#Dublin Ireland Day 1

  Taking several people on a family vaca is a daunting task to say the least. My wife planned our trip. She coordinated it with her sisters who helped her siblings figure out where to go, what to show us, and how to make it a comfortable trip for all. She dropped the ball on ordering extra transportation. A rookie mistake Lol Since that was the only bad thing that happened the entire week she still gets an A+ and we were all very impressed with her vacation planning skills.

On Thursday night we packed up everything that hadn’t been packed. I told the girls 3 bags each, NO MORE! I took 2 bags for myself and 2 bags each for my boys. We still didn’t wear all the things I had packed for them. Keep in mind we were shopping like crazy and kept laundering, then wearing our new clothes so that helped. We had our flight info from our chartered flight. That was the best part and probably my smartest move. I knew getting all of us on time for a commercial flight would be bad. Or having my boys stuck on a commercial flight for 8 hours would be bad for everyone else. I ordered a 50 passenger plane for the week and told everyone the back 2 rows are for us, ya’ll can have any other seats. I needed room so that we could do things with the boys because I knew they would not sleep the whole way. We even had that conversation of flying in at night on purpose so that they might sleep but I changed my mind a month prior to the trip. They need to learn these things because we are a traveling family. I also need to learn since 99% I’m the pilot and I don’t get the experience of what my boys are doing while I’m in the cockpit.

On Friday morning the flight was supposed to leave at 10am. My wife made that non-negotiable. She even sent out a Group text saying if you are NOT AT THE AIRPORT AT 9am for check in YOU ARE NOT GETTING ON THAT (Bad word) Flight, No excuses!!! <— She added the 3 !, not me. I love her hard-ass side when it’s not unleashed on me Lol Now keep in mind the departure time she picked changed 3 times. I was expecting people to show up late. It didn’t happen and thank goodness. Everyone was there and waiting for us. We arrived at 8:30 at the meeting spot before we were shuttled off to the airport. Shuttles, she should have ordered us some shuttles for when we arrived. She didn’t.

The flight was smooth. The pilot had me come up so we could talk a little. I was a little freaked out because I don’t like being a passenger on any plane. I like to be in control of the flight. He was a very, very experienced ex-commercial pilot who had retired young and has his own business now flying families, bands, groups anywhere for a hefty price. His plane was awesome. I want one Lol Of course I do. My wife just looked at me. We are trying to “downsize” my lifestyle. She thinks that would humble me a little more and that I need that. I say Go Big or Go Home! I was raised in Texas so the bigger the better!

8 and a half hours later we are walking off the plane and into Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is not bad. I had a few friends warn me about customs and how they usher you all over to the self check-in stuff to make it easier but we had no issues. We got going and immediately everyone wanted to go buy something. I asked and Terminal 1 has better shops so we all flanked that way to get some souvenirs. I didn’t want to, but the shopping half of our group made us go that way. I forgot to mention the security part of flying into Dublin is a breeze. We didn’t have any problems which surprised me. Everyone bought a few little things to start off. My father in law was itching to get to a Pub and I wasn’t excited at all to hear that. We got out front and I asked my wife where the shuttles were. Uh oh! She said she thought the place I rented for all of us would have sent some. Noooooooooooo, they send some if I request that. I didn’t request it because YOU WERE supposed to get us shuttles from the airport. She just looked at me like I was dumb and this was about to be all of my fault so I went and got us shuttles. We had to stand there for 30 minutes but that’s fine. It wasn’t that big of a deal. On the way to our seaside house rental (It turned out to really just be apartments) we saw all kinds of really cool places. I’m always amazed at how each country is set up so differently. Of course there’s about 20 Starbucks in Dublin, Ireland (Sure, why not) so my nannies asked if we could stop. I didn’t even have to say it, my mother-in-law said No Lol She’s my new favorite.

We finally arrived just in time because Heston had a meltdown in the driveway. He was all done. My poor little guys had been cooped up for the last hour and just wanted to get out and walk around. The house manager greeted us and then presented me with a basket of stuff. I still haven’t opened it yet. I’m pretty sure by the time I get back home the nosey nannies will have ransacked it anyway to see what was in it. He showed us inside and told us how the setup was. In each of the “rentals” (They were apartments) you can sleep 6 people. I took the top floor for my wife and kids. The rental right next to us we put the nannies and only one complained about that. Then my wife started telling everyone to go pick which one they wanted. We knew each one would sleep 6 people so we pretty much just put families all together and the ones that had more than 6 people (Which would be almost all of them Lol) we had requested extra beds. I told them we would figure it out even if I had to go buy stuff. I wanted everyone in a bed because we were going to be out most of the days and we all needed a good night’s rest. How naive I was at the beginning of this trip. I just laugh thinking about that now.

Everyone got situated and it was time to go hunt for food. I had packed my boys enough food for 3 days just in case we had an issue. I had been lugging it all around in my backpack and we only had to dip into it once on the way to the rentals. Everyone had sandwiches for a snack until we could call the restaurant and make sure our reservation was still on hold. It was so my wife told everyone to go get ready we were going out. I told my nannies to crash my boys so they picked Heather to stay behind and get them ready for bed. At this point the time change was really screwing with them and I just wanted them to get settled in. Heather was not wanting to go out with all of us anyway. She wanted to chill she said. She has a slight anxiety disorder that flairs up when she’s overwhelmed and she told me later on that’s why she volunteered. She said she really enjoyed getting the boys down then walking around the place. She said the view was amazing and couldn’t wait to see it in the morning with the sunlight.

My mother-in-law made contact with the first round of Irish relatives to let them know we had made it. She gave them our address so they could meet up with us in the morning. She told them what restaurant we were going to and also asked what Pub we could go to afterwards. I told my wife I wanted to go check on the boys after supper and she agreed. She said her brothers would babysit everyone anyway so we could be off duty for the night.

Guess what restaurant doesn’t take American Express credit cards Lol The one we went to! I had to pay cash which was fine and thank goodness I had it on me. I wasn’t going to take it out of my bag because I really didn’t think I would need it. At the last-minute my wife said take some cash please, you never know. I listen to my wife so I did as I was told and thank goodness because she was right.

Guess what DID TAKE Amex Lol The Pub my father-in-law wanted to go to. You know how I know that? Because I was called a wee little man (Yes he really used an Irish phrase on me) to get me to go to the Pub and have a pint. After dinner we found ourselves at The Porterhouse Pub. It’s centrally located and near the restaurant we ate at. It also became the place we could find my father-in-law any night he went missing. How he continued to get himself over there is still a mystery.

Irish food, hmmmmm. It’s very meaty which doesn’t work out for me however the way they cook the vegetables, alright. That was tasty. I learned a lot about Irish food and learned it’s not all just meat and potatoes. They have some very delicious local things and I did go off vegan to take a few bites of things because I honestly wanted to know what it was, how it tasted, and to experience it.

Oh yeah, and guess who showed up at the Pub with most of us? Lol The Irish relatives. A few of them at least. It was a holy reunion and there were real genuine tears. It has been a few years since they have all seen each other and my wife made sure to introduce me to all of them. Great, great guys. Honestly, her relatives couldn’t have been nicer. And so funny. They had us all cracking up. They served as our guides the entire week and I did try to give them some money for all of their help which they laughed at and said “We don’t do that kind of thing here” and “Happy to help”.

We got home at Midnight Dublin time which meant I had been up for too many hours and we all just crashed when we got home.

Day 1 recap over with. I am going to go grab something to eat.

Right now my wife and I are in Las Vegas at Lindsay’s house. We will be here all week. It’s a vacation but during the days Lindsay and I will be at the office having meetings because I’m starting to turn things over to her. She will be taking over most things on January 1st and we really need to get started on this process. Everyone is sleeping but my body wakes me up at 5:30am no matter what I do.

Lindsay’s house is awesome. She has bought more new cars. This place belongs in a music video. She has bought more guns now too. That part I could live without. We were supposed to come this morning instead but I felt great and my wife said lets go, so we left yesterday. It’s only a 4 hour flight and I knew I could handle it. Sitting for 8 hours coming back from overseas just made me antsy to get in the pilot seat and go somewhere.

My boys are in Chicago and will be at the lake house all week. Their birth mom and birth grandma are in town for their visit. We had this planned out for a while. I do like to give them privacy with the boys because my little cousin told me it just feels awkward with me around. All 3 of my nannies are at the lake house with them for the week and I hired a chef. I want everyone to have a good time. My buddy Cam is also stopping in to make sure all of the ladies are doing okay and he promised to invite them to his restaurant a few times to feed them. I know my boys will be fine and I pray they both have a great time. They are growing up so much in between her visits and it’s really important to me to always keep that door open to her. I constantly ask her to move to Chicago to be closer and she says it’s just too hard. Plus she’s still in college and wants to finish up there. Having an open adoption has worked out great. We have had a few hurt feelings along the way but I’m always happy to compromise the best that I’m capable. My wife is okay with the open adoption part but always has a lot of questions about why I leave and let them come stay. She is confused by it. It’s because there is a bond that I will never have with the boys like their birth mom has. They need to know who she is just as she is without me telling them things. They need to understand she gave them me. She picked me and she really didn’t have to. They need to know their whole lives that adoption is a great gift of love and they should be very proud to be able to know their birth parents. Their birth dad didn’t want to come this trip but he is asking for more photos which is great. He also can come see them but ONLY if I’m there. I know that’s backwards but my agreement is with her, not him. I barely know the kid and will be happy to host him and his parents anytime. Just not when I’m out-of-town. I explained my feelings on that and he didn’t have a problem with it. I also told him only up to 3 days because after that, it’s an interruption to our schedule. He has certain moral rights to see the boys but he also can’t use his time to get it in his head he can take them from me. My adoption attorney cautioned me on some of the cases she has come through and some birth dads regret signing over rights and try to sue. I would crush him if that ever came out of his mouth and he would be thrown out on the street in 2 seconds Lol No way can anyone take my boys away. We all agreed and it has worked out perfectly (For me). I guess the boys too. At this point they don’t know any better. All they know is that everyone that sees them loves them a lot and are very happy to get time with them. My boys! Mine!

Enough of that. I’m hungry. I hope she has some fresh fruit, I’m really wanting an apple or an orange right now.

I will be posting Day 2 later on. Hope everyone had a great 4th. We did. I will get to that soon! Love ya’ll!

I’m back!


Dinner and THAT play

Last night was our date night. We have had so much going on my wife turned to me Monday night and said when are you taking me out for date night? Uhhhhhhhhh (Checks my schedule) tonight? Tomorrow night? What night, dear? Last night it was. She has a big case she’s working on and needed to veg out for 1 night. She picked the activity, I picked the restaurant. Then she told me it was a play but wouldn’t tell me which one. She named 3 I’ve already seen and don’t want to see again. Usually we compromise things very well and honestly I usually go along with whatever she wants because she picks really fun things to do together.

She drug me to the same play I’ve seen 8 or 9 times, that I never really liked, and made me sit through it. She wouldn’t even let us ditch at intermission. Believe me I tried. She did promise some very awesome sex if I would be a good boy and shut up Lol Guess what I did the rest of the night? I shut the f-bomb up and had amazing sex as soon as we got home.

We both got all dressed up and I had car service come get us. She likes to get fancy every once in a while. It’s actually more convenient for me to just drive us places but some times she wants to flaunt our money and I’m okay with that, to a point. We had a very delicious dinner and I was able to try 3 new vegan dishes I had never heard of. That’s the thing about Mediterranean food they always have more recipes than you are aware of. Very delicious, all of it. Then off to the play. I was trying to get a little handsy in the car but she smacked my hand off of her leg and told me to behave. Then when I helped get her out of the car she kissed my cheek and said we can get naughty later. (Yes!)

We survived the play, I told car service Home ASAP! Then Heston was thrust into my arms as soon as we got there. I asked Sarah why he was up and she said he had been fussy all night. I got him to sleep while my wife slipped into something with no clothes and we had  very nice evening. It was well worth sitting through that play. Mental note I need to complain more often, the rewards are the best part!

Tonight she has to work late so I offered to bring over a picnic dinner for her and her co-workers. She said that would be lovely but also reminded me that may not be a good time for her to expect her to stop immediately and eat together. I said no I didn’t mean that I knew that she would be busy I just wanted to bring food that could stay there and when they all got time they can dive in. She said that was very sweet and yes, make sure I bring her chips Lol No problem. We only have 10 bags sitting in the pantry for her. I’m going to make up a bunch of sandwiches after work and pack everything up. Sarah can watch the boys while I run the food over then I will grab something for Sarah, the boys and I to eat for supper. Sarah wants, no big surprise here, italian. Which means I’m getting a salad. Whatever she wants, she’s still pissed at me for selling the condos Lol I have to be a little nicer to her for a few more days. That’s how it works with her and I know that from doing the WRONG things several times.

The paperwork has begun on our big move. We filled out countless forms and already filed them. It’s a GO and in 6 months we will be out of here.

It is Flag day and my American flag, USMC flag and Nebraska Cornhuskers flags are all flying high up at the lake house. My groundskeeper sent me a pic of them all this morning. Very proud of that. I like to represent anytime I can. God Bless America and all of that jazz.

And finally Lindsay came up with a brilliant new plan. Unblock all of the trolls from my twitter minus a few extra nasty women and report anyone that makes a comment to me or anyone I talk to. I didn’t think that would work but it did. I managed to get 3 troll accounts locked up over night and Kristie’s account is under investigation Lol How fun is that. These relentless, boring women really have no lives. It’s pretty sad actually. But like Lindz said the more they pick on me the less they are beating or cussing at their husbands and kids. So go for it ladies. I’m happy to be your target Lol We also planted Kendra with fake doclady as Lindsay refers to it with more bullshit stories to keep her twirling in the wind. That’s always extra fun to see when she eats the bait and makes a total ass of herself all over Youtube Lol It’s actually gotten easier to get her to believe the lies Kendra tells her. She’s so desperate for any info on me or Lindsay or Jackie that she actually sounds like she buys it. I wonder when she realizes it’s all bullshit meant to make her look foolish? I bet that will take a while to unravel. In case anyone is wondering, Lindz and Kendra are still bff-ish, they still talk weekly and in fact I just talked to Kendra yesterday via DM. Everything is cool and ya’ll got played, again. Sorry trolls but you deserve it Lol


House of Cards has taken over my tv

My wife loves a good Netflix binge. She likes watching certain shows but after those are over its Netflix time. If we start a series all of the nannies like they come over to eat dinner with us then they all watch with us. We are on Season 3 of House of Cards. I had heard about it a little but I didn’t know what it was.

It’s too dark for me. The characters are always screwing people over, being bullies, and lying to push their own agenda. Wow, sounds like the trolls Lol I just realized that. Probably why I don’t like that show much. My wife says this is what lawyering can be like if you let your moral compass go. She has not. She works very hard to prosecute people for breaking the law. It’s been her life long dream and she’s living it. Good for her. Seeing her watch this show and try to figure out the next move is why I watch it. She enjoys talking about it even after we flip it off for the night. At that point I am ready to do or discuss something else but if she likes it, okay.

Have you guys seen that one? I know that Season 5 is going to start soon that’s why she’s bingeing. We should have it done by next week. We can only get in 2 or 3 episodes a night. We start watching after the boys are down. Alex is my pop up baby. I get him down, everyone is chill, then he pops back up and wants more cuddle time. It takes me about 45 minutes to get him down. Sarah is adjusting his nap schedule a little. They are still taking 2 naps a day but now they are short naps. About a half hour. She doesn’t want them to sleep too much so they are up at night. It’s worked out with some minor adjustments. The show is very plot driven. All twists and turns that you never see coming. I’ve figured out by now if something has a dark, murderous plan behind it, Frank is obviously the one that put things in motion.

The acting is very, very good. I hope the 2 leads have received many awards. They are believable. They have done a great job making the characters their own. I like politics but it’s not something that I have enjoyed lately. Trump has pretty much ruined all hope. I really do believe he will be impeached or quit before they get to that point. When things get tough, he whines some more than gives up. That’s who he is. It’s been a waste of policy. So many great things could have been done by now. He stalls all progressive movements and only cares about things that cost us all more money. This guy is a dumbass.

House of Cards has invaded my house and we can’t stop watching. I hope it has a happy ending but I don’t see how. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I have had 2 out-of-town trips this week. Both quick and successful. Yesterday was my wife’s luncheon that she warned me a hundred times do not be late for. Guess what. I was late. She was fiery pissed at me and I was told we would talk about it when she got home. Oh boy did we. It wasn’t a fight it was more of a very calm You can not do that again discussion. I told her we hit traffic and I literally ran in there and sat down next to her. I apologizes while the speaker was talking and she grabbed my thumb immediately and hurled it backwards to let me know I’m in deep shit Lol When I realized I was going to be late I had my secretary hand deliver 2 dozen roses to her office while we attended the luncheon. That way she would get back and realize I knew how badly I had F’ed up. The card was a very huge apology of sweetness and I’m sorry I will do better. She appreciated it and that’s probably what stopped it from becoming a big fight.

This is another reason why I will be retiring after this year. My wife needs my support. She has a lot going on the next year and a half before we move and she wants to finish strong. She has not yet decided if she will continue being a career lawyer or she will begin a new legal career in Paris. She is looking into it. She is very excited to move. She’s going to miss everyone but she said it will be the adventure of a lifetime and as long as I promise to move us all back if needed, she’s looking forward to it.

Guess who doesn’t want us to go? My nannies. When my wife and I decided we are going to move in 2018 I offered them all to join us. They have school and I knew at some point we would be losing each one. Sarah has been the most vocal about why are we moving. She doesn’t want us to go. I told her it’s what we want for our family. She gets it but she doesn’t like it. I promised to fly her over to come visit a few times a year. It’s not me she’s going to miss its my boys. She is so attached to them I really don’t know how we are going to do this. But we need to do it before they have the cognitive memories of everything. That way all of their memories will be of our life in Paris.

My last huge update is that…no I’m not ready to share that yet Lol We have big news but I’m going to wait just a little longer! It’s all good, don’t worry.

Have a great, what day is it? Thursday! A lot of people are having last day of school stuff this week. I’m happy for all of my friends’ kids who are finishing up and getting ready to enjoy their summer. Good luck with that. I pray every day for all of you. I’m glad to see how many loyal readers and friends I still have coming here. I appreciate you all staying around. It’s not a big flashy life story but I’m working on that.

Happy Thursday!


We just finished dinner and are about to take the boys swimming. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get in there and float around while my babies laugh their faces off. They love swimming. I just love hearing how happy they are.

I will update more this week!

Raise your hand if this feels like a Saturday

  Quick shoutout to all of the Moms and Dads that have no moms for their kids. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

My wife has begun her very first Mother’s day weekend with us. She woke up to her favorite donuts. I got up early to go get them fresh. She had texted me Where are you? because I sort of got caught in traffic. I meant to get home before she woke up but that didn’t happen. I came walking in with her at the coffeepot and she could smell it right away. She said Oooohhh donuts. Then she saw the bag and she said you went all the way out there to get these Oh my goodness! I got rewarded with a big hug and a coffee tasting kiss. It was worth it. She deserves it. She said you have to try a bite so I did. Not a big donut guy, well wait. I do like donuts but I like vegan donuts because I think they taste better. It’s a fresher tasting donut. The regular donuts you guys eat taste stall to me. We sat and visited for a few while she enjoyed her treat. Then she took another one and headed to the shower.

So far so good. I have no screwed up her special weekend. I’m going to throw it into high gear by tomorrow. I want to make sure she really understands how much I love she is the mama. I also sent a card with new photos to their birth mom. She is still a mom to them whether anyone else’s opinions matters or not (It doesn’t). I will always honor her and explain to my boys exactly who she is. A photo of their birth parents is now in their room and will remain there until they both want it removed. Which I hope is never. I won’t hide the adoption part of their life. I am already prepared on how to answer questions that come up. I have probably read over 20 books on how to explain things to them and have decided we will go sit with a therapist at around pre-teen so we can fully get into it. I want them to know it’s safe, okay, and really all about how much I wanted them in my life forever. I choose this. They didn’t and I hope they understand it really has been the #1 best decision in my entire life. I would never, ever, ever change it. I say that now before they steal my car and wreck it in some far off city I forbid them to go to as teenagers Lol But right now my perfect little boys are all I care for. My wife of course is reason #2 and she knows that’s the order. She is fine with my putting my kids first. This is why I go extra hard on trying to make her feel as special and wanted as I do them.

I can’t tell you guys everything I have planned. I can tell you the boys and all 3 nannies have helped me out. We had several group texts going all week to make sure “The Plan” goes off without a hitch. I do expect some things to not go perfectly because that’s not my life. My life is a huge amount of effort, some disappointments and me just laughing it all off and say Well I tried! God keeps me in check, believe me. My ego has taken a step back or two over the past few years and I reprioritized myself. I had to. No one likes someone who arrogant. Now, I’m still arrogant. I still am flashy but I keep most of that offline Lol I like my big boy toys. That’s for sure.

I do not forget for one day my wife picked me to spend the rest of her life with. I have some really great qualities but I also have a ton of baggage. No immediate family, a dog that is spoiled rotten, 2 boys under 1 years old at the time, 3 nannies that live in and around us at all times, 2 very, very overprotective best friends, and a job that demands my attention 7 days a week. Plus all of the perks though too. I have a lot of money, I can help her and her family get financially secure. I am respectful, kind, very loving, and I try hard at everything. I admit my mistakes and I DO NOT LIE. I have no reason to. My life is my life. This is it folks. The people from here that are on my Facebook page, you see how it is. I’m not posting posed photos of one big happy family. There’s photos of laundry stacked up to the doorknob, messy babies, messy kitchen, a muddy dog, all of it. That’s my life. The good, the grandeur, and the bad.

I pray my wife knows how much we all love her and that I am so happy I picked her. She is my boys’ mama. I know some day that will switch to mommy and I know that will melt her heart into a giant puddle of love.

I love you, sweetheart. I know you will read this some time today. Enjoy the flowers, chocolates, and lunch that I had sent to your office. You deserve more than that but I didn’t want to go overboard, yet. I thank God every day for you. You love my boys so much and you take good care of all of us. I can’t wait until our daughter is in our life and we can do all of the things we have dreamed about with her. Whoever she is, she will be so blessed to have you as her new mommy. You really are the best woman I know. That’s why I blurted out “Let’s get married” last summer. I couldn’t help myself. I knew you were mine. I just wanted you to be mine forever. I’m so happy you said “What, are you serious? Don’t mess with me, do you really mean that?” Lol I remember every word!

To all of my readers, fans, followers, and even the nasty mean trolls. Have a happy Mother’s day. A mother comes in all shapes and sizes but she is always the unconditional everything your whole life. Call your mom, send a card. If you aren’t speaking to your mom for whatever the reason, get over it and do the right thing. It matters to your soul, not to hers. Call her. And that goes out to someone I know will be mad that I pushed it but he needed to hear it. Call your mom, bro! She will talk to you. And you still owe me $10 Lol

Have a good….is this Friday? Holy cow. Okay I need to get going there. I’m already late. Love ya’ll!


Proof I’m not young anymore

Last night was date night with my wife. She said work was stressful, court has been really stressful and she just wanted to blow off some steam. I decided dinner and dancing with some of our friends would be a great idea. It was, however she had other ideas of how to accomplish her goals.

We had a very delicious dinner at the Pump Room. It is one of my go to date night places. Always great service, always a fun evening. My wife loved it. After we were full of laughter and many glasses of wine (Not me, I don’t drink) I asked if she wanted to go dancing. I told her I had seen on facebook some of our friends would be there for an event and I thought it would be fun to check it out. She said yes.

We got there and the place was packed for a Wednesday night. I was surprised by that. We didn’t see our friends for  a while but we made our way to the dance floor and got our groove on. About an hour later I was sweaty, exhausted and wanting a nap Lol Now, my wife is younger than I am. She’s not 30. She has high energy and was really just wanting to let loose. I was doing my best to not be the tired old man and show my girl a great night out. When we met up with our friends they wanted to sit at a booth and hang out. I was fine with that. Another hour went by and we decided to dance a little longer and then my wife said let’s go all of a sudden. I figured her good senses had kicked in and she realized we both had to work in the morning. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We walked to the car and she said are you up for one last adventure? I said sure hoping it had to do with a late night snack Lol She told me where to go and we pull up in front of a hotel. She said I really want us to get a room so we can be alone and really get wild.

Who would EVER say no to that! Come on Lol

So we got a room and went up to the 5th floor. We had a blast checking out the room and looking at all of the stuff. It is a new hotel by the lake front that she has mentioned a few times. She said it’d supposed to be a very green build and was pointing out some of the things from the brochure the clerk had given us.

Let’s skip until 4:30 am when she said we need to get home Lol I was tired. Guys, and I’m talking to all of my bros that read this, I tried. I tried really hard to keep up with my hot, young, blonde wife. I almost made it but I guess I had fallen asleep at 3 Lol She said she snuggled with me anyway because she must have worn me out (She did) and she just wanted us to be as loud as we wanted to (We did).

It was one of the best nights of our marriage so far. Fun, so much laughter, good food, friends, dancing, and uhhh alone time. I really had a great time. So much so I look like heck!

I need to jump in the shower and stop bragging about having sex with my wife all night in a hotel Lol High fives all around. Have a good one!


According to the website Bitches Who Brunch Lol the best places to get Mother’s Day brunch are listed below. It’s a great list and I’m considering my options here. I asked my wife if she wanted to go out to eat and she said yes. I offered to cook but she said she doesn’t think it’s fair I slave away on her day. I said I didn’t mind and I could make her favorites but she wants us to get all dressed up so we can show off the boys. I’m good with that.

I still have a bunch of things planned for her weekend. We are all supposed to be at her parents’ house at 5pm for the big mother’s day celebration. My wife and her several, several siblings and kids will be filling the home with all kinds of love for their favorite mom. I didn’t go last year even though I was invited. It was right around the time her and I were slowing down our dates. And by Fourth of July it was donezo. We took a small break from each other and then she called me up and said Where have you been at? That’s how we started dating again. And as we all know the rest is history.

So what do you get the non-birtmother, but definitely mama to your adopted boys? It took me a long time to figure it out. I wanted something personal. She always starts crying when we get her gifts. She is so appreciative. It took her a while to get used to my money. She still struggles with it a lot because she doesn’t want anyone to ever think she’s with me just for my money. I know she’s not. We have all of her debts paid up. We got her a new car, her parents a new house and I’ve been helping out her brothers and sisters when needed. They are a great family. They are my family now and I feel like I need to take care of them. I still laugh when we meet up for lunch and she tries to grab the check. She makes good money but I don’t want my woman picking up the tab, ever. That’s my job. I just want her to enjoy her meal and tell me about her day.

I think the most important thing about our first mother’s day is that she knows how much I love her for taking care of my boys. She is getting more comfortable being alone with them now. At first she didn’t want to get in Sarah’s way. I told her Sarah knows when to take over. She is not shy about speaking up or jumping in. I pay her to care for them as if they are her own. She is perfect with them. I trust her with their lives. She loves them so much and they really love her too. You can tell. I have started to depend less on Sarah and more on my wife. That’s how it should be. We did have a smooth transition (of power Lol) but we have had a few small issues. All got talked about during our weekly family meeting. Everyone is calm and no one is in therapy. We handle our issues like adults. We blame someone else, tear into each other, and start yelling. Just kidding. We just talk it out. The part-time nannies are my wild ones and I do have to talk to them often about things. For the most part things have been going well. My wife and I still haven’t had our first fight. She monitors all of my social media accounts, my cellphone, and my texts. She trusts me because I have no reason to lie to her or anyone. I had an affair. I was led to believe I was with someone who was living a single life and wanting to leave. I was lied to a lot. It was a bad choice and I paid the price. I also waited for the right woman and the right time for me. I found my wife and she wouldn’t let me go. It’s been the best decision of my life. I’m so happy. I really love coming home every night.

I hope you all have big plans for Mother’s day. My mom died years ago. Her tragic ending was my new beginning. After her funeral I decided to change my life and leave Nebraska. Chicago was my restart and I really thought I would end up married years ago. God does not give up on you. I have learned that over the years. I gave up on myself a few times but I always came back to God and I know He will guide me to where I need to be. I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I have a long meeting after that so my day will be tied up. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I love ya’ll!

Chicago Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

Happy Friday and travel day

My beautiful wife has decided we all need a weekend in Miami Beach, Florida. Just in time to enjoy our family condos before my entire family decides to come “summer” there, like the past 40 something years. She coordinated everything and has it all planned out. My plan is to sit my ass in the ocean and play with my boys while watching my wife walk around in a very skimpy bikini. When she showed me what she was going to wear I said whatever you want, Yes Lol It was a very easy decision. Then she tried it on for me and that was the end of all conversations 😉

Checking the weather there will be a little rain when we get there tonight but after that sunny skies in the low 80s all weekend. I am NOT doing a book signing there. Thank goodness. The publisher already asked and I said no.

This trip my wife is not loading us up on sites to see. This is one spot we all have been to several times. She even said she doesn’t need or want to go shopping because she just got a bunch of new stuff from her favorite stores. Glad to know my wallet will be staying in my pocket this weekend. I invited Lindsay and Dave but she will be in Sacramento all weekend finishing up some house flips we have near there. Sarah doesn’t want to go which is fine. The other 2 are excited to join us and have already worked out the weekend schedule Sarah made for them. And we are bringing my pup Sam jr. We also will be traveling with security but only 2 guys this time. It’s easier for them to drive us around and make sure we are all safe than it is for me to try to handle everything and drive. I’m trying to get my wife and boys used to a security team. When we move to Paris we will have them on staff 24/7. It’s just the smart thing to do right now with all the senseless violence going on there. Speaking of that.

We have been house hunting online for a house in Paris. This will be the very first home my wife and I pick out together. She loves my 3 homes now but she said it will be nice to start fresh. Most of my furnishings we are selling very cheaply to her family and friends or giving some of it to my friends. Either way almost all of my stuff will be gone. I’m okay with it other than my personal items and my huge Batman collection. Batman is coming to Paris with us, that was non-negotiable. My wife said I was cute for wanting my toys to come with me. Batman is not a toy! He’s a Super Hero that saved thousands of lives! And who can forget batkid? How inspirational was that? You can take the American out of the U.S.A. but you can’t take the Batman out of the American Lol

Let’s see what else. Oh yes, work is stressful and busy lately. I haven’t had to travel much this week and I’m happy for that. I have enough things to catch up on. I’m happy to say my emails are finally all caught up. If you did not receive a reply, sorry either Lindsay deleted it or I did. My inbox right now is at 0 so if you wanted to send me one, please do. I would love to hear from all of you.

Things are pretty great right now. My wife and I are still over the moon in love and laughing every single day. She is really funny. I like her little dance moves when she gets some exciting news from work. I also like when she does sweet things for my boys like read to them or snuggle them at night. It just proves over and over I did end up with the right woman. I knew from the beginning she was someone to hold on to but I was too scared to really try again. Relationships are hard. This one is very easy. I think it’s because we both know who we are and admitted to all of our mistakes up front. She has become baby obsessed and wants a baby now. Believe me, I’m trying Lol It will happen on God’s terms, not ours. I also am excited for our adopted daughter to come into our life sometime this year. We have been in heavy discussions and we think we will hit the green light some time in September. It feels right and it gives my boys enough time to grow up a little more. It has been such a debate with my whole family and hers. When should we adopt? Should we wait. Everyone has an opinion. The truth is I know I want a daughter. I always have. I loved having sons first but I’m already in love with the idea of a daughter. Having 2 brothers will help her out a lot. When it happens it will be another best day of our lives and I know we will adjust and make her feel at home from the first minute she’s with us. I just want things to go smoothly. I really think by September things will calm down and I will find myself ready and able to welcome our newest child.

I hope everyone has a great #TGIF. We are leaving tonight after work. It’s not that long of a flight down there. I can’t wait to land. I love that airport. I get so excited on approach. We are going to have a very chill, fun weekend and I will try to update more on Monday. I love ya’ll. Enjoy your weekend!