I’m Protected

Sarah’s parents are here. It was a little bit of a rough start for all of us but they are finally settling in. I took them to the stores yesterday to pick up what they needed for their cabin. I think they are well stocked and we did find a few new outfits so they can enjoy the local style. I love a good Hawaiian shirt, I am that annoying tourist who thinks that’s what the local population wears. I don’t care, they are very comfortable. The family is happy they are here and I know they are enjoying time with their grandbaby. She is very cute and getting a little more sleep overnight.

This week is all about getting our at home classroom ready. The boys have to homeschool the first 4 weeks. That was kind of a bummer but I’m very happy to know our school district is taking COVID serious. I’m working on some brand new vegan recipes. I found an old recipe book in a family member’s cabin and they said it belonged to one of my Great Great uncles. I was shocked. I haven’t known of any guy relative that loves to cook enough to write his recipes down. I’m going to tear them down and make them into something new. I hope it works out. I love trying new things but I’m never prepared for criticism on my food Lol Oh well.

I have locked up my 2 social media accounts. My 2 book Twitters that I don’t run have been locked up since earlier this year. My @NotBatmanYet account is LOCKED UP. That’s because Kate is getting ready to open her account up again. Things with her beloved family member are settling down a bit and she is thinking about being more active on her accounts. The trolls think they found out her real name. They were obviously lied to by someone I don’t even know. The whole thing is hilarious. Kate and I have been laughing about it for 2 days. I do feel bad for the woman they all tried to harass. They are wrong, I love it, it shows how psychotic this hate group really is. We are in a global pandemic and a group of Trump loving reality tv fans are stalking me. Yay!

So if you are a lurker and you are a nice person add me. You can leave me a comment on here with your username. I do not post my comments anymore. I do read them and I will email the person back when they have questions. I love all of my readers. I really do. You all help keep me active in the blogging community and make me want to write. I love interacting with my fans. I have way more positive feedback than the few negative things I have to deal with. Block and report my friends. It really does work.

I have a big thing happening soon. I’m not going to talk about it but it’s exciting news for my family. Wish us luck!

I love you guys, hope you have a great week!