176th Voicemail, 177th Voicemail, 178th Voicemail, 179th Voicemail – June 28th, 2015 – Drive Home from our Utah Trip Together

This was the day we were driving home. We followed each other the whole way. We talked on the phone all of the way until we hit the Canyon. Then we picked back up after we were both through it. We were so happy, we laughed the whole week together and really had a great time. The sex was amazing, we made love almost every night. One day we had sex 4 times that day. She said she had never done that before. We were very, very happy.

Out of nowhere that day while we were driving home Kody sent out a tweet about me:


Real men don’t dream they are Batman, nor aspire to dark, controversial roles. Men lovingly become Santa Clause to their children! Insert winky face.



So I replied:


Then right after I said Why don’t you stop worrying about me and go get your wife’s air conditioner fixed in her car. Meri’s air conditioner in her SUV doesn’t work well. She said it was going to cost a couple grand to get it fixed and that she couldn’t afford to deal with it. It was over 100 degrees in Vegas. I offered to go get it fixed and she told me no.

Immediately Meri called me and told me to erase that Lol So I erased both of them but not before people screenshot on all of it. She said he was upset with her talking to me and she said he had asked her 4 times at this point to stop talking to me. She kept telling him no. She said we were just friends and that I made her laugh. She said never told him we were more than friends. That came later.


That night the very first article came out about Meri leaving the family and possibly having a boyfriend. They mentioned my name in the articleIMG_6048. Juicy Chatter was the very first time my name was on an internet gossip blog and the first time an article was linking us together. This was June 28th, 2015. No one else had written anything about Meri and I before then. Some people claim they were the first, but this is the truth. So we can finally prove that one.





I didn’t even see the article for a few days when someone sent it to my email. I called Meri and we both laughed about it. She said well it’s true. So I guess we need to start packing me up.


That night we talked on the phone for a few hours going over our week together. We stayed up until 2am talking. At this point he had been kicked out of the house so she was able to talk to me openly in her house. She wasn’t hiding in an upstairs bedroom or office to talk to me anymore. She said she wanted to move out soon. She said make plans to get a moving company ready in a few weeks. So I did.


176th Voicemail 6-28-2015 12:16am

Hey. Just, I was seeing if I could get in touch with you. Please give me a call as soon as you can. I don’t care how late. I just want to talk to you. Okay. I love you.

177th Voicemail 6-28-2015 1:37am

Hey. I hesitate calling this late. But you say to call you if I feel like it.

178th Voicemail 6-28-2015 12:57pm

Baby you said you’d answer my call when I called back. Anyway, I love you. Call me when you can.

179th Voicemail 6-28-2015 1:30pm

Hey baby, give me a call. Okay, I love you bye.


168th Voicemail, 169th Voicemail, 170th Voicemail, 171st Voicemail, June 26th, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

We were completely inseparable for the week and now I needed to head to Salt Lake City for a meeting. It was going to be a challenge being away from each other for a few hours. She was so happy. She couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t stop smiling. We were still in love.

168th Voicemail 6-26-2015 11:19am

Baby where are you? Why aren’t you answering my call? Alright, I love you. Just wondering what’s going on with you. Where you are? Anyway, give me a call. Okay.

169th Voicemail 6-26-2015 12:17pm

Oh man, you didn’t answer. Baby. You  had fair warning. Okay. I love you.

170th Voicemail 6-26-2015 12:22pm

And I even gave you an extra 5 minutes. And you are just sending me a text, lol, laughing at me. Don’t laugh at me baby. Let me know what you are doing. Okay?

171st Voicemail 6-26-2015 11:51pm

Hey baby just wanting to touch base with you. Don’t forget I don’t want to go to bed tonight without having a good night call from you. So. Give me a call whenever you can, okay? I love you, bye.

156th Voicemail, 157th Voicemail, 158th Voicemail, 159th Voicemail, 160th Voicemail – June 24th, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

Meri wanted to have a private spiritual union ceremony together up on the mountain at her favorite place. She said we would promise to someday marry each other and that we would get rings and start to wear them as a symbol of our committment. At this point she wasn’t even wearing her wedding band during filming at all. We talked about doing it but we never did. We spent a lot of time talking and figuring out where we will live, how many kids we wanted. We fell in love all over again on this trip. It was very romantic. The sex was amazing because we could be loud and not worry about anyone in my hotel room knowing it was her. We made love every day, sometimes 3 times a day/night. We had an amazing time together on that trip. I fell in love with her all over again.

156th Voicemail 6-24-2015 12:08am

Baby why aren’t you answering your phone? Listen, you must not have got my text. That was just a cute little conversation that somebody had on Pinterest. It was just a Pinterest thing. And I thought it was just cute because all it was me saying that your smile or my smile is just specificially for you. That’s all it was. It’s just something on Pinterest. Okay? Don’t worry, don’t get funny? Okay? I love you.

157th Voicemail 6-24-2015 12:16am

Okay baby you need to answer the phone. I don’t know what’s going on but you need to stop whatever it is you are thinking and quit going there. Okay? Don’t take this completely out of context it was a thing on Pinterest. You know what? Just call me back okay?

158th Voicemail 6-24-2015 8:45am

Hey I’m not quite sure how long you wanted me to stop calling you. So I’ll just do it this once today until I know that you are ready to talk to me. I don’t know what is going on I’m really, really confused and now you’re not answering this call. I just, I don’t know what is going on. So, anyway,  just know that I am open for a phone call from you whenever you ready. I don’t really have no idea what’s going on at all. So anyway, just know that I love you and you can call me whenever you…

159th Voicemail 6-24-2015 7:01pm

Forgive me for being a nag. It’s been like a half an hour baby. I’m just anxiously awaiting your arrival. Come find me baby.

160th Voicemail 6-24-2015 8:16pm

Hey just letting you know I called. I love you, bye.

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IMG_2119 IMG_2120 IMG_2121

152nd Voicemail, 153rd Voicemail, 154th Voicemail, 155th Voicemail – June 23rd, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

This began our first vacation together. We met up and decided to head to the mountains where we could get lost in the trees and no one would know who we were. It was a lot of fun with her showing me around Lehi and the surrounding towns. I was very surprised at her house. The original one that was on the show. They have a renter living upstairs now but we went to the downstairs side, through the back of the house that used to be Christine’s. It was very interesting for me to see a polygamist house. It was in the middle of a remodel so it wasn’t put together but it was different.

152nd Voicemail June 23rd, 2015 12:21am
https://vimeo.com/166276841 (This audio file had to be remade it was corrupted so we moved it to Vimeo)

Hi baby just trying to reach you.

153rd Voicemail 6-23-2015 12:43am


154th Voicemail 6-23-2015 7:01pm

Hey just touching base with you. I’m out of the mountain so anyways give me a call when you can. Okay. Love you, bye.

155th Voicemail 6-23-2015 8:16pm

Hey where are you at, what’s going on, how are you doing? All of that stuff. Anyway, give me a call when you can. Okay I love you, bye.

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My response to the Tell All

All I have to say is I’m still in love with Meri. And I understand why she has to throw me under the bus. Kendra busted out our affair on June 1, 2015. She and Lindsay tried for months to squash all the rumors but it didn’t work. I want to thank Kendra for trying to protect us the best she could. She has unfairly been attacked, called a liar, and lost out on a lot of jobs and money opportunities because she stood up for me. I really appreciate her and consider her a new friend. Thank you Kendra. I know this has been really tough on you. I’m sorry about that. Anyone else claiming they were the first ones to write, publicize, or post an article in regards to our affair is lying. Kendra was the only one that figured it out first.

image image image image

March 6, 2015

This was a big day for us. We were fully feeling something going on. And it was not changing. There was a lot of conversation about the Disney trip and how to behave. How to avoid being obvious. But all I did was make her laugh. I couldn’t help it. She got me. She was the first person to really get me. And I loved her laugh.
This first attachment. When she sent me that I was dying laughing. This was the kind of thing I’m talking about. She has a great sense of humor. She sent me stuff like this often. It still cracks me up. I had forgotten all about it until I found it writing this.
This is when we started talking about What If. As in what if she left. I started to realize how unhappy she really was in her marriage. Leaving was something she had been thinking about for years. At least 5 to 6 years, she later told me. We were assessing what would happen if she did leave, how it would affect her. How it would affect me. My only problem is, I knew once it got out I would lose clients.
And what has happened to me now is that because of the false story Meri told the entire world, not only have I lost clients, I have lost deals. I have lost money and I’m still losing money. It’s bad. On top of which, my employees are pissed. I’m having huge issues with all of my businesses. And I blame myself. I shouldn’t have had the affair. But I don’t regret it. I still do not regret it. It was an amazing 6 months.
The flirting was nonstop. Even on the phone calls we would say stuff to each other about love and relationships and just sit there and sigh. And drive each other crazy, but it was all sweet, affectionate stuff. Nothing dirty. That comes in the next post Lol
As you can see, it was Meri that named my cat Penelope. And it fit her. My cat has recently passed away. The trolls thought it would be great to send me photos of deceased cats. Which broke my heart even more that day. They are horrible people.
This is when we came up with a code to start posting stuff to each other on twitter that no one would find out. She began putting ……. behind stuff for me. I would up a 😉 on messages to her. This is also the first love letter I wrote to her. Which she has. Or had I’m sure it’s in the toilet by now. Just a one page love letter. Telling her how I feel about her.
I flew into Denver to pick up Mike. Meri was very excited. And then I flew into Las Vegas with Mike. I have owned a house in Las Vegas for 8 years. Long before Meri moved to Vegas. So no I am not the reason they moved to Vegas. That rumor is ridiculous. It was a condo to me and my friends. We used it for Boys Trips for the weekend. To have wild, party weekends and hit the strip. I also used it for any of my friends or family wanting a Vegas weekend. But I had been trying to sell it and m realtor was not doing anything to move it. My accountant told me to yank it off until closer to summer. So the Vegas trip was a planned thing at some point. Meri inviting me to Disney just pushed it up a few weekends.
Mike and I got into town. We got groceries and then McDonald’s for his supper. I went to my house. Got the house ready. Made sure Mike’s room was good to go. Then I went outside to talk to one of my neighbors that I hadn’t seen in months. We went outside of the gate to look at something. Meri called me. I was standing outside of my gate at that point. I told her I would call back in a few. Then we started texting as I was walking back into the gate and over to my house.
This is when things went to a whole new level!


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