2 Birthdays and a Miami Beach week

It’s hard to schedule things for this time of year because I have 2 birthdays 2 weeks apart.

Peace’s birthday was small and fun. She loved it. She cried when she saw the whole set up. I told her that the virus was still out there and we couldn’t have a big blowout. She was upset at first until she saw her party. I had Sarah decorate it with her Brazilian friend and it came out perfect. We had a pool party with small kids carnival games, we had presents, cake and ice cream. I mean, my family and friends always take care of my kids on their birthdays. They get way too much stuff but I use that as a time to get rid of the old toys to replace them with all the new stuff. We clean things up and donate what we can. It’s very important. She loved it, I asked her at bedtime what her favorite part was and she said the part where you said it wouldn’t be a big party and it was the hugest party ever Lol I think 4 years with me has made her dream big, and want for big things. I love it.

Now we ride out this week at home and continue to look online for a new Chicago house. We are going to leave on Friday to fly down to Miami Beach, Florida. We will be staying for a week. My kids wanted one last “big trip” before they start school. I just want out of Denver, its too hot here. I can’t jump in the Ocean whenever I want here.

And then on Friday evening we will be throwing Sky’s birthday party. She’s turning 2. OMG. My baby is growing up too fast. She is going with a Peppa Pig party. That will be easy. She loves Peppa Pig.

After 2 years of struggling and dealing with things I have no more diapers to change. I am officially off diaper duty! And FYI I refuse to change another diaper the rest of my life Lol I’ve done my time. It’s someone else’s turn. Sky is potty training, walking, talking. She’s her own little person now. It’s awesome. I’m glad I’m finally out of the baby/toddler phase. It was too much.

I hope to relax and catch up on sleep on our Miami Beach week. I need it. I’m so tired all of the time lately. I don’t know what’s going on. I just know that life is a blessing and I’m trying to enjoy everything I can.

Love you guys, stay in the nice cool breeze inside if you can. It’s too hot outside! Love you guys!


This week has been a long one. I’m happy we made it to Friday. How are you guys doing? Long week? We survived the birthday party. It was the best I could do for my baby Sky. 1 years old and it’s been a struggle the whole way. I have had some life changes, moving back and forth, business things, and her growing up with 3 siblings. It’s a lot for a 1 year old. She’s healthy, still happy, and doing her best to talk. A LOT! She’s very vocal now. Alex was the same way so I don’t mind. The kids are getting her to talk as much as they can, she is trying to do new words. She’s eating everything we put in front of her. She’s becoming her own little person. I love seeing it.

We did presents, a big lunch, then cake and ice cream. For the finale, we drove her around the island in a golf cart parade and we stopped at different areas to take family photos. I honestly didn’t know what else to do for her. I felt so bad we couldn’t have a big family and friends party. I did my best. She had fun. We got a ton of new clothes. Thank you to my family and friends that spoiled my little girl rotten. This is my last baby (I’m pretty sure) so I tried to enjoy all of it. Her smash cake was destroyed Lol That was the best part. She laughed and laughed and grabbed hold with both hands. The boys laughed too because she was so messy. I had to hose her off in the shower before we could eat lunch. I really think for a 1st birthday party it was enough. So now we are onto the next thing in our life, school.

The COVID numbers are going up here in Hawaii. It’s not fun. I have to send the boys to school on the 17th and I’m starting to rethink that. Sarah will be spending all weekend ordering things online for our make-shift at home classroom. We will keep Peace at home this year. There are daycare/school places I can send her to but I don’t want to. I know the elementary school has to abide by all the strict guidelines the State and Education Department has put out. I have no idea who will regulate the daycare situation so I’m not even bothering. I’m going to teach Peace at home or Sarah will. We may switch off and on. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffff I send the boys to school, it will be with caution. Right now, I am leaning towards not sending them. I can sign them up for online learning, the teacher can come by 1 time a week for 1 hour to make sure they understand the material. That is an option for us. The boys being classified as “special needs” because of their hearing loss gives us a slight advantage on getting extra help. They can hear 80% with the hearing aides, however, when the teacher has to wear a mask they can’t rely on lip reading which is a huge problem for them. That’s why I’m thinking more and more to keep them home. I know our 1st grade teacher will wear a mask. Sarah already asked her when she stopped by the school to pick up their schedules. I think them missing the 1st grade or at least half of it will be okay. I think if we get into the 4th and 5th grade that might be an issue. I want them in school. I did NOT sign them up for Catholic school. I have a few big issues with our local Catholic school and Church so we’ve been doing our Mass on Sunday based off of our Denver Church. I don’t like how it’s set up, I don’t like the person in charge. I highly suspect he is money hungry which I don’t appreciate in my spiritual leader. It’s not for me. This is a big decision and I’m waiting to see when we get closer to school opening to figure this all out.

The weather has been perfect. Nice cool mornings into bright sunny days. I’m still on Denver time but I am getting better. I go to bed when the kids do, I’m up after a few hours, I get things done around the house, then I lay back down. I am trying to nap during the day with all 4 of them. That has worked a few times. It’s just hard for me to get my mind around Hawaii time. And of course my insomnia is in full party mode so that doesn’t help at all.

My book sales went crazy overnight. So much so my publisher emailed me to ask what I was doing. Uh nothing Lol I don’t think I’ve even promoted my books in the past 3 years. I’m lazy. Usually when the tv show gets going I get a lot of book sales. This is the off time for that. I don’t know what’s going on but I’ll take it. More money for my 2 charities I support with the book money. More ego tripping for me on still having 2 books that actually sale. My publisher wants to know if we should do a reprint. Why not. I told them yes. I only ordered 1000 more copies. I would think that would last me a few months. They want to me sell autographed copies. Why? Lol No one gives to sh**s about me signing my books. I don’t get that at all. I said no to that. Sorry but my books are to share my truth, not to be a collectable piece of literature.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. We will be getting in the SUV’s and exploring the island some more. More shopping, more trying new food places. It’s all about keeping the kids entertained. Have a great weekend guys. Love you all! Thanks for buying my books!

No, not that school

For reason’s I’m keeping private (Except my family and a few friends) I moved my boys out of the school I put them in and today was their first day in the new Catholic school. Things didn’t work out in our first school, I’m happier, the boys seem okay?, and this is my decision. I did get a lot of advice yesterday as this decision was pretty much being made for me. It was a no-brainer moment. So now we are in a school that’s very close to our new house and I think this is how we will do it.

I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out if this was the best move for me. Is this better? Is this what’s best for the boys? We will see when I pick them up this afternoon.

Peace. My daughter Lol I swear everyday she proves more and more than she is 2 going on 25. I keep feeling left out of her school life. She finally did hug and kiss me goodbye today but that’s only because I had a hold of her little hand walking into school and I wasn’t going to let her run off this time. Someone said she has a “girl squad at school now”. I was mad Lol No she doesn’t! She’s my baby! And yet she acts like I’m just her ride.

So how is everyone else surviving school? How are your kids adjusting? Mine are doing okay. We are trying to get into a routine. I purposefully kept them out of school until after we moved and did give them an extra week here to get used to everyone. I felt it was too much to move and immediately get them into class. We started late from everyone else but I really don’t care. It was a good choice.

Ok I just found the color setting block on my WordPress software and apparently I can color the background here.

That’s interesting. If I ever get fancy maybe I can start coloring the sections I want to emphasize on each post. Don’t hold your breath. I need to go pick up Peace. Brenda our new part time nanny and Sarah are going to stay home with Sky. I’m going to pick up Peace and take her to eat. Then we will grab food to bring home to the girls.

I really am enjoying my afternoons just with my girls. I get to hold Sky and watch Peace play. Or when Sky is sleeping give all of my attention to Peace. I love it!

Have a great rest of the week guys! I love ya’ll!

It’s a GIRL! Sky Lindsay is born!!

My new daughter has arrived in the world. I named her Sky Lindsay. Yes Lindsay is shocked and very honored I finally named one of my kids after her. She has been very upset I didn’t name Peace after her. She wanted Lindsay Lindsay and I said no, that’s way too much Lindsay Lol

I love the name. She was born very early in the morning on Tuesday, August 6th. Let me tell you how this all happened.

My adoption agency has called me 2 times about 2 different babies. I signed up for another adoption in January of this year. I had just assumed, well, it’s going to be a year or 2 of waiting. I really felt this wasn’t going to be the year it would happen. I wanted a daughter so that’s what I requested. I didn’t care about the race, health issues, any of it. I just wanted a girl to balance out what I have already. Gosh, it feels like ordering a kid I swear Lol That’s one of the perks of adoption though. You can pretty much get what you want. 2 times I wasn’t in a place to have the baby and I also wasn’t very cool with the circumstances that came with either of them. I know that those babies went to other homes and have their life started out. When they called this time I heard all of the information, the young girl was single, the ex-boyfriend already signed off on things and was willing to be a part of an open adoption. He agreed to providing family medical history and be available for genetic testing because that’s my preference. Same for the birth mom. The baby was due this week, if I want this to happen, she’s all mine. It’s a girl.

I said let me call you back in 5 minutes. I gathered up my kids and asked them if they wanted a new baby sister. The boys said yes. Peace has no clue but agreed because the boys agreed. I quickly prayed on it and in my heart it all sounded perfect. I called them back and said Yes, I want her. Where do I go?

She was in southern Illinois, so that makes it waaayyy easier to bring her home. I immediately rented the bus that I’ve used once before and they said they would get me a driver. It makes it much easier for me to pick her up, walk around a little bit, and make her more comfortable on the way home. I called Lindsay and Drew on speakerphone and told them to get ready, we’re doing it again Lol They are both so happy for me and my kids. They both know how much I wanted another girl. Then I called my family and then the nannies. Sarah said I’m packing my clothes right now, I’m going to be there and help.

Sarah does not get enough credit at all. I mean I pay her very well, but that’s not all her worth to me. She is an amazing human being and I love her like she’s my own kid. I mean, she drops everything for me when she can. She is just so sweet and helpful. I started crying out of gratefulness and honestly some relief. I now have help until we move.

I packed up a few days worth of clothes and then went to the baby store to get the basics. The hospital always gives me a baby bag full of things to last a day or so. My adoption agency also gives me a baby bag full of things to last a few days. But I wanted my own stuff. I had nothing. I went into a frenzy shopping spree and got her crib ordered, some clothes, baby things, and the essentials that I need right away and told them to deliver it all ASAP. I knew Sarah would set up the nursery. I mean she’s already done this twice before Lol She’s a pro by now.

Then I hit the grocery store that I know has vegan baby formula. I bought 6 cases of that and 6 cases of diapers and wipes and some extra bottles. I had the things I needed. I got back home and Lindsay had relieved my neighbor who came over to watch the kids. She helped me unload everything and pack up my new baby bag (It’s all pink floral) and get myself ready. A few hours went by and the bus arrived. The driver this time is Juan who I know from some other car service I’ve used (Same company) so that was fun. I know he’s a very nice guy and I would enjoy our chat all the way down to get my daughter and back home. I told him we will be gone a week or a little more because she was due but I have no idea when she would be born and he said he packed for a week which is perfect. Then I got a call from my adoption attorney who said she had all of the paperwork ready for me to sign and to take with me. I told her to meet me somewhere I would grab it on the way out of town. She gave me the name of my social worker at the hospital that would be helping me. The adoption agency has always handled that part because I have no idea how to do anything. I’m usually in baby fog and have no working brain cells from shock and happiness. I called my lawyer and told him what was happening. I have to give him a copy of all of the paperwork before I sign it so he knows what I am signing. Every state is different and every type of adoption is different. I’m all ready to go. I kissed the kids goodbye and then got on the bus. Lindsay said she would stay home to watch my kids and get the house ready. I knew Drew said his wife would be flying out that night to come help too. Her favorite part is helping with the nursery and holding the new baby Lol She loves it so much. I have to pry my child from her arms some times because she just loves babies so much. Drew said he would fly out Friday night with his kids to come visit and meet his new niece.

It took about 4 hours to get there. I checked into a hotel with Juan first. We got rooms right next to each other that way I can have his help if I needed anything. Super nice guy, I will do a Yelp review and give him a big shoutout later for the company he works for. He made me laugh and kept being very encouraging. He has kids so he knows the feelings. We went to get food and then I ate and called the hospital. They said I could meet up with them in the morning, be there around 10am to start filling out my half of the paperwork.

The birth mom went into labor that day but the hospital sent her home because she was much too early to come in. I didn’t even know about that part until I got there for the real birth. I went to bed praying it would be soon and just wanted both of them to be healthy and okay. I got a call from the adoption agency very early, maybe 4 hours after I went to bed. They said it’s time, get up to the hospital. I am allowed to see the baby after she is born but not allowed in the room while she’s giving birth. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in there during it anyway to be honest. That’s a little tough situation and I feel the birth mom needs time with the baby if she wants to without me being anywhere in there.

I waited and wait and waited and finally someone came in to tell me she’s here. They said the birth mom said I can come in so I went in and tried to be cool. I completely fell apart as soon as I saw my daughter. I met my new friend, the birth mom and just lost my shi**. I cried, smiled, laughed, I almost threw up, I mean it was all too much Lol I know I embarrassed myself but I didn’t care. I got to take some photos of the baby and I think I kept saying thank you over and over to everyone. They took her away to do somethings so I asked if she wanted me to leave? She said yes but come back later. She was so tired and wanted to talk to her family who was in the room a little while. I went out to the lobby and started making calls, and posting photos to everyone and everywhere. I hadn’t said a word on social media Lol So it caught everyone off guard. Surprise!

It’s all a giant blur, I’m back at the hotel. I’ve been able to feed her, change a few diapers and talk to the birth mom a little. I told her my whole life story plus all about my other adoptions. I told her how my open adoption works with my boys and asked what it is her and her family wanted. She said pictures, videos, and the chance to meet up with her when she’s older. She’s not interested in coming to visit for years, it’s too hard. I asked why she was giving the baby up for adoption? She explained her life and how she didn’t want to get an abortion because she doesn’t believe in it, but she knows this is the best choice for her baby. I tried to reassure her how much I want this child and how much she is already loved. I said I’ve been waiting for her for over 2 years because I’ve always known after Peacey pie, I wanted another daughter. I’ve written that on here a few times I’m sure. We got to know each other and exchanged info so we can keep in touch. She’s a sweet girl, really young, scared, a little lost she said, but she knows this is best. I told her if she did change her mind, which is her legal right for 72 hours I think it is, she can have all the stuff I brought with me. She said no, she had made up her mind months ago and has been prepared for all of this. She has been to therapy to get ready for it and said she will continue in therapy afterwards to help get through it. didn’t even know my adoption agency did that. How cool.

Everything is going fine here. I’m just waiting until tomorrow. I get to take her home! I’m so excited I can’t wait. I love her, I mean I really, really, love her already. She has the sweetest face, lots and lots of brown hair Lol I mean this is it. She’s my last kid. My last baby. I’m done! I have 4 beautiful, healthy kids. My dreams are all coming true. I couldn’t be happier.

I have been posting photos of her and a few that people have taken for me of me holding her. Some of you have those already or saw them on my social media accounts. If not, go check out our Family Facebook page! She’s here!

And on that note, I’m so very sorry to learn of the mass shootings. I have been praying for everyone involved and I did donate money to both city organizations that asked for donations for the families. I don’t know why these things happen but it hurts my heart to see the news and read the articles. Help by donating guys. Those families need money to pay for funerals, hospital bills, all of it. As always, I won’t promote who I think you should donate to, but pick 1 or more and help please. They need us. God bless everyone.