A Course in Miracles

I am finally getting to studying A Course in Miracles. It’s going to be a long time before I’m done with it. But it’s so worth it. I learned so many life lessons the last time I tackled this book. I’m so happy to be sharing it here again. I know that’s why most of you come here.

Here we go.

ACIM01 ACIM02 This is the book I bought. This version is the 2nd edition and includes everything in it. The book starts out talking about the Miracles. They are a little confusing because some of them negate each other. I found that hard to understand at first. 






So what does that mean? Nothing real can be threatened? Nothing unreal exists? Huh? And how do you find peace from those 2 sentences? I promise you by the end of this book you will fully understand but for now, take it for face value. Nothing real can be threatened. If something in your heart or mind is real, then that’s it. It’s true, and no one or nothing can touch it. That’s how I interpret this part.

ACIM04This is where it starts to get confusing. There are 50 miracles. I have highlighted some of the ones that I really liked. Miracles are expression of Love. If you believe that God does Miracles, then this is God’s love to us once the miracle shows up. Or if you believe humans are capable of making miracles happen, then it happens the very moment your life is in need of a miracle. I believe it comes from God and God uses us to create the miracles for others. I believe that through prayer any miracle can happen for you. If you believe, your miracle will come. Not always when you want it, but in time, it shows up. And to me, that’s proof of God.

ACIM05To me miracles are service. It’s an act of hope that creates a great amount of love. I don’t really understand 21 here. Miracles are a natural sign of forgiveness? I don’t get that one. I think it means that we forgive our life for getting in a place where only a miracle can help out. But I’m not really sure on that one.


I do believe 36 on this page is my favorite. I think miracles realign your life into it’s true purpose. When you receive your miracle it becomes a shake up in your life and you really focus on being your best.


This final page sums it up. Miracles are everyday in your life. You just have to become more self-aware to recognize them. You can have a really bad moment and someone shares a smile with you. That can be a miracle. Or you are out of cash and your car broke down. You are crying and a total stranger offers to help. There’s a miracle that happened because your life needed it.

I like that there are 50 miracles but some of these are repetitive and a little confusing. It gets easier as we go on.


The Book of Mormon

I listened to the entire Book of Mormon on audiobook. After 30 hours of it I finished it and came up with a few thoughts. I do believe that the Book of Mormon is a Second accounting of Jesus Christ. But I also believe that some of it was inspired by the Old Testament. There are far too many stories that are similar. I think that it’s a great book and everyone should read it in order to educate yourself on the Mormon faith as well as open your mind to possible other beliefs in this world. I bought my own copy off of Amazon.com and will read it again someday. To me it’s more of a text, not so much scriptural context. I really enjoyed the stories and finding new names of people in history who I had never heard of before.

I struggled through the first few books. But once I got past that, it kind of flowed and made more sense to me. I am glad that I got a chance to read this book and I really enjoyed learning about another religion. I made contact with a few people that run Mormon based websites to ask questions along the way. They were very helpful to me and we began emailing back and forth about different sections of the Book of Mormon. I value their input, although we will never believe the same way. It was a fun experience and I’m glad I took the time to learn about this. Up until a few months ago I honestly did not know what Mormons believed in.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Intro

I am happy to say I’m finally making time to get this book started. It’s been a busy summer. The last time I tried to finish this book I made it up to page 300 and stopped. It has 3 sections. The text, the workbook, and the study guide. The text is 669 pages. Let’s get started!

IntroACIM The only section I highlighted was

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

It’s a great way to start such a word-heavy book. But what does that mean? Nothing real can be threatened? Isn’t this how wars are started? Nothing unreal exists? What about thoughts about ghosts? Herein lies the peace of God. Well I’m in search of peace so this will be great. It seems like a simple enough set of ideas. Let’s see what comes next.

The Book of Mormon – Studying

book-of-mormonI have decided to study the Book of Mormon. I have had many, many, MANY religious discussions about it the past few months and I know now that I really don’t know anything about this book. So what a fun idea but to study it here and share it with all of you.

First things first, I am a SON OF CHRIST. I am CATHOLIC. Let me say that again, I am CATHOLIC. I am not converting to anything. I am trying to understand why on Earth there would be a second Testament of Jesus Christ and what’s in it. I know enough to know that I don’t really know anything at all. Huh? That’s how I feel right now about this book. I have promised myself to stay open. I can tell you my first day of really listening to the audiobook of this did not go well at all. I kept stopping it and arguing with thin air Lol Because just the Title page and introduction had me fired up. But with all things, you must stay open. There is a possibility (Maybe) that this book is really a 2nd Testament of Jesus Christ. And if it is, it’s important to me to read it and find out about it. I love to study religion and talk about God. It’s my passion. So why not study a religion I know nothing about and maybe come up with some new thoughts and ideas about life. That’s my goal.

In my life I have read the First Communion Bible – Saint Joseph Edition, Confirmation Bible, 4 different Catholic study Bibles, The King James Bible, The New American Standard Bible, The New American Stanard Revised Bible and the Ignatius Bible. The Bible I worship with is The New American Standard Bible, not the Revised edition. I don’t like the revised edition. I read the Bible everyday at lunch time. It’s my time of reflection and to center myself at my halfway point of my work day. It reminds me to be thankful for my food and also to be thankful for my blessings. I have done that since I was 8 years old. I also pray before each meal. Just a short quick thanks. Even when I’m in a restaurant. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I am listening to the audio book from this website:


Hit the word Scriptures and you will see the link to the audio. I don’t have time to read this book so listening to it as I do other things is about the only thing I will have time for. The first link is 10 hours 23 minutes. And it’s divided up in my audio player into sections so I can stop when I finish a section of it. I like that a lot. Makes it much easier for me to keep track of where I’m at.

Honestly, right now I don’t know about this, guys. This may be so far out there that I want to quit. Or it might open my mind and expand my belief system to really question what it is I believe in. Either way I am excited to see what’s in this book.

I would love feedback as we go along.  I usually don’t allow comments to be posted publicly but I will leave these comments open. Thank you all for reading this today. I look forward to studying with you.

The Book of Mormon, here we go!