More WordPress Updates?

Now that my WordPress blog is updated, they released more updates. I should be able to press the Update button now and do it myself. I was probably 2 or 3 years behind on all of the plugin, translations, core updates. Lindsay helped me get it straightened out and I do have backup files just in case. I learned how to do the backups myself.

I have decided my kids are staying home this entire semester for homeschooling. No one in shocked at all. Alex is doing so well here, I don’t want to risk it. I’m happy we finally have that decision made and we are working out all the small issues with the kids staying at home to learn. It’s a challenge to get the boys to sit and participate but Sarah and I are doing our best. We have to remind them all of the time. This is all temporary, you can go back to school later.

I’m doing good. I’m getting back to exercising regularly. I really love going out for walks and enjoying the cool ocean breeze. I’m able to be outside most of the afternoon and evening. My kids love to swim and play. It’s sad I can’t get them into sports or try to have other kids come over right now. We do a lot of Facetime calls. We have hit that daily same routine phase and I love it. It is calming all the household chaos down. Gabby is a party all on her own so it’s been an interesting time. I never thought we would end up here. I think God led me here on purpose for my own wellness and probably mental well being. I might be losing my sh** by now if we stayed in Denver and the COVID numbers kept going up.

Wear a mask, social distance. Follow the guidelines. If you don’t want to wear a mask, okay. But you are risking your own life. I think you should sign a waiver saying you will not seek medical attention WHEN YOU get COVID. Your choice, our consequences.

The Joe Biden phone banking is going very well. People have been polite. Some of the poll numbers my district is seeing is very good. I think Hawaii is a hugely Democratic presence anyway. Things with Kate and I are going well. We are working hard not to flip out or flip out on each other during this global pandemic. We are able to communicate through any rough patches. For the most part it’s a lot of laughing, a lot of Scrabble, and a lot of checking in with each other. I love her. She knows that. We are solid and happy.

Hope you guys are doing well. Stay safe out there. You wouldn’t want any North Carolina or Fort Worth cooties Lol

WordPress Updates & 1st Birthday

This week has been a busy time already. I’ve been dealing with trying to get Sky’s 1st birthday ready. Happy 1st Birthday my baby girl! I’m working on my blog and checking out all of the very cool new features. I haven’t updated the version or plugins in way too long. Now it’s much easier to schedule my posts and make them automatically go to my social media accounts at random times. I love being able to fix all of my spelling and grammar errors while I blog. I love being able to write more often because it is much easier.

Sky’s birthday party will be an indoor event. I wanted it outside but it’s not going to happen. That’s fine. I will get up in the morning and decorate everything. We will do her party at lunch time so I can clean it all up and have a nice quiet supper. She is so vocal now. And her hair Lol Thank goodness for hairbands, hair things, and hats. It’s really out of control. When I comb it back in the morning to just get control over it, the only thing I can do is throw a hairband on her. I can cut it short but I don’t want to. Her hair looks like the top of mine when I first wake up, a rooster head. It’s crazy. She’s walking, on solid vegan foods, and babbling up a storm. I love her so much. I pray her 1st birthday is fun and pure happiness for her. We have her cakes ready to go. The bakery did an amazing job on her smash cake. It’s going to be an awesome video. I’m planning on trying out Instagram LIVE for the event. I think that will be cool for my family and friends to view as soon as I figure out Instagram. I got rid of my Facebook a month or so ago because I don’t agree with them not censoring Trump. Now all of a sudden they are censoring him but it’s not enough to draw me back over.

Hope you guys are having an amazing week! I’m going to get a few things done around the house then go back to bed. The time difference still sucks for me but I’m doing better. The kids are all on Hawaii time, the adults not so much.

Stay safe guys, wear a mask in public, social distance. Do your part, I am.

Toy Purge & #HurricaneDouglas

We survived 2 events the past few days. My daughter Peace’s 3rd birthday party and a hurricane. I think the birthday party did more damage in my house than the wind and rain.

Peace decided she wanted to open each and every single gift by herself. She refused any help, AT ALL. That being said I sat there with a few spectators off and on for a total of 5 hours until she got everything unwrapped. It’s not because she had a ton of presents. She had, what I would say, the usual amount. But being 3 and very stubborn she took her sweet a** time with each one. Then she started playing with things and needed a drink, a snack, to walk outside, to go see what the boys were doing. It was the last time I ever let one of my kids do that Lol In the end, I still had everyone help me cut the toys out that are so wonderfully strapped into a box. That took more time and we had to clean it all up. She had a wonderful birthday. She said she had the most fun ever. I did the best I could during a global pandemic. Checkmark that done.

Then it turned into Hurricane prep. I really don’t know we even bothered. We did more work to get the main house ready and closed up than we did to deal with the weather that never materialized. This is why we stayed. We had several weather guys telling us via the tv that this thing was going to swing out. It wasn’t going to hit us head on and to be safe but also know it’s not in our path. We got the outerband of hardly much. Windy, yes, rainy, yes, dark and cloud, oh boy yes. We were fine. We spent the whole time watching tv until the tv satellite flicked off a few times. The kids were a little anxious about all of the noise but more curious why they couldn’t go look out the window.

I wouldn’t even say I survived Hurricane Douglas, I did what all Nebraskans do when a tornado siren blares off, I went outside to go look Lol I’m very happy it took off the other way and no one was injured or had serious house issues. We had some palm fronds down and a few branches. Nothing major. We picked it all up within 30 minutes. Life goes on.

Back to beautiful Hawaii and enjoying the last bits of our summer.

The boys start school next week. YIKES! Yes IN SCHOOL, school. I went today and officially signed them up but I told the Principal, if I feel like my kids are in any type of danger from COVID I will remove them immediately and deal with the ramifications from that. I like their safety precautions, I like they are going to do their best to distance the students. I think we are okay. I feel good about it. My boys want to go. I can put Peace into a program but I decided not to. I will take her and her baby sister on little outings and we will continue the Little Mouse online class she’s already doing. I think that’s the best I can do for her this year.

Did I mention I’m sending my boys to a public school? It’s not a Catholic school. I’m not sure how this will go but when Heston realizes he doesn’t have to study religion he’s going to implode with happiness. He hates “so much Jesus, Daddy!” Lol Alex will be fine. I hope they make a lot of new friends. I really hope they both behave. I pray ALL of the kids, staff, teachers, and other parents stay healthy. For all of our sakes. I know my family will be doing our part. I’m done tossing and turning about this decision. I had a long talk with Kate about it. I think she really helped me decide. We will try it.

Rep. John Lewis passed away, his stay in the Capital is today. God bless that man. He really fought for equality for all. I will miss his voice and his sincerity. He was a great man and he leaves us with an enormous legacy. I pray I turn out even a 1/10 just like him. I’m trying.

Hope you all are okay. The rest of the day is all about purging toys. I brought some with us, we have bought some, and with all of Peace’s birthday gifts, some things are getting donated tomorrow. She doesn’t need all of these things. It’s time for another Toy Purge.

Have a great day, America! Love everyone outside of America too, hope you guys have a nice evening? mid morning? early morning?

Quick Medical Update on Me

Since last year I had figured out my leukemia made a swing forward I had been on pills the past 6 months to help fight that. I’m finall off of those and feeling fine. I only get a stomach ache for the entire 6 months and I lose my appetite some days. Now I will be in remission for the next 7 to 8 years hopefully and life goes back to normal.

What I didn’t expect was to have horrible spring allergies as soon as we got back to Denver. Mix in I was coughing my brains out and I end up in the ER when I had a houseful of visitors. It turned itself into walking pneumonia which I have had 1 other time in my life. It was a mix of walking pneumonia/bronchitis when I was little. My Aunt can’t really remember but she was sure I had it once when I was a kid. I got treated for that and they did a COVID test on me. Negative. I knew it would be. I’ve been vigilant in keeping the germs away from our house and I haven’t gone hardly anywhere. To the grocery stores about once or twice a month since we’ve been home. I can happily say I’ve been tested, I will continue to stay safe and keep my eyes on whatever next immune issue that flairs up.

2020 is a shitbox Lol I’m telling you guys it’s the worst year I’ve ever lived through.

So now we go from global pandemic to economic crisis right into the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter protests. I support the protests. George Floyd was murdered with purpose. It has opened up my eyes to everything the Non-White community has been saying for decades. I really hope they write better laws, I hope they enact real change, I will vote for better policing policies. It’s time. Enough killing our Americans by police. ENOUGH!

The kids are doing the best they can. I am all alone now. No nannies at all. Sarah has moved back into the guest house with her baby. She named her Rain Marianne. She is so sweet and cute. I love all of her black hair. She’s very quiet and has a soft cry. I love her to death and I can’t wait for her kid to grow up with my kids. That being said Sarah has found a condo downtown near the hospitals. She is going to put down a deposit this week, she will get the keys on July 1st. She is planning on finally moving into her own spot. She wants to spend the next month or so getting her new condo ready for life and baby. Then she is going to start applying for nursing jobs or teaching nursing job. She prefers to teach it, not do it. I don’t blame her. Her plan is to have our neighbor Gabby babysit Rain since Gabby loves babies so much. Gabby is retired and divorced with no grandkids. My house is her pitstop every day. She is now known as Grandma Gabby or as Alex calls her, Grabby Lol Sarah does not want to be a nanny anymore and I’m happy. We are helping each other out for now. Like today.

I have to go my doctor’s office to get a follow up appointment for my hospital visit. I was in there all day getting breathing treatments. I am finally feeling better. All last week I was till coughing up a lung. I’m doing better. It’s been a slow recovery and at night I’m so exhausted I can barely talk to my girlfriend on the phone once I lay down. I’m usually out within 20 minutes.

This isn’t the summer I planned on but I’m glad to see that social change is taking place. I hope they continue to protest until something substantial happens. Looting and rioting is not okay. If you are a part of that, stop. You are screwing up all of the hard work of peaceful protesters. I wish I could be down there but with my healing process being slow, I can’t risk it if I get tear gas in my face. Which my big mouth probably would. Instead I’m reading and watching all of what is going on. I’m posting on Twitter. I’m doing my small part to help out and keep the message alive. Black Lives Matter. Period. There is no disputing that.

I did delete my Facebook page. Sorry about that but Facebook no longer is run by a company that cares about protecting the masses from bs messages from the President. Twitter finally stepped up their content blocking. I’m happy to see they did something. Facebook, sorry. Not that my absence takes a huge dent but it did inspire 2 of my friends to also delete their pages.

Thanks for being so patient with my updates. I wasn’t feeling well at all and really didn’t want to take the time to sit here, cough, type, cough, type.

I need to get ready to go to the doctor. I also have a dentist appointment this morning right after. Just a cleaning and checkup. Next week I have an eye exam for my pilot’s license. I’m still good there but you never know what old age will bring.

Hope you guys are doing well. I love you all. Be careful out there. Shit is getting real!

Isolation or Isatoners?

We are all getting along so far. We have had a few snippy moments but I’m very proud we are all behaving well. The kids have their moments and I can say my twins are finally acting like 5 year olds. They are sweet and nice, helpful even, and then all of a sudden they throw a fit, yell, and stomp off. I’m enjoying the in between moments when we are all playing nicely.

Update on my foot. I bruised my heel and I’ve been put on 3 days of rest (sorta) and I have to take a few days worth of pills. I’m resting by not doing much. The girls have all stepped up to help me and I am enjoying it (taking advantage of not cooking or cleaning) all that I can. I’m working on Week 6 of Quarantine. I’ve been to the stores a few times. We spend all of our time here. Hawaii has finally relaxed a few things but we are not going out. Not yet. I get a final decision tomorrow on what I need to do about Sky’s adoption appointment. It’s stressing me out. If I need to take her back I will but I promise you that baby will be bubble wrapped or something Lol Do they make baby hazmat suits? It does sound like we can do it virtually. They will mail me the documents, I sign them, we mail them back. It’s the best we can do. I will take it. She will be my first (and last) kid I adopt over the internet Lol How crazy is that?

Things are calm. I love it like that. I think I’m really enjoying all of this family time. My kids are growing up so fast and I’m noticing the small milestones. I hope everyone is doing okay.

I ordered Isatoner slippers for everyone. They will get here Wednesday. I’m excited to see what everyone thinks. I got all kinds of questions when I started looking at shoe sizes. I tried to sneak around and do it but with a house full of 3 adult females, there’s no sneaking anything. Not even ice cream sandwiches for the kids.

Stay safe guys, everyone that lives in a state that has opened back up, use your common sense. It’s not a safe environment. This stuff is not over. Protect yourself. You have to. Love you guys!

Update on Lynn’s Freedom

Last night at 4pm we drove our golf carts down to Lynn’s cabin and went to the front door. I had my kids stand behind us with little signs and then we knocked on the door. She opened it and came out and immediately hugged her daughter Brenda. It was such a great moment. We finally got her out of the 14 day quarantine. We showed her the kids signs and each one got a big hug and kiss from Grandma Lynn. They loved it. I finally got to hug her and tell her I’m so sorry for doing that to her but it was all to protect my kids and all of us. She said she understands it but it was still really hard. It was hard for all of us. I feel guilty. I also know it was the only decision I had if she wanted to come to Hawaii.

We put all of her things into the golf carts, I went inside the house and took out all of the food she had left and threw it in the trash. There wasn’t much at all. We had rationed her down to make sure she had enough day by day so we wouldn’t waste much food. I hauled the trash to the dumpster and set it all on fire. You never know if this stuff lives on food, if it can stay on refrigerated stuff or not. I was being overly cautious. We finally got to move Lynn into Brenda’s cabin and dropped her stuff off. We left them there so they could have time alone to talk. I knew they would need it because they were both struggling with all of this the past 2 weeks. I said when or if you want to come up to my house for supper, you are more than welcome to, we will eat at 6.

My kids had all kinds of questions about this situation now that it’s over. Gabby and I tried to answer them the best we could but some times I don’t know the answer. I can’t put it in terms well enough and relying on God does this to teach us lessons. I don’t feel that’s why global pandemics happen. It can be tricky for me to find the right words.

We made supper and the girls came up. We all enjoyed a nice, family meal, FINALLY! It was so good to hear her laugh and see her smile. I could also see some tension on her face. I think this really got to her and I feel horrible. She helped us get the kids to bed so she could see our routine. She read 1 book to the kids then told them all to go to sleep so we can all play together tomorrow.

We spent another hour in the living room talking about everything. She said she was watching a lot of news at first but decided it was too much. She would watch some in the morning and some at night but that’s it. She can’t believe it rains here, stops, bright and sunny, more rain and then sunny again. That’s Hawaii in the spring. It’s better than Denver snow.

The girls left and I stayed up a little longer to prep some things for tonight’s big celebration dinner. We are all going to eat at 5. Everyone has to get dressed up. We are going to hold a dinner for Lynn. She toughed it out and she deserves a night to celebrate. She’s really excited. I showed her my list of food I want to make and she said she would come help me. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for that forever Lol The stories of her home cooking are legendary. Everyone from Sarah’s family have always told us about Lynn’s cooking. I hope she teaches me a bunch of new things. I’m really excited.

Today I told Brenda to take the full day off. Come hang out but Gabby and I would take care of the kids. I think they need time alone. Things like this really make you realize how precious life is and how important family is. Sarah called them last night to see how it went. She called me after and said they are both so grateful Lynn never got sick. She thinks we got her out of there just in time. Dallas is getting pounded with Covid19 right now and she’s being extra careful. She’s still going to have her baby in the hospital but they have isolated the maternity ward completely.

We are all okay. It’s a lot better with Lynn joining all of us. I think we are going to have a lot of fun. Everyone is healthy, the kids are doing well in home school. We are surviving. I honestly slept like a rock finally. Brenda and Lynn both slept great. I think that was relief.

I hope you guys are all okay. I’m praying for everyone. Thank you for still coming here to read my blog. It’s going to be okay guys. In a little more time life will go back to our new normal.

School is starting Monday, am I ready for this?

Hey everyone. I’m finally back from my trip(s) and ready to update you all. Sky is doing great. She’s starting in her little fussiness already but it’s fine. I’m doing all I can to bond with her. I’m getting up at night, I’m doing diaper duty, feedings, holding, kissing, rocking, carrying around. She is a blessing. She’s very easy during the day. At night she has begun to get a little cranky but I get it. At night or deep into the early mornings I’m also cranky Lol

The boys are wonderful. They really are great kids. They help with their sisters and our pets. We made it all the way to our new house with the dog and both cats. The parakeets got rehomed. I didn’t want to deal with it. I really didn’t. The lady they went to loves them, she posts photos on Facebook and she keeps them active. I’m very happy to see they are okay. That was my main worry. Heston and Alex are getting taller. They are sprouting up so fast. I love watching them grow. Peace is still my sweet baby girl. I love her to pieces or (peaces Haha) and I know how happy she is here. She LOVES her room. I can barely get her out of there. Winnie the Pooh all over. The boys we did baseball theme since they are getting into that most. Sky’s nursery is clouds and sky of course. It’s all working out.

So we moved to Denver, Colorado finally. The move was okay. The business trip I had to squish into this move weekend ended up extending. I had to go, do business, leave, go back to Canada. It was very hard. I found out I don’t like Canada but I sort of like Canada? It’s different. I’m not sure how much business we can do in that area but we did finally made an end all decision on Detroit. It’s just not making us money. The commercial buildings have to be torn down and the dirt has to be EPA approved before we can rebuild. It’s costs us way more than we can get back through leasing. It really has been upsetting so we have decided to pull business out of Detroit this winter. We made the announcement today. Of course it didn’t go over well but I understand. We gave everyone 3 months notice. That should help. I wanted to tell our employees in our factories first because they depend on that paycheck. Our staff can fold into my other firms around the U.S. so I’m not worried about that. It’s the best decision. Denver is awesome! I love it here. I am finally relaxing and enjoy my house. I’ve been here, left, been here, left.

My kids are all outside right now playing in the backyard. Sky is hanging out with me in her baby seat. I’m so thankful that my new nannies are working out. It really was something I’ve been worried about. My kids love her already and our new neighbor (Nickname is on Facebook but I won’t put it on here Lol) comes over a lot to help or hang out. She’s very nice and thoughtful. We are the only 2 houses in this area but I’m sure more construction will be happening some day. I bought this lot and the one next door so that I could have a huge backyard for the kids. I think everyone is happy. I had to do a ton of bribing at first. I had gifts for a few days in a row per kid. That way they would be excited to stay. I’ve been planning this move for so long I feel like a huge relief? is that what this is? now that’s done. I don’t know. There’s still so much to do.

I’m thankful to my family members that have come out to help set out house and watch the kids with the nanny while I was away on business. I made a huge Taco bar last night to thank them and we had a heated discussion about my weekend plans. I’m going back up to Canada. I have one last thing I need to get to and this time I didn’t need my staff with me. It’s so hard to talk privately, to plan privately with 5 people with me 24/7. This will be my last trip for a while. I’m going to have to stay put and raise my babies. Sky and I will be getting plenty of bonding time. The boys start school on Monday morning and Peace is going to a half day daycare program with the nanny. She’s getting a jumpstart to early education but it’s mostly about socializing. I don’t have a mommy for her so I’m trying to introduce women into her life. If she doesn’t like it she’s coming home. I’m not going to force her into that program she is still pretty young. I’m just trying it out. I think Miss Social Butterfly Peace will be fine though. It’s not at the boys’ school so it’s a little bit of a ride between the two places in the morning. We have our school supplies ready, backpacks full, teacher supplies and extras ready and new school clothes. I have to get the boys haircut today but other than that, we are ready for school!

Who else is stoked school has started? The boys get to go all day long. I am so excited! I get my girls all afternoon and we can play and learn and just really enjoy a little quiet time. I can’t wait for Monday.

Everything else is fine. I’m just busy trying to get my new house in order, find the stores, and figure out what I’m going to do with my next chapter.

I have met someone. We have been talking almost a month now. She’s great. She had inserted herself into my life around the whole Peyton dinner thing in late July. That discussion started something between her and I we weren’t looking for. It’s always so great to start out as a friend first. We are still in the “Oh this is new, you are new, I like talking to you” phase. No pressure, no drama, just laughs and life stories going back and forth. I’m opening up to her more than I did with some of my past relationships. She’s well aware of my kids, my new born, my life decisions. She’s shared her stories too. She also has kids so that’s very cool. We have a date on Saturday. Wish me luck Batfans!

I love you all. I will try to update more. Now that I’ve moved things might slow down a little. Prayers for everyone dealing with all of our world’s tragedies. Mass shootings, Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Protests for weeks on end. It’s all too much to get into. I pray the world heals and finds love for each other. That’s what life is all about. Oh and ice cream. Definitely ice cream!

A big ol’ Samuel Update

We are on a countdown clock until the end of this month. We are moving to Denver, Colorado. My house is almost done. They finally finished the kitchen and I’m very happy. It came out perfect! I love the backsplash, the appliances and everything else. I love it. I really do. The pantry is done too so I can have both the fridges/freezers, and panty fully stocked by the time we get there. That’s going to make it so much easier. I will be flying out there the weekend before our move to make sure everything is ready. Especially Sky’s nursery. The kids’ rooms are priority number 1. We have been packing things up slowly. The important things that I didn’t want my movers to pack. So my part on this end is almost done. Thank goodness. We will be going to my downtown condo for a few days before the move to get everything finished up. That’s when all 3 of my vehicles will get trucked out to Denver. That’s expensive but worth it. I have a 4 car garage waiting so I have an open space for whatever new toy we might need.

This house is going to be SOLD SOON. One of my friends is buying it. He and his wife have always loved it. They live a town away and we came to a fair price. Of course they are getting a family discount but this way I don’t even have to list it or do any work. They plan on moving in the week after I move out. They will get their own cleaning service in and have their own inspections done. If all of that passes, they are writing the check and off we go. Otherwise it’s going to the next family on the list that wants my house. I’m getting way more back than I paid for it and plus all of the renovations I’ve done over the years, I’m good with the price. All of that money is folding into the new house renovation costs and the rest goes into my savings. I upgraded all 3 vehicles so I don’t really have anymore big purchases this year.

Baby Sky….she’s beautiful. It’s so much easier caring for 1 baby and now that my kids are a little older they all 3 help me with her. This is a breeze. I would honestly have more kids but I know I can wrangle 4 by myself. I love kids. I just can’t do it all by myself. When school gets cracking it’s going to keep me very busy.

My cookbook is going well. I’m into the recipe testing phase. This thing has taken since January to get going. I didn’t realize a vegan cookbook would be so much work. I am learning how to do this and can probably pump out a new cookbook each year until I get tired of doing it. I love it though Lol I get to try out all kinds of new kitchen stuff. I’m experimenting with new foods. Right now I’m obsessed by black cherries. Such a great flavor. I really like them in just about anything pastry or dessert. I even tried a few chopped into a leaf salad, not bad.

My newborn is great, my kids are having a great summer. As long as the swimming pool at the new house is ready for them, they will adjust just fine. And then the week after we move, they start school orientation and get ready for class. Peace gets a half day at a different school since she’s not hearing impaired. Lucky for me it’s close by the house so I can drop her off first, then drop off the boys and hang out with Sky until around noon. That will be a blessing. Peaceypie is really look forward to play with someone other than her brothers. And I really should start working on her not being so bossy but how do you do that Lol She’s too cute!

Our summer is winding down. I am so excited to move and start a new chapter. My life is perfect. Things are going very, very well I’m happy to report. How is your summer going? I know I had all kinds of travel plans that we never got it. We will hit it next year. There are some places I want to explore but not yet. We need to wait until next summer when Sky is ready to boogie around the world with us.

Church was amazing this morning. A very good sermon and even better bake sale afterwards. They do offer a few vegan options so we try to scarf those up quick. We got banana bread and cupcakes this time. I left the other 9 things for others. This banana bread though…..mmmmmmmm.

Hope you have a great Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your summer guys. Love ya’ll!