Proof I’m not young anymore

Last night was date night with my wife. She said work was stressful, court has been really stressful and she just wanted to blow off some steam. I decided dinner and dancing with some of our friends would be a great idea. It was, however she had other ideas of how to accomplish her goals.

We had a very delicious dinner at the Pump Room. It is one of my go to date night places. Always great service, always a fun evening. My wife loved it. After we were full of laughter and many glasses of wine (Not me, I don’t drink) I asked if she wanted to go dancing. I told her I had seen on facebook some of our friends would be there for an event and I thought it would be fun to check it out. She said yes.

We got there and the place was packed for a Wednesday night. I was surprised by that. We didn’t see our friends for  a while but we made our way to the dance floor and got our groove on. About an hour later I was sweaty, exhausted and wanting a nap Lol Now, my wife is younger than I am. She’s not 30. She has high energy and was really just wanting to let loose. I was doing my best to not be the tired old man and show my girl a great night out. When we met up with our friends they wanted to sit at a booth and hang out. I was fine with that. Another hour went by and we decided to dance a little longer and then my wife said let’s go all of a sudden. I figured her good senses had kicked in and she realized we both had to work in the morning. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We walked to the car and she said are you up for one last adventure? I said sure hoping it had to do with a late night snack Lol She told me where to go and we pull up in front of a hotel. She said I really want us to get a room so we can be alone and really get wild.

Who would EVER say no to that! Come on Lol

So we got a room and went up to the 5th floor. We had a blast checking out the room and looking at all of the stuff. It is a new hotel by the lake front that she has mentioned a few times. She said it’d supposed to be a very green build and was pointing out some of the things from the brochure the clerk had given us.

Let’s skip until 4:30 am when she said we need to get home Lol I was tired. Guys, and I’m talking to all of my bros that read this, I tried. I tried really hard to keep up with my hot, young, blonde wife. I almost made it but I guess I had fallen asleep at 3 Lol She said she snuggled with me anyway because she must have worn me out (She did) and she just wanted us to be as loud as we wanted to (We did).

It was one of the best nights of our marriage so far. Fun, so much laughter, good food, friends, dancing, and uhhh alone time. I really had a great time. So much so I look like heck!

I need to jump in the shower and stop bragging about having sex with my wife all night in a hotel Lol High fives all around. Have a good one!

Adult content being loaded

maxresdefault  All anyone had to do was apologize to me. I’m not asking them to take ownership, you don’t even have to make a public one. Just a simple I’m sorry would have stopped all of this. The blog would be cleaned up, the voicemails gone, photos, deleted. Everything gone. But nope. That’s not what happened so I’m going to finish this.
I was trying to think of how to announce that. Pretty funny. We are building the page for the last 102 voicemails. A lot of them are very sexually graphic. As well as the texts that go along with it. And some other things, photos, voice memo messages. It’s the rest of the story. You may have noticed there are big holes in the story where a lot of weeks were left out. There was a reason for that. That’s when our sex life was the most active. That’s why I left it off of there.
Right now it’s going to be password protected while Lindsay gets it loaded up. She works for about an hour then gets bored so this may take a day or two to get on here. It’s all uploaded it’s only a matter of sticking it somewhere. Because of the content my lawyers (Who said don’t post it) said at the least put it under a password protection area with an adult content warning. So that’s what she is building. When it’s ready I will do a blog with the password and warn you all about the adult content within that section.

 Rated R