Family time Sunday

We have Sarah’s parents here. They are staying 2 to 3 weeks. They will have to quarantine on the island but not in a cabin. They brought their medical records and also their negative COVID test results so their contact tracer said 14 days in our compound then call to get released. I was leary about letting them around my kids at first but I did read everything they had and I believe we are okay. I still checked their temperatures and made them take showers before they came in my house Lol I know, I know. I don’t care.

So we are in for some big time family fun. It is very nice having another adult male here. We can buddy up and shoot looks at each other when one of us is getting crabbed at. Which happens daily. Sarah’s mom loves to cook so she said she will help me prep meals. They are staying in a cabin, not in the main house. And already they have both kissed all over their grandbaby, Rain. It really is a nice thing they can be here with us. I hope they relax and enjoy their time here. I wanted them to maybe explore a little but the government here is scaling things back.

I found out that the boys will be starting school online for the first 4 weeks. I was stressing out about sending them to school, now I don’t have to worry about it. This entire week is going to be about building a real school room in one of my rooms on the 1st floor. I’m putting it near my bedroom since I’m tucked away from the main living areas. It will be used for the boys and for Peace. Sarah is going to teach, I will help her. I think it’s going to be fine. When she needs to help with her baby, we will take a break. It should be fine. We ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon to get it here in time for school next Monday. I’m looking forward to them starting the 1st grade. It will be interesting. For me it’s all about getting them to age 8. That’s when we can practically fix their hearing loss. I pray everyday it goes well and I can keep their ears healthy until then. It’s hard. We deal with a lot of ear infections, a lot of rinsing, drops, doctor visits. It’s not fun. I just want them to be happy and healthy. They are.

The weather has been perfect. We are getting back to a lot of swimming and hanging out together. The kids play together. I’ve noticed the kids are not fighting as much. With the kid to adult ratio that may be why. I’m not sure but I am enjoying it. We have completed a lot of home projects and yard work. I think teaching my kids to work with me on things it is teaching them responsibility as well as using their imaginations. We are building things, painting it, putting in place. I think they really do enjoy creating structures that we all can use.

Things with Kate and I are great. I love the trolls think they know her real name and know all about her. In fact all they have accomplished is harassing some poor unknown woman and family members who know nothing at all. Good try, wrong person Lol We both love it and laugh our asses off. I also enjoy them trying to figure out if they broke us up. Nope. I know their insane hate group thinks they have some power over my life or her life but they don’t. Look at the source of info. Look at all the fake, created, new accounts that magically has “insider info”. Nope. If you listen to a complete stranger tell you about me, that shows how indifferent we are to each other. A troll is a lying, sack of poo, who has no love in their own life. They have to obsess over me to feel powerful, wanted as part of a group with no real end game. All they want is to harass me. I ignore them, I block them, I report them. Please do the same when you see them show up on my social media. All of us reporting them gets their accounts taken away. Some of the things they post are hilarious, but I don’t see it. I hear about it from our insider trolls that work with Lindsay spilling the beans. The trolls are regurgitating the same info from 5 years ago like a bad piece of fish. There is nothing new, no one has found Kate’s real Twitter account or real name. You’ve wasted your entire summer on stalking me. Good job, Trolls. It does nothing. I actually sell more books and make new friends from all of your efforts Lol So thanks? Nahhhhh, F*** Y** Lol If you would have been nice and respectful I would have answered your questions. Instead you show who you really are inside and it’s a dark ugly piece of filth that I don’t want anywhere near me. Look in the mirror. Why do you do all of this? Because it makes you feel good? Because you honestly think I’m lying? I’m not. You are throwing around photos that ARE NOT ME. And…I’ve never posted those photos so whoever came up with those photos, you are a liar and a dumbass. You are trying to drum up any amount of false info that you can try to convince others is the truth. How about stop with the games and move on? I moved on 5 years ago. I’m in a very happy, healthy relationship. Just because her Twitter is deactivated (NOT DELETED) because her family member took a turn for the worse in the hospital does not mean you did something to us. We are fine. We love each other. We will probably get married next year. It’s time to get your own sh** together and look at who you have become. You are listening to people that have never even talked to me. That’s the best part. They know nothing about my life, yet pretend they hold all the secrets. What secrets? My life is open and live. Maybe try to get off the computer or phones a little more. Go outside. How about go make a real life friend instead of attaching yourself to Troll Life. It’s got to really suck to spend all of your waking hours hating on me. And I don’t even read your tweets/messages.

My orange roll dough is almost ready. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday with my family. Have a good rest of your weekend guys, even your trolls. I wish you well I just wish you would STFU. I’m not even worth all of your efforts. But keep doing you, boo boo. It sells my books for me.


We made it safely. I did have to adjust a cargo area that I had put too much stuff in when we landed in L.A. BTW I hate flying in, near, around, out of LAX. It takes forever for smaller planes to leave, you sit and wait, wait, and wait some more. It’s annoying to me. The family and pets are here and happy. We let the kids sleep a little on the plane ride out here so when we arrived they would want to stay up and start getting acclimated to the time change. I am now 6 hours away from my girlfriend which always messes things up for us. I don’t like being this far away from her. It was a discussion on whether I should come back or not and how that would impact our relationship. I think she understands I’m not planning on staying here for the rest of the year. I mean if that’s what is best, I will. I plan on staying here 3 weeks. We want a different area to explore. It’s summer time, I can’t travel with my kids like I wanted to so this is the 2nd best thing. And I mean, it is Hawaii.

I did not have to quarantine. I had all of my health paperwork in proper order. I was a little worried I would have to quarantine like everyone else. They are all in lockdown. But after their 14 days we will explore the islands this time. A lot of restrictions are being lifted here because the Hawaiian government has done a fantastic job on COVID response. They took it very serious from Day 1 and I appreciate that. We will abide by all the rules and do what we need to so we can all enjoy our vacation time here.

We got everyone to the main house, I told them stay in here tonight. The next morning we ate a small breakfast, had a family meeting and divided out the cabins. Sarah is staying in the main house with me and her baby. She said everyone ends up here all day anyway, it would be easier for her and the baby. I said okay after trying to kick her out several times Lol Brenda got 1st pick and loves having her own cabin this time. The last time she pulled her mom into her cabin because Lynn had a 14 day quarantine all by herself and she was worried. Lynn got 2nd pick and took a cabin a little bit further away from everyone. I was surprised. She said since the nanny schedule is so set in stone, she wants to enjoy her time off. Gabby took the same cabin she had before. She really liked it. Everyone got 2 golf cars each. One to charge, one to use. I reminded everyone these are our family homes so don’t break or rearrange too much. We moved all of their luggage to each new home and let them get set up. Then they came back and I hit the 2 grocery stores I wanted to go to. Mads picked me up in a new truck. He said his old truck finally died Lol I was happy to see him finally treat himself and then wondered if I’ve been overpaying him all of these years Lol Who cares if I do, he does a wonderful job taking care of our family compound. He deserves it all. He will be retiring this year and I’m already anticipating a huge loss when he is gone.

After the stores I came back with about 2 weeks worth of food, we handed that out to the girls and I told them cook for yourselves more so I can enjoy only cooking vegan food. They agreed.

So here we are. We did absolutely nothing for 4th of July other than grilling out 2 meals. I don’t do fireworks and my boys hearing loss is not a good thing for big booming noises so we avoid that stuff. We did see them going off in the distance here and there.

For the twins, we will continue doing ABC Mouse Academy online to catch them up on school things. Peace will also be doing about an hour a day to prep her for school this fall. No school stuff on weekends. I think making them all do 1 hour a day is a good thing. This trip I plan on relaxing way more. I was in such a rush to keep the kids active. This time it’s going to be more about let them do whatever they want to. As long as we can see them and they don’t go near the water unsupervised. They already understand how danger works. And the boys are vigilant on watching after their sisters.

Peace will be turning 3 in a few weeks, followed up by Sky’s 1st birthday in August. We will be here for Peace’s birthday which screwed up plans for a few family and friends to show up for her party. That’s okay. I’m working on figuring all of that out. I’m still going to work from here a little. I have bigger plans for my blog, podcasts, and writing. Now that Sarah made our schedule to watch the kids, I can see a lot of free time. I do actually need that.

Sarah and Gabby are on the nanny schedule for part time. Myself, Brenda, and Lynn are on full time but we get to skip days. It’s a good schedule and I don’t know why haven’t tried this format before.

This upcoming week is going to be fun. I fretted over the decision to come back here. I think it will be okay.

How was your 4th, guys? You doing okay? Wear a mask, social distance. Stay safe! Love you!

Vacation anyone? Okay

We will be leaving tomorrow for our 1 week vacation. We will get home late Sunday night next week. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather and playing with my kids in the ocean/sand. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve hired 2 nannies to help me. Okay, well they aren’t nannies. They are friends of mine who wanted to go Lol We are also taking Jesse. It’s going to be our first trip together. We had a lengthy discussion about getting 1 room for her or she shares my room. Then it turned into okay we share a room, but 2 beds? We settled on a shared room with 2 beds in case she feels like it’s weird but she said or we can just mess up both beds Lol Soooooo I’m thinking this vacation is already awesome and we haven’t even gotten there yet!

Sun, sand, nothing to do but play with the kids all day. It sounds perfect. I’m almost done packing up for all of us but I’m still not sure what else we need. Oh well I will figure it out. I have someone coming to stay at the house all week to take care of my dog, my 2 cats, and the damn birds. I really wish the cats would get used to the birds instead of trying to eat them every morning. They also both sit underneath the cage and plot how to jump high enough to knock it down Lol

I hope everyone has a great week coming up. Stay warm and enjoy the week ahead! I will miss you guys. Love ya’ll, see you soon!

Christmas Busy

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much lately. Here’s why…


With my wife being in Paris growing our son Talon to perfection and living her dream life I’m here working, taking care of the kids and trying to stay sane. Things are so busy with Christmas, year-end work things, and trying to prepare to move. I’m overwhelmed. I have gotten and now read all of your messages. Thank you for the well wishes. I’ve just been really busy, guys.

Alex had a cold he’s much better now. Thankfully Heston and Peace did not get it. I think it was because Sarah sequestered herself up with Alex for a few days. We barely saw them peek out of their side of the house. My condos are NOW for sale in a pocket listing and I have 4 offers. I had no idea this would go that fast. My wife said go for it so I’m finally allowed to sell them off. I’m mulling the offers today and I will decide by tonight which one to take. I love multiple offers when I’m selling buildings. It makes the price go up and up. I don’t like it when I’m one of the bidders Lol

Work is great. Very busy trying to wrap up my 10 years at SJC. I’m over 30 years at my construction company and 20 at my gas stations and mall investments. I am still going to be HALF owner of all of it. I just will be the silent partner now. Lindsay is taking it all over. She has a new team working hard and she trusts them. It also helps that SHE is the only one allowed to make financial decisions which means she has to stay in contact with all of the businesses daily. She loves it. She said this is her new dream job because she is always busy and she never has a dull day. Plus she gets to travel all over the place and not pay for it Lol Nice to have a corporate credit card.

The kids are all doing great. My wife hit the 34 week mark! Well 34 weeks and 1 day technically. That means we have 5 weeks and 6 days until her due date. I just need him to stay in there until I get there in early January Lol Once I move over and am settled in he can come see us anytime he wants.

With Talon I’m actually not that nervous. I’m really excited. I talk to him as much as I can and I let him know how much we love him already. I can’t wait to see his beautiful little face and count the fingers and toes. As soon as she goes into labor Drew and Lindz will be making their way to us with her parents and a few of her siblings. The ones that can take off a few days from work will come and we will be sending videos and photos as often as we can.

Yes I FINALLY uploaded photos from all of the things we have been doing. Yes that’s our Christmas tree this year Lol It’s in Paris and it’s HUGE. My wife decided since we have 12 foot ceilings, go big or go home. I think that’s really funny. Her and Brandi spent a long time deciding the theme and I think it looks great. Yes that’s also a lot of presents but we have a large family now. Everyone is spoiled rotten by my wife so that’s why the gifts are pretty much filling up half of our living room. I always said I wouldn’t turn into that parent but look at me now. My wife went nuts which made me feel competitive and now our kids will have way too many toys Lol Oh well. We will do better next time. I hope.

We are also actively trying to figure out the boys’ birthday party theme. Yes it’s close to that time already. 2 years old. Can you guys believe it! It is flying by. As soon as Talon is born we are done having kids for a few years. I’ve already been told several times we need to slow down a little. My wife wants to get her body back in shape and just enjoy the kids we have. We do not have plans to adopt anymore kids until 2020. We both agreed that’s a good time to start talking about adopting again. We do want to adopt one more child. A little girl, again. We are very interested in adopting an non-white child we can. I think having a variety will make us all better people. I really enjoy having Peace in our lives. She is so beautiful and is growing up with a happy home life. She smiles all of the time. I can’t believe my baby girl is so big now. 5 months old guys! Wow. The time is just flying by. She is sitting up, she has the sweetest light laugh you have ever heard, and she has a whole bunch of black hair. We had to trim it already because it was crazy. We put little bows but she gets mad so we don’t do that very often. The boys help out so much and it helps now that she’s sleeping almost all the way through the night. I am really enjoying that part.

My kids are happy, we are moving to Paris soon and we will be living our best lives so far. I can’t wait.

I miss my wife so bad. She needs to be there and I know that but I just miss her. She loves to snuggle in the morning, she also fills the house with laughter. I do everything I can to make her giggle or laugh every day. She loves it. She misses me too which makes me feel really good. We are having the best time. I’m so happy I married her. I couldn’t imagine my life without this woman. She is everything I was looking for and nothing I expected. She does not let me get away with anything. We have slowly been building a trust that has not been broken. She knows all of my bad decisions from the past are completely over with. I am dedicated to my family and no one will tear us apart. Not that a few haven’t tried. My goodness the women from my past really need to let me go. I know we had fun, I know we laughed and had good times but that’s not my life now. I just want to move far away from all of that and keep going forward with my wife and kids. They are #1. They deserve my full attention. I’ve tried to be gracious but there comes a point when my wife is getting really pissed off and starting to blame me for them leaving voicemails or text. It has been hard to deal with in moments.

If your life isn’t the best or you are not happy, move on. That’s what I did. It’s hard. It’s really hard at first until you realize you can deal with things all alone. You can figure out what happened and why. Then you laugh and think boy was that really stupid and I put up with way too much crap. I should have known better.

I’m finally mature enough to know that. It has taken 42 years to get there but it hit me like a big bag of bricks. My life is my life. I am in charge. I make choices. I’m happy. Right now in this very moment I have everyone and everything I need. If you can’t support that or you are jealous of that, sorry. You don’t get my attention anymore. You phone games and passive aggressive “I need your help” texts have no effect. I know you want my attention (2 specific ladies I mean here) but you don’t get it. My wife and I have decided that I do not need to communicate with you anymore. In order for her to fully trust me I finally cut you 2 off. I had to. We can’t be friends especially with both of you still claiming to be “in love” with me.  Well I’m not in love with either of you and haven’t been for years. I love my wife. I love my gorgeous, happy, perfect, pregnant wife. I hope that’s clear for you. I do wish you all of my best and I pray you will get out of your miserable situations but until you feel like you deserve better you are going to stay stuck. You don’t have to, but you will. I’m free of all of that. My past is miles away from me and I am keeping it that way. My wife and I know that causes problem in our marriage and she was very open and honest about her feelings of jealous of you 2 still being friends. That’s why you are out of my life. I’ve said all of this at least a dozen times but now I’m publically saying, STOP. I am okay. You don’t need to check on me anymore. My wife is all I want. She loves me more than either of you ever did. The things you don’t want me to publically say, I still haven’t. I have kept your secrets about your relationships. I know to keep them this time. Good luck, God bless, Bye Felicia.

Enough of that. I need to start my work day here.

Everyone have a great weekend. We are going to be at home trying to get things ready to move. We are taking the boys swimming tonight. I promised to take them a few days ago and didn’t. Alex is better and I think he would really enjoy a hot swim. It will make him feel better I think. I will update more as soon as I can. Sorry for the rant but I am trying to wrap up all of my American loose ends Lol And let’s face it you guys love hearing the behind the scenes part of my life.

Isn’t is fun being a Batfan? Lol Love ya’ll!

Weekend Update

Everyone is back home and things are perfect again. Our little baby girl is almost 11 weeks old. This morning she is getting baptized into the Catholic faith. We are so excited to welcome her into our Church home and begin her foundation of belief in God. We have been planning this out for 2 months. Lindsay and Drew are her god parents again. My wife really wanted one of her siblings but we have agreed that our son will have different god parents. Drew will be the god father, that one is non-negotiable and our son will have her sister as his god mother. Lindsay is fine with it. She said 3 is enough Lol She was joking, don’t twist it. She was not fine with it at first but I explained to her how important it is to my wife. She let it go after a 5 minute argument. We still have Lindsay as one of the emergency contact for all of my kids so she said she still wins. I don’t get her logic at all.

We did not bring in all of the family for this. We decided just a small group this time. It’s been a little nuts around here lately plus the kids are just getting over being sick. We are having a private party at home today for her to celebrate her baptism.

Her gown is really nice. My wife found it and said it called to her. I’m happy it fits perfectly. You never know with babies this age. Each week they gain weight and grow. It’s crazy how much my little Peace pie has changed.

Photos from the event will be up on our Family Facebook page tomorrow morning. Photos from the party will be up tomorrow night.

We are in our final month of my wife living here full-time. She is already packing up all of her personal things she wants to take. We have begun sending over furniture she wants to take with us. We really have way too much stuff. Some of it will stay here. Well actually most of it will because my wife wants to redecorate. Whatever our designer over there has created I know my wife will change some of it immediately. Fine by me, I’m not attached to my furniture. My artwork, that’s another story.

We have not figured out a baby name for our son. Thank goodness we have several months to go. My wife is now 6 months pregnant and happy about it. We went to her 6 month checkup and everything is great. She has gained a few more pounds but nothing too drastic. I was surprised it wasn’t more because she is eating everything Lol I’m making snacks for her wait time for her snacks. It’s constant. Just as long as everyone is healthy and happy I don’t care.

I go back to work on Monday. I have several trips next week. I’m trying to get in as much as I can before my wife’s move. I will be going with her for a week to settle her in. I want to make sure she is okay and has everything she needs. The kids will be staying home with the nannies while we are gone. I’m already not looking forward to leaving her in Paris for a few months but we have agreed to go back and forth twice a month. That way we stay connected. With all of the violence going on in Europe these days it has made all of us a little paranoid about the move. I have hired a security team to stay with her 24/7 until I move over but you still never know.

We had a great few days with the kids. We went to Navy Pier yesterday before we came back home and watched the Cubs lose game 2 of the NLDS. That was bad. They blew a nice little lead and then really blew the game on 1 bad inning. Not cool but at least we had a good time hosting the watch party.

I need to go get showered and dressed. Our little Peace is going to be baptized this morning and I’m so happy God is welcoming her into his Kingdom of faith! Praise God she is ours. I love her so much! She is the best little girl on Earth.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Miami is nice so I’ll say it Thrice

Miami Beach, Florida, where should I start? We actually left on time for once. That was a miracle. We got to the airport. Sarah dropped us off and gave us deuces as she spend off into a quiet weekend alone. I loaded all of the bags (7 of them) into the plane got my boys situated and made sure my dog was in his crate all snug. Then it was time to fire up my Cessna and get the show on the road. My wife sat up front with me as we flew the friendly skies. It was a beautiful flight down. We talked about the clouds and a lot of things I didn’t know she knew about. She was getting a little frisky in the cockpit and I was squirming and telling her to stop! I take flying very seriously and I was carrying precious cargo.

We got into our family condo late Friday night. I set the nannies up in the 2 condos next door so they finally ended up in their own rooms. That was helpful. Plus it didn’t cost me a dime so go for it, ladies. Then we got the boys ready for bed and I took my beautiful, sexy wife out for a night on the town. We hit up 2 clubs and ended our night at a local bar. We danced, shared some strawberries and cantaloupe then made our way back to our place. The boys were still sleeping which was a huge plus. Then 5am came way too early and Heston decided he was ready to get up. I tried everything to get him to go back down but he wasn’t having it. Brandi came over to take her morning shift and was as grumpy as I was. I decided to get showered and get ready for the day instead of going back to bed. I sat on the bed to get my watch on and my wife pulled me back into bed Lol She said where do you think you are going mister. I just laughed and fell backwards so she could smother me in kisses and arms all over me. It was hilarious. My dog thought so too he jumped up on the bed and started slobbering all over us. He loves jumping in on anything.

I got up and got breakfast started. By then Alex was up and he was crabbbbbbbbbbbbyyyy. Wow. He was not happy. I wonder if it was the flight down or the ocean air. I don’t know. Either way it took him about an hour to get out of his pissy mood.

The rest of Saturday was all about beach things. Sitting on the beach reading, playing in the ocean with the boys. Coming in to shower, eating on our balcony looking over the beach. Everything beach. It was very chill. Just what I needed. My wife didn’t even look at her phone. She said she needed to unplug. She only used it to take photos or vids and even told me Uh uh when I tried to text someone. We really did have a lot of fun. That afternoon we did go see a movie. We took the boys to a show. That actually worked out great because they both fell asleep. I really thought the laughing would wake them up but it didn’t. As soon as the lights went out they both passed out. They didn’t even wake up until I put them in their car seats.

Sunday we all went to Church. After that we went back to the condo to change and headed back down to the beach. My wife was looking so damn sexy in her bikini. I kept going over to her and giving her a kiss or a hug. I kept telling her how good she looked. She would grin and do a little twirl or kick a foot up in the air. One time I fell into her while she was in the water and kept telling her naughty things Lol She said later! It was so much fun. We both just grinned the rest of the day.

We got home really late tonight. That’s the problem I always mean to get us home at a decent hour but it’s usually around 10 or 11 at night. I know, bad Sam but we had fun.

Now next weekend is my wife’s first mother’s day being a mama. My boys and I have been working really, really hard on her present. I asked if she wanted to go out-of-town and she said no. She wants to spend it at the lake house that way she can go see her mom later in the day. Her family is planning a big cook out at her parents’ new house near by us. We have a full weekend planned with gifts, spa treatments, massages, and other things for my wife. I want it to be very special. I know my boys won’t remember this one but at least they can enjoy the very first mother’s day gift they got for her later on. It’s a timeless gift. I hope she likes it. We all worked hard on it. And it wasn’t easy.

I hope everyone had a beachy weekend like we did. I will update more when I get time. I hope ya’ll get a good night’s sleep and will be ready for a bright, awesome Monday! I love ya’ll. God loves you too!

Sunday wrap-up

We all made it to Church this morning. My wife snuck home very early this morning because she said she was laying in bed and missed me. So she got up in the middle of the A.M., drove the 55 miles to our lake house and crawled into bed next to me. Isn’t she sweet!

Church had some very profound teachings this morning. I really enjoyed it. We picked up the boys from Sunday school and all went out for brunch. I tried suggesting we go home and let me fix a big breakfast but no one wanted that. We piled into a local breakfast place and had a very nice breakfast. It was really good. I had the fruit plate with oatmeal. You can’t ever beat fresh fruit.

After breakfast we went back to the house and got everyone back into the vehicles to hit the farmers market. We picked up a bunch of really cool stuff as well as some tasty things to eat. After that we came back and just hung out the rest of the day. We are all packed up and almost ready to leave. I’m waiting for Heather and my wife to come back from some antique store. They went in search of a clock. I don’t know why but they decided we needed another one for somewhere in this house.

It sounds like they just pulled in. Time to make our trek back to the city. Another great weekend in Lake Forest!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will update more tomorrow!

Who’s coming with me?

The first official Cooper family bbq/pool party was last night. We decided that needs to be an annual event because it was a solid crowd and really fun. Everyone got along which is hard to imagine with my personal and professional worlds crashing into each other. Even the randoms Lindsay invited from the mall and her boy D-Rock (The party bus guy from Chicago) showed up with even more randoms. And we all just laughed and laughed all night. We ate like locusts, went swimming, played beach volleyball then sat in my gazebo and enjoyed not getting bitten up by mosquitos. At 9 I told everyone time to go I need to get my babies down for the night. No one wanted to go it was one of the those nights.

I really needed this weekend. I have been submerged in a depression for about 2 or 3 weeks now. 2 people told me I was depressed and I couldn’t see it, I denied it, and actually got pissed at both of them for putting a mirror up to my face. Lindsay was one of the ones that pointed it out immediately. When she realized 3 weeks ago that’s what was wrong with me she mustered all of her loving support and said Well call me back when you aren’t such a miserable little bitch I can’t believe you are depressed right now get the f-word over it so we can go have fun Lol She really knows how to yank the knife a few times, doesn’t she.  I feel a lot better. I am realizing when I am depressed that’s when I need to externalize and not internalize. Frankly with everything I have gone through the past few months I’m surprised I hadn’t hit that wall sooner. That’s what my other friend said to me this morning. She also woke me up a little bit by texting me at 5:50am because she’s on steroids and had insomnia. She sent me a photo of her coffee mugs. ???? Yeah I don’t really know either but I called her to hopefully let her say what she wanted to say to me so I could go back to bed. That didn’t work so we ended up talking for an hour and finally I said I need to go get in the shower and get ready for Church. She said that’s fine I’m ready to go to bed now, thanks! Yeah, thanks Lol 5:50am, darling!

I was shocked when I walked downstairs and almost everyone was awake, dressed for Church and munching on cereal and toast. I said am I dreaming this or did Heck Freeze over? Lindsay said I got everyone up and ready so we can all go to your ridiculous Church service as a family. I hugged her. Probably cried a little then said I am so happy everyone is coming with me today! I can’t believe it. She said you have no idea how much these people bitch when you wake them up at 7am and I owe her. Honestly most of my friends are Catholic so they know on Sundays get up so we can go. This was such a surprise. I loved it.

We got to Church. I usually sit up front or close to up front. Today we sat near the back because we had a crowd. Lindsay only let out one loud snort when Father said Let God take all of your troubles to paradise. I smacked her leg and Ben shot her a look. He is not Catholic he is Lutheran so this was an experience for him. He said he didn’t realize we knelt down that much. I said I call it Leg day Lol

After Church I went and got Father and introduced my family to him. He smiled and said he was happy they joined me and we were a good-looking group. Lindsay walked off and went to sit in the truck. Everyone else was not rude they made small talk and I asked Father to pray for my niece and nephew (Drew’s kids, we are not real brothers but we consider each other a brother) to have a fun and safe summer. He quickly prayed over them and told them to keep reading books and don’t eat too much ice cream. They both laughed. They are both amazing kids. Love both of them very much. Then a few people I know wanted to meet everyone so I introduced everyone.

We just stopped at a bagel place and everyone got their own bagels, cream cheeses, and drinks. I got an apple and a banana and a bottle of water. I told them we are going to eat on the road today so this was only a snack. I kind of have it all planned out. Now we are back at the house packing up. I am getting ready to make a run to the store to buy up a bunch of snacks and Cheetos for the plane ride. It’s going to be a long day of flying and I love it. I have missed flying around so much. These past few months has really been a passion for me. It’s my own version of Heaven. I feel completely awesome when I’m up there. And my new plane is really, really cool. I love it. It has taken a few trips to get used to but I’m finally learning everything about her. I haven’t named her yet I’m still waiting for inspiration to hit me.

We decided to drop off Drew’s family first because they have the dog. Then go to Oklahoma City to drop off Becky. She has had such a great trip. She said she missed her son who was at his grandmother’s for the weekend but she needed a fun weekend like this. Next we are going to head over to Las Vegas to drop off Peyton, Ben, and Lindz. Then I will come all the way back by myself. Unless Josh does decide to go with us because remember I do still have 1 seat available Lol He said he has been wanting to go with me sometime and this would be a fun day he thinks. When we get closer to Ohare I will call and see if he wants to meet up there. He has already texted me once to ask what time did I think I would be taking off today. I am trying for 11:30 to at least get us all on the plane but we all know that won’t happen unless Lindsay wrangles them again. I’m still in shock they were all up and ready to go Lol I just can’t believe it. I really did hope at least Drew’s family would go to Church with me. He knows how important that is to me. Even though he says they don’t go every Sunday like he knows they should. He said sometimes he just wants to lay in bed and read the paper instead.

I think my dog will miss Drew’s dog. They have been running around together all weekend. He has only stomped her a dozen times because she’s so little but then she just bites his ear and he sits down looking at her like you Bish Lol The girls are going to head back to Chicago when we leave with the boys and the dog. They said depending on if they are almost ready to be put down they may wait a little longer so they can sleep the whole ride home.

I think everyone really did have a good time. So much for impromptu vacations. I am so happy they were here. This is a great start to our summer!

I have 2 big trips coming up than 2 bigger trips coming up to finish out my year. No more overnight or weekend trips until those trips. I will continue to do my day work trips but that’s going to be it. I’m really trying to stay in town with my boys as much as I can. Lindsay has really picked up the slack on that. Her and Kevin have been sharing my work trip schedule. She said it’s fun for about 3 days until you realize you have 10 more cities to hit in 7 days and you can’t get a full night’s sleep because your time zone changes are killing you. People that travel for work I really don’t know how ya’ll do it. It’s not easy.

I will be taking Drew and his family with 4 of my Aunts and Uncles to Greece for an 8 day guided tour. I decided we are going last year and bought the travel package. It was an amazing deal then I had to figure out who to take. 10 people, Greece, 8 days. I may regret that but I think I am so excited to see all the historical sites anything that happens I will roll with it. My boys will not be going on that trip. It’s too much for them. And then after that I am going to Rio for the Olympics! I am going for a 5 day trip to see Lindsay’s cousin compete in the equestrian things for her country. We planned and booked that trip last year way before she got married so she may not be going with me. I will work that out later on.

After those 2 trips a quick break from traveling then I have Paris in November and Dubai in December. I have to do my yearly check ins with those offices and see what we need. Dubai is rolling the money back to the U.S. It’s so great. Paris has always been fickle. I don’t make that much money there but I wanted an International presence and honestly just an excuse to visit there yearly. I am in love with Paris and have been for years. I lived in Paris for a year of my life and loved every day there. My boys will also not be going on those trips. I’m just hoping the judge grants the adoption some time this year. I really pray it happens this year but I was told not to get my hopes up. I will keep praying.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday! I know I am. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!