It’s that Time of Year again, Unbanning the Trolls

I used to unban the trolls from my blog once a month. Lindsay kept arguing to make it longer. I am pretty sure we have had them all banned since the new compatible version of the Ban plugin came out earlier this year. I’m feeling a little festive this year and will get in the holiday spirit a little earlier. The compromise is that I have to post the nasty comments/emails the trolls will now leave on my blog Lol They are like little cockroaches, they never go away.

Enjoy trolls! Well, and all of my actual fans and family/friends. I love you guys. I will do a big update soon. Things are crazy busy with school and with decorating for our giant Halloween event for the kids.


Unbanning the banned

I have had so much going on this week I forgot to release the trolls Lol Everyone (But 1 nasty woman) has been unbanned from my blog. Last time I only had to ban 4 people for a whole month so things are finally quieting down. The trolls on my social media accounts are silent and things are good. Lindsay is still getting them suspended or accounts deleted as needed. Twitter and Facebook have been a big help with that. We are slowly cleaning up the troll messes they try to damage me with.

It always made me wonder why these 10 or so women continue to bully me. It’s  a daily thing for them. I have banned and blocked them and I don’t respond to them. How messed up is their lives for them to continually try to get my attention? It’s been 2 years since the affair began and they still think they must have their opinions heard. This proves to me that some people are abusive no matter what. I just think about their own kids and husbands and how they talk and treat them. It must be a very sad or lonely life they have going. Either way I don’t care what they say and I’m living a great life! I’m happy, my wife is happy and my boys are happy.

Move on ladies. Your obsession with me is old news. No one in the tabloids or tv care about me anymore. And honestly more people believe my side of this now that ZERO proof from the other side has ever been presented. It sucks to be a troll Lol

It’s that time again

Every 25th of the each month we Unban people from my blog. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. This is my way of saying come, read, enjoy my blog. And if you say something nasty, Lindsay bans you again Lol It’s pretty simple. We make sure to clear out all of the ban ip logs, ban user logs, and the other one which I forgot what it’s called. But it shuts people out and gives them a nice message from Lindsay to look at. People usually get upset and email me. I tell them I’m not in charge of banning and whatever they said must have not been nice. They try and convince me they didn’t do anything which I know is a lie because Lindsay puts all of the nasty comments in the Spam section for me to go back and look up if someone disagrees. I still don’t do any banning or unbanning myself. It’s better for her to do it since she’s aware of almost all of the troll names. The sad women who desperately want to be my friend and talk about me nonstop, they are usually the same group that gets a monthly ban. But their continued use of my name all over the internet just draws people here so they work for free and I have never had to do any type of advertising. The trolls do it for me Lol

So welcome back to the outcasts that have had to resort to proxy servers and anonymous web browsing to come here. Kproxy, HideMyIp, and Proxysite no more, ladies. Enjoy my blog and remember, whatever you say here stays here forever. I have no idea who any of you people are and I really don’t care what you say about me. Enjoy and be nice. Or get banned Lol


Lindsay cleaned house

Yesterday Lindz finally got around (2 years later) to cleaning up all of the users from my blogs. Yes, both of them 😉

The subscribers have been removed and no longer allowed. That’s how the trolls were so responsive. A bunch of them had used alt email accounts to sign up as a subscriber and would receive an email every time I posted a new blog post. That’s been removed. She also axed about 50,000 + accounts in Myphpadmin by deleted a table (Huh?) or something and got rid of all accounts except for hers and mine. Most of them were spam accounts from Russia. Great, first they attack the DNC now my blog Lol I heard it’s very common with wordpress to get spammed with .ru accounts. I have no idea why. Either way, those are gone now too.

Then she set out to ban and clean up the commenters that have been “bragging” aka stalking me and using my own blog posts and comments to try to prove some crazy theories that they themselves make up. Nice knowing you ladies. Not really.

My proof is right here, where it has always been. And I’m not going anywhere. And Twitter did knock out 2 of the 30 accounts that have been  harassing me yesterday. Thank you again @Twitter @jack and @biz as well as the team that Jack and Biz set up to help me out. I appreciate it so much. We have been working on getting all of their identities. Twitter told us to file 1 police report and then they will be able to give me ALL of their information. So we did that through my lawyer and I’m awaiting the email in the next few days to find out exactly who these folks are. Then I’m giving that info to Lindz and her and her Reddit crew will get to work, doing whatever it is they do to stop and squash the trolls. It’s worked so far since we were at 170 trolls.

I stay out of all of that stuff. I don’t understand any of it and it’s a huge waste of my time. That’s why I have her around. To help bat away (Hahaha) all the haters.

I’m very happy to know my blogs are cleaned up. I appreciate all of the hard work and I will be happy to know that these horrible women can go away forever. They waste so much of their time thinking and talking about me. I’m flattered, not really, and I pray they find a new hobby. Being an internet troll is a very lonely thing to be. Really sad.


The mole game

watch  There are a lot of questions in regards to my twitter account. I lock up my twitter account when I’m either traveling or I am out of town. The reason is every time I announce I’m going out of town the trolls have used that opportunity to spam my twitter account with their bullshit. I got tired of it. In order to stop it I locked up my account and kick off anyone I don’t really know. This causes problems for people that are actually wanting to support me and begin a friendship with me. But I hope those folks understand my reasoning.

I have tried making friends with a few people that Lindsay was telling me don’t trust them. They are trolls trying to act friendly to get to you. I didn’t listen because I’m both naive and stupid. They were nice, respectful. I just assumed I knew better. I was wrong. One of them has decided it would be fun to give out my cellphone number. So now I receive No Name or Private number calls at any hour of the day which I refuse to answer. It’s another annoying part of my life right now.

What are they going to say to me if I decide to answer? What kind of woman would call someone you don’t even know, to harass them or let them know they have my number by repeating to call. Who does that? Is there life that boring or is my life so interesting they need and want to be a part of it for a few seconds? What joy can you get to run back online to your troll friends and say I called Samuel! I got him on the phone. Creepy.

If you got kicked off my twitter prior or during my Paris and Dubai trip I’m sorry. You are someone that I don’t know well and you are someone that doesn’t communicate with me. So you were viewed as a threat for a few days. If I’m wrong, let me know. Anyone that reaches out to me I forgive. Anyone that tells me I’m wrong, I do listen to and I try to correct whatever it was that we disagree on.

Please understand the trolls are a devious group of liars. They spend a lot of time talking about or Lindsay. It’s very disturbing. Thankfully Twitter and Facebook are finally listening to my lawyers and beginning to do a second sweep of these accounts to get them offline. Because it’s legitimate stalking.

If you don’t believe me go look do a search of my twitter name. @notbatmanyet You will see the amount of horrible people talking about me, or Lindsay. Saying disgusting things. Sending me photos of dead animals, dead babies, making threats. This is why I block so many. And I know that it’s causing me to lose out on some very decent, very supportive people in my life. At this point I trust Lindsay. She is the most loyal person I have ever met and she checks people out to let me know if they are bad to be around or not. She has a 100% record of telling me who is a troll and who isn’t. It is only when I don’t listen to her that these things happen.

Yes I had an affair. I’m the one standing here admitting to it. Is that reason enough to cause a group of women to sit on their asses all day, everyday, even on Thanksgiving, to harass me? Don’t they have kids to raise or husbands to take care of? Jobs? What is in their life they feel they must continue this.

I stopped talking to Meri August 30, 2015. And have had zero contact from my side to her since then. She is the one that has contacted me. And I refuse it. I don’t look at it. I don’t care.

So who is the one stretching this out? She is going around gathering up anyone that has ever known me or can claim they talked to me a little online over the years. I have had this blog off and on since January 1st 2012. Yes I have talked to a number of people online in regards to my blog. Some of them I know well. Some of them I don’t. And they are running to her for the attention of a celebrity with the most insane stories. All calling me Jackie. Or calling Lindsay Jackie.

It’s a lie that these trolls are creating. There is not one shred of proof that I am Jackie. Or I am a girl. Or I am Lindsay. Nothing. What they have is created stories, lies, and photos they have photoshopped to make it look like I catfish people. It’s not true. If she wants to continue to listen to these people who have motivation of getting attention, media attention, maybe money from her or media, that’s okay. Because the truth is not one person, not one media source, no one has ever come forward to prove I am anyone but who I say I am.

Please don’t listen to this group of people. Don’t buy into the bullshit. Don’t take their harassments. Ask anyone on my twitter how they are harassed just by following me. I have locked up my account this time because I have begun to share photos of myself and my life. I’m not going to hide that stuff away. A lot of people are asking for it. I’m showing it. Finally. Because that’s how you get to know people online. The ones that can become friends. The ones that are nice and respectful.

I trust people until they give me a reason to trust them. Lindsay trusts no one and makes them prove they are trust worthy. Together we are doing our best to bring peace back to my life. Things have significantly calmed down and I’m so happy for that. Because even I don’t deserve this amount of shit in my life.

I told my side. I gave you all proof. I have answered your questions, I have video Skype, Facetimed, and talked on the phone with over 50 people at this point. There are a lot of people that believe me. Because in her own words, she showed and said how much she loved me. And that all the other things on this blog point to it was more than what she said on tv. I didn’t have to do much of anything but post what I had. Because I knew she really did love me. I knew what our plan was for her to leave. And now I’m dealing with her lies. And she is lying. I get it. I understand why she has to lie to her family. To her fans. Because that money source is all they have. I was never out to destroy the family. If I was, I would have just started tweeting to them with photos and links to the voicemails. It was pretty simple and easy to do. I left them all alone. When we broke up. It was an epic fight. And in the few minutes of the fight ending I texted her “I will leave you alone”. And I have.

She hasn’t. So who is the victim? How can I harass or endanger her or her family if I stopped talking to her the day we broke up? How can I target someone without running to the press to sell this story? Why is my name not in any interview sharing my side? Why are there zero reporters that claim they spoke with me. Any of these rag blogs that print trashy stories and snark comments ever have one comment directly from me? None.

There is none. I was never a threat to anyone. I never sold a story, her friends did. And she did. She got paid for what she said. And some of America bought it. But some of them didn’t. And they came to me to ask questions. I have been answering them. Because I have stood here the entire time in my truth and told my story. Nothing more. I’m not making any of this up. This is exactly what happened. And I have so much proof how can anyone ever think it wasn’t real or didn’t really happen?

You all come here for some reason. Please make sure the reason is curiosity and not harm. I’m not a bad guy. I had an affair. I know better now. I’m doing better with my life. And I’m looking to make something positive come out of this whole mess. I take full responsibility for all of my own words and actions. When I have needed to apologize I have. When I have said to say I am wrong, I do.

I’m done trying to please everyone. If you want to be apart of my life and want to support me I am willing to give you a chance. Please contact me in some way and I will do my best to add you back.

If you are a troll, leave me alone and move on with your life. Your investigations went nowhere with zero result. All you did was make yourself look like a stalking, lying, asshole. And that part does amuse me. Because people are looking you guys up now. They are seeing all the horrible things you say and do. And it’s actually working against you because people are supporting me more and more based on what you all do online. So thank you for being assholes. Lol

And any troll that thinks they can get to me, or annoy me, or do anything to disturb my life anymore, you can’t.

Not on my watch.