That’s Yacht All, Folks

I had been thinking about what can I do for a woman who has been my nanny for more than 6 years. Someone who has completely dedicated her life to my children and as I added more and more kids never ran away. Nothing I threw into her life was easy, she kept our house running smoothly, she created schedules for all of us to follow and on vacations she always made sure each adult who was meant to help watch the kids had plenty of real vacation time to make it fair. What do I buy for someone like that? What do you do to celebrate her departure?

Sarah had always wanted a party on a Yacht. Before every birthday with me, she asked is this the year I get my Yacht party? I told her there was no way I’m doing that, I don’t even do that for myself. She kept asking anyway. The only way to send her off was to throw her goodbye party on a Yacht. I don’t have a Yacht. I had to charter one. It came with a Helicopter so I had the Helicopter pick us up from Los Angeles and fly us out to the boat in 2 groups. Lindsay has a friend in California that owns and runs his own Yacht Charter business. He must be doing well because our party night was absolutely perfect. The staff was wonderful, they helped with the kids. I mean, I actually got to eat supper with the entire adult table! That never happens. I was so happy to see Sarah in her moment. She was excited, happy, none of the sadness and tears she said would ruin our last weekend together. That will be happening today.

If you are ever invited or blessed enough to go on a Yacht for a party or a weekend, DO IT! I highly recommend the adventure. I have been on them for parties or social gathering for work events. I’ve never had an overnight stay on one. I would love to buy a Yacht but I wouldn’t use it as much as I want. I’m cool with renting them from time to time. Obviously that’s not something I do on a regular basis because this is the first Yacht post I’ve had since 2010 Lol

Today is the big move out. She’s been storing things in my garage from Chicago. She has slowly moved some of the boxes a few at a time to her new downtown condo. Today we are using Brenda’s truck to get it all and then we are going to help bring it all up to her place. She can’t move boxes very easily with a baby in tow.

Sarah booked her flight back to Dallas, Texas. She’s taking Rain to visit family for 2 weeks then she’s going to start working on her paperwork and things for her new job. She is going to teach Nursing at a local community college. She wants to stay in Denver. I had pushed her to move back to Texas for family support. She doesn’t want to be that close to her parents and sister. She wants to do things on her own. I get it. I moved out of Nebraska when it was time for me to go. She is happy to have a job that gives her summers off, but she does have the opportunity to teach a summer course for a few weeks in a close related subject. She’s thinking about doing that. If so, we will watch Rain for her. We have always been the babysitter option for Rain. That makes sure we see Sarah and my kids see her. It also makes Sarah know for sure her baby will be okay and not in daycare. The other option was for her parents to sell their home and move up here. There are condos for sale in Sarah’s building. I told her that would be best. She said HECK NO! Okay, okay.

So our new normal will start. Lynn and Brenda here during the week. Weekends it’s all me vs the kids. Trey and I work very well together. My daughters are older now so that helps a lot. The twins are sorta helpful. They don’t listen very well and they walk off the job Lol But that’s okay. I think we can do this. We have always been a “It Takes a Village” to raise the kids and I anyway. I’m going to miss Sarah. It really is going to be hard for me to know she’s gone. I tried to keep her. I really did. She wants to do this. She went through her education and received her Master’s. It’s time to use it.

That’s all guys. I will be posting my Memorial Day post in a few. I have some thoughts. Love you guys!

OG Family Weekend

Sarah asked me a few weeks ago if we could make this weekend a family weekend with just her, I, and the kids. She wants to do a lot of craft activities, movie night, baseball games, Uno so we can have one last weekend alone. I sent Lynn and Brenda to Dallas for the weekend to visit family. She hired a professional photographer to join us and take photos so she can pick out a few to hang on her wall at her condo. She is leaving us at the end of this month and she felt strongly about having a weekend with just the kids. I offered to leave too but she said 6 kids vs her was too much.

We are just coming off of a week with Rain’s 1st birthday party, family meetings figuring out the new work schedule for the summer, and planning the last weekend with Sarah party on the 28th to the 30th. She has an interview on Monday to become a professor teaching Nursing at a local community college. If she doesn’t get that job she is going to try for one more teaching job that’s open. Also a local community college. If she doesn’t get that one either, she is going to apply at hospitals in Denver. She wants summers off to spend with her daughter and visit family. We wish her the best on whatever career she ends up in.

The other party will have everyone here to celebrate all of the years Sarah has been my nanny. I’ve got some BIG surprises in store Lol It’s going to be a lot of fun. Lynn and Brenda may have some text messages for me today after they read this. I didn’t tell them that’s why they were going to Dallas Lol Sarah asked me not to. She didn’t want them to feel left out, she wanted to have 1 fun weekend with the kids to get ready for a very emotional, ugly cry weekend that will be happening soon. She thinks she’s going to be a total wreck saying bye to my kids and didn’t want that to be how they remember her. She wants this to be the fun weekend they will always think about. I mean, I had plans to slob around my house all weekend and maybe do some yard work if it didn’t get a hard rain.

We did movie night last night. We watched Tangled. I fell asleep within 15 minutes Lol I woke up with 3 kids snuggling me also asleep. Sorry Sarah. I don’t watch tv or movies much. I’m also not use to sitting down longer than a few minutes so my body tends to shut down as soon as I’m resting. This is 48, guys. It’s not easy. I’m starting to nap for an hour in the afternoons with my daughters. And I like it Lol

So today is spending time as a family. Enjoying special treats Sarah is having delivered, and getting our FUN, FUN, FUN weekend started. I’m happy she thought of this. I’m going to miss her. I’m also going to crying on her last weekend. I depend on her. I rely on her completely. I’m more worried about how my kids will handle it. I know we will ween off of her over the next 2 weeks, but this is a huge change in their life. They want a mom, Sarah can never be their mom. This will be hard.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I plan on kicking my kids butts in Uno and baseball. I’m tired of them piling on me with their Draw 4 cards. Enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Love you guys!

Checkups and Walls Up

  Sarah and I took the twins to their doctor yesterday. It was just a checkup. My little guys are healthy, thriving well, and really hard for other people to tell apart. I can look at them and tell. Even their doctor not so much. Everything is fine. Alex is doing very well. He was the one that started out with a bad beginning if you all remember.

After that we took the boys to a restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch. It wasn’t a quiet lunch but that’s okay. Everyone around us were so nice. And my boys got to be the center of attention. That’s usually how it goes now. It’s been so nice having Sarah back. Her and I are in a rhythm that my wife and I haven’t gotten into yet. When my wife moved in we tried to work out our privacy issues and the only thing I could figure out was put up a wall between the condos.  My condo is all one floor. Sarah now has her own condo a little smaller than mine. We put the wall up to give me the bigger living room. She has the baby monitor on her side also and can hear them when they get up in the middle of the night. Her and I take turns. One night I get up with them, the next she does. It’s working. And she said she really loves having her own place. She insists on paying rent. It’s not much but it makes her feel good. I put it into my safe and keep it for whenever she has decided to retire from being our nanny. I don’t want her money. I don’t need it and whenever she does leave us it’s because she is going to start her college teaching career. I want to send her off with a huge nest egg. I have told her even if she wanted to work at a college at night I would be home with them and she could never leave us Lol She said it depends on her work situation.

My little family is enjoying our home. It’s worked out great and makes my wife happier. I leave in the morning after she does, Sarah comes over and I come home before my wife gets home. I’m able to make supper, send food home with Sarah and wait with my boys for her. We get a lot of alone time now. I love that the most. I get to play with them, hold them, teach them things. We are working on them bowing their heads in prayer before our meals. It’s a slow process but they are like sponges right now. I’m watching my tone, watching my words, and trying to be simple for them to understand the basics. I get to do all of this fun dad stuff without anyone trying to tell me how to do it. When my wife gets home we all eat unless she tells me to start without her. And then she gets to be stepmom. She loves the baths and the bedtime part. After we get them to bed then we both crash on the couch and talk about our day.

I honestly never dreamed my life could be this great. Being married is amazing. I love it. I should have done this years ago but I’ve been waiting for this woman to come along. She was worth the wait.

Who is excited for a new President? Not me. To me Donald Trump is nothing but a Fine Print guy. He boasts all the flashy things that shock you into paying attention. He promises all of these things that sound plausible but when you really see how he plans to implement it, you realize you should have read the fine print. He is a disappointment. The next 4 years can’t go fast enough.

How is everyone doing? I’m finally getting to the comments. I had over 1600. I deleted most of them. I’ve replied to a few.

I’m so happy people are realizing the truth. My story is all right here. My proof is still where it’s always been. Thank you all for coming. I appreciate you all. I love ya’ll and God loves you too!

Sarah loves Dubai and Spain

I took Sarah with me on my trip to Dubai. She has always wanted to go. My office there is doing great. The money is starting to come in steadily and we decided to expand to newer services. They have a lot of regulation for out of the country business owners and we have been trying to figure things out. We are finally working with a great sponsor that has helped enormously. I had a great time meeting with my employees. We celebrated with a meal and bonuses. And then at night I took Sarah around to show her the city. We were able to see so many amazing sights. I had more time than I had last year for this trip.

Sarah enjoyed going shopping during the day while I was working. She got a lot of great Christmas gifts and souvenirs for her family. She also bought some traditional outfits for my boys. We haven’t put them in it yet because I asked her to wash them a few times to make sure they were cleaned up. You never know what you bring in your clothes when you go overseas. We finished up the trip with a special dinner and for about the 1 millionth time I thanked her very much for being our nanny. I told her how special she is to our family and that I never want her to go away. She said she thinks it’s a lot of fun now that they are getting older and she said it’s going to get a lot harder again as soon as they start walking. Right now we are just holding their hands and arms and they are stumbling all over the place. At least they are trying to stand up on their own. No one has taken their first step yet. We are all waiting to see who does it first. My money is on Heston. He is the more adventurous of the pair. Alex is a little more cautious.

I told Sarah we were going to make a quick stop for 10 hours. She asked where and I told her in Spain. She squealed with excitement. That is her number one place she wanted to see. I wasn’t sure with her school schedule and my boys getting more mobile if she would ever make it to Spain in the next few years. I had always planned for us to stop in but didn’t tell her until the night before. She immediately got online to pick the 4 places she wanted to visit in Barcelona. We quickly took cabs to each place. She was able to take photos and do a few Facebook live videos for her family and friends. She was so happy. Then I told her we have to leave. She was disappointed but I told her someday she will come back and spend more time. I know she will.

We got in very early this morning. By the time we got to bed my dog was barking, my babies were snoring and I just wanted a hot shower. I was able to sleep for 3 hours before my boys woke up. I got up when they did and they both started laughing. My boys are so weird. It was good to hold them again. I need them everyday. I miss them so much when I’m not home. I have a busy travel schedule for day trips the next 2 weeks. The good news is I am taking my boys to Lincoln to see my family. They will spend a few days with them while I head out west. I have to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver. Then I will be in Chicago for our family Christmas. And I will end my year with a few more day trips for work. I will be in New York City of New Year’s eve. I’m really excited for that trip. I plan to go down to Times Square to celebrate the New Year with some of my closest friends.

I’m working on writing a few posts to wrap up and recap my 2016 year. I’m so happy you are here reading this. My blog has been a great resource for people to find out information directly from me. Only Lindsay will have info that I want to put out there. My story is still going strong after all of this time. The more that gets said on the opposing side the more I fight to get the truth out there. I have always been honest and transparent. I have done my best to answer questions and give my comments on everything I find interesting.

I wish you all a great Holiday season. And I look forward to yet another year with all of you on my blog. 2016 has been a great year!

Las Vegas and more

I wrote this in the morning but forgot to publish it. I’m in Salt Lake City now. We’ve been here since early this morning. We are getting ready to grab lunch to go then head down to Reno. Here is what I wrote.

We made it to Vegas. The flight out here was peaceful. The boys had their bottles as we got into the air, zonked out the entire trip, and got woken up to get bottles on the descent. All went very well. Which is good news for me because now maybe I can start traveling more next year and take them with me.

Lindsay said she baby proofed the house, no problem. Except all the dog toys laying around. She said her dog can’t help it and she will put them outside. Both dogs are getting along well. Only issue is meal times and we have figured out to separate them. My dog doesn’t like to share his food and her dog likes to take it away from him. Typical. Our dogs get along just like we do Lol

So far work has been great. The time difference has messed up the babies sleep schedule. We are getting them outside for lots of fresh air. The weather has been perfect. I was able to get out of the house last night for a dinner date. Things went great, ended with a long kiss and we are both back on track. Just like we never left each other. I had a great time. I forgot how much we laugh together. I’m very pleased with how things went and I look forward to our next dinner on Friday night. I wish I had more time to spend with her but I’m also not wanting to reopen the relationship we had. It’s better just casual dinners then we both go home alone.

The Las Vegas office looks great! Mark and Kim have done a great job getting things organized. They have been really working hard and I rewarded them with $5,000 bonus checks. Of course Lindsay said WHERE’S MY BONUS. I said you know you get yours quarterly. So you can wait. She has been showing up to work on time they told me, staying until 4 or sometimes after 5 and no drinking. She used to hit a few drinks at lunch but has stopped all of that. She and I go for walks in the morning. She has lost a lot of weight and looks great. I’m so proud of her. She made a promise to her mom to clean things up and I think she really has. Now if we could just get her to lose the attitude and arguing she would be a lot easier to get along with. I doubt that will ever change but they say you mellow out as you get older. Being 40 now should start that process.

Today we are going into the office then head up to Salt Lake City for the day. This afternoon we will spend time in Reno and get our investments looked over. Things are going well. We are turning a profit finally in both cities. The offices are running smoothly and we are looking to hire in both areas. Tomorrow we will go out to Los Angeles and then up to San Fransico. Lindsay thinks it’s time to expand again but this time on the West Coast. Our profits have been exceeded what we projected and she wants to get things moving forward. She doesn’t think we should sit on the money and wait. And her Mexico deals are paying off very, very well right now. I keep waiting for the phone call that the market has dropped out of the bottom there and we lose all our business services. This is why we don’t invest in the stock markets. We buy property and lease it or we hold on to it and we wait for offers. It’s all going well. I have never made this much money in my life. She has made some very risky moves financially but so far only 2 have failed. Smaller amounts we lost so nothing to get upset over. That’s business.

I look forward to seeing what this travel week brings. I’m excited to see all our employees and have meals with them. It’s nice to get out of Chicago before the winter hits and enjoy time away with my family. My boys love being with Auntie Lindsay. They crawl all over her and she makes all kinds of silly songs up about them. It’s good to see them so happy. If only we could get them to stop waking up at 4:30am Lol That is hard on me.

Sarah is enjoying the break. Lindsay takes over as soon as we get home, I go change then I take over for her and we both do everything. Sarah goes shopping, went to get her hair done last night. It looks really great. She’s been growing it out. She hasn’t found a really good salon she likes in Chicago and the 2 I heard about don’t specialize in African-American hair so she just laughed and said no thanks. I tried. She’s getting her nails done tonight and a massage. She scheduled a 90 minute one so she said she will be so relaxed tonight. I’m hoping we get back in town by 6pm like we scheduled so we don’t mess up her appointments. I just need to do a really good job today of watching the clock. In fact I probably should set some alarms for when we need to leave to get back to the airport.

I need to get in the shower. The boys are fed and crawling all over the floor. Sarah just grabbed Heston and he let out a huge laugh. I think she surprised him. I love seeing my boys this happy. I know I did the right thing bringing them out here.

Have a great week! Off to SLC/Reno!

I’m ready to go and no one else is

Who’s going to see the Cubs play today? This guy! Our 94-53 Cubs have clinched the division and it’s time to start thinking about October. Everyone is up, I made breakfast and the girls are in the bathrooms getting ready. I heard one of them holler which sunglasses are you wearing today? Oh boy. My fun adult outing has turned into a fashion show. I understand it’s a great place to meet guys, but really girls. This was supposed to be family day! Not pick up Cubs fans and get free beers because they look hot day Lol Oh well. So I’m sitting here waiting. I’m in black shorts, my new Division Champs Cubbies shirt and ballcap with my new black Nikes. Oh and my Ray Bans. Aviators. Classic.

They picked a nice restaurant to go to for lunch. We’re going to sit on the patio and people watch while we eat. Then we are walking to Wrigleyville from there. There was a lot of debate on that too. Heather and Brandi said they would prefer to be dropped off because they can’t walk in their shoes that far. I said why can’t you walk in sneakers? And they both laughed at me. Whatever. So Sarah said we can all walk, plan different shoes. It’s almost like the LORD HAS SPOKEN when Sarah bosses them. At least I don’t have to do it.

Have I mentioned lately that my boys are the cutest babies on the face of the Earth? Oh I have? Well guess what. They still are! They are really getting big personalities. They do everything alike. It’s hilarious. If you get one laughing and start making a fuss the other starts then they go back and forth. The competition has started early. We go on Monday for our 7 month checkup. Yes I go monthly. I don’t care. I want to make sure we are hitting our nutrition marks for growth. And we are. My babies eat vegan food. Only vegan food and it has not in any way hampered their development. That was my main worry about deciding to do that. I’m going to have to get over myself when the boys start hanging out with other kids and they start discovering other food. When they decide they no longer want vegan, ok. It will kill me inside Lol but okay! Because I just don’t want to look at or cook meat. It’s disgusting. Yuck. Even the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Gross. I’m going to try to sway them as long as I can but eventually those Golden Arches and those beautiful looking french fries will win their hearts. And then it’s off for Happy Meals once a week. At least we have a solid basis to start from. The doctor actually said starting them off from day one with the vegan aka elemental formula has proven to him that it is not at all a bad choice. And he will start doing some research into this. He said if it really is all vegan and all natural it is the absolute best thing besides breast milk. Duhhhhh, doc. That’s why we’re doing this. My boys get the best. Until they are brats and tell me they hate me. Then they get NOTHING! Lol

Looks like 2 of them have made it out here. Brandiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LETS GO! Bye guys! Go Cubs!

Busy, busy, and busy

I did not get my usual weekend update post out. I didn’t even attempt to write one. Things are really busy right now for me. I love it but I’m constantly tired. So here’s a quick update.

My boys are still learning how to be mobile. They are both scooting. It’s hilarious and they both make weird baby sounds but this is just their process. It has gotten much easier to tell the boys apart finally. I can 100% look at them and point out who is who. I hate that it has taken me this long. I’m with them as much as humanly possible but it was still a trick or two. Sarah had it down within a week. She’s that good. Let me get into the latest Sarah news. Sarah has been doing online classes to start herself on the path to become a nurse that Teaches classes. It’s a lot of reading and answering questions on the computer. She said she wants to be the nanny for the money and to help us out. But after the kids get into school or she sees that I’m doing fine on my own she wants to be prepared and ready to move into the next phase of her life. I love that. I wish her well and I told her she is welcomed to stay even after she knows I can handle all of this. I told her I never want her to leave us. Unless she gets married because that would be weird but I told her even after that she can still be here and work for us. She said she wants to stay and save up as much money as she can to put herself in a great financial position to have a nice apartment to start out in, a new car, and all of her tuition and school bills paid off completely. That is her goal. Happy to help with all of that. Sarah did start asking me about if I wanted to put the boys into baby classes. What’s that? She said baby classes are like mommy and me where they get to socialize with other babies, they get to do fun activities and it’s all about helping them learn with different stimuli and a teacher. I knew about the mommy and me thing. I got invited to one Lol But I declined because I did not want to be the only guy in there with all those women and I knew my boys would get all of the attention because they truly are the cutest babies ever. So I declined. I told her we’re not ready! She laughed and said you have to let go at some point. They need it. I said get me the book on it. I will read it. We can talk about it but if they go somewhere you are going with them. I don’t want her to just drop them off and come back. She said she would be there the entire time. I said how can you do a baby class with twins all by yourself? She said they have people there to help. She would find one that would accommodate twins and that she would figure it out. She said this is the age where they  are learning so much every single day and it’s good to get them out a little and experience the world. With her protection of course. I don’t wanna. They’re too young. I’m being silly I get that but I just don’t know. I need more info to make that decision. They are both drooling like crazy. It’s getting out of hand. Sarah said that means we are about to get our first tooth. She said it will come up from the bottom first. I am not ready for that! We just switched to solids Lol This is going way too fast for me.

I have 7 month old twins. Well in 2 days they will be 7 months. It is not easy. I have so sleep deprived most of the week that I don’t know how I function at work. And this time it’s not their fault. My boys sleep through the night. Finally. I lay awake at night and can’t sleep. I’m constantly worried that I am screwing up with them and no amount of therapy will ever fix them Lol I also worry about myself. I am going out a little. About once every 2 weeks I get out at night. Or I go to a Bears game or a Cubs game. I do something. But it’s not like it was before the boys came. That part of me is itching to get out more. But I can’t. I do not have time. Okay well I do have the time. I just don’t want to. I really think that I had these kids so that I could raise them. My nannies are here to be here when I’m at work. Or the few times a month I do get out. I have completely adjusted my work schedule and got rid of my overnight work trips. Someone else in my office goes or if it’s a bigger meeting I send Lindsay. She is doing great btw. She is working hard. The whole Ben break-up is getting easier and she is enjoying living in her new house all alone. Ben is still my friend. We talk a lot. He is still holding out hope she will want him back but he said he won’t wait forever. Maybe a few more months. At least she has began to talk to him again. I guess when she told him it’s over, get out, it got emotional. She is actually showing up for work on time now and staying all day. That’s a shocker. Lindsay has always worked to get the work done. Then she leaves. And you can’t find her. On weekends she completely disappears. You won’t get a text back from here until Monday morning. I know she’s reading everything because I see the Read Receipt on our Iphones. She’s just taking her weekends to do whatever it is that is fun. Her entire life has always been about really living. It’s kind of her motto. Live like you will die. So she does all of this crazy stuff, makes all kinds of friends everywhere, and has a great time. I envy that. It makes me want to hang out with her all of the time but I can’t. I have a family now. We are still very close. We talk a lot but it’s not everyday anymore. I’m busy, she’s busy. We email about work. And she might throw in a few personal things in there. I’m sure I do the same. She said I need to be at home for a few years. Get the boys ready for their great big lives because they will not have a normal childhood. Amen to that. I don’t even know what normal looks like. All I know is that I will show and tell them how much I love them and that will be their lives. No matter what my kids do, say, or become, I will love them the most. I have since I first heard the heartbeats. I fell completely in love with my kids!

Work is busy. I wish it would slow down but I keep expanding my businesses. The money is really great right now. We are all preparing for the financial hit that’s coming in a year and change so we are being cautious. But at the same time you have to make the deals that produce recurring income. Being a venture capitalist has never been easy. I have to make the best informed decision I can to move forward. When we lose a deal, it’s tough. You get your hopes up and really see potential then things don’t work out and you get bummed out. Lindsay goes with the F’ It Approach and charges full steam ahead without really looking at everything. When she hits a big deal, it’s really big. When it’s bad, it’s really, really bad and I get angry. But she makes us all money. I’m making more money now that I have ever made in my life. She is my only investor and she is the only account we run. Everyone else comes to us for advice and everyone else comes to us for help. I feel like a bank half of the time. You insert cashflow into someone’s business, you take over their management until it’s all straightened out and you expect them to continue running things within the new system. Most folks go right back to the same mistakes that got them into trouble. So we come back in, take a higher % of the profits and try again. Some people just don’t know how to change. I hope I’m not like that. I am stubborn but not immovable. I am so thankful to God for all of this good business. I’m putting more into my savings accounts than ever before and it really feels good that our monthly income margins are getting bigger and bigger. I have always wanted to retire early. I’m setting myself up to retire in 2 years. That’s my goal. In 2 years I will have 2 year and 7 month year olds. I will be able to do everything for my boys and we will be able to travel the world. That’s the dream. I don’t want to educate them in America. I want them to have a much broader scope of the world. I know we will be moving at some point. I keep wanting Paris but with all of those attacks it scares me. I have plenty of time to figure it out.

One last note so I can get back to work here. One of the ladies I had been dating, well she and I decided to end it. She has a chance to date someone new. She said he’s on the same page she is. They have only begun talking but he asked her out. She told me over lunch yesterday. I said I hope we can still be friends. I hugged her and told her to be happy. She told me the same. Great girl! She will make a great wife someday, for someone else. I am nowhere ready for a full on relationship. I’m not even in any hurry to start having sex again. Although that has been wayyyyy too long Lol I have had a lot of offers for hook-ups but that’s not me. I want to take things slow and develop love before I ever jump into bed with someone. I’m still working on me. I’m still learning about me. And I’m happy. I really am happy!

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day ya’ll! I know it’s y’all. I have never spelled it the right way so I can be unique. And who really cares anyway? Texas Forever! God bless you guys and I love you.