Christmas Busy

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much lately. Here’s why…   With my wife being in Paris growing our son Talon to perfection and living her dream life I’m here working, taking care of the kids and trying to stay sane. Things are so busy with Christmas, year-end work things, and trying to prepare to move….

I left it on the boat, again

Today we all went to Church. The kids, the wife, the nanny. Everyone. We had a great time too. I really enjoyed today’s message. “Bring your life into your present moment.” Very inspiring. After Church we all went over to a buffet restaurant and had a nice brunch. Man the food was good there! I…

Cubs game tonight..again

Last night was Boy’s Night out for me and the few male friends I have here. My other guy friends are flying in this weekend so we can hit the Fri/Sat/Sun games together. We had a great time the guys ate, cheered, and joked around the whole time. I needed a night like that. I’m…

Season 7 Episode 4 Recap

The only thing in this episode was Christine flipping out over cookies. Wasn’t that weird? And how both Meri and Robyn deep-throated whatever was hung up on that string Lol That was embarrassing. Is that really a bridal shower game you ladies play? I’ve never seen or heard of that one before. Weird.  

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