Halloween, done. Thanks-what?

Halloween is done. This year we went as Alvin and the Chipmunks plus Dave. I was Dave. It went very well. The kids had a great time. I had fun and I just wanted to go lay down Lol Walking with 3 little kids up and down our street was kind of a pain in the butt. It worked out and everyone was safe. We started at 4pm and pretty much got done by 6:30pm. The rest of the night was dedicated to handing out candy, cleaning up, getting all candy put up because they were all conspiring to get their buckets down off of the kitchen counter.

They did have fun and that’s all that mattered. Now it’s time to take down all of the Halloween decorations and start with the Fall/Thanksgiving stuff. I have boxes and boxes of decorations. The gardener/helper is coming over this weekend to help me put stuff up. He loves to help and always figures out cool ways to make it look better than I could. It’s also a time for him to come plant some things that will start growing in the spring time. If he gets it cultivated now he has less work to do in March.

How did your Halloween go? Did you guys dress up? Did you go to a party? I hope you all had fun. It’s not just about the candy. Okay, well most of it is. The rest is about having some fun.

I’m  having Thanksgiving at my house this year. I’ve already started on the menu. We expect about 30 people here give or take a few dozen. I never really know how many we are hosting until they all show up in a pile and I start freaking out about how much food I need to go whip up real fast.

Everything is very boring and very nice. I love it when my life has calmed down and I have nothing going on. I love it Lol

Have a great weekend coming up guys! I love ya’ll and I will update more next week.

Cooper Kids in Colorado Springs

My whole crew arrived last night. They hate the AinBnB house I rented Lol That doesn’t really surprise me. They are going to look at a different one with a better layout. With all of the people in the house it is a little cramped. We can’t really move around as a whole group. Oh well. I tried. I know they will find somewhere better that will fit all of our needs for the weekend. I’m so happy to see my babies! I gave everyone a million kisses and hugs. I held each one for about 10 or 15 minutes each and just told them how much I missed them and loved them. My neck is still painful but I tried to tough it out. It was so good to see the girls. Nothing has changed. Lindsay acts like she owns, runs, and bosses everyone. The 3 nannies roll their eyes and argue. I stand there trying to calm both sides down but laughing because their insults are both nasty and funny. I don’t even know what a “dark path ho” is but I think it’s bad. It sounds bad.

Everyone ate a snack of sandwiches and chips. Bath time was extra fun and so was storybook time and prayers. My boys wanted to be with me so I scooped them up and put them in my bed. We talked for a while and I got to find out they got new toys. I figured. Aunt Lindsay seems to think to fix a broken child’s heart you go shopping. It’s ridiculous. Whatever is at my house right now that’s excessive is getting donated. I asked her what it is and she said don’t look in the backyard so I’m thinking she went and bought the gigantic fort swingset that I said DO NOT GET THAT ONE. We will see.

Oh man I missed their little faces. I’m feeling better, happier, and more calm knowing they are all okay. It’s been a rough month or so and I just hope we can get through it.

We have zero plans other than a big cookout tonight. I’m putting out the whole spread. It’s going to be huge. I have a ton of prep work to do but I’m finishing up my grocery list. I have a ton of things to go get to make sure I have all the things I need. I’m just waiting to see what house they pick out.

It’s so beautiful here. Walking outside, it just feels good. I really like this part of the country. I have been to Apsen, Vail, and Breck a million times to snowboard and ski but this is the quiet part. I really like it here.

I hope everyone has a great day. This morning I finally caught up on all of your messages. Some great suggestions and I really appreciate all the support. Things will get better and thank you for the prayers. I love ya’ll! I will update you guys soon.

Christmas Busy

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much lately. Here’s why…


With my wife being in Paris growing our son Talon to perfection and living her dream life I’m here working, taking care of the kids and trying to stay sane. Things are so busy with Christmas, year-end work things, and trying to prepare to move. I’m overwhelmed. I have gotten and now read all of your messages. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ve just been really busy, guys.

Alex had a cold he’s much better now. Thankfully Heston and Peace did not get it. I think it was because Sarah sequestered herself up with Alex for a few days. We barely saw them peek out of their side of the house. My condos are NOW for sale in a pocket listing and I have 4 offers. I had no idea this would go that fast. My wife said go for it so I’m finally allowed to sell them off. I’m mulling the offers today and I will decide by tonight which one to take. I love multiple offers when I’m selling buildings. It makes the price go up and up. I don’t like it when I’m one of the bidders Lol

Work is great. Very busy trying to wrap up my 10 years at SJC. I’m over 30 years at my construction company and 20 at my gas stations and mall investments. I am still going to be HALF owner of all of it. I just will be the silent partner now. Lindsay is taking it all over. She has a new team working hard and she trusts them. It also helps that SHE is the only one allowed to make financial decisions which means she has to stay in contact with all of the businesses daily. She loves it. She said this is her new dream job because she is always busy and she never has a dull day. Plus she gets to travel all over the place and not pay for it Lol Nice to have a corporate credit card.

The kids are all doing great. My wife hit the 34 week mark! Well 34 weeks and 1 day technically. That means we have 5 weeks and 6 days until her due date. I just need him to stay in there until I get there in early January Lol Once I move over and am settled in he can come see us anytime he wants.

With Talon I’m actually not that nervous. I’m really excited. I talk to him as much as I can and I let him know how much we love him already. I can’t wait to see his beautiful little face and count the fingers and toes. As soon as she goes into labor Drew and Lindz will be making their way to us with her parents and a few of her siblings. The ones that can take off a few days from work will come and we will be sending videos and photos as often as we can.

Yes I FINALLY uploaded photos from all of the things we have been doing. Yes that’s our Christmas tree this year Lol It’s in Paris and it’s HUGE. My wife decided since we have 12 foot ceilings, go big or go home. I think that’s really funny. Her and Brandi spent a long time deciding the theme and I think it looks great. Yes that’s also a lot of presents but we have a large family now. Everyone is spoiled rotten by my wife so that’s why the gifts are pretty much filling up half of our living room. I always said I wouldn’t turn into that parent but look at me now. My wife went nuts which made me feel competitive and now our kids will have way too many toys Lol Oh well. We will do better next time. I hope.

We are also actively trying to figure out the boys’ birthday party theme. Yes it’s close to that time already. 2 years old. Can you guys believe it! It is flying by. As soon as Talon is born we are done having kids for a few years. I’ve already been told several times we need to slow down a little. My wife wants to get her body back in shape and just enjoy the kids we have. We do not have plans to adopt anymore kids until 2020. We both agreed that’s a good time to start talking about adopting again. We do want to adopt one more child. A little girl, again. We are very interested in adopting an non-white child we can. I think having a variety will make us all better people. I really enjoy having Peace in our lives. She is so beautiful and is growing up with a happy home life. She smiles all of the time. I can’t believe my baby girl is so big now. 5 months old guys! Wow. The time is just flying by. She is sitting up, she has the sweetest light laugh you have ever heard, and she has a whole bunch of black hair. We had to trim it already because it was crazy. We put little bows but she gets mad so we don’t do that very often. The boys help out so much and it helps now that she’s sleeping almost all the way through the night. I am really enjoying that part.

My kids are happy, we are moving to Paris soon and we will be living our best lives so far. I can’t wait.

I miss my wife so bad. She needs to be there and I know that but I just miss her. She loves to snuggle in the morning, she also fills the house with laughter. I do everything I can to make her giggle or laugh every day. She loves it. She misses me too which makes me feel really good. We are having the best time. I’m so happy I married her. I couldn’t imagine my life without this woman. She is everything I was looking for and nothing I expected. She does not let me get away with anything. We have slowly been building a trust that has not been broken. She knows all of my bad decisions from the past are completely over with. I am dedicated to my family and no one will tear us apart. Not that a few haven’t tried. My goodness the women from my past really need to let me go. I know we had fun, I know we laughed and had good times but that’s not my life now. I just want to move far away from all of that and keep going forward with my wife and kids. They are #1. They deserve my full attention. I’ve tried to be gracious but there comes a point when my wife is getting really pissed off and starting to blame me for them leaving voicemails or text. It has been hard to deal with in moments.

If your life isn’t the best or you are not happy, move on. That’s what I did. It’s hard. It’s really hard at first until you realize you can deal with things all alone. You can figure out what happened and why. Then you laugh and think boy was that really stupid and I put up with way too much crap. I should have known better.

I’m finally mature enough to know that. It has taken 42 years to get there but it hit me like a big bag of bricks. My life is my life. I am in charge. I make choices. I’m happy. Right now in this very moment I have everyone and everything I need. If you can’t support that or you are jealous of that, sorry. You don’t get my attention anymore. You phone games and passive aggressive “I need your help” texts have no effect. I know you want my attention (2 specific ladies I mean here) but you don’t get it. My wife and I have decided that I do not need to communicate with you anymore. In order for her to fully trust me I finally cut you 2 off. I had to. We can’t be friends especially with both of you still claiming to be “in love” with me.  Well I’m not in love with either of you and haven’t been for years. I love my wife. I love my gorgeous, happy, perfect, pregnant wife. I hope that’s clear for you. I do wish you all of my best and I pray you will get out of your miserable situations but until you feel like you deserve better you are going to stay stuck. You don’t have to, but you will. I’m free of all of that. My past is miles away from me and I am keeping it that way. My wife and I know that causes problem in our marriage and she was very open and honest about her feelings of jealous of you 2 still being friends. That’s why you are out of my life. I’ve said all of this at least a dozen times but now I’m publically saying, STOP. I am okay. You don’t need to check on me anymore. My wife is all I want. She loves me more than either of you ever did. The things you don’t want me to publically say, I still haven’t. I have kept your secrets about your relationships. I know to keep them this time. Good luck, God bless, Bye Felicia.

Enough of that. I need to start my work day here.

Everyone have a great weekend. We are going to be at home trying to get things ready to move. We are taking the boys swimming tonight. I promised to take them a few days ago and didn’t. Alex is better and I think he would really enjoy a hot swim. It will make him feel better I think. I will update more as soon as I can. Sorry for the rant but I am trying to wrap up all of my American loose ends Lol And let’s face it you guys love hearing the behind the scenes part of my life.

Isn’t is fun being a Batfan? Lol Love ya’ll!

I left it on the boat, again

Today we all went to Church. The kids, the wife, the nanny. Everyone. We had a great time too. I really enjoyed today’s message. “Bring your life into your present moment.” Very inspiring. After Church we all went over to a buffet restaurant and had a nice brunch. Man the food was good there! I really liked the variety of different kinds of salads. My boys just wanted the fruit. I swear if I didn’t make them eat other things all they would live off of is fruit. Peace was ohh’ed and aww’ed over everywhere she went. She really is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She is so quiet. Even her little cry isn’t that loud. I know that won’t last forever but I also know as she grows she’s going to change a lot faster than my boys did.

We all made it home to change clothes. I packed up 2 picnic baskets full of food and water and I told everyone get on the boat and jet skis, we are going out for a day of fun. My wife loved the idea. She just wanted to read her magazines and lay out in the sun anyway. We took off and had the nannies on the jet skis following us. I love watching Sarah ride around. She is hilarious. She cooks right next to the boat and then she’s waaaaay behind us Lol I turn around to make sure she’s not waving for help. I don’t know what she does to make it do that every time but I just laugh. We found a very nice quiet little beach to park near. I got out and transferred, kids, then wife, then food, and began setting up our beach tent. It’s a huge canopy that shades all of us. I made sure to order the biggest one I could find. The only bad thing is if the winds hits it just right it takes off. Even if I stake it down. Today’s wind was almost non-existent so that made it very nice. We all took turns swimming with the boys. I took Peace out to just dip her toe in and she wiggled. I didn’t put her in the water. I just wanted to see what she would do. She spent the rest of the day hanging out under the canopy and napping, eating, looking around. My wife took off with Heather on the jet skis and they were gone for a while. I could still hear them but they went around a corner and I didn’t see them at all. Then I heard Heather’s big laugh and a Woooooo and they just zipped on past us Lol It was really funny to see them going around the boat. I thought they were going to hit it but she got out-of-the-way or maybe it was just my angle from where I was standing.

We probably spent way too much time out there today but it wasn’t that hot. A nice cool lower 80’s I think. By the time we finished eating and everyone was about to pass out for naps I said let’s head back. We got home and I unloaded everyone and everything again. My dog was pissed we didn’t take him this time but the last time I did he took off in the woods and rolled in I have no idea what it was. I just smelled it and knew he was getting a bath later.

After we got the kids settled down for a quick nap I took a jet ski out myself and did a few laps around the area. I heard the other 2 jet skis start-up and next thing I know there is my wife with Sarah and Heather again. Brandi and her 3 friends from the city stayed with all of the kids. They arrived just as we were heading back home the first trip out. We all started going over each other’s wakes and spinning around each other. My wife tried to cut hard to splash me with water but didn’t get it very high. I didn’t do it back because I knew I would get yelled at. I just took off and waited for her or Heather to catch me. They did and this time they cornered me and both splashed me really good Lol It was mean! Oh well.

We got back and all took showers. What a fun day out today. I hope everyone got outside to enjoy this weather. If it’s nice out you can’t keep me inside. I love being in the back yard. Even if I’m just taking a walk with my dog or watching the cat jump on bugs in the yard. I’m so happy both of my boys get this huge back yard to run around in. I guess I didn’t realize how much kids need a yard. I took it for granted and really believed that going to the park 2 or 3 times a week was good enough. It’s not. I learned that one early enough. Our house in Paris has a huge yard for them. I can’t wait for them to see it. I just realized I forgot my cellphone on the boat. That’s the second time today I left it somewhere. I’m getting old and forgetful, geez.

I need to get down to the kitchen and start making supper. Everyone does not want sandwiches again so I think I’m going to just make some spaghetti. I can use vegan noodles because no one even knows they are vegan and just yank out enough for me and my boys before I add any meat. That should feed this big group of girls up here today.

Hope everyone had a nice day. God has really blessed all of us today. Thank you Jesus for all my blessings. I really do appreciate my life and all things you grant me to enjoy. Amen!


  We took the boys swimming tonight. It was a lot of fun. They are both getting really good and they have no fear of the water. They just sort of bob in the pool and float around then get to kicking or half kicking really.

Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t wait. My wife is excited too. I have worked really hard to get things ready in time and I pray it all goes well. It’s going to be a really, really good day. Hope everyone has a great night! Love ya’ll!

Time to Netflix with my wife. We are watching the series The 100. It’s pretty interesting.

Cubs game tonight..again

Last night was Boy’s Night out for me and the few male friends I have here. My other guy friends are flying in this weekend so we can hit the Fri/Sat/Sun games together. We had a great time the guys ate, cheered, and joked around the whole time. I needed a night like that. I’m surrounded by women everywhere so it’s good for me to get around the boys. All of them are doing fine. Josh, Cam, and Johnny. My Chicago boys. I took 3 employees the night before and they all had a great time. They were still talking about it the next morning at work. I made sure to buy all of their kids stuff for them to take home so no one would be that mad. The ladies both really enjoyed it. The guy not so much. I didn’t realize he wasn’t into sports Lol I asked him then why did you want to come. He said because I can pick your brain on the projects you have me working on. I said Oh. And then he did.

We will be staying in the city all weekend. My condos will be full of people from Nebraska. I’m very happy to play host. My wife wanted us to go to the house so that everyone had their own bedroom and we would be more comfortable but I said no. With the commute it’s just easier to stay downtown. She agreed, after a few texts back and forth. I told her to plan her weekend because I’m taking my babies and my friends and heading out each morning. The nannies will watch the boys at night and she can do whatever she want. I also said you are more than welcome to come hang out with us but it was up to her. She said as long as I have the babies with me she knows I’m not going to get into trouble Lol My friends and I have a bad rep. We always manage to get into something. Drew especially.

What else?

Oh we are all in serious vacation mode. I’m taking a bunch of people to Ireland on July 1st. We are going to spend a week there. Then a week in Las Vegas just my wife and I. 2 whole weeks with no work. I can’t wait. My wife has planned it all out. She has made the arrangements, bought all of the things we need and is so excited to show off her native land. Her parents are over the moon they get to go back. They want to show me everything. I asked about vegan food there and her father said What’s wrong with you son, you don’t eat those weeds there” Lol I guess I’m going to figure that out myself. The good thing is the place we have rented has its own kitchen. I can go to the store or send one of our assistants.

All of my nannies are going and we are taking 2 security guys. I’ve learned some Irish words. I can ask where the bathroom and say This is my wife. That’s about it. Thankfully they speak Irish but I know some of my wives relatives will show off and start speaking it and I will just stand there and grin. That’s my go to move.

Alex has been a big crabby pants the last few days. I asked Sarah if she thinks he’s not feeling well and she said he’s going through a grow spurt. I said why isn’t Heston and she said he is but he handles it better. Great. He seems 100% and we all know one little sniffle and off to the doctor we go. Yes, I am THAT parent Lol I don’t know what I’m doing so I go get help. That’s just who I am. I will not wait things out so my kids sit and suffer just because I’m a moron and a 2nd time parent. This is still my first time raising my kids so I know nothing.

Heston has started saying Daaaadaaa really extended and loud. I crack up and say Heessttooonn back. He just laughs. My boys are always laughing. I have the happiest babies on Earth. I’m already at work and I just want to be home with them.

TGIF, right?

Have a great weekend everyone. I will update probably Monday morning. And Go Cubs!


Raise your hand if this feels like a Saturday

  Quick shoutout to all of the Moms and Dads that have no moms for their kids. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

My wife has begun her very first Mother’s day weekend with us. She woke up to her favorite donuts. I got up early to go get them fresh. She had texted me Where are you? because I sort of got caught in traffic. I meant to get home before she woke up but that didn’t happen. I came walking in with her at the coffeepot and she could smell it right away. She said Oooohhh donuts. Then she saw the bag and she said you went all the way out there to get these Oh my goodness! I got rewarded with a big hug and a coffee tasting kiss. It was worth it. She deserves it. She said you have to try a bite so I did. Not a big donut guy, well wait. I do like donuts but I like vegan donuts because I think they taste better. It’s a fresher tasting donut. The regular donuts you guys eat taste stall to me. We sat and visited for a few while she enjoyed her treat. Then she took another one and headed to the shower.

So far so good. I have no screwed up her special weekend. I’m going to throw it into high gear by tomorrow. I want to make sure she really understands how much I love she is the mama. I also sent a card with new photos to their birth mom. She is still a mom to them whether anyone else’s opinions matters or not (It doesn’t). I will always honor her and explain to my boys exactly who she is. A photo of their birth parents is now in their room and will remain there until they both want it removed. Which I hope is never. I won’t hide the adoption part of their life. I am already prepared on how to answer questions that come up. I have probably read over 20 books on how to explain things to them and have decided we will go sit with a therapist at around pre-teen so we can fully get into it. I want them to know it’s safe, okay, and really all about how much I wanted them in my life forever. I choose this. They didn’t and I hope they understand it really has been the #1 best decision in my entire life. I would never, ever, ever change it. I say that now before they steal my car and wreck it in some far off city I forbid them to go to as teenagers Lol But right now my perfect little boys are all I care for. My wife of course is reason #2 and she knows that’s the order. She is fine with my putting my kids first. This is why I go extra hard on trying to make her feel as special and wanted as I do them.

I can’t tell you guys everything I have planned. I can tell you the boys and all 3 nannies have helped me out. We had several group texts going all week to make sure “The Plan” goes off without a hitch. I do expect some things to not go perfectly because that’s not my life. My life is a huge amount of effort, some disappointments and me just laughing it all off and say Well I tried! God keeps me in check, believe me. My ego has taken a step back or two over the past few years and I reprioritized myself. I had to. No one likes someone who arrogant. Now, I’m still arrogant. I still am flashy but I keep most of that offline Lol I like my big boy toys. That’s for sure.

I do not forget for one day my wife picked me to spend the rest of her life with. I have some really great qualities but I also have a ton of baggage. No immediate family, a dog that is spoiled rotten, 2 boys under 1 years old at the time, 3 nannies that live in and around us at all times, 2 very, very overprotective best friends, and a job that demands my attention 7 days a week. Plus all of the perks though too. I have a lot of money, I can help her and her family get financially secure. I am respectful, kind, very loving, and I try hard at everything. I admit my mistakes and I DO NOT LIE. I have no reason to. My life is my life. This is it folks. The people from here that are on my Facebook page, you see how it is. I’m not posting posed photos of one big happy family. There’s photos of laundry stacked up to the doorknob, messy babies, messy kitchen, a muddy dog, all of it. That’s my life. The good, the grandeur, and the bad.

I pray my wife knows how much we all love her and that I am so happy I picked her. She is my boys’ mama. I know some day that will switch to mommy and I know that will melt her heart into a giant puddle of love.

I love you, sweetheart. I know you will read this some time today. Enjoy the flowers, chocolates, and lunch that I had sent to your office. You deserve more than that but I didn’t want to go overboard, yet. I thank God every day for you. You love my boys so much and you take good care of all of us. I can’t wait until our daughter is in our life and we can do all of the things we have dreamed about with her. Whoever she is, she will be so blessed to have you as her new mommy. You really are the best woman I know. That’s why I blurted out “Let’s get married” last summer. I couldn’t help myself. I knew you were mine. I just wanted you to be mine forever. I’m so happy you said “What, are you serious? Don’t mess with me, do you really mean that?” Lol I remember every word!

To all of my readers, fans, followers, and even the nasty mean trolls. Have a happy Mother’s day. A mother comes in all shapes and sizes but she is always the unconditional everything your whole life. Call your mom, send a card. If you aren’t speaking to your mom for whatever the reason, get over it and do the right thing. It matters to your soul, not to hers. Call her. And that goes out to someone I know will be mad that I pushed it but he needed to hear it. Call your mom, bro! She will talk to you. And you still owe me $10 Lol

Have a good….is this Friday? Holy cow. Okay I need to get going there. I’m already late. Love ya’ll!


Year 1: An Open Letter to my Sons

This is how our journey began:


I go back and read that post often. To see if I’m keeping all of my promises.

Dear Heston and Alex,

Today is your very first birthday and I can not wait to spend this entire day with both of you. It is 5:30am and I could not bare to sleep anymore. I am so excited for your special day.

Since I found out you both existed I knew that God was leading you into my arms. All that I had worked for, all that I had wanted in my life has always been for you. I said “I will take them” and those 4 words changed my life more than I have ever known.

As you have grown the last year I have documented all of your big and small moments both with the camera and with memory. Your baby books are filling up fast. They don’t mean anything to you right now but someday they will. We will sit on the couch together and laugh at all of the things I found so very important from last year.

I promised your birth mom to protect you both with my life, to love you and make you into good people, good men. I’m still working on that. You have meant more to me than I can ever find the words for. Your distinct personalities have been such a surprise to me as well as how much you two look exactly alike. I have always tried to treat you both equally and with compassion. I love you Heston as much as I love you Alex. You are the light in my life. You are my entire world. Everything I thought I knew wasn’t nearly enough before you came into my life.

Because of you boys I am a brand new man. Today we celebrate your 1st birthday. And your step-mom and I get the honor of showing you both off with such pride and honor. We all get to look back at your first birthday photos later on in life but today, I just want to focus on your wants and needs. Your happiness means everything. Keeping you safe and healthy has been equal to making sure you are having fun and learning new things daily. Your nannies, Sarah, Brandi, and Heather love you as much as I wanted them to. They have helped me every single day and have been there for both of you through everything. They are my tribe. And I could not have raised you through Year 1 without you.

I pray you have a wonderful day. Daddy has done all I can to make it a fun and happy day. I hope you have a great time with your enormous, loving family. Daddy wants that foundation to always be a priority for all of your lives. I need you both to know how much I love you. Daddy will always give you both my last piece of food if you want it. And that’s saying a lot because as you know Daddy doesn’t share food!

I love you Heston.

I love you Alex.

May God bless you both with 100 plus more years of this amazing life we are all building together.