I’m just coasting along life :)

Hey hey heyyy!

How is everyone doing so far? I have a few minutes to let everyone know I’ve updated our photos on our Family Facebook page. A lot of snowy photos and cold weather food pics. I hope everyone has been surviving this giant cold push that Nike swooshed all over the U.S. recently. We are doing okay. Alex had a few breathing issues but they are quickly taken care of. I swear those surgeries really made a huge difference. My mind always starts to worry when we makes a few coughs but so far nothing huge has happened. Even if it does, we live here now. I can take him to all of his doctors or if need be take him to the hospital that has done everything for him. It’s a huge relief.

I’m doing okay. I had a bad week last week. Lack of sleep and I’m sure some mild winter blues has set in. Too bad it is not even winter yet. This Denver weather is something else. I’m telling you one day it’s snowy time, the very next day 60 degrees and melt city. It’s weird. I’m just glad we aren’t in Chicago anymore.

The kids are great, school and daycare are going well. I’m loving all of my time with baby Sky. She’s getting so big. I love her with all of my heart. She’s going to be my very last baby and I love her big sister is only 2 years older. That’s going to be great when I have everyone in school.

Let me think, what else. I have been cooking up a storm because 1. My publisher wants a redo on the recipes I submitted for my Vegan Cookbook and 2. I have been slacking so hard on doing any of it Lol It’s not coming out at the time I was supposed to publish it. That’s for sure. Sorry about that, however this means I get more time to perfect things.

I’m just coasting along with life right now. No big drama just a few speed bumps here or there. I’m getting my mind ready for a firey Thanksgiving this year. I’m either having a small houseful or I’m doing a small immediate family rendition. I’m not sure which one because no one is keeping their plans updated.

I’ve been working very hard on my app recently and have some fixes to make before we launch it in the Apple Store. It’s a social search that Lindsay and I created. She did the coding parts and I came up with the concept. You will be able to type into the search box anything and it will search ALL Social media platforms at once. You just click which app you want to view your search results on. The API’s have all changed on 4 of the platforms so we have to finish fixing that. It will be ready and live very soon. I’m so excited. I have to think up a better name. Any ideas?

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m glad its mostly done. I need a fun, adventurious weekend which is exactly what I’m up to this weekend. I will update more when I get time. Is anyone watching the impeachment hearings? Wow. Just wow. Trump is going to be gone soon. Not soon enough. He’s not a good or happy person and has no business being our President. It really is embarrassing. Tune in, this is history in the making. It’s very important to stay informed in our politics no matter what your political preference is. I’m a registered and voting Independant so I’m happy to watch the Dems and Repubs tear each other up. Not my party Lol Have fun voting most of them out of office soon. I know my votes will make a small difference and I’m happy to wait for my turn in the booth of democracy.

I’m also really into the 2 new bands I discovered on Youtube, Kasbo and Odesza. I randomly found them. Love all of their stuff! Go check them out if you are into chill EDM music.

I need to go play with Peace. She’s up from her nap now. Her daycare this morning had all kinds of things happening so she was exhausted when she got home today. I love you guys. I will write again soon!

Also I just updated my blog to WordPress 5.3 with the new french language translations.

Je sais que ce sera beaucoup plus facile pour mes amis francais de lire mon blog maintenant. Bonjour mes amis. Je suis si heureux que tu sois la! Je t’aime aussi et je vous remercie d’avoir lu mon blog!

It’s starting to Fall around here

Hey guys! I haven’t updated in a while. I have been out of town and I also broke my hand. I was going to try to one of those dictate into text apps but that wasn’t going so well. Now Brenda is typing for me because Sarah has “attitude right now, I don’t want to help you”. That’s her own words. I’m not sure what I’ve done now.

Some big, BIG, BIG NEWS to update you all on. Sarah is pregnant. It’s obviously NOT MINE in case any troll tries to lie about that. Her ex-boyfriend David and her had one last goodbye that was eventful enough to get her pregnant. Unplanned. She freaked out initially. I tried to fire her twice so she could either fly home to her parents or fly back to Chicago to be with David. She said no. I didn’t have to wait long that weekend after she found out, both her parents and David showed up. She was on the fence on what to do but after much prayer, she’s keeping the baby and raising it as a co-parent with David. They are not back together (Yet, I have hope for the kid, he’s a nice guy) and I’m supposed to shut up about it Lol Maybe that’s why she’s annoyed with me today?

Brenda are you even typing any of this. You know there’s a spell check as you type, right? Brenda? Don’t type all of that. OMG Brenda stop! Very funny. My nanny has some jokes today.

Yes put a space down from my main paragraph. Don’t type that.

Brenda has settled in well. She’s doing a great job with my kids, especially Sky. Guy,s Sky is getting so big. I missed her the most while I was out of town. I came home thinking she wouldn’t even remember me but she did. I love her so much. I’m very happy she’s with us. The boys are causing all kinds of trouble at home and at school. Their new school seems to be working out fine. I wasn’t sure how the school system in Denver would work out but so far, so good. I really enjoy dropping Peace off for some socialization and fun, and the boys into their classroom. We’ve had a few issues with the 3rd grade teacher but that’s been resolved. I hope. I have no idea why the 3rd grade teacher was causing an issue but she did.

I had Lindsay stay at my house to help with the kids while I was out of town. That was fun for them and a headache for me. While I was away, no I’m not paying you to type this blog for me. I’m going to say thank you and then start thinking on what to type for my next blog. Brenda, you better not be typing all of that again. Don’t type when I tell you things, only type to dictate my blog. It’s not funny. No it’s not. This is my blog. Not Brenda’s HAHA time. Fine, we will go get a Starbucks. No. Because I said no. Fine, 1 muffin. That’s it though!!!!!!!!!!

I broke my left hand. Showering was a trick at first so I switched to baths. I don’t fit into any bath tub in North America so that was short lived. Short lived doesn’t have to have a hyphen but you can. Brenda, can we just finish this please!!!! I was already ambidextrous so it wasn’t hard to do things right handed. It’s challenging. What? There’s no I in the ending. It’s just the extrous. I’m getting a little big frustrated with you typing this out. Let’s just wrap it up, go get your Starbucks, and get back home. Okay? Can we just finish this blog please?

Fall weather in Denver has been up and down. Nice sunny days followed by snow (Yes it snowed already once) and then more nice days. The wind is completely different here. I’m still getting used to sitting outside. The kids love Denver I think. They have adjusted well and this is the month when I’m going to start doing playdates for them. I think meeting their little friends and their parents will be interesting.

Giant sigh, Brenda I don’t know who Timmy is yet. Who is he? The one with glasses? Oh he’s a total, wait don’t put that in there.

Let me read this blog please. Thank you Brenda.

I did not want you to put that in there. Edit it all out please. Brenda. Don’t hit publish! Wait, no

It’s been cold, gonna be cold

Oh boy has it been cold outside. Looking at the coming forecast it’s about to get even colder. The kids are doing great with it. We load the boys into the car seats in the garage, we unload them into the cold and run into the school. School is going well. We have had some uhhh hiccups? Someone got hit, someone ate some paste. It’s been interesting. We are still working on our sharing skills but that is getting a lot better. My little Peace is also growing up fast. She’s gaining a vocabulary and I’m convinced she’s the smartest little girl toddler on Earth. She really is. She is saying words and repeating them over and over. She likes to laugh and run around the house looking at everything. She’s my little snugglebug after bathtime. I adore all of my kids. The boys are getting taller and thinning out. I can start to notice their growth spurts much easier now. I am starting to think on what sports we need to be doing this summer and I think we will do swimming and soccer to start. Not into football for them, they tackle each other enough. I think little league is a few years off still. I’m cool with trying them in soccer. I honestly don’t know much about soccer so I’m going to learn as they do. It will be fun.

We are going to be buying another house. I had downsized a lot of what I had but the housing market I’ve been looking at seems great. It’s in Texas so that puts me back to the area I grew up in. We need an escape from the cold vacation home. I was thinking close to downtown area of the city I want but not too close. Somewhere we can get on the plane and be at in a few hours. Somewhere warm for a weekend getaway. It’s a thought.

Oh yeah, hey guys anyone that ordered the Ebooks via Paypal they have all been sent out finally. We had so many orders it took them a while to process each one. Thank you all for buying my books. Sales have been amazing. I guess there is a reward in the end of a mess Lol Money!

Let me think, what else is going on. Oh we will be hosting some friends of mine from Nevada. They are coming to stay soon for a few days. It’s going to be so good to see them. Both of the guys have been doing very well in their business and have a conference in the city to learn more about taxes, shipping costs, etc. It sounds boring but I guess it’s what they need. I’m happy to play host and feed them. We finally put the nannies’ bedrooms back into guest rooms so I can finally host more people. The guest house is huge and got a revamp from the last guest that pretty much moved in Lol It was a mess. Fresh paint, fresh carpet, all cleaned up.

I guess that’s it. Things are quiet again. Thank goodness. Well until next weekend when you find out how much Meri’s daughter doesn’t believe her bs stories or Kristie’s bs stories. That will be fun. Then it’s a comment, question, bash session all over again. HOPEFULLY after that, we are ALL DONE with the Sam and Meri business. I keep hoping each season that damn show will move on but clearly Meri is holding on to something. I have no idea why or what. I really wish she would let it go. She has no intention of telling the truth and the only thing I can think of is she feels guilty. She knows she has lied about me, she knows it’s wrong deep, deep down. It has to be guilt. If you tell the truth and show proof then there shouldn’t be anymore guilt. I did and it freed me. I have never ran away from this part of my life. I knew just tell my side and show my proof things would be okay. I’m not at all proud of the affair but I did really love her. Maybe that’s what she’s holding on. She knows how much I did love her and wanted to be with her. She just can’t get over that kind of love. She’s never had it before. I don’t know.

Have a great day guys! Love ya’ll!

Warmer weather please :)

Planning a family vacation is no less than a heroic effort. Okay well it’s not that glorious but there is a lot of work to get it done. First I have to find helpers. That means 2 people I know will be getting an all expense paid vacation complete with their own room and whatever souveneirs they want. Gratefully for me it’s very easy to find helpers for my kids. I usually take the boys because I can wrangle them much better and I only need help to dish out meals and to watch my daughter. If we take 2 strollers it’s much easier.

The older my kids get the easier it is to deal with all of them. I also think having twins first made it easier to adjust to just having 1 baby to deal with. I have been doing a lot of day dates with each of them indivdually. Whenever I have family or a friend at my house I ask them to watch 2 so I can take one with me on short little fun things. Most of the time it’s outside in the guest house or it’s to a different room so we can play alone. I am trying to make sure I get quality time with each of them so I can learn their personalities. The funny thing is what they were as babies, they are as toddlers. Heston is my chill, quiet boy. Alex is the hyper, very curiously minded one who loves to communicate. My daughter Peace is also chill but she is very bossy. I think she has to be with the twins.

When we add in the 2nd girl I hope she softens. I think she’s really going to enjoy having a sister. At Christmas she had an extended amount of time with her little cousins, most of which are female, and she really enjoyed playing with them. I do miss having a mom around for them but I know in time I will meet the right woman to be in our lives.

My ex has started to finally give up on the hope of reconciliation. It’s taken her a long time to realize I’m not going to change my mind about her, ever. She didn’t want to be a mom, she wanted her youthful, fun life. I gave it to her. No amount of counselling she stuffed herself in will fix what she wants at her core. I used to miss her. I really did. It was hard getting the messages from her. Now it’s easier to ignore. I know a lot of it is she doesn’t know how to lose. I don’t know if that’s her upbringing or her job training, something inside of her has made her into a very competitive, not sure how to lose person. I don’t mind it but when I made up my mind overnight, I was done and I meant it.

The girl I’m dating now is very different. She wants to get together a few times a week and I venture out to make sure I am getting a break from the chaos of the house. It’s fun talking to an adult during the week. I tend to forget that I’m not the large child in charge, I’m also a guy Lol

I’m banking on this year being smooth and quiet. I need a little boring in my life. I really enjoy just being with my kids. I work on things when I can, this month I will be doing a lot of work calls and emails in Lindsay’s absense. It’s going to be an amazing year.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.