Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

This is the year that all 5 of my kids are enjoying the pool. My daughters used to play for a few minutes, then want out. I think that was a little bit of fear added in with some boredom? I’m not sure. They are all fish this year. I love it. We swim twice a day. One after their ABC Mouse Academy school. We do 1 hour per day with them after breakfast. That’s when our pool is heating up. Swim for an hour. Go play downstairs while I prep lunch. My nannies are telling me how easy it is with them now. I appreciate the turn around on attitudes. My boys did not like virtual school at all. That was surprising. I thought they would love to stay home. It was sitting in front of the computer all day that was the bummer. Now we know.

We will be flying back to Nebraska this weekend. It’s time to visit my family. Some of them have never even met Sky or Trey. It should be interesting. I hope nothing offensive gets said but we will see. I would like a nice, social weekend with a few family announcements about the Holidays. We have to start working on our Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways. We try to be creative but the fact is, we just give away money and free food. That’s our tradition. Maybe we will give away a new car just to spice it up. I don’t know about that though. Car insurance, car tags if you have to pay them, that kind of muddles up a gift that big. We will vote on ideas this coming weekend. I know my family is much more creative than I am. I can’t wait to see everyone.

It sounds like Canada is finally getting their sh** together. Kate and I hope I can venture up there in July or August. It would be nice to get a weekend away from the kids but I have to know it’s safe. She has already had her 1st shot. I won’t go until she gets her 2nd shot which will be soon. I’m looking forward to hanging out in Canada again. This will be my 3rd trip up there with her. It will be a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is having a strong beginning of the week. I’ve been busy. These kids run me around. We had medical appointments to catch up on. The boys have to do a hearing test soon. That will give me an update on how their ears are doing. I hope there is some growth and improvement. I’ve been praying on that for years. Be sure to enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Eat your veggies and fruits. A balanced diet is the only way to enjoy your food. Love you guys!

Kallie is doing fine. I see a lot of questions about her. She’s eating well, she’s playing with my cats. They are taking good care of her. We almost have her weight up to a normal range and her wounds underneath her body are almost all healed. I’m still cleaning it out twice a day to make sure. She’s going to survive. No we are not adopting her. She will go where the vet takes her OR my neighbor Gabby is going to take her. She is spending time at Gabby’s house for a test run.


  We took the boys swimming tonight. It was a lot of fun. They are both getting really good and they have no fear of the water. They just sort of bob in the pool and float around then get to kicking or half kicking really.

Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t wait. My wife is excited too. I have worked really hard to get things ready in time and I pray it all goes well. It’s going to be a really, really good day. Hope everyone has a great night! Love ya’ll!

Time to Netflix with my wife. We are watching the series The 100. It’s pretty interesting.

Swimming & NBA Finals

  My wife suggested yesterday that we go swimming with the boys after work. I said fine by me. My boys love it, it cools us all off and it’s really fun. We have a swimming pool near by our condo that we can use anytime we want. That makes me feel a lot better. I’m not much into those giant pool places.

We got home and got the boys ready to go. I told them we were going swimming but all they care about is that we’re going bye bye and they get to go. As soon as we got to the pool though that was it. It was all about swimming. We spent an hour and a half playing around in the water or sitting out on the pool deck playing with toys. It really was a relaxing thing to do with them. Plus my nannies get to swim and they all love the water. We can barely get them out of the pool either when it’s time to go. After that I was tired and didn’t want to cook so we ordered salads and pizzas for supper last night. Then it was NBA Finals time. I’m a huge Kevin Durant fan even though he left my favorite OKC Thunder team. Still a fan. We got the boys to bed just in time so I could see him go on a huge run and score 39 points to finish the game. He finally did it! He won an NBA Finals. I’m so happy for him. Sad it’s not with my Thunder but that’s basketball.

What a series. I haven’t been able to watch all of the games but I have been able to catch the ESPN highlights every time. That helped.

Tonight is date night since Friday night we are going up to the lake house for the weekend. My wife wants to go to this play she keeps telling me about. I laughed and said a play? Aw man. Of course I’m going to dress up and take her. She wants to see it and that’s the husband’s job. She did say we can eat at one of my favorite restaurants beforehand so that’s a plus.

And we broke the bad news to the girls. After our Dublin/Las Vegas 2 week trip we are moving out of the condo. I need to get it fixed back up to sell. We will all be moving into the Lake house. That’s a bigger commute for us to go to work but it’s worth it. Condos are not that easy to sell especially in my price range and I need to get going on all of these things before we move to Paris. It’s the right decision. The girls are now debating on keeping their own apartment. It would be cheaper but if they do that once we move, they will have to look for a new home. I told them maybe it’s time you 2 stop living together and each get your own place. I have already offered Sarah a condo in one of my building and I’m also offering the same for each of the part-time nannies. They are thinking about it. Of course they all get the family discount and can stay as long as they want. I told them it would be a good time to get a 3 or 4 bedroom condo through me now and lock it down into a solid price because once Lindsay takes over she will not do that kind of sweet deal. That way they have a family home. Sarah wants to stay in Chicago. She has a few career choices and so do the other 2. But those 2 aren’t sure they want to stay in Chicago. I told them pick any city we do business in and we can set them up. This is the right thing for all of us. And it’s just for 6 more months before we move. They love the lake house and I really think they will be much happier up there.

I’m going to miss my condo. I have had it for almost 8 years now and I really can’t believe I’m going to sell it but it’s the right thing to do. My wife wants to keep the lake house not the condos. I’m fine with that. That way we always have our own home to come back to when we visit family.

Oh geez it’s later than I thought. I need to go get ready I’m dropping my wife off at court this morning. I promised. I need to get going. Have a good one guys! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


We just finished dinner and are about to take the boys swimming. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get in there and float around while my babies laugh their faces off. They love swimming. I just love hearing how happy they are.

I will update more this week!

#Cubs Win Opening Day

My wife and I went to the opening day at Wrigley with my buddy Josh and his girlfriend. We had been planning this out for a month. I ate a big salad before we left because there’s not much vegan on the menu at any baseball game. The few items they have I’m not interested in. I do enjoy the nice cold water though.

We got there and parked. Then we hoofed it the many blocks to our gate. The tickets were mobile scanned and in we went. We immediately went and bought some drinks for everyone and found our seats. Third baseline about 8 rows back towards the left field side. Rain delay, rain delay, rain delay. Finally the ballgame started. It was exciting. The girls are both lifelong Chicago natives and Cub fan lifers so they were very excited to see all the guys on the field. Josh and I were trying to figure out the Dodgers players. We all had such a great time even though the game went late.

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Great start to a new season and we finally got out of there around 1am. We bought a bunch of stuff to take home. Always shopping, my wife. Then we got them dropped off. I asked if Josh needed a ride to his place and he said nope and grinned. His girlfriend smacked him. I didn’t realize they were into the sleepover phase yet. Way to go Joshie!

We got home late and took a quick shower then fell into bed. It was a great double date night and we all talked about going to a concert sometime soon.

This morning I got into work late but brought a bunch of Cubs gear for my hard-working crew. Hats, tshirts, buttons, and various smaller things. They picked out what they wanted and back to work we went. I want to do a group day so we can all go to a Cubs game. That got voted Yes very quickly during our morning meeting. Then we all reviewed the multiple videos of the passenger getting dragged off of the United Airlines plane.

I had heard about it. I didn’t really understand what was going on until we saw it and someone read an article off of CNN.com. I thought he had done something. I didn’t realize he did nothing. Then of course they look through his entire life and started writing about any bad thing he has ever done or said. None of that is relevant to his horrid treatment from this airline. I told them no more United Airlines. We book all of our trips for employees and vendors through United. We have used them the entire 9 years of SJC. I fly myself everywhere but we book flights for everyone else through them and I just can’t stomach it. I know this will all blow over but nothing will stop this. They will do it again.

We all voted to end our business ties with United and we shredded our cards. All points can sit and linger. I don’t want them and I don’t want anymore to do with them. We can find another airline to do business with. It’s sad it comes to this though. It was unnecessary. He is a human being. Not a backpack. You don’t just pick him up and drag him off. You find someone else that is not refusing. How hard is that? It was a random computer draw. Just draw again. Or how about get a private jet to take the employees another way? Rent a car? Go on another flight? Something.

Either way goodbye United Airlines. You won’t be getting anymore of my money.

I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m taking my boys to swimming tonight. We have begun that again now that Heston is feeling much better. They both like it and I love getting fun activities in during the week with them. I can’t wait when our pool is open for the year and we can swim as much as we want with them.

I will update more tomorrow! Love ya’ll!

Saturday fun

We got up to the lake house yesterday. I made a very healthy and tasty dinner for everyone. Sarah stayed in the city again this time. She had some studying to catch up on. She says she’s loving the new privacy and loving having weekends free. My other 2 nannies are not because we have cut their hours significantly. I told them they are still on salary so it doesn’t matter their hours are cut. They still get their monthly paychecks from me. That made everything better. They are both almost done with school. Which works out best because as of next year I will be full-time dad.

My wife slept in. I got up and worked out. I got the boys up and they helped me make breakfast. I always have a house service clean and mop all of my floors the day before we get up there. My boys now spend all of their time cruising all over the floors. They are also now trying to stand on their own. They use furniture or the tables but they are doing it. We work with them every night to try to help them learn. This is a lot easier with a 2nd person let me tell you. I had already been trying to figure out how can I teach 2 babies how to walk all by myself. My wife came into our lives right at the perfect time. It helps she is a great stepmom. I love that the most about her. We ate breakfast, played with the boys and now we are just laying around while the boys take a half hour nap. We are going to get showered up then take the boys swimming. We have a family pass to a local place here and they really do enjoy it. It also helps my back. I’ve been having lower back pain for the past month. It’s a nagging pain and I don’t like it. I’ve tried working on stretching with yoga 2 times a week.

After swimming we are going to eat at a cafe my wife found. They have a very cool looking salad on their menu. I always take my some food in case they don’t have anything we all 3 can eat. I’m really excited to see what else they have there. I’m such a foodie.

After that we thought about going to see a movie but I still think they are much too young. I don’t think they would enjoy it. But she said if they start making a fuss we can just leave. She said if we don’t try to take them to these places they will never learn. That’s true. I’m still very very overly protective and I need to loosen up I guess. They are fine. We haven’t had any sickness in months. So I guess it would be okay. I’m not really much into going to movies in the theater. I’m a germaphobe Lol I don’t really like touching anything in the theater. Those kids they hire do not clean the seats. And I watched a 20/20 show once on a black light in the theater. I wanted to hurl. Not cool.

I hope everyone has survived the storm. It looks bad on CNN weather update. We are safe and staying warm. My dog loves it up here. He takes off as soon as I let him out of the back door. He runs all the way down to the beach. My wife keeps commenting on what the beach will look like this summer. We had a beach play set set up out there so I can drag it into the water this summer for the boys. It floats. She’s very excited to try it out since it was one of the gifts she got them for their birthday. It was on sale right after Christmas so she bought it early and had it built and set up out there. I know they will love the slide. They have always loved the slide in the park by the house. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm and I will write more later! Love ya’ll!