Unbanning the banned

I have had so much going on this week I forgot to release the trolls Lol Everyone (But 1 nasty woman) has been unbanned from my blog. Last time I only had to ban 4 people for a whole month so things are finally quieting down. The trolls on my social media accounts are silent and things are good. Lindsay is still getting them suspended or accounts deleted as needed. Twitter and Facebook have been a big help with that. We are slowly cleaning up the troll messes they try to damage me with.

It always made me wonder why these 10 or so women continue to bully me. It’s  a daily thing for them. I have banned and blocked them and I don’t respond to them. How messed up is their lives for them to continually try to get my attention? It’s been 2 years since the affair began and they still think they must have their opinions heard. This proves to me that some people are abusive no matter what. I just think about their own kids and husbands and how they talk and treat them. It must be a very sad or lonely life they have going. Either way I don’t care what they say and I’m living a great life! I’m happy, my wife is happy and my boys are happy.

Move on ladies. Your obsession with me is old news. No one in the tabloids or tv care about me anymore. And honestly more people believe my side of this now that ZERO proof from the other side has ever been presented. It sucks to be a troll Lol