1st Voicemail, 2nd Voicemail, 3rd Voicemail – March 10, 2015

Meri’s brother passed away early in the morning. She told me via text that woke me up. Then I called her right away and we talked for a few minutes. This was a hard day for Meri. I tried to say the right things but I didn’t know what to say at all. As soon …
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Because of all of the issues, Meri and I stopped following each other on Twitter July 20, 2015. She was very worried the network would hear about the rumors and she wanted to keep everything quiet. I had asked her a few times to add me back because I was naive and really didn’t think …
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A lot of people think since I have a house in Las Vegas that I stayed in Las Vegas the entire time the affair was going on. That’s not true. I traveled a lot for business. When I came back into town I made sure we spent several days together catching up. While I was …
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