Dragon a**

Good morning everyone. How are you? Me, oh well I’m dragging a** today Lol I didn’t sleep much last night. I just dropped the boys off at school and I’m getting ready to do some things around the house before I start on my work emails.

Have a great week batfans! I hope you have a good day.
Anyone else dragging a** this morning?

Tired but Happy

I got home around 2am this morning and my wife immediately threw her arm over me when I got into bed. She said how was your trip then went right back to sleep Lol I had to Hug n Roll her so I could get situated. This morning she has been quite chatty which is unusual. She’s blaming everything on the baby growing inside of her. Everything. It’s impressive. I have taken care of every single craving, so far. The only problem is she can not stand the smell of peanut butter. We aren’t allowed to eat it near her anymore. It makes her gag. It’s weird, I know.

Today I have to go deliver a speech. I wrote it in a hurry, I will just use it as reference because I’m actually a very good speaker. I’ve had enough practice. I don’t get nervous about these type of things, I get excited. I love sharing my knowledge with others. At the end I take questions and we always find out more than I realize.

Today is going to be another great day. Business is good, the family are all great, and my perfect little boys are getting so big. Heston is just chill. I have no other word to describe him. He’s been chill since the day he was born. I know, I was in the room when he came out Lol Alex is my tightly wound up baby. He’s always been a fuss and a half but he’s still perfect. That’s just his personality. We are still doing different haircuts on my boys so people can tell them apart. It does make it easier for me too. They are shorter than I thought but maybe at some point they start hitting a growth spurt again at 2? I don’t know. My doctor told me things grow when they grow.

This is the really fun age before we hit 2 and the dreaded Terrible 2’s kick in. I pray we all make it through that but I have a feeling it won’t be so bad. My wife is such a great stepmom. She really is! My boys love it very much and they go to her. They snuggle all over her and they both call her mom. She is going to be the only mom they know. I pray every single day she realizes how much I love her for loving my boys. She is the perfect fit and she is all I have ever hoped for in a wife. Beautiful, smart, so funny, and sweet. Everyone loves her. She has way more friends and family on Facebook and they are always saying such nice things about her and our family. She is really happy. I hadn’t met such a happy woman in my life. Her joy is intoxicating. I can’t wait to see our baby. We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl but whichever one God blesses us with I can’t wait. It’s going to be a new adventure! 2 boys almost 2 and a brand new baby.

Hope everyone has a great work day. We are half way through, hang in there guys. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Exhausted Parents

Friday night my boys left to go hang out with my in-laws all weekend. I was not very happy about that. My wife started dancing around a little right after the door closed and I went to the bedroom. She came in and said I know what will make you happy and I said don’t touch me Lol That’s how bs I felt the whole thing was. We decided to go out for a nice quiet dinner at my favorite place and I was getting texts from Brandi at that point. Letting me know they made it. She sent me photos of the boys’ nursery over there. Another photo of their supper. And one more of them in the bath. Then she got them to bed and texted me the time she put them down. I know they are fine. I had already knew I was being ridiculous. I just don’t like being away from them. Big giant sigh.

By Saturday morning and lots and lots of sex later I was feeling more relaxed. Funny how that works. Saturday my wife and I went to 4 things around the City we have wanted to go check out together. It’s one of those things where you hear about it then you say to each other Oh Yeah we need to go check that out. But never do. She picked 2 places. I picked 2 places and we had very nice meals out all day and night. By Saturday night we were too tired to go hang out with any friends. I told her we could go out, she said okay but neither one of us got up off of the couch Lol She said she wanted to sleep in so we would go to the later Church. I was fine with that too. And by Sunday at 4:07pm my boys were back home. I was VERY READY to see them. They did have fun. I got to see a lot of photos of them and a few videos. My mother in law said she would like to do that again sometime and I said maybe next year and didn’t laugh but everyone else did. I was serious. She’s not taking them away again. My wife nudged me and I said nothing. I know it’s healthy and I know it’s good, but no. They are my boys and I decide. I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy my weekend I had fun hanging out with my wife and all of the sex of course but I was constantly thinking about them. It’s one of those instinctual things that I can’t explain to anybody. I just knew it felt wrong. My boys were fine. They came back happy, laughing, and full of presents and new clothes. Very sweet of my wife’s family, but no Lol I want my boys with me. I can’t help it. I’m not ready to let them go even for 1 weekend. I did compromise and tell her later on that on my overseas trips they can watch the boys if they want to but don’t tell me about it and she just laughed and said deal. We had a very long talk about it at the family meeting on Sunday night and I told all of the ladies that I just am not ready for that kind of stuff. I won’t even let the part-time nannies take them back to their apartment all weekend. The only reason I let this happen was peer pressure and hoping to give my boys something that I can’t offer them, grandparents. It’s not something I can articulate very well but I’m not ready. That’s when the girls finally understood this was pretty hard for me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t like it. They thought I was being overly dramatic at first until my wife said you really didn’t have a good weekend, did you? I said no. I thought about my boys 98% of the time. She said okay.

So now I think they understand and we don’t have to go through that again anytime soon. Enough of that.

So here’s the other thing going on with us. My wife is pretty sure she wants to move to Finland. At first I thought it was a huge joke but she said no. The more she researches it the better. And tonight with the news of the explosion in London she says we need to stay out of Paris. She thinks it might be too dangerous. I’m torn. I mean Finland, really? It’s in discussion and we have plenty of time, but Finland?

What else? Everyone is doing great. My boys are happy, healthy, really getting big. I’m able to have full conversations with them now and they do answer with a few words. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes not. They look exactly alike. We do have different haircuts on them but I guess everyone this weekend kept saying how they completely look-alike and you can’t really tell who is who. Yeah, that’s what identical twins means Lol

This week I have a few trips out-of-town but I will be home in time for supper. I just have to get up earlier which is no big deal. In fact I need to get off of this and go back my backpack for tomorrow’s trip.

Hey, Dallas, Texas! I will be there in the morning. I’m going to be meeting up with my very hard to reach friend Jackie Overton. We are going to have lunch together and share notes on some things. I love it when the trolls continue to claim I am her, she is me. We are one. Lol Come on ya’ll. Get a F-bomb brain already. You can’t stand being wrong. I understand your need to pick on somebody because your own life is shit, but move on already. No one cares anymore. And leave my friends alone. You go way over the line every single day and it’s not okay. Do I really have to get Lindsay back around to get all of your accounts locked and suspended again? I can do that. It’s very easy for her to do. Other can you people just get a life already and leave me alone?

Nah, I already know that answer. I will call Lindsay tonight Lol

Have a great work week! I hope everyone enjoys the weather this week. See you tomorrow, Dallas!

Busy work week

Things are going well. I am trying to figure out a few things at work but so far so good. I have been a little stressed this week. We have so much going on. I feel like 15 hour days just isn’t enough right now. I go home, do all my family responsibilities and then I’m working. I work until it’s bed time or my wife tells me that’s enough. I have been waking up at 4am to get things caught up. It’s exhausting. But when we take vacations and trips things can get backed up.

I am finally caught up with my emails at work and the emails from this blog. Thank you all for the great comments. I love that we have all continued to maintain a great email talk back and forth. I am slowly getting through all of my Twitter DM’s and will try to get those done this week. I get about 350 messages per day. Some are those spam messages from new followers trying to get me to read their profile/website/other social media accounts. But most are personal messages from all of you. I had opened up my Twitter to accept Direct Messages from Anyone. Even those that don’t follow me. That’s when my DM’s went from about 100 a day up to 350. Twitter maxes out at 350. If you have sent me a DM and I didn’t respond that’s because I had hit my max for that day and Twitter didn’t let it go through.

I also love the comments you all leave here. I read them and delete them. It’s rare I respond because almost all of you are already talking to me on email or elsewhere. I am getting about 25 blog comments per day now. It’s a lot of fun. This is why I keep this blog going. I like writing, I like your comments. With Lindsay’s help we have cleaned up all of my accounts. She sprayed Troll Repellant all over Lol They are gone, finally. If they continue their bs I never see it. Thanks to those defending me but you don’t have to. I don’t see anything they have to say. Block and ignore please. They eventually get bored and go attack a new target. The ones that have hung around for the past 2 years to harass me are sociopathic. They have nothing better to do than bully me online. That shows their character or lack their of. Just let them do their thing because I don’t see any of it. Twitter and Facebook have done a great job helping me get rid of the trash accounts that try to stalk, target, or harass me. Lindsay continues to get them suspended or locked up for 12 hours. She also forces them to delete certain tweets which I find hilarious. If you spend your day harassing a guy you have never met, don’t even know, you are twisted in the head. And I pray for you.

This weekend we have big plans. My wife is a traveler and loves to plan out our trips. I’m old and like to stay at home. But I know to keep her happy and to give my boys some adventure we will go as she leads. And I really do love the places she finds. We are seeing things I enjoy. She always makes sure I have food that we can eat. That is #1 for me and my boys on any trip. I will let you guys know Friday where we are going this weekend.

We are still in summer vacation planning mode. All of my nannies will be out of school in July when we go to Ireland and they all want to come. Passports are done, paperwork, shots are in process. We are going to have a great week in Dublin. I have rented a house there for our privacy. Also it’s easier for this huge group to stay in one spot. That way I have a lot of help with the boys when needed. My dog, Sam Jr will be staying at home. I don’t take him overseas. It’s too much for the little guy. When we move to Paris he will be going over and then he will stay in Paris when we come back. I have taught him French commands ever since I got him at 4 months old. So he’s well versed on the main things he can or can’t do in English and French.

My wife is taking a french course online. She wants to get the basics down then she’s going to sign up for a community class on French at night. She is very serious about this stuff, folks. She wants to be fluent by the time we move. It’s coming up in a year and a half now. We are going to sell off everything and leave. That way there’s no reason to return to Chicago and stay. We want to be gone. We can stay in hotels or with family the few times a year we come back. And we already talked to her family, any emergency, her and I come back immediately. The boys stay. It’s too hard on them. I promised them that and we will bind ourselves to that promise the best we can. The plan is to sell my lake house first. That’s just a part-time residence. The condos will sell very quickly. They are in a prime area I will more than make all of my money back on them and we will leave with 3 really huge checks.

We have so much going on at home it really is hard for me to sleep. I toss and turn right now. I tried sleeping on the couch once so I wouldn’t keep waking my wife up but she came out and said Uh uh. We don’t sleep apart. So get back in bed or I’m getting my pillow to come out here Lol And that was that. She didn’t care if I kept her up. She just wanted me next to her. She really is the best. We are a perfect match. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone. My blonde haired beauty. My soul mate.

The good news is that we are trying to get pregnant. We aren’t monitoring stuff anymore. We are just letting God’s will happen. The adoption is still forthcoming. I just have to let them know when I’m ready. I thought I was ready earlier this year when the little girl became available. But it didn’t feel like the right time. So I told them no and she was adopted within a few days. That was a load of guilt I carried for a week or two. I just want my boys to be a little older. I really thought the State of Illinois would take a lot longer to process my paperwork and give me a green light but if you think about it I have already been in the system with them almost 2 years now. If there were any red flags they would have found them by now. The only hold up we have has been the judge wanting to know why my wife would not be on the adoption order. She had to answer his questions about that, then I had to answer too. He was confused but once we explained it, he understood. They are my children. I won’t share custody to the point they are out of my home. Not even for my wife. I’m not worried about a divorce. I’m more worried about something happening to me and if that does happen we have everything in order. My trust fund set aside for all of my children goes into Lindsay’s name and possession and she raises them. My wife will get visitation if she wants which she has promised me she will. It’s a done deal. As soon as our other children come into our lives we will adjust the paperwork again. It’s to protect them. To make sure that my wife can move on with her life and date or marry again if she wants to. It would be very unfair for her to raise all 3 or whatever kids all alone. I want to take care of her too. Being a lawyer she did a lot of research and spent a long time thinking about all of this before she agreed to marry me. My pre-nup is air tight and she knows that. It covers all circumstances. She understands why I did it that way and supports the decisions. I need to know my children will be okay. With Lindsay she would literally give up her life for any of them. Drew would too. And Drew knows I would do the exact same for any of his children. That’s just how the 3 of us are. Best friends for life.

Everything is going so fast right now. I was hoping for a quiet weekend but maybe a little time in a different place will do me good. I just hope they have some watermelon. I’ve been craving that for a few days. I should get one tonight after work.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. Hang in there we are half way through. Let’s all pray for a fun and sunny weekend! I love ya’ll.  I will update later.

What gum did I chew when I was a kid?

Just sat down to start typing this out and my kids woke up. Sat down again and the dog needed out. I think everyone is all settled now for a little while. I’m up late. Which is normal but instead of sleeping like I normally do I’m trying to get things caught up. I am very behind in my work emails. It’s bad. In fact it hasn’t been this bad in a months. Thus causing all of the stress in my life. I’m fielding phone calls about work and because I haven’t read all of my emails I have no idea what people are talking about. They all say the same thing, “Well it’s in the email, didn’t you read it?” Insert long deep breath in and fiery ball of exasperation out. No! I haven’t read my emails. No I am not up to date and no I don’t know what you are talking about. Calm, kindness, patience. All things I am trying to do a better job of.

So a friend of mine, she’s female, oh yes and just a friend, called and started talking to me about a very random topic. Then she remembered that I had pissed her off June 7th, 2012 at 8:17pm and decided to rehash that fight all over again Lol It wasn’t that exact date or time but it sure felt like it. So she started up the exact same way she did before and I sat there and listened to her going off on me, again, and did remember that’s what she said the last time about this. The problem is she feels or felt, no it’s definitely still feels, that I have taken the side of my buddy Chewtoy. That’s his nickname and I can not write on here how he got it because it’s both Rated R and disgusting. So Chewtoy did something to her, I was expected to handle it. I didn’t because I honestly didn’t even know what he did until she told me and then when I did find out I still didn’t do anything up to her expectations. Now I did go over to his house, not a dog house, and ask him did you do _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with her _ _ _ _ _ _? He said sort of. I took that as yes. I told him to fix it and I left. In guy talk that was the proverbial, you’re an A-hole, don’t do that again warning. I think she expected me to go punch him out but that’s not my way anymore.

Apparently it’s Lindsay’s way still because she punched a girl tonight in the mouth according to her and Ben’s 2 very different versions and they are patiently waiting for the police to come get her from her home. She said she deserves it and was happy to do it again if the situation came back up. I just shake my head because it’s always something from her. Oh and it is never her fault, not even this one Lol Getting back to my story. My friend chewed me out, I listened, I apologized without any real meaning of sorry behind it and she said she would talk to me later. That is the moment I often want to hit the Block Caller button on my IPhone but I also realize that never works because even when you do block a number, the person can still leave you voicemails and it goes to a special place in heck in your phone called Blocked Voicemails Lol Meaning you can still listen to it and out of human curiosity you will listen. I know this because my ex-girlfriend was blocked, she’s unblocked now, and left me ohhhhhh about 5 blocked voicemails in a row a few weekends ago. She had a lot to say. She was hurt. I listened to all 5 then deleted them without responding to any of it. Ignore is my policy. Ignore the blocked caller and I can pretend she is fine now. Which she is. She just wanted to vent at me. Or actually on me because by the 3rd voicemail I was no longer a topic it turned into “Why do all the men in my life treat me like this!” Maybe it’s because you leave blocked caller voicemails on your exs cellphones?

Lindsay is still working on getting the photos page up. She is making the Call Log page also. It will have all 1560 phone call details from the entire affair. Yeah, I was shocked too. Together we made a combined 1560 calls Lol And out of that came 233 voicemails that I made public. Now there are a lot more voicemails. Some are in the Rated R section because they are dirty Lol Very dirty. And not appropriate to be out in the public. Still shocked to realize that many calls. Wow. It’s a wonder I kept getting chewed out for not answering my phone or calling back with that large amount of call volume! 1560 calls in between us wasn’t enough, I guess Lol

My boys 3 month check up went great. They are now 13 pounds, 25 and a half inches long each. They are wearing 6 months old clothing already. We sort of zoomed right past the 3 months outfits. We did put them on for I think 2 weeks, but they are getting big. So big I struggle now to carry the diaper bag and both boys by myself. The car seats with baby in each is cumbersome and it does make it a challenge to get them downstairs.

We did not go to the lake this weekend because I have way too much work to get done. If I would have went there nothing would be done. I am probably looking at another 4 hours of work here. I better get back to it. I just needed a little break.

I was asked what my favorite gum was as a kid. It was fruit stripes. I would shove in 3 pieces at a time. Random but okay. There is your answer 😉

Please say a prayer for my friend’s mom. She had a heart attack today and needs prayers. I sent one up the moment I heard. God bless my friend and her family. It is scary.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


Dropping bombs, all kinds today


Today has been tough. I didn’t get much sleep last night. My boys are a lot more active and want to stay up longer after the night diaper changes or night time feedings. It’s really hard. I’m exhausted this week. Every one that has spoken to me on the phone the last few days has been yawned at or at the very least heard my sleepy daddy voice Lol This is really hard. This is not easy. Sarah is beyond exhausted. She had to call in one of the part-time nannies today she said for a few hours just so she could take a shower and a nap. We have to take them into the doctor tomorrow morning for a 3 month check up. I’m really hoping we can finally get rid of the dang dietician lady. She was assigned to us and I willingly accepted her advice and help when Alex wasn’t gaining weight. Now he’s a chunk and I want her gone. She is nice, but she nitpicks every single thing I do or say about their formula. She says she is only “letting me use vegan formula” because I have proven its good stuff and she called the manufacturer herself to verify what I had told her was accurate. She is seeing the benefits of using it but she still thinks they need regular formula. Well if there was a medical reason, absolutely, I would switch them both right away. But we have been there, done that, and we are okay now. She sent me an awesome email and I kind of told her off in my reply back. I did say sorry I think somewhere in there that I am really tired but I disagree with half of what she said. She waited a half hour then called me at work. Then chewed at me for 5 minutes about the benefits of this and that and told me to think on it. I said okay thanks and hung up right away. That was me trying to be nice but I really wanted to just hang up on her! If Alex is fine, she is gone as of tomorrow.

Then Lindsay Lol I swear it is ALWAYS Lindsay that grinds my headache into a pounding migraine in a few minutes. She sent out a mass email to all of our upper executives about what her plans are for the next 2 months and why she will be taking money out of everyone’s budgets to feed into her latest project, the one I’m scared to go forward with. She said she made an executive decision and if she’s wrong she will pay it back. This came out of nowhere this morning. I tried calling her she answered and said “Yeah, hi swamped here call laters” and hung up on me Lol She only does that when she knows I’m about to go off on her. So I left the office. I called up my buddy Josh and asked what he was doing for lunch. He said he was playing hooky from work today to watch the Cubs game so I said I’m grabbing beers for you, a salad for me and coming over. I hid out there the rest of the day until the game was over. Then I went home. After I got my boys settled I took a longer shower, a really long shower. The kind you just stand there with the hot water pouring all over you and you don’t move at all. I was probably in there for a half hour. I think I wanted to cry from stress but I held it in. Or I was so tired my tears melted before they flew out of my eyes and the water dissolved them.

I am really stressed out this week. And I don’t know what to do about it. I am working out like a beast trying to get some of the pressure off but that is only making me more tired.

Then Josh called and asked if I wanted to come watch the next Cubs game at a bar with some buddies of his and Sarah overheard me talking about it and went off on me. Actually used an F-bomb at me for skipping work and not coming home. And she is 100% right. I was selfish, she needs help, I could have taken that 3 hours from work and went home to watch the game with my boys. She was really pissed. Hold on let me go out and ask her a mundane question to gauge her temperament.

Yep, still pissed Lol I asked her if she knew what the weather would be like tomorrow she said Why don’t you go ask Josh. Can a nanny put you in the dog house? If so, I’m there tonight.

Bombs everywhere tonight! I need to eat dinner. I haven’t even done that yet.

So we are putting the photos page back up. It a page not a post. I’m supposed to mention that because everyone will be looking for it in the posts. Here is the link for it. Yes it is blank right now because Lindz is looking into Photo Plugins that will organize all of the photos and make it look cool. That’s all I care about. I want to be able to write a label on each one to explain them. I have so many photos no one has ever seen. And it’s time to let that out there. Has anyone noticed every single time something gets said by the other side publicly I have a response to it? With more proof, more info, and more questions being answered.


Also, the NBC interview is/was a TLC thing for that show she is doing next. They wanted my response. So I gave them one. I answered about 15 questions for the producer lady. She was nice and respectful. Then she began hounding me. She wanted more info more this and that. So I called my lawyer to ask what to do. He said he would look into it and call me back. Yes, NBC is working with TLC on a new series. Yes NBC News really does want to do an on camera interview with me. But so does FOX and CBS now. So we are getting more info gathered up because the last thing I want to do is ANYTHING for TLC. I would like to insert the same word Sarah used on me earlier tonight, right here

_ _ _ _ No!

I will do nothing to help TLC at all. Look at what they have done to my life. And do you really believe they are going to let me actually tell my story and not edit me into whatever version they need this to be? Come on, ya’ll. Even if NBC News is contracted with them to do it, TLC still has the ultimate control over it all and my lawyer said put a pin in it until he can make some calls. We have been emailing back and forth for a few days prior to this exchange. CBS and FOX are local affilates just wanting a short interview they will splice together, not a big sit down like this NBC offer is.




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Is it Friday yet?

Twins are a lot harder than I thought. If anyone has twins, God bless you Lol I don’t know how I have survived a day short of 3 months. Thank God I have 3 nannies. This weekend 2 of them brought friends up to the lake house. Cam came over for dinner and he said you always have so many women here. I started laughing thinking these are kids, not women. But I guess he is right. They are all in their early 20’s. B and H are my weekend nannies and Sarah is my full time. They work for her. Otherwise we would have all kinds of problems. I let everyone get away with too much, there are attitude problems amongst the group and everyone is having a hard time keeping the schedule straight.

So we all had a family meeting Saturday night. I opened up the floor to what I thought would be a thoughtful, adult conversation only to hear Sarah say these two “muppets are good with the babies but bad with respecting her position” Where have I heard that one before 😉 We got some things on the table and collectively everyone agreed it was all my fault. Nice. I don’t reign anyone’s attitude in and step in when Sarah comes to me for help with them. She has been telling me so often I blow it off and she is left demanding and bossing too often. She takes her job seriously and wants respect or we will replace them. Shocking. B and H started off with we love the boys, the problem is Sarah and I. We are too close and they are struggling to deal with the schedule between their school schedules and studying for finals. Finals end this week (Thank goodness!) And on top of it I let Sarah get away with murder because she is the full time. It turned into an hour worth of me sitting quietly and just listening while drinking my Lemon Liv drink Lol Finally Sarah crossed her arms, pushed her chair back and said Honestly, I don’t see that I’m a problem here.

So I told them this is my life, we are all here to make it easier for me, the paychecks they get prove I am holding up my end and they all need to send the weekend schedule in by Thursday night so Sarah can work everything out. She also said that even on the weekend she is still pitching in and that she does feel taken advantage of sometimes, but not all of the time.

Then they all agreed that I do too much with the babies on the weekends and that they are basically sitting around somedays just waiting for something to do, which Sarah popped off and said that should be time working on your attitudes Lol And then we went right back into another round of Oh Hell No!

In the end, we all agreed to try harder, do better, and find a balance. I said we all have survived the first 3 months. It’s something to be proud of because my kids are happy, healthy, and thriving. I know ya’ll love my boys very much and that’s why you are here. It is starting to feel like everyone is against each other until I get blamed for everything then they all get along just fine. So I took the bullet to end it and said it’s all my fault. I’m sorry.

That shut everyone up. I said I will try harder. Then got up and left. I heard B say, it is kind of his fault Lol By Sunday everyone was fine. The girls had fun playing with the babies and taking turns holding/feeding them. Sarah and I went for lunch after Church to really talk about things and she told me she is just tired. The 4 days 24/7 is wearing her out and maybe she needs to split up a day off in the week instead of taking Fri to Sunday off. I told her we will adjust to make it easier on her because I am also not getting any sleep at all. The only time Sarah and I can catch up is Friday and Saturday nights. But by then we are both so exhausted, work is suffering for me and she is not concentrating very well. She said she tries to take naps with them during the day but one gets up when one is down and it’s been really hard to try to get in a shower. We have got to figure something out here. I really thought my team of 4 had this all worked out by now.

I am exhausted. I love my boys, I wouldn’t change any of this at all but it really is hard to work all day, and get up 4 times a night with them. Now that they are getting older they are wanting to stay up a lot longer in between diaper changes and bottles. It’s not easy. Twins are not easy. I love it though. I really do. It’s just hard.

Lindsay and I are in an epic fight. It has lasted over 2 weeks now. She will not budge at all and I do not understand her decision to not compromise. She said she is right and I should trust her. I do trust her it’s not about trust, it’s about the big picture. I am thinking long term and she wants to take a huge risk with the potential of a really, really big cash windfall. I’m scared to take that chance I guess. So she put everything in a folder and won’t talk about it anymore until I come out of my f-word clouds Lol The only saving grace so far has been Mark who has been working extra hard and training to become a junior VP. He has another 2 years to go but he is motivated and proud of his work. The kid really has made me proud. The Las Vegas office is working out great and our new downtown Vegas lease space looks great! I can’t wait to see it when it’s completely done. The only scary thing is Lindsay said as soon as it’s done she’s moving her office there so she can lunch at her favorite places aka gamble during her 1 hour lunch break, I’m not stupid Lol

This week I have meetings for summer interns and meetings with people that want to tell me I can make a lot of money if I just give it to them and hope they give it back someday. It’s that time of year again, Tax levy time! Every May these folks show up out of nowhere talking about their projects. They schedule meetings with me to go over how I can help them, get this one, help me. I sit there thinking how are they helping me with my own money? It’s interesting but no. Shelly schedules these meetings to get back at me for whatever heck I have put her through the past 20 plus years we have worked together Lol It’s really good payback too because it always takes me a few minutes to realize what this meeting is really about and by then she excuses herself with a shit eating grin as she walks out.  Thanks a lot Shelly!

I am exhausted. Did I say that already? I need to get to bed a lot sooner. I was on the phone last night with my friend and we lost track of time. Pretty usual for us.

Is it Friday yet?