and said Where have you been at? That’s how we started dating again. And as we all know the rest is history.

So what do you get the non-birtmother, but definitely mama to your adopted boys? It took me a long time to figure it out. I wanted something personal. She always starts crying when we get her gifts. She is so appreciative. It took her a while to get used to my money. She still struggles with it a lot because she doesn’t want anyone to ever think she’s with me just for my money. I know she’s not. We have all of her debts paid up. We got her a new car, her parents a new house and I’ve been helping out her brothers and sisters when needed. They are a great family. They are my family now and I feel like I need to take care of them. I still laugh when we meet up for lunch and she tries to grab the check. She makes good money but I don’t want my woman picking up the tab, ever. That’s my job. I just want her to enjoy her meal and tell me about her day.

I think the most important thing about our first mother’s day is that she knows how much I love her for taking care of my boys. She is getting more comfortable being alone with them now. At first she didn’t want to get in Sarah’s way. I told her Sarah knows when to take over. She is not shy about speaking up or jumping in. I pay her to care for them as if they are her own. She is perfect with them. I trust her with their lives. She loves them so much and they really love her too. You can tell. I have started to depend less on Sarah and more on my wife. That’s how it should be. We did have a smooth transition (of power Lol) but we have had a few small issues. All got talked about during our weekly family meeting. Everyone is calm and no one is in therapy. We handle our issues like adults. We blame someone else, tear into each other, and start yelling. Just kidding. We just talk it out. The part-time nannies are my wild ones and I do have to talk to them often about things. For the most part things have been going well. My wife and I still haven’t had our first fight. She monitors all of my social media accounts, my cellphone, and my texts. She trusts me because I have no reason to lie to her or anyone. I had an affair. I was led to believe I was with someone who was living a single life and wanting to leave. I was lied to a lot. It was a bad choice and I paid the price. I also waited for the right woman and the right time for me. I found my wife and she wouldn’t let me go. It’s been the best decision of my life. I’m so happy. I really love coming home every night.

I hope you all have big plans for Mother’s day. My mom died years ago. Her tragic ending was my new beginning. After her funeral I decided to change my life and leave Nebraska. Chicago was my restart and I really thought I would end up married years ago. God does not give up on you. I have learned that over the years. I gave up on myself a few times but I always came back to God and I know He will guide me to where I need to be. I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I have a long meeting after that so my day will be tied up. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I love ya’ll!

Chicago Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

Busy work week

Things are going well. I am trying to figure out a few things at work but so far so good. I have been a little stressed this week. We have so much going on. I feel like 15 hour days just isn’t enough right now. I go home, do all my family responsibilities and then I’m working. I work until it’s bed time or my wife tells me that’s enough. I have been waking up at 4am to get things caught up. It’s exhausting. But when we take vacations and trips things can get backed up.

I am finally caught up with my emails at work and the emails from this blog. Thank you all for the great comments. I love that we have all continued to maintain a great email talk back and forth. I am slowly getting through all of my Twitter DM’s and will try to get those done this week. I get about 350 messages per day. Some are those spam messages from new followers trying to get me to read their profile/website/other social media accounts. But most are personal messages from all of you. I had opened up my Twitter to accept Direct Messages from Anyone. Even those that don’t follow me. That’s when my DM’s went from about 100 a day up to 350. Twitter maxes out at 350. If you have sent me a DM and I didn’t respond that’s because I had hit my max for that day and Twitter didn’t let it go through.

I also love the comments you all leave here. I read them and delete them. It’s rare I respond because almost all of you are already talking to me on email or elsewhere. I am getting about 25 blog comments per day now. It’s a lot of fun. This is why I keep this blog going. I like writing, I like your comments. With Lindsay’s help we have cleaned up all of my accounts. She sprayed Troll Repellant all over Lol They are gone, finally. If they continue their bs I never see it. Thanks to those defending me but you don’t have to. I don’t see anything they have to say. Block and ignore please. They eventually get bored and go attack a new target. The ones that have hung around for the past 2 years to harass me are sociopathic. They have nothing better to do than bully me online. That shows their character or lack their of. Just let them do their thing because I don’t see any of it. Twitter and Facebook have done a great job helping me get rid of the trash accounts that try to stalk, target, or harass me. Lindsay continues to get them suspended or locked up for 12 hours. She also forces them to delete certain tweets which I find hilarious. If you spend your day harassing a guy you have never met, don’t even know, you are twisted in the head. And I pray for you.

This weekend we have big plans. My wife is a traveler and loves to plan out our trips. I’m old and like to stay at home. But I know to keep her happy and to give my boys some adventure we will go as she leads. And I really do love the places she finds. We are seeing things I enjoy. She always makes sure I have food that we can eat. That is #1 for me and my boys on any trip. I will let you guys know Friday where we are going this weekend.

We are still in summer vacation planning mode. All of my nannies will be out of school in July when we go to Ireland and they all want to come. Passports are done, paperwork, shots are in process. We are going to have a great week in Dublin. I have rented a house there for our privacy. Also it’s easier for this huge group to stay in one spot. That way I have a lot of help with the boys when needed. My dog, Sam Jr will be staying at home. I don’t take him overseas. It’s too much for the little guy. When we move to Paris he will be going over and then he will stay in Paris when we come back. I have taught him French commands ever since I got him at 4 months old. So he’s well versed on the main things he can or can’t do in English and French.

My wife is taking a french course online. She wants to get the basics down then she’s going to sign up for a community class on French at night. She is very serious about this stuff, folks. She wants to be fluent by the time we move. It’s coming up in a year and a half now. We are going to sell off everything and leave. That way there’s no reason to return to Chicago and stay. We want to be gone. We can stay in hotels or with family the few times a year we come back. And we already talked to her family, any emergency, her and I come back immediately. The boys stay. It’s too hard on them. I promised them that and we will bind ourselves to that promise the best we can. The plan is to sell my lake house first. That’s just a part-time residence. The condos will sell very quickly. They are in a prime area I will more than make all of my money back on them and we will leave with 3 really huge checks.

We have so much going on at home it really is hard for me to sleep. I toss and turn right now. I tried sleeping on the couch once so I wouldn’t keep waking my wife up but she came out and said Uh uh. We don’t sleep apart. So get back in bed or I’m getting my pillow to come out here Lol And that was that. She didn’t care if I kept her up. She just wanted me next to her. She really is the best. We are a perfect match. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone. My blonde haired beauty. My soul mate.

The good news is that we are trying to get pregnant. We aren’t monitoring stuff anymore. We are just letting God’s will happen. The adoption is still forthcoming. I just have to let them know when I’m ready. I thought I was ready earlier this year when the little girl became available. But it didn’t feel like the right time. So I told them no and she was adopted within a few days. That was a load of guilt I carried for a week or two. I just want my boys to be a little older. I really thought the State of Illinois would take a lot longer to process my paperwork and give me a green light but if you think about it I have already been in the system with them almost 2 years now. If there were any red flags they would have found them by now. The only hold up we have has been the judge wanting to know why my wife would not be on the adoption order. She had to answer his questions about that, then I had to answer too. He was confused but once we explained it, he understood. They are my children. I won’t share custody to the point they are out of my home. Not even for my wife. I’m not worried about a divorce. I’m more worried about something happening to me and if that does happen we have everything in order. My trust fund set aside for all of my children goes into Lindsay’s name and possession and she raises them. My wife will get visitation if she wants which she has promised me she will. It’s a done deal. As soon as our other children come into our lives we will adjust the paperwork again. It’s to protect them. To make sure that my wife can move on with her life and date or marry again if she wants to. It would be very unfair for her to raise all 3 or whatever kids all alone. I want to take care of her too. Being a lawyer she did a lot of research and spent a long time thinking about all of this before she agreed to marry me. My pre-nup is air tight and she knows that. It covers all circumstances. She understands why I did it that way and supports the decisions. I need to know my children will be okay. With Lindsay she would literally give up her life for any of them. Drew would too. And Drew knows I would do the exact same for any of his children. That’s just how the 3 of us are. Best friends for life.

Everything is going so fast right now. I was hoping for a quiet weekend but maybe a little time in a different place will do me good. I just hope they have some watermelon. I’ve been craving that for a few days. I should get one tonight after work.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. Hang in there we are half way through. Let’s all pray for a fun and sunny weekend! I love ya’ll.  I will update later.

Snowstorm 2017 & Moving Plans

  We are all bracing ourselves. Everyone is home safe, everyone has ate supper and we are all now just hanging out with the boys trying to get them to bed. It’s cold and snowy. The city does look great at night though. No matter what. I love Chicago.

My wife and I have been talking about where we want to move to. I asked her if she wants to sell the condo, move to the lake house full-time. Raise the boys and whatever children come into our life. I asked if she wants to sell the lake house and find a new home. She loves the condo. Never wants to get rid of it. She loves the lake house and says the boys will love it more when they are older. She doesn’t want us to move. She loves our homes. She changed the things she wanted changed. Apparently dark blue bedding wasn’t her style. Neither was the paint color in some of our rooms. We got it all redone. She’s happy. We talked last night for over an hour about moving to Paris or Dubai. She said she wants to finish out the next 3 years in the U.S. and then just before the kids are going into school we move wherever I see us needing to be. Dubai is great but they still have customs there that may make my wife uncomfortable. She said she wants to live freely as we do here. Then that just leaves Paris. She said it would be a dream for us to live and raise our children in Paris. She just wants us to be able to come back and forth for family stuff. I agreed.

We picked Paris. We will be moving in January of 2020. That way we can get the boys ready for school in August of 2020. Our nannies will not be going with us. They all have their own careers they want to pursue. A year before we move we will be hiring a nanny in Paris. We will be going back and forth finding a home and getting the boys used to her. She will help set up our house and prepare for our arrival. The one issue is my dog. He’s going to hate it. He won’t have his huge yard to run around in. He won’t be able to bark at his pigeons anymore. All the things he loves will be different.

I’m happy we picked. I’m very happy we will be living in Paris. We will be so much closer to all the great countries I really want my boys to see. We can be in Spain, Norway, Russia, anywhere within a few hours. I’m so excited. I really am. My wife will have to figure out her law degree.

I will not be giving up my citizenship. I will keep it. I will retire from SJC on December 31st of this year and have a few years to figure out what to do with myself. I really want to be available for my boys. I don’t want to miss things. It’s so important to me. My dad never went to anything of mine. Not my football games, not my baseball or basketball. Nothing. Yes he was always out-of-town or working late. But he could have made it. I know he could have. I want my boys to look over and see me in the stands clapping for them. I want to go get them some Gatorade when they are needing it. I would absolutely love to coach their teams. I’m really good at coaching.

So we set our goal to the Universe and start dreaming. My wife is already trying to learn French. I’m fluent so that’s not a problem. She loves it when we go to a french restaurant and I get to show off a little.

Life is really great, isn’t it! I can’t wait. I never thought all of my dreams would come true but they really are. I love my life. I love my wife and babies. I’m a happy man!

1st Birthday party coming up

We had an amazing Valentine’s day yesterday. It was all I wanted it to be. My wife loved it and all of the gifts she received. I also loved her gifts to me. She was overly generous. Thank you baby.

Back to the next big thing in my life. My boys’ first birthday party is in 2 days! The party planner has done a really good job. She sent me photos of the lake house. It looks like all of the things are set up and ready to go. Now it will be about coordinating all of the family and friends coming into town for the big event.

I still can’t believe they are going to be 1. I just can’t believe it. It has really flown by. I still remember the first moments of their lives. How scared then happy, how worried, then in love. And the sheer panic of the first few minutes of Alex not breathing well. Then hearing him let out his first cry and then they swooping him off. I thank God everyday for allowing their birth mom to choose me. She was really considering an abortion at first because she didn’t want her parents to know. She said she couldn’t do it and didn’t even seriously consider it because she didn’t want that on her life forever. I’m glad she chose to adopt them out. I’m glad my cousin called me that day to just vent and how slowly it turned into I Will Take Them. I was laughed at so many times by family, friends, and others. No one thought I could do it. I didn’t either Lol And here we are.

My wife is really starting to grow into family life. She is really excited about the party. She took the whole day off of work tomorrow so we can go up to the lakehouse to pitch in. She NEVER does that. She only took off a week for our honeymoon. So that was shocking. I’m happy to see her do that. It won’t mean much to them right now but when they are older I can say she took the day off of work for you guys because she loves you and wanted to help make your very first birthday party perfect. That will make a difference. I love her for it.

This small 50 person gathering has now turned into over 300 Lol Only because Lindsay got on the email and invited all of the employees and vendors we work with. We had to order more food because so many more people RSVP’ed for the party. And Lindsay said anyone that wanted to travel in for the party would get all of Friday off but they need to show up. I think that’s hilarious. I don’t see any of them fly all the way here just for this. But we will be happy to host them if that happens.

My boys loving coming to my office. Sarah brings them in more now that they have all of their immunizations and can be around big groups. She still doesn’t let people hold them. Or even touch them. She says Sorry germs for twins are double. Who can ever argue that one? That’s a great line. We have had a few runny noses but neither one has had a full-blown illness yet. Alex had a failure to thrive for the first 2 months but we got that reserved very quickly. He just had bad gas. A few drops in his bottle and he was perfectly fine. And he caught up with Heston within 3 months.

Geez, I feel like I remember everything. I think because I was so scared every day the first 4 months. Things got easier just like everyone said it would. Now that they are walking a little things will get harder again.

The party is going to be fun. We saw photos of the 2 smash cakes. The design looks great and the caterer will be making them first thing Friday morning. She’s bringing 8 cakes, 6 different round ones for the party and the 2 smash cakes. I can’t wait to see them dig in. Their smash cakes will be vegan so they can eat as much as they want. I am told they mostly squish it and only shove so much in. I really think Alex will squeal laughing and Heston will just pound the crap out of it Lol Two very different personalities. They look exactly the same. I thought about doing different hair cuts when they get older but I don’t know. We are going to match them for part of the party. Then after they get baths from the cake smashing they get their own outfits.

The next few days will be very busy for us. I can’t wait to see everyone and show off my family to everyone. They are my biggest pride and love. I married very well and I have raised two sweet and amazing babies.

1 years old. Geez! Did anyone think I would survive?

Thank you Sarah! She is the only reason I made it this far. And to Brandi and Heather thank you ladies too. All 3 of you are family and I hope we all stay together for as long as you want. Your help has been invaluable. Priceless even. I pray you all 3 enjoy the party without having to lift a finger for my boys. You deserve a great time and to get to watch them like we will.

Have a great work day everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

It’s Almost (Christ)mas time

Happy Holidays! 2016 is going to be the best Christmas celebration of my life. I have Heston and Alex to thank for that. I’m so excited to spend Christmas eve with my boys and Auntie Lindsay. Then at midnight we are all going to Christmas mass. It’s a family tradition that is important. I wish I would be back in Lincoln for Christmas this year but I selfishly want to be alone with them. To make sure they are getting all of my attention and I am doing all I can to spend the day with just them. If I take them out-of-town I will have to share the time with everyone else and I don’t want to. Not the 1st Christmas. It’s also hard to travel with them. That’s why I haven’t done it that much.

I am going to take the boys back to Lincoln, Nebraska to spend a few days with the family this week. I need them to enjoy the time they have and also let the nannies take a break. All 3 of my nannies will be with the boys for the 3 days I will be away. I have to hit the west coast of all of our companies so I can wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to also personally tell them all 2017 is my last year. I think it will be a shock to some of them. A few may try to immediately ask about who will take over. The plan for that has already been in place and I look forward to seeing all of my employees so I can thank them for their hard work. They will get off at noon on the 23rd and not come back to work until the 27th. Then they will get a half day off on the 30th and come back to work January 4th, 2017. I try to give everyone multiple days off to travel and spend time with their families. It’s so important to me and I want to honor my committment by offering the same to them.

We have been watching Christmas movies all morning and I’m already getting excited. My boys sort of know who Santa is. Every time we get out the Santa dolls or we tell them about Santa Heston says OOohhhh Lol He loves Santa as much as I do. Alex just cries. He is predictable. I want my boys to understand Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus. We have already been reading them stories about Jesus’s life and will take them to Mass so they will get to hear the songs we sing to praise His life. God’s sacrifice for all of us needs to be honored every year if not everyday. I want my boys to know from the beginning that it’s not all about presents and food. It’s so much more. And we will spend a great amount of time at Church events every year.

Both of my homes have been beautifully decorated for Christmas and we have made sure to incorporate a lot of religious ornaments and things for the boys to see. This year and the next they may not understand the huge significance but in time they will. I also brought out my family ornaments from my childhood. My brother and I made awful homemade Christmas decor in school or at Church and my mom always proudly displayed them on the tree every single year. I’ve kept that going and will one day explain to my boys each ornament. It’s always a reminder to see my brother’s face on his 4th grade ornament. I think of him everyday and wish he were with me. It’s been too many years since he passed away and I continue to pray for his soul. He was a broken young man without the love and support he wanted. We all tried and we all failed him. In the end he was buried alone without any type or marker being present. And it saddens me I can do nothing about that.

I also think of my grandmother at Christmas. She loved this holiday. I miss hearing her voice yell at me from the kitchen and tell me to get in there. I miss her hugs and her snapping at me to stand up straight. She would have loved my boys more than anything. She would have loved everything about them. I miss having her here but I know she is up in Heaven telling God to stand up straight Lol

I wanted to spend a little time talking about all of you. Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading the comments. I have gotten a lot of support from total strangers. The strangers have stayed around and become good friends. I wish all of you the best Christmas has to offer. Please donate money, time, prayers, or anything you can to others this year. There is always a need. You have a responsibility to provide something for someone else during this season. It’s what makes you whole. Doing for someone less fortunate than yourself is the best way to live you life. I will volunteer on Christmas day as I always do and help feed the homeless. I’m going to spend 4 hours helping with a breakfast my Church hosts each year. I can’t wait to see the faces of the people who will enjoy a good hot meal and the warmth of love and charity. I pray for each person I serve and I ask God to make their lives easier. I love them all as I love all of you. You have all continued to watch my family grow. You have offered great advice on how to deal with the new things my babies are doing. And you also voice your opinions and thoughts about my writings. I love hearing what you think. Please never stop reaching out to me. I may never respond but if Lindsay allows a good positive comment through I do read all of those.

You are always welcome here as long as you are respectful. I appreciate each of you and I pray your Christmas for the 2016 holiday season is all you wish for. Happy Holidays to all other religions and belief systems. I’m aware not everyone here is a Christian. I offer my prayers to you and your families as well. I love you all. Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday is the coldest

Guess who isn’t going to Church or the Bears game this morning? I’m still trying to catch up on sleep and get back to Central time zone and the fact that it’s going to be negative a million today wind chill I’m skipping out. I did watch a Catholic mass on tv this morning with the nannies and the boys. That was the best we could do. I do not want my boys outside right now. It’s not worth it. We had already done the first snow and made a lot of videos with them. The photos of them touching it for the first time are priceless. Heston made a big squeal and Alex started crying. It really shows how different they are. I love that we are all Catholic. It was a requirement on when I hired everybody. I want my boys to have a solid foundation. When they are old enough or they start questioning their own faith and beliefs then we can talk about it and see what’s going on. In my darkest moments my faith has always gotten me through. I want their hearts to be with God in all of their days. Before we eat we always pray at our table. I have taught my boys to Give Thanks. They both know what that means and we are still working on getting them to bow their heads as we all do and listen quietly. The only part they master is when we all say Amen that’s when one or both get loud and mumble something then laugh. It’s really funny and sweet. I’m trying.

Today it’s all about the boys. Our christmas tree is full of presents for everyone. The girls are all leaving at noon on the 23rd. They are going to be with their families for Christmas. Sarah is going to spend a few extra days and be back before New Year’s eve. I have to go to New York City for work and asked her to watch the boys. The other 2 nannies will be with their families and return on Monday. We worked this schedule out last month to make sure we would all get to be with our families for Christmas. The boys are going to help me wrap up some gifts I bought in Dubai and Paris for the girls. I don’t know how well it’s going to go but we will try. I think I have all of the presents sent that I need to send out. I have all of the ones we are taking to Lincoln for our family. Let me think, we are also going to make some homemade christmas candies on Friday night with Auntie Lindsay. I want their first Christmas to be really special. My boys have received so many gifts from Santa and our family. People have been so generous to them. I am going to thin it out and donate some of the toys because it’s overwhelmed. My boys do not need all of this. They already have too much stuff. I’ve also been receiving way too many gifts from Santa. I guess I have been very nice. I know I have been enjoying all the videos and photos from our Family Foundation. We are donating a total of $2 million dollars this year. $80,000 a day for 25 days. My cousin Tyson has been handling all of that. As a family we all voted on what charities we would help this year. We take the top 25 and do all that we can to help them out. It’s been so great watching the shock and reactions. It makes me feel really good about our family legacy. My grandmother would be so proud of us. It’s what she wanted us to do to carry on her lifelong work. Service to others is invaluable to your spirit and your soul. If you do not help others you are wasting your life on this Earth.

I have a heavy travel schedule coming up. I have to finish up the year with some meetings and good news. I also have to explain my plans for next year. 2017 will be my last year working with SJC. It is time for me to move on with my life. I have created the empire I always dreamed about. I have enough money saved up for 20 lifetimes and I know the money will continue to grow. Lindsay keeps a close eye on everything. She is always aware of where we are at on our weekly phone calls with each office. I know with her watchful eye and taking over 50% ownership things will go fine. She is ready and committed to stepping up. She does not want to be CEO. She does not want to do anything other than own 50% so I am selling 40% to her. I really would like to know how much weed investment money she has made because when I told her how much I wanted she didn’t even negotiate. She said she would put down a down payment and pay off the rest quarterly over a certain number of years. She said she has plans to expand even more and wants to take SJC into a new direction. She likes the commercial market right now but her Mexico energy investments are paying off really well right now. She wants to see what more we can do there. Her stockpile of rigs is more than we thought and now that she has become more transparent I am seeing how she was making all of this money for us over the past year. I’m proud of her ambition. I also worry she will grow tired of the administration side. She is not one to sit in meetings. She is a dictator and does not listen well. She also do not want a partner. I’m going to retain my 50% and do nothing. The silent partner she has always wanted Lol

I made breakfast for everyone and we have chili in the slow cooker for everyone. We are all trying to stay indoors and snuggle. Taking my dog out a few times a day is going to be horrible. We have a sweater for him and I thought about putting on some puppy boots but he’s not out that long. He has really impressed me with how he has been gentle with the babies. He likes to run with them crawling after him. He always runs and then comes back to chase them too. It’s hilarious. He enjoys them a lot more now that they are crawling around. When they start walking he better look out. Santa has also brought him a lot of great gifts. I think he’s going to enjoy all his chew toys. I’m happy to see everyone check out the tree for new gifts. The girls and I will be doing our family Christmas for them on the 22nd. I’m going to make their favorite meal and give them their gifts from me and the boys. I’m also going to open their gifts for the boys and myself. Sarah is really excited about the big gift she got me this year. She made it. She has been working really hard on it and she won’t let me see it. I can’t wait to see what it is. I’m sending gifts back with her for her family. I have known her entire family my whole life. I appreciate them letting me steal her away to help me raise the boys. She really has been a gift to us. I could not do anything without the nannies. They are all very special women and I enjoy watching my boys with them. They love their nannies.

I think we are getting closer to our first word. Heston has been figuring sounds out. I keep working with both of them to say Da da. I will probably cry the first time I hear it. I also know that’s the beginning of them getting over on me. They will be able to get anything they want and out of all kinds of trouble by softening me up. Sarah has already been trying to talk to me about not spoiling them too much and they need to learn what no means early. Even when they throw a fit she said stay strong and let them know they are not in charge. Otherwise I’m going to be a doormat all of their lives.

I’ve been writing this post off and on for the past few hours. I just put my boys down for a quick nap. We are doing these 30 minute naps twice a day instead of a full hour. Sarah said it will refresh them and give them a place of comfort when they are getting overly stimulated by everything right now. I have a lot of other posts I’m going to add on here today.

As always thank you for reading this. I’m so happy you are all here. It’s a joy and a pleasure to have you interested in my story. My life is only going to get better. 2017 is going to be great!