A little up Date

My knee surgery date got cancelled because of COVID, that’s fun. I get to ice my knee when it gets bad and spread on the Icy Hot. I mean, this can’t get any worse, right?

4 of my 5 pack are in school all day. That leaves me with baby Sky and baby Rain all day. Sarah does not quality to put her daughter in daycare at her new work yet. She has to be there 6 months because it’s one of those extra benefits they offer once you establish yourself. I told her yes we will watch the baby. We’ve been with her since she was a week old anyway. And this will be our last full time babysitting with her I wan to enjoy it. She is such a sweet little girl. Sarah is trying to get all of her life out of my house, which I appreciate. She LOVES her new job. It is her dream job. She has spent so much time getting her life ready for her career I’m proud to see it finally happen. Her parents are thinking about selling their house in a few months to be closer to their only grandchild. Sarah’s sister has had the same boyfriend for years, no engagement, no kids. They don’t want to miss anything and they both recently retired so this will be a big move. I will love having them nearby. I have known Sarah’s mom since I was 3 years old. We were raised together because her mom was my nanny. And Ray and I get along great. We are always getting in trouble together. I love this idea.

My kids love their teachers, love school, hate wearing a mask. I told them that’s the only way we can keep them healthy. It was a lot of discussion all summer to make sure they do understand how important it is. I told them if they do not keep it on every day I have to pull them from school and they will do virtual class again. None of them want that, I don’t blame them.

This is the year they are FINALLY making friends. I’m happy to see that and I hope to be able to host a few swim parties soon. We are running out of the hot weather. We all know it’s going to snow in Denver next month Lol It always does.

I am starting to get and about a little more. I hope I start making friends too. It’s easy to see who takes COVID serious by still wearing a mask. Those are the kind of people I would love to be friends with.

Things are busy. I’m doing my best to get these kids into a routine. We are going to do some weekend trips back to Chicago. I’m still trying to find a new condo. The 2 I have put a bid on got outbid and I wasn’t willing to go up higher. My account said $6 to $8 million. Once we move we can fix up my downtown condo that’s too small and sell it. That will recoup some of what I spent on the new one.

Life is great. My girlfriend and I are getting along much better. We have been off and on for 2 and a half years. We go great for months and then we break up for a week or 2. I think we are finally maturing into the relationship. As soon as I can get up to her area safely, without it being a hotspot for COVID, we will most likely get engaged. We are older, there’s a lot of moving parts to getting her and her kids moved here. But her and her kids need to get away from her ex and his family, too many issues going on. It’s going to be a new chapter for both of us. I can’t wait.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer. Get outside and enjoy it. Love you guys!

It’s a Steph-anie in the right direction

Hi guys! How are things going? Me, I’m fine as always. A few quick updates then back to work.

I was supposed to go to Comic Con this year but didn’t make it out. My dog hurt his leg. I took him to the vet thinking they will send us home with some pain pills, tell me to restrict his walking/running and that was it. He blew out his frickin’ knee. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. I just know $4500 later it’s fixed. He has 8 to 12 weeks of rehab to go and it’s been very frustrating. I found out if you use a beach towel to help hold up his backside it does make it much easier. You sling it under him and grab it down low in a bunch so you can control his motions with the bad leg. The vet told me to do that. He has a leg brace and a wound that has to be cleaned out twice a day or more if needed. He’s laying around a lot which is very hard for an active dog like him and it’s pinned me to the house for days now. I did miss Comic Con but it’s worth it. I will hit the next Comic Con event and still catch up with my friends there soon. Sorry guys!

What else? Stephanie and I had broken up. She was too controlling and really pushing me into being on the same page as her. I wasn’t there yet, I mean I was getting there, I just wasn’t there….yet. She didn’t want to hear it and gave me an ultimatum. I didn’t like it so I told her and we agreed to end things. It’s been over a month. We have met up a few times and talked a few times. Last night she texted me and said why can’t we just discuss this in length? I had Lindsay to watch the kids so I went over. An hour later we had worked out what happened, what was going on and how things could have been handled better. Essentially she fought me and didn’t throw me away like a piece of trash, so we are going to work it out. Just in time too.

I’m leaving Thursday mid morning to go do Denver for 4 days. I’m checking on my house renovation there to make sure things are good. We are moving there as soon as possible to get the kids settled. My house here will go on the market whenever we are officially and finally moved. I’m keeping my downtown condo in Chicago for when I have to fly in for work stuff but this is the big move. I want to raise my kids close to Alex’s doctors in Denver and I want a change. It’s time.

Stephanie understands all of this and is still willing to work things out. She is open to moving after I’m settled if that is the direction of the relationship. I told her I don’t mind her coming to visit every weekend if she wants but I’m done trying to prove how I feel about things. It was a really good grown up talk. I felt mature after it. Well and then the sex helped too Lol I mean good makeup sex is always worth it. So I don’t know guys. We will see. I’m giving it a chance. I really like her, the kids like her, why not her? We still have over a month before I move so we have time to really dig in and see what we want together. I’m trying.

My poor dog, Bubba is doing his best to be a good patient but he has not patience to be a patient. It’s been very hard. I’m not sleeping much because I’m worried about him so much. Luckily dogs take a million naps a day so I’m finding a balance to rest for an hour or 2 here and there.

The kids summer day camp is almost over with. This is the very last weekend and then I have all 3 of them at home ALL DAY WITH ME. I’m excited and happy. I have all kinds of things I want to go do with them. It’s going to be a very fun summer. I had a ton of travel plans set up but as life goes, I make plans and God says HAHAHAHAHAHA……..no.

How is everyone doing? I’ve gotten the yard all cleaned up today, my bedroom all cleaned up and I’m starting to pack for my 4 day trip.

Denver….here I come!