Good to be home

  While I was in Pittsburgh the ladies all decided we are going to the lake house this weekend. I’m happy to stay home for a weekend. I’ve been traveling quite a bit the past month.

I got home to my wife waiting at the elevator. She kissed me like I had returned from war Lol And I loved it. Then she told me all that I had missed. Alex and Heston are both calling her mama now on a regular basis and she is very excited about it. i knew once she started they would pick up on it quick. She said it still surprises her but they are just being babies and they mimic everything we say over and over. I said it’s because you are their mama now. And it doesn’t matter she didn’t give birth to them. I didn’t uh sire them? Lol I don’t even know but biologically they aren’t mine either. She knows if she wants to adopt them she can do it after they are 18. That’s the agreement. I do not want to lose any custody at all of my boys in case of a divorce. I can’t be without them. I need them everyday. Even when I’m out-of-town I don’t like it. I Facetime with them but it’s not the same. I’m so happy that I do have a mama in their life. If things hadn’t turned out like they did I may not have adopted them at all. God’s plan was exactly what I wanted. I just had to keep faith and know what my calling would be. I am happy our open adoption has turned out so well.

Their biological father wants to meet them. He has asked for photos a few times in the past year. More towards Christmas. I sent him a few. He has no legal right to them he signed his rights away. He said his parents want to meet them and I said okay. We are going to meet up with them next month in Nebraska. He said he knows he did the right thing by signing them away. He wants to meet them before they will really know who he is. He wants a few photos taken of himself with them and for his parents too. Then he said he would like me to send him some photos at birthdays and Christmas only. That it will be uncomfortable for him after they reach about 4 years old. I told him we still have 3 years we can visit with him and I am going to tell them about him when they are old enough to understand or anytime they ask. The more information I have right from him the better. I bought an adoption book that has a lot of questions in it already. So I can sit with him and he can help me fill it out. That way I will know where his grandparents and parents were born and all of the questions I don’t know. Their birth mom already helped me fill it out. She told me to mail her the book and she filled out as much as she knew with her mom’s help. I got it back and loved reading it. I knew most of the answers but it also asks what’s her favorite food, music, toys when she was a kid. Things I don’t know. She said it was fun filling it out because this way they will know a lot about her. I told her I already read her answers to them a few times and will continue to do so. She is still a little shy about asking to see them but we have a good schedule planned out. I told her that her guy friend wants to meet the boys and she said it was good to hear. She said she’s glad to know she slept with a guy that is decent like that. I never thought of it that way. I asked if there would ever be a time I could get both of them together for some photos. I told her we could do it soon that way the boys would never remember it if that bothered her and she said she needs to think about it. She hasn’t seen or talked to him since the night of the party.

We had a long talk and I really enjoyed it. I try to keep her up to date on how my family is doing. She’s slowly starting to come around more and more about keeping in touch.

After I got off of the phone it was time for baths, hugs, snuggles, and reading to my boys until I bore them to sleep. Then it was time to talk to my wife about my trip. We had a quick chat and I got caught up on her cases. The most she can tell me anyway. Then we went to bed.

This morning I got up early and worked out. I made breakfast for everyone and got myself to work. Today will be fun. We get to go through all of this information. It will take a few days to decide.

I hope everyone has a great day today. It’s Thursday so we have today and tomorrow to get through. Then it’s the weekend. It’s supposed to rain today. Yuck. I better get started. I will update more later.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too! Thanks for reading my blog.

Home Sweet Home, Chicago

I am almost at the 10 year mark of living in Chicago. It’s been a great experience and I’m so happy to call this place my home. I thought I would end up living in Nebraska forever. I didn’t see any reason to go and I also didn’t feel any reason to stay. My move was a turning point in my life. One of those pivotal moments that you are scared to take but you do it anyway.

My businesses have all grown. I keep expanding trying to build an empire to leave to my sons. I’m also entering into 2017 knowing it will be my last year of working full time at this. It’s taking up too much of my family time. The day trips out of town were only supposed to be once or twice a week. My schedule is more like 3 to 4 times a week with my rushing home to eat dinner with everyone. I knew things would need to change. Having my babies my priorities are completely different. I can afford to retire early. I can afford to raise them, educate them, and provide for them. If I had a wife I may have a different outlook but I know it’s better to walk away now than to regret not having time for my boys when they really need me.

I’m going to start a new adventure soon. I have no idea what it will be. I will be able to work at it from home. That way my schedule is what I dictate it to me. My long time secretary Shelly is also retiring. She was my dad’s secretary and helped me grow from a small construction company into all of this. She has given her entire adult life to working for my family. I can’t begin to tell her thank you enough. And as she says just add another zero to the back of that thank you check if you want.

Chicago will always be home. I will keep my Lake house. It’s a great family home.  I will sell my downtown condo when the time to move comes up. I have already been to Paris and looked at daycare facilities, preschools, family homes and spent a lot of time thinking about if Paris is where I want to raise my kids. Just because I love it doesn’t mean they should. I don’t know.

Then there is Dubai. A huge jump forward in technology, government, development, innovation. My boys would be blessed to live and grow there. So many wonderful opportunities and they would be among some of the world’s brightest. It’s a mecca of education.

Or Las Vegas. Where Lindsay is. Where Auntie lives and would be apart of our lives forever. I don’t have a wife but I have a best friend that has been there for me on a monthly basis since my kids were born. And Drew my other best friend has a job offer there. My 2 best friends all together again. It’s the Dream we always talked about. It’s definately something to think about.

For now I’m going into this new year enjoying every moment. I don’t know what 2017 will

A little tea left in the summer

IMG_8314  I like my tea with a slice of orange in it for flavor. It’s really good. Greetings from the lakehouse. I got off work at noon. The girls had everyone packed up and ready to go. I loaded it all up and here we are. Unpacked, ready to have some fun and my boys needed a nap. Figures Lol So I’m out back on my laptop enjoying this cloudy and windy day. Having some tea, enjoying my view, and trying to figure out what to write about.

I went to a charity event last night. I took a date. It was fun. We laughed and ate way too many samples of tiny little bites of food. It was amuse bouche style and I probably had 10 bouches. Or are they amuses? Whatever it was, it was delicious. All vegan, all organic and natural. Very very healthy and tasty. I had never seen some of the things that were offered so that was fun for me.

How is your summer going? I can’t believe we are into August already. Gee whiz, folks. Time is flying this year. Or maybe I’m so busy I can’t keep a week straight. Okay let’s talk about this weekend.

I have zero plans other than getting my boys into the pool a few times. We had our first swim lesson last night. That was fun for about oooohhhh 3 seconds. Then I had the crying twins who did not want to swim, did not want to learn to swim and just wanted me to hold both of them. In the pool. Okay I can try to do that safely but I freak out because I’m scared I will drop one and that turned into Sarah taking Alex who decided he needed to do something very bad in the pool Lol We apologized and said please don’t kick us out. Sarah did not put on the diaper tight enough I guess. That was horrific I’m sure but they didn’t kick us out. Heston was not chill. My normally go with the flow little guy decided he was not having any of it and was happy to sit on my lap at the edge of the pool and let daddy splash water with my feet. That he liked. Everytime we tried to get him back in, nope. Meltdown. So what do you do when you have twins, trying to learn how to swim and both want you? Both need you and you can not clone yourself for swim lessons? I need to do a lot better job. I asked the teacher if maybe I brought one in at a time that might help? She said it might but it’s better for both of them to see their brother is okay and having fun. She said she thought separating them might cause more anxiety. Huh? I have no idea why it would. I have taken them places solo before and everyone was fine. I mean there was crying at first but by the time I got into the elevator with the other one I couldn’t hear it anymore Lol And Sarah would call and say he’s calmed down he’s fine.

So swim lessons, I really need to work on that. Sarah said some kids just don’t feel good around certain adults. It’s just a vibe they pick up on and she said maybe they don’t like their teacher? She was very nice. Even when the mystery poop was floating from Alex Lol She kept saying it was okay it happens.

Tonight I’m going to make a huge home cooked meal. I already went and got everything I needed. I’m doing tacos and burritos with refried beans, jalapeno cornbread, and for the main dish cheese stuffed poblano peppers with mango sauce. Yummy. It is very good. Mine will have vegan cheeses and those never melt so I may need to fry mine at the end of baking for a few minutes to get it really hot. I haven’t even started food prep yet. The girls bought me a Kiss the Chef apron. It’s hilarious. We only give my boys the kisses, not the nannies. So when my boys are awake and come in to see me I give them both big baby kisses and they laugh.

Other than that, no plans yet for the weekend. I need to see how the weather will be. Supposed to be cooler and cloudy. I’m half thinking it may rain a little? Not sure yet. Either way I know shopping for the girls, cooking for me, and spending all weekend with my 2 little dudes. I’m getting them revved up for football season so we may have some man time tomorrow or Sunday to watch some games.

I’ve been reading this book. I’m not sure what to think about it yet. It’s getting good but it’s also very technical so it’s taking me a lot longer to plow through it. I can usually knock out a book in a day and a half. Because of my insomnia I stay up really late reading. Trying to calm my mind down and get tired. This book is over 300 pages long. Very interesting topic. I like it but it’s a hard read.

My dating life is going well. It’s a no pressure all casual thing. The women know about each other and have no problems. They don’t know each other and I’m very sparse on details so they don’t facebook stalk each other Lol I like them both and for right now it’s working out great. We are picking out events to attend together. A few black tie things. A few charity summer runs. I’m getting into this. Fall is going to be an active, running time for me. I can’t wait to finally get my foot back into it. I’ve rehabbed it for a long, long time. It’s holding up well and I just want to get into marathon mode and do this. I’m so ready to run! I have 5 playlists all ready to go in my phone. I’m excited to hit the pavement. I’ve been training really hard. Up here I can run the park nearby. Which is very nice early in the morning. It’s safe and no one is there.

That’s pretty much it. Life is great. Busy work week. I finally slept some full nights. Just back into daddy mode. Honestly the best part of my day is waking up and getting my boys from their cribs. They are so funny in the morning. Their little puffy eyes and then they yawn and I just want to kiss them all over. Hearing them laugh and Alex already babbling. It melts me. Every single day. I love them.

Have a great Friday. Go have some fun this weekend guys! Get outside and enjoy the weather! I know I will.