2 Different Kinds of Adventure

I had a family meeting with my kids and the nannies this morning. I want to show my kids the need for community support and volunteerism. That’s always been a part of my life. My mom was ALWAYS volunteering me and my little brother to work for the Church for FREE. She said it was good for our soul. I didn’t realize as a kid, how ingrained that would become in me. I get it now with my kids.

We are going to work on a 2 for 1 system. Each week the kids and I get to pick 2 Adventures either around Colorado or around the U.S. And we will also pick 1 Food Bank to go volunteer at. The one thing I know that is Covid safe and is also very much needed is Food Bank volunteers. My kids can help sort food or stuff boxes. They will not be around passing out boxes. I don’t want that. Each person or parent with up to 2 kids can stand in a 6 feet apart, plastic guarded stall and stuff boxes or sort out food. It’s a very slow conveyer belt system. I signed my family up to work this summer. It will be good for them. I want my kids to make new friends. I want them to start building their work in the community. I found a local Food Bank that really needs helpers. I’m all for it. There will be other rewards for my kids as we start this process but for now this is my idea. My nannies will take turns because my daughters can not go. They are not vaccinated yet. All 3 of my boys are so I asked the Food Bank Director if I can have my nanny with one or 2 of my kids as we switch things up each week. She was awesome. And the best part we get to be on a schedule so I can go online and pick which day works best for us. I plan on picking the rainy (Or snowy, I mean it is Denver) days Lol One hour a week is not going to kill my kids. I also signed us up for the Recycling Center. That is going to be very fun for my boys because they get to break down boxes and put them into a big smasher press. They will love to help with that. We will go off and on and figure it out as we go.

I explained to my kids how much this means to me. I told them this is replacing them working in the Church. They liked that part Lol We will see.

So far we redid our backyard, we visited the Botanical Gardens, we went out to eat in a restauarant and we made Memorial Day wreaths that we went back home to have my cousins place on our family gravestones. Next weekend when we fly back to Nebraska I will take the kids out to the cemeteries and show my kids their wreaths. I’m trying, guys. I want my kids to grow up knowing that helping the world is the only way they will be raised. I pray our world heals and that I am part of that change.

Today we are going to swim and play outside. Both of my yards just got mowed so it’s time to enjoy them. I love it. This part of the year is beautiful. Denver is breathtaking on the clear days with the sun shining. I’m happy we live here.

Have a great weekend guys! I love you all. Thank you for continuing to be a part of my Batfan community.

Dubai 2017

We are in Paris now. We got in yesterday. My wife was so happy to see me. She is so big now. Wow. This baby is coming soon guys! We are officially 33 weeks in. We have 6 weeks to go. My wife looks so beautiful pregnant. I can’t wait to have more kids with her. If she makes it through this one. Talon is doing great. They went to a doctor’s appointment. He’s growing, getting big. My wife has only gained a few pounds since the last checkup which is good. She is trying to still stay active but she said she can’t do the things she wants to do anymore. I said that’s what the other people around here get paid to do, help you out. She said she no longer feels safe to walk Sam jr at night. She’s okay doing it in the mornings and afternoon. I told her with it being so cold I didn’t want her out anymore. I assigned that to the nannies and they are cool with it. They realize he has a lot of energy and if he gets in his 3 walks a day he’s a lot easier to deal with. Sam jr can be a handful at times. He loves to run around the whole house going crazy and then he will pass out and sleep for 2 hours. I really don’t want her to slip and fall outside trying to walk him. He gets a little anxious and wants to pull on the leash some times.

Dubai, where do I even start. We got there and decided to grab dinner after we checked into our hotel. Lindsay was craving some mediterranean cuisine so we found a near by place that had all the things she wanted. We ate, and ate, and ate. I guess airplane food just doesn’t fill you up. I was more hungry than I realized. After dinner we walked around a little. It was 75 degrees the first night we were there. How perfect is that?

The next day started a series of meetings after meetings. First with our office staff. Everything seems to be going fine. The guy that sponsors our company in Dubai was pleased with how things have expanded so quickly. I told him without his help we couldn’t be in Dubai and I really appreciated all of his help so far. We have been in Dubai a few years now and are finally seeing some bigger profits. That makes me happy.

The rest of the week was work, eat, looking around and going on adventures. A lot of fun really. Lindsay and I had some very nice talks about the direction the companies will go in under her rule. Again I stressed not to expand too fast and she said she has no plans to go crazy. She said she needs to start training people to take her Mexico trips for her so she will be more free to travel around. I agreed.

I can’t wait to be done working for a while. I do want to find my next path in life but I’m not in any rush. I just want to be home with my wife and kids for a while. A few months. I want to give Talon a solid month of my full attention. I have always done that with all of my kids and I think my wife will really appreciate all of the extra help she will have. I told her it will just be like when we brought Peace home. I will get up at night, she takes care of her during the day and when she needs an afternoon nap or anything at all, just let me know. At first she was trying to do everything and I told her it’s not a 1 person show here. We have all of these helpers. Let them earn their money.

Guys, I can’t wait to meet Talon. I am so excited. We bought the Batman outfit he will be coming home from the hospital in. It’s perfect! I’m so glad my wife lets me geek out on Batman when it comes to my kids. Even Peace has a few pink batman outfits.

Things are very chill this weekend. We spent the day hanging out and going out to eat. My wife wanted a few things from the mall so I went to pick them up for her. Lindz stayed home with her and they had a nice talk. I’m glad they FINALLY get along so well. At first Lindsay told me to “Get rid of that one, done with it” Lol My wife was so pissed when she heard that. Now they are really good friends. I needed them to get along because neither of them will ever be out of my life.

We will be going to bed early tonight. Lindsay and I have a long flight back home. Geez I miss my kids. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow. It’s been way too long. We were going to get back on Tuesday but instead Lindz needs to get back to Vegas sooner.

I hope everyone had a great week. I’m doing great. Got to see my beautiful wife and our baby. I got to hang out with my do and at least pet the cat a few times. Tristan doesn’t like me Lol

I will update more next week when I’m back home and back into my usual routine. Have a great weekend! Love ya’ll!

Traveling Dad

Every night I get home and bring my kids something new. It’s usually just a magnet of whatever cities I was in that day. We have started a collection. The boys help me put it on the fridge. The whole side of the fridge is full of the places we have been. It became a thing last year we keep buying them.

Things are going great. I have been busy traveling going to all of the cities I need to visit one last time. We have decided NOT to do a company/retirement party this year. I don’t want it. I want a small gathering of my local office and that will be good enough. Asking everyone to fly out right before Christmas is too much. I already know how everyone feels about me and I also know we will continue to communicate. My employees are like my family. I love them all. We have all been through so much together.

My wife is now 26 weeks pregnant. Our son Talon is doing great. It’s coming up fast. Probably faster than we are prepared for. In January we will all be moving to Paris, minus 2 of the nannies. We will begin our new life and take a month or two from working on anything to get ourselves and our kids settled in. We also will be welcoming Talon at the end of January, that’s why we want an extra month off after my move.

My wife is moving very soon. Ugh. I don’t want her to go but we need to fly her over before she can’t fly. She also wants to make sure the house is ready and his nursery is ready. Peace and Talon will be sharing a room just as Heston and Alex share a room for now. The new house is big enough for all of the kids to have their own bedrooms when they get bigger. I’m sure at some point Peace will out grow room sharing and need her own Princess space. Lord knows my wife dresses her like one everyday. I come walking into the garage and see more clothes boxes that arrived during the day. My wife is on a mission to buy out all of the baby things on Earth I think. She’s half way done by the looks of it all Lol She said she’s not sure what kind of clothes available over there and wants to stock up now since shipping from the States might be a few extra days. I guess.

We are all in our French speaking mode. My wife is practicing a lot and insists at night after the kids are asleep it’s only French. She is getting very good. The class she took paid off. She is working on writing things now. Even I can’t remember some of the spelling but it’s fun to look it up and learn again.

How is everyone doing? I haven’t been updating as much because I’m out-of-town every single day. Today I am finally staying in Chicago. Peace is 13 weeks and we need to go get her ears pierced today. I’m going into work late. I don’t know why this is a thing but my wife asked me to take her. Of course let her be mad at me Lol She already picked out the little earrings at the shop that will do the piercing. She went in twice to ask questions. I’m supposed to just take her in, get it done, pay for it, then make sure she is okay. I’m sure it’s going to hurt. When I went through my earring phases throughout my life (Yes it was popular a few times) I remember it not being that bad. It was sore but it stopped being sore pretty quickly. I hate seeing my baby girl in pain so I hope she can handle it. My wife says she wants it done. I said okay. I have no idea what the appropriate age is for this thing but she googled it and had asked the doctor the last time we went to see him. He said her ears are fine, go for it.

My dog Sam jr has been very busy. He has a 3 day a week play date set up now. He gets to run around an indoor dog park (Yes that’s a real thing) with a bunch of his dog buddies playing with toys they throw out there and sniffing butts. Sarah said he has a blast and loves it. I think he is much happier with a yard. I am still doing our morning and evening walks together and he sleeps in our bed. My wife banned him for a little while because his snoring was out of control but he warmed back up to her and he’s back at my feet. The cat is still chill. I don’t know what else to say I’m not really a cat person. I have owned a few cats and much prefer dogs. Much easier to take care of. Cats could give 2 sh**s less about anything. My dog seems to care about everything and wants to know where I’m at and what I’m doing.

I had a great workout this morning. I’m going to go start breakfast. I haven’t been home lately to cook for everyone i the morning so this will be fun. Then I have to go wake everyone up.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Love ya’ll!


Sleep in? No

I have been flying all over the place for work this past week. Work has kept me busy.

I’m doing my last trips for the year in the United States this month. Next month I’m moving my wife to Paris so she can get our new home ready for our big move in January. In December I’m going to Dubai. With my wife being gone I didn’t want to do anymore work trips during the week. Lindsay and others will be doing them. I am going around to each of our offices to thank everyone and tell them bye. When we go in January I didn’t want a big party. I just want to pack up my kids right away and get to my wife. I’m so excited for our new chapter to begin. At that point she will be close to giving birth and I don’t want to miss that at all.

My wife is ready to be done with work. She says all she is doing right now is basically clerk stuff. She said it’s boring and now she feels like an intern all over again. She said she is being helpful to her associates but it’s not the same pace she is used to. I told her well when you move you won’t have any job to worry about so what are you going to do with your time? She said she already lined up a job Lol Of course she did.

We have all of the money we need and she still wants to work. I love her but I just want her to chill for a while. She said she will be working from home doing research for cases. It’s all online. As long as she will be happy. I don’t care.

Peace is doing great. She will be 12 weeks old tomorrow! Can you believe it guys. We made it 3 months with 3 kids. Crazy how much she has changed our lives. She is getting so big. I love when she first wakes up. She is the happiest baby ever. She smiles a lot more than Heston did at this age. She is eating very well, her doctor checkups have all been great news. She is thriving on the vegan formula.

The boys are doing great. Heston is still my chill boy. He can play with his toys all by himself and just be in his own little world. Alex still wants more attention. They 19 months and still growing strong. Identical twins are kind of weird because they both do the exact same facial expressions. When I say no no, they both look at me like WTF dad Lol Or when I say who’s hungry they both come running. I swear they have my mannerisms already. They mimic a lot of what I do. That’s why I have to be very careful with my words. I don’t cuss a lot but the word SH*t comes out more often when I mean it to. So far no one has repeated it back to me but I do know it’s going to happen. One weekend with Lindsay and I know they will work the F-bomb. She has been very careful but I also know she is teaching them bad stuff. She taught them spaghetti hair which I thought was terrible. It was funny but I don’t want them to rub spaghetti in their hair when they eat it. We do have some great photos of it though.

Our family facebook page is full of photos from this week. I finally got time to upload them. We are in full on Halloween decorating mode. You can tell my house looks like a pumpkin patch. We took our Halloween family photos already. The boys look amazing in their Batman and Robin outfits. Peace looks adorable. I’m pulling off the very daper Joe Madden while my wife is doing a very good Sia Lol That wig. That thing gets used too much in our house. All of the girls love to wear it.

Things are great. We had a chill week. It was very busy and I was late getting back home a few times but nothing major. My wife is 6 months and 1 week pregnant. Things couldn’t be better. We had our 6 month checkup and our son is healthy, growing, and great. We have not picked out a name for it. We are going to do that before she moves I promise. We have a few in mind. My wife continues to come up with weird names that I veto.

Anyone have any baby name suggestions? If so leave a comment. Yes I do read the comments. I just don’t post them anymore. I do write back if you leave your email address though. I have made a lot of really interesting friends the past several years doing that.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Pray for the California wildfires to stop. They are all working so hard to help, I pray they get all of the fires contained soon. Please continue to pray and donate for all of the hurricane victims and the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

And most of all pray for our country. We all know I am not a Trump supporter. I think he is the world’s biggest a**hole and I can’t wait until he is impeached. He is no different from Harvey Weinstein. They both belong elsewhere. Anywhere but here. I’m so sad to hear about all of those victims. They are still coming out too. This kind of thing makes me sick and I hope everyone can get healing and closure from this. He is an evil man and he needs to lose his job. I hope they shut down his production company.

Have a great Sunday. We are getting ready to go to my in-laws for a birthday party. I thought I was the only one to throw a party at 8am Lol

Sorry, I’m a little bit busy here

This week has been brutal. I’m working longer hours to get a lot of things ready to hand off to Lindsay in January. My wife is in her last month of work almost and she’s starting to get a little (more) crabby about everything. Her pregnancy is going great. Our son is great and doing little baby flips in there. He’s strong, great heart rate, and a little above average in growth. She has begun to get tired more often. I do all I can to make sure when she gets home from work she doesn’t have to do anything. She hangs out with the kids while I cook, clean up, and feed Peace when needed. I am wearing myself out. My nannies, thank the Lord, the Heavens, the Earth, all of it for them. They have been great. Sarah is the best nanny in the entire world. I literally started crying on Monday night begging her to move to Paris with us Lol She said no. I had to try at least once more. It’s okay. We still are getting one of our part-time nannies. I just wanted Sarah because I honestly get anxious knowing she won’t be there to help us out anymore. She’s that good.

Work is so busy. We have so many projects going on I told everyone no more buying buildings. Let’s work on what we have, let Lindsay do all the buying. She seems to have lots of free time. She’s mostly in Mexico right now. I barely see or talk to her anymore. Her investments in Mexico are HUGE. They are paying off really well and I’m very happy that it’s all working out. I also like knowing how much cash flow she has injected into the businesses. She is brilliant.

Everything else is great. Peace is now 9 weeks old. I can’t believe it. She’s growing so fast. My sweet little baby girl. We finally got her file from my adoption attorney. It contains as much information as the birth mom was willing to give to me about her. When/where she was conceived. What is the story about the two parents. The birth mom filled out this long 3 page form for us and let us know why she put Peace up for adoption. It’s heart breaking and I really wish she would have made it an open adoption but she said seeing her would make her regret everything and she wants to let the baby find her at 18 or older if she wants to. She let us know she will be open to that. Of course we will save this letter and keep it safe. Peace will find her. I know she will. We will help her.

I’m happy to know a little more background on how Peace came to be alive. I love her with all of my heart and I’m so thankful her birth mom blessed us with her. We will take very good care of her. She was so wanted and loved even before I knew she was going to be mine. My wife loves her. My wife will be the only mom she knows until she is old enough to understand she has a birth mom out there somewhere. We will always be very open with all 3 of our kids about their adoptions and we will also let their little brother know all of his siblings are adopted. We have nothing to hide about it. I’m actually very proud that I adopted such beautiful babies. I love my boys. I love Peace. I will love Peanut, or whatever we name him Lol We still call him Peanut. My wife is always telling me Your SON PEANUT won’t stop kicking me Lol But when we are laying in bed and I’m talking to him, she says I love him so much already. Me too!

We have zero name ideas for Peanut. We have a list and we can’t agree on anything at all. I’m not worried about it yet. If we hit January and still no name then I’m going to pull the man card out and just pick one. I can pick the first name, she can pick the middle name. We did the reverse of that to name Peace. I did not want my daughter’s name to be Peace. I fought that. I vetoed it, it finally grew on me. We did only have a day and a half to figure out her name though. Now I love it. It fits her perfectly. She is very peaceful.

I need to get back to work. Hope everyone is having a great week. Sorry I haven’t updated. It really is busy for me. I will response to all of your messages, emails, etc as soon as I can! Love ya’ll!

Day 2 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

The morning of Day 2 I woke up at 6am Hawaii time. I was mad about that. That’s 11am Chicago time and I had a bunch of emails I wanted to get done. I had stayed up really late talking to family so not getting much sleep didn’t do much. As I said Peace woke me up an hour earlier than that but I was shoved back to bed.

I got up and headed downstairs to see what the breakfast buffet was going to be. So much great looking fruit I stole a few grapes and went outside. I had 4 activities planned for the day. Everyone had their own schedule so it was just picking what we all wanted to do. My group talked over the list and picked 3 of the things to do and the last one we blew off. No one wanted to go do it. I told them still use the shuttles to go into town and maybe look around a little. We had them for the 3 hours anyway. That was my nannies cue to suggest shopping (Of course) and everyone agreed.

  1. Surfing

I have surfed before. I’m a snowboarder so surfing really isn’t a problem. The problem is the water. The water moves unlike the snow shifting around and so it’s all the waves fault I couldn’t stay up on my board Lol I did get up there maybe 2 times if I’m being honest. The other 30 + times I ate it and fell off. We only have 1 photo of me up on the board and of course that’s the only photo of me I’m going to use for our surf trip. I didn’t want my wife to try but she did anyway and she got up the first try. Of course she did. She said she can still have fun and before our baby gets too big she wants to still stay active. So our son already surfed for the first time, in utero, but still. All of our group either tried to surf or just kind of splashed around. Because we have small kids my group is mostly my family, nannies, friends, and a few of my Uncles and Aunts. They are slow-paced like we are so of course they just hung out and chilled watching us. We did get my Aunt Maggie up on a board and Drew and I pushed her around the water a little. She called it surfing and we took her photo just so she could Facebook that to everyone. She did a great job I didn’t think she would do it when we started heckling her. Surfing was a big hit and all of the guys that helped us out, thank you! I really appreciate the lessons

2. Landmark Tour

As I’m sure you know there is a lot of really great history on the island of Oahu. I booked a one and a half hour tour around the southern part of the island since that’s where we are staying at. We are at the very base of Kahala. That’s where our compound is located. I want to say our shuttle literally pulled up next to each landmark and we got off. We walked less than 10 feet to get to each one however everyone decided it was “a lot” of walking. Come on, people! Work with me here. Also Lindsay brought my wife’s favorite wine as a gift for our house. She obviously isn’t drinking right now but my wife loves wine and is constantly buying it when she finds a new kind. Anyway, so our nice quiet Landmark tour got turned into a dang Booze Bus and all I saw were Red Solo cups being passed back to her seat Lol Then passed back up carefully. By the end of the tour everyone was giggly and Heston kept pointing at the tipsy shuttle passengers. Yes, son, Auntie Lindz strikes again. It really was a fun tour. I liked it.


3. Diamond Head Trail

We all ate lunch and decided to try to the trail. It only costs $1/person so it was worth the money for sure. It has the views of a life time and that’s really why I wanted everyone to try. It took us a while but my group got up there. Please do not wear flip-flops if you go hiking up Diamond Head Lol Shoes is the best thing for you as we all learned. We got up there and were able to take a bunch of really great photos. I was so proud we survived and no one passed out. Luckily the weather hasn’t been that hot. It’s been mid 80’s and cloudy. Check out all of the photos I just put on our Family Facebook page for this.

4. Tropical Flower garden tour Shopping Trip into Town

We blew off the flower tour. I was a little bummed I wanted to go but I was out voted. We went into Honolulu and did some shopping instead. The girls all got a bunch of hair accessories. I bought my kids a bunch of stuff and got myself some cool tshirts and Hawaiian shirts to wear. My wife went ape-s*** over some skirts so we probably need a new suitcase just to get all of those home. Geez. My group can shop! We all had fun and no one melted my credit card when we checked out. I paid for all of their stuff and left happy.

Our group had such a busy day we all went home, ate, and passed the f out. It was such a long day. My wife said she had such an amazing day and never wanted to leave. I told her well good thing my family owns this compound, we can come back anytime we want. She said she married me for the compound and we both laughed. She married me because I don’t put up with her s-h-you-know-what and she definitely doesn’t put up with mine. We balance each other out great. Day 2 for the rest of the groups was a huge hit and I’m so happy everyone is having fun. As you will see the 4 activities on each day rotates around. We all will be doing the same things just on different days. It will be interesting to see if everyone else blows off the Tropical flower garden tour too Lol I really thought it would be a very chill activities but my Uncle Don said “If I want to go see flowers, I’ll go look at a book” Lol Okay.

Day 2 wrapped. On to Day 3…

Day 1 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

Good morning from Hawaii! We made it without too much trouble. Peace decided she was done with flying about half way through the flight and we had a lot of calming her down between the group of us. We had the back rows so it worked out okay. I had chartered this flight to get all of my Chicago people out-of-town at the same time. I warned them all my kids would be on board and to be prepared if Alex pops off for a bit. He actually was the most chill this time, that never happens. Peace did calm down but it did take about a half hour. It really made me rethink flying with her this far. I know I rushed her into it but I wanted our daughter with us for this trip. I want her in the photos, I want her to experience the sights and sounds so she can learn what it’s all about. You are supposed to give your baby visual and auditory stimulus so we really thought what better place than Oahu! Sorry, Peace. I really thought you would be okay with it.

Let me see. Wednesday night we got in and got everyone over to the compound. The staff was waiting and ready. Wow, what a great staff we have there. They also hired a bunch of locals to help out for our weekend retreat. The place looks amazing. Cleaned up great, lots of extras, and the most important thing, my wife is comfortable. She is now 20 weeks pregnant, guys! We are half way through with our son. I hope he stays in and cooks as long as he can. I had 2 early babies already and it’s not fun. It’s a constant worry about development because they were a few weeks early. Peace was right on time. We will see what our son will do when it hits January. So we got settled, got all of the kids settled and walked down to the beach. We took a bunch of photos of our first steps into the water and playing in the sand. Man, I really do take a lot of photos Lol My wife loves it but I think maybe it’s a little too much. I can’t help it. I want to capture everything. After we checked out the beach and all the fun things they have waiting down there for us to use in the water we walked back to the cabin. My wife says she doesn’t think a mansion on the beach is a cabin but I said that’s just what we have always called it. I took the main cabin (House, Mansion, whatever) for my family and we will be joined by our older family members. They have been coming to Hawaii longer than I have been alive so out of respect they were all invited to stay at the main place with us. We also made room for Lindsay and Dave and Drew and all of his family too. I wanted them all with me for this trip. Drew had done a lot of our early legal work when I first started out and he has constantly looked over all of our real estate contracts. He’s a part-time employee. Lindsay is my business parter and does not work FOR me. That’s a constant distinction she makes especially when we are arguing over something. Her and Dave are still going strong. I do miss Ben but him and I have stayed in touch. Dave is a different kind of guy. He’s nice and he treats her well so that’s all that matters. I just wouldn’t hang out with him much if we were solo.

We waited for the first big group to get settled and by the time they looked around and did the same beach thing we all did they wandered over to the main cabin. That’s when the 2nd and 3rd big groups arrived. We directed them where to go, our staff got them all to the right places and then back to the main cabin for a huge meal. We had a welcoming luau. We did not have a pig. I wouldn’t let them do it Lol If they want that, they can all go to a hotel luau and enjoy it there. We did have a lot of seafood though and some regional foods. Man, that food though. Very tasty and a lot of it is naturally vegan. My boys LOVE pineapple. They couldn’t get enough we had to take the bowl away from them. Heston plowed through 3 bites before Alex even got one Lol We had music going and we all tried to do the hula. Seeing my wife in her wispy (That’s a word, right?) little skirt and her flowery lei with her pregnant little belly just makes me instantly happy. She looks so beautiful guys. I just put up all of the photos from Day 1 on our Family Facebook page so be sure to read this then go check that out. She was hula and swishing and swaying and I whispered some naughty things in her ear enough to get a smack on my chest Lol I couldn’t help myself. She is so happy and I wanted to let her know she’s making me happy too.

After the big feast everyone went back to their own cabins and the ones that were staying at the hotels decided to take off to go explore. We all stayed up until 2am talking. It was so good seeing my older relatives. I haven’t really spent much time in Nebraska lately so it’s important I get time with them like this. Family is #1. I also got to see my baby cousins, all 1 million of them. Geez we really have a huge family. That’s Catholic for ya. We got the kids to bed and only woke them up once from laughing too loud. Everyone crawled into bed really late and my wife kissed me then snuggled up and she told me she already knows this is going to be an amazing trip. Yes it is! I surprised her with a new piece of jewelry before we went to bed. She has had her eye on this new ring for a while and I decided to finally got get it. She opened the box and screamed a little. Then she hugged me and made me put it on her finger. It went on her right hand. She said now guys will see that she’s double married and they should back off Lol Of course that made me ask, Uh WHAT GUYS!?! and she said just the guys that hit on her. Great. I didn’t know that would be a thing but it is. She is gorgeous, smart, and funny, so I shouldn’t be surprised but she has never told me she gets hit on. I get hit on but mostly women want to know how tall I am and as soon as I show them my black wedding band most of them leave me alone.

Day 1 in the books and we all had a great night sleep. Now this time difference is really messing
me up. I slept great and woke up to Peace wanting to be fed. The nannies have a schedule and Aunt Lindsay was already in there getting her up so she wouldn’t wake up the boys. 3 adults, 1 baby, Lindsay won Lol She said she wanted to and shoved me out of her way so I just went back to bed. Sarah stayed up a little she said then went back to bed because she already knows not to argue with The Lindz.

I think I will recap each day in separate posts. I usually do that and I can keep track of things a lot better. I hope everyone is having a great week back on the main land. Please be safe if you are in the path of the hurricane(s), yes multiple ones! I also know Harvey is still drenching parts of the US so please be sure to keep donating money or find a list of supplies and send out boxes. They all need help NOW. Not later. All of my Miami employees are out of Miami. The ones that came here are safe with me and they are just worried about their homes. I told them all if our building blows up don’t worry we will just go buy a new one and I will find a temporary place for everyone to work from. My main concern is our family condos. I don’t know if they are all going to be okay. I’m worried about all of the money I have invested in those buildings and I made sure my insurance will cover all of the damage before I left the States.

If your local authorities have told you to evacuate, please LEAVE. Don’t ride it out, you don’t have to. There are plenty of places for you to go. Ask for help. Pray for everyone in the area and please donate guys. Even $5 will help someone. The American Red Cross is the one I prefer to ask you to donate too. I know the funds go directly into buying the supplies they need for disaster relief. Please do that $10 phone donation or something. Thanks.

On to Day 2…