Sarah loves Dubai and Spain

I took Sarah with me on my trip to Dubai. She has always wanted to go. My office there is doing great. The money is starting to come in steadily and we decided to expand to newer services. They have a lot of regulation for out of the country business owners and we have been trying to figure things out. We are finally working with a great sponsor that has helped enormously. I had a great time meeting with my employees. We celebrated with a meal and bonuses. And then at night I took Sarah around to show her the city. We were able to see so many amazing sights. I had more time than I had last year for this trip.

Sarah enjoyed going shopping during the day while I was working. She got a lot of great Christmas gifts and souvenirs for her family. She also bought some traditional outfits for my boys. We haven’t put them in it yet because I asked her to wash them a few times to make sure they were cleaned up. You never know what you bring in your clothes when you go overseas. We finished up the trip with a special dinner and for about the 1 millionth time I thanked her very much for being our nanny. I told her how special she is to our family and that I never want her to go away. She said she thinks it’s a lot of fun now that they are getting older and she said it’s going to get a lot harder again as soon as they start walking. Right now we are just holding their hands and arms and they are stumbling all over the place. At least they are trying to stand up on their own. No one has taken their first step yet. We are all waiting to see who does it first. My money is on Heston. He is the more adventurous of the pair. Alex is a little more cautious.

I told Sarah we were going to make a quick stop for 10 hours. She asked where and I told her in Spain. She squealed with excitement. That is her number one place she wanted to see. I wasn’t sure with her school schedule and my boys getting more mobile if she would ever make it to Spain in the next few years. I had always planned for us to stop in but didn’t tell her until the night before. She immediately got online to pick the 4 places she wanted to visit in Barcelona. We quickly took cabs to each place. She was able to take photos and do a few Facebook live videos for her family and friends. She was so happy. Then I told her we have to leave. She was disappointed but I told her someday she will come back and spend more time. I know she will.

We got in very early this morning. By the time we got to bed my dog was barking, my babies were snoring and I just wanted a hot shower. I was able to sleep for 3 hours before my boys woke up. I got up when they did and they both started laughing. My boys are so weird. It was good to hold them again. I need them everyday. I miss them so much when I’m not home. I have a busy travel schedule for day trips the next 2 weeks. The good news is I am taking my boys to Lincoln to see my family. They will spend a few days with them while I head out west. I have to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver. Then I will be in Chicago for our family Christmas. And I will end my year with a few more day trips for work. I will be in New York City of New Year’s eve. I’m really excited for that trip. I plan to go down to Times Square to celebrate the New Year with some of my closest friends.

I’m working on writing a few posts to wrap up and recap my 2016 year. I’m so happy you are here reading this. My blog has been a great resource for people to find out information directly from me. Only Lindsay will have info that I want to put out there. My story is still going strong after all of this time. The more that gets said on the opposing side the more I fight to get the truth out there. I have always been honest and transparent. I have done my best to answer questions and give my comments on everything I find interesting.

I wish you all a great Holiday season. And I look forward to yet another year with all of you on my blog. 2016 has been a great year!

From Paris to a Wedding to Dubai

I’m home from Paris. We got in early this morning. We flew into New York first and rested an hour before we took off in my plane and came home. I did manage to sleep most of the way to New York so that helped. We made it to the condo and managed not to wake up the boys. I got our bags into the rooms then took a shower. I was exhausted but I still wanted to sneak in and check on my babies. I missed them so much. I told Sarah to wake me up as soon as they were up in a few hours. She said okay. At 6:15am they were up. And they both started crying as soon as they heard my voice and saw me. I know they missed me too. My heart is so full of love for them. I hate these longer work trips. I make the most out of my day trips out-of-town. I have several coming up this week then I have to go to Dubai. I also have to squeeze in my cousin’s wedding at my lake house on the 10th. It’s going to be a very busy week.

My twins’ birth mom and grandma stayed after Thanksgiving and helped watch the boys until Sarah got back from vacation. They did stay until Wednesday and said they loved it. They are shocked at how much the boys are so interactive now. I heard everyone had a great time and that they do plan to come back 2 days after Christmas to be with us. I’m so happy to have them. They are all welcome anytime. The grandpa still isn’t coming yet. He will come around. He is struggling with seeing them and not being able to take them home. He has always had a hard time with his daughter’s decisions but I know once he is here he will see that he is their grandpa and he gets to do the best thing in the world, love on them then go home and let me do all the hard work. I pray he visits us for Christmas. If not, I pray he makes it for their 1st birthdays.

Sarah and my nannies worked out a great schedule. I’m glad to know my team is still working well together. Any issues we had are long gone. We still have family meetings once a month unless there is something that comes up and we need an Emergency family meeting. Those are always fun (Not really) and it’s usually resolved in a day or two. We have the schedule for Christmas. I told them all again go be with your families. We can do our celebrations before Christmas and then we will see all 3 of the girls back here after New Year’s eve. I will be fine. I also know Lindsay will be here for both Christmas and New Year’s so I have it covered. The boys are doing great.

Lindsay and I took a long nap after we got the boys fed, bathed, changed, and had play time. The time difference is killer. We will catch up soon but I told her I may be taking another nap tonight. I’m yawning my face off right now.

On to our Paris trip…

We had a list of 20 things to take care of while we were in Paris for a week. And we got 14 of them accomplished. We did manage to buy a new building for the employees. They are now tucked away in a safer location and feel better about things. I made sure to get bulletproof glass ordered on the renovation just in case. I highly doubt anything bad is going to happen, however, you never know. So I would rather pay extra and make sure no one can get hurt sitting and working. I hosted our office Christmas party on Friday afternoon. I invited everyone and our vendors we work closely with. We had a big raffle of prizes and cash. Everyone there won something. It was pretty much a fixed raffle. Not hard when you have 24 people total in attendance. They also got their bonuses early. They all appreciated that. That office was able to put us into the profits by July of this year. So I was able to give them $3,000 each as a Christmas bonus. Also in the card I let them know they are all getting a raise starting January 1st and I hope they will all earn bonuses by July of next year also. I want them all to work with me forever and I wished them all a very Happy Holidays. It was a lovely party. I really tried hard to make it special.

Lindsay and I made some bigger decisions in regards to expansion. We are going to hire 4 more people in January 2017. We are going to start doing some commercial flips and I’m happy to announce that we are also going to open up a new business there probably in September of 2017. Details on that later next year.

Of course we did some sightseeing as well as some shopping. I took my Cubs World Series hat and t-shirt. I took a lot of really cool selfies wearing that in some famous spots in Paris. I uploaded all of my Paris photos onto my Facebook. I still won’t share my personal or work photos online. Sorry. Although I have added several of you that asked me to add you there. I’m glad to get to know you guys. It’s fun to see your photos and updates. I’m glad we have all been connected for so long now.

Onto the Dubai trip. That’s happening the 12th to the 17th. That trip is going to be mostly all travel time and only a very short visit to sightsee and shop. I’m taking Lindsay and Sarah. Sarah wants to go. I said yes. She is very excited and I will do all I can to make the trip extra special since Lindz and I will be busy most days. It’s the 2nd place on my list to move the boys to someday. It’s such a great place. I see huge potential there with the right networks and resources I can make a boom amount of money and send it back to the States. I will be able to take on much bigger construction jobs and contracts to get that company growing into other states. I have always wanted to get into building high rises but could never afford that. This may be the way to do it. I have so many dreams of starting a new company once I retire at the end of 2017 from SJC. It’s been a long run and I know keeping 90% ownership over every business and allowing my people to run things in our framework that I can do all of the things I dream about. Maybe finally going to culinary school. I don’t know about that one because my hand has been so badly damaged and my knife skills will probably get me failed. I just can’t grasp like I need to. I looked into surgery but it’s too risky. I’m waiting to see what other options can come through for me. Dubai may be the best decision for me. But we still have Las Vegas on the list of possible places to live. Lindsay says if we continue to do casino and energy investments we can make more money than anything we do in Dubai. Her weed investments that I laughed at are making her serious money. So much so she wants to partner up in my other businesses. I told her no Lol Go get your own. She is making a lot of money and still wants me to pay her more next year. We will see. The deals she brokers are important and she always gets things on my terms for the most part. It would be fun to see what happens.

She also wants to invest into the NFL. She wants to buy a part of the Las Vegas Raiders football team if they are officially moving soon. She thinks that would be a great investment with a legendary team and wants in early. I put aside some money just in case. She is putting away some of her weed money to invest if it’s a Go. We are watching the news reports on that to see when to approach the ownership. We might only get 5% or so. But it’s still a piece of it. And it would make her happy. We will also see what happens there.

I think I will go take that nap. I have a lot of posts I have not published yet. I will work on that tonight. I have a lot to share and say.

Thank you all for coming here. I hope you are having a great weekend. Love ya’ll!

Catchup Day

Any holiday where my employees do not come into the office is a catch up day for me. I am at work and trying to get as much done before lunch time as I can. I promised Sarah to pick up lunch and bring it home. Then I will take over the babies for the rest of the day. It’s a really nice day out I’m going to get out their stroller and take them for a walk later. I haven’t done that yet. I have wanted to but I was waiting to really make sure they were okay and ready to get out a little.


I couldn’t sleep much last night. I had a headache but my phone kept going off. That’s what happens anytime it’s a Sunday. I get all kinds of comments, emails, texts, and calls. Everyone wants to fill me in. I stopped responding. I will read the messages but I really don’t have anything I want to add. I’m past that point. It is what it is. I’ve already said enough, haven’t I?


Things have been really great lately. I had a bad week and I was tired but over the weekend I did get caught up on all of my work stuff I needed to do. Minus the things I wanted to do. That’s what I’m working on now. We had a great weekend. It is always fun having a houseguest. I go out of my way to make everything fun and entertaining. I also got a couples massage and that helped me out a lot. I have been working out twice a day to get ready for the Chicago marathon. I have wanted to run in it the past 3 years but my health wasn’t ready for it. This year I’m going for it. I have been working on my legs to bulk them up and also running a lot. When it’s nice I go out for an hour-long run and try to beat the last set of distance from the previous week. My iPhone has a Health app built-in that shows me how much I have run in distance. It’s very helpful. I tried that Fitbit and didn’t like it. It didn’t give me the stat I wanted. Working out always puts me in a really great mood. I feel better, stronger. It makes me proud of how committed I am to my fitness and healthy lifestyle. Eating vegan controls my food intake but exercise is what keeps me in shape.


I’m trying to figure out what Sarah wants for lunch. We are texting back and forth here. She can’t decide. It’s a lot better than one of Lindsay’s lunch time suggests. A big white birthday cake and beer Lol I didn’t buy that we went for Mexican food instead but she said she sometimes just craves birthday cake. Her birthday has already come and gone. I don’t know why she would crave that. She has lost a lot of weight. The past several months she is walking a lot and hitting the gym at night. I’m proud of her. She is also not drinking as much. That is probably helping out a lot. She said her mom passing away made her realize she’s not invincible and she has definitely ate everything she has ever wanted to eat her entire life. She is working with a nutritionist friend to help get her eating habits changed. I told her go vegan which she is doing for a few meals each week. The problem is her husband. Or I should say soon to be ex husband, Ben. He is a meat and potatoes guy. He doesn’t think going vegan is good he thinks it deprives your body of a lot of key nutrients. He couldn’t be more wrong. I told Lindsay that’s why you should divorce him Lol They are getting a divorce because she only got married to make her mom happy. It was one of her dying wishes to know Lindsay would be taken care of. The fact is she has always taken care of herself and everyone around her. She just wanted to make her mom happy. Now that her mom has passed, she wants a divorce. She had a tiger shark pre-nup so Ben is getting what he brought to the marriage. She is also throwing him a little money to help replenish his bank account for anything he did spend the few months they were together. She also calls it Shut Up money so he won’t tell anyone any dirty secrets Lol I’m sure there’s a lot. She disappears all of the time and never says where she went or what she does. She gets on her phone and takes off to talk to whoever it is. Then comes back as if nothing happened. They are going to the attorney on Friday to see what they need to do to get the divorce started. The weird thing is they are going to continue to be together and live together. She said she just wants the option to get rid of him if she suddenly gets sick of being in a relationship. He accepts it. I don’t know who would, but he does. I have never really understood those two. They couldn’t be more opposite if they tried yet he loves her a lot. He treats her very well and he really lets her be who she is. He doesn’t put up with her, he enjoys her. I’m glad somebody does because all she has done is frustrate the heck out of me for almost 21 years now Lol She is a pain, demanding, bossy, defiant. In fact she is the most defiant human being I know. If you even think of telling her no, she is going to do exactly what she wants despite the protests. She said she only asks me things as a courtesy and I only waste her time trying to talk things over before she decides. She said her life would be much simpler if I just quit trying to stop half of the things she does and stops emailing her all together Lol I wish it were that simple!


So I’m playing catch up. I enjoy my quiet office. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. For now I need to get back to work and try to figure out if Sarah wants Greek food or Thai. She can’t decide.


I hope everyone has a great Memorial day. God bless our lost loved ones. You are all missed. I love you and God loves ya’ll too!


What gum did I chew when I was a kid?

Just sat down to start typing this out and my kids woke up. Sat down again and the dog needed out. I think everyone is all settled now for a little while. I’m up late. Which is normal but instead of sleeping like I normally do I’m trying to get things caught up. I am very behind in my work emails. It’s bad. In fact it hasn’t been this bad in a months. Thus causing all of the stress in my life. I’m fielding phone calls about work and because I haven’t read all of my emails I have no idea what people are talking about. They all say the same thing, “Well it’s in the email, didn’t you read it?” Insert long deep breath in and fiery ball of exasperation out. No! I haven’t read my emails. No I am not up to date and no I don’t know what you are talking about. Calm, kindness, patience. All things I am trying to do a better job of.

So a friend of mine, she’s female, oh yes and just a friend, called and started talking to me about a very random topic. Then she remembered that I had pissed her off June 7th, 2012 at 8:17pm and decided to rehash that fight all over again Lol It wasn’t that exact date or time but it sure felt like it. So she started up the exact same way she did before and I sat there and listened to her going off on me, again, and did remember that’s what she said the last time about this. The problem is she feels or felt, no it’s definitely still feels, that I have taken the side of my buddy Chewtoy. That’s his nickname and I can not write on here how he got it because it’s both Rated R and disgusting. So Chewtoy did something to her, I was expected to handle it. I didn’t because I honestly didn’t even know what he did until she told me and then when I did find out I still didn’t do anything up to her expectations. Now I did go over to his house, not a dog house, and ask him did you do _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with her _ _ _ _ _ _? He said sort of. I took that as yes. I told him to fix it and I left. In guy talk that was the proverbial, you’re an A-hole, don’t do that again warning. I think she expected me to go punch him out but that’s not my way anymore.

Apparently it’s Lindsay’s way still because she punched a girl tonight in the mouth according to her and Ben’s 2 very different versions and they are patiently waiting for the police to come get her from her home. She said she deserves it and was happy to do it again if the situation came back up. I just shake my head because it’s always something from her. Oh and it is never her fault, not even this one Lol Getting back to my story. My friend chewed me out, I listened, I apologized without any real meaning of sorry behind it and she said she would talk to me later. That is the moment I often want to hit the Block Caller button on my IPhone but I also realize that never works because even when you do block a number, the person can still leave you voicemails and it goes to a special place in heck in your phone called Blocked Voicemails Lol Meaning you can still listen to it and out of human curiosity you will listen. I know this because my ex-girlfriend was blocked, she’s unblocked now, and left me ohhhhhh about 5 blocked voicemails in a row a few weekends ago. She had a lot to say. She was hurt. I listened to all 5 then deleted them without responding to any of it. Ignore is my policy. Ignore the blocked caller and I can pretend she is fine now. Which she is. She just wanted to vent at me. Or actually on me because by the 3rd voicemail I was no longer a topic it turned into “Why do all the men in my life treat me like this!” Maybe it’s because you leave blocked caller voicemails on your exs cellphones?

Lindsay is still working on getting the photos page up. She is making the Call Log page also. It will have all 1560 phone call details from the entire affair. Yeah, I was shocked too. Together we made a combined 1560 calls Lol And out of that came 233 voicemails that I made public. Now there are a lot more voicemails. Some are in the Rated R section because they are dirty Lol Very dirty. And not appropriate to be out in the public. Still shocked to realize that many calls. Wow. It’s a wonder I kept getting chewed out for not answering my phone or calling back with that large amount of call volume! 1560 calls in between us wasn’t enough, I guess Lol

My boys 3 month check up went great. They are now 13 pounds, 25 and a half inches long each. They are wearing 6 months old clothing already. We sort of zoomed right past the 3 months outfits. We did put them on for I think 2 weeks, but they are getting big. So big I struggle now to carry the diaper bag and both boys by myself. The car seats with baby in each is cumbersome and it does make it a challenge to get them downstairs.

We did not go to the lake this weekend because I have way too much work to get done. If I would have went there nothing would be done. I am probably looking at another 4 hours of work here. I better get back to it. I just needed a little break.

I was asked what my favorite gum was as a kid. It was fruit stripes. I would shove in 3 pieces at a time. Random but okay. There is your answer 😉

Please say a prayer for my friend’s mom. She had a heart attack today and needs prayers. I sent one up the moment I heard. God bless my friend and her family. It is scary.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


Life is good

life I love my family. They have been here since Friday. It’s great spending time with them. There were a few years that I was not around them. We all struggled from the loss of my grandmother. She was the head of the family. Without her, our family split into 3 different directions. Nothing we tried to do together would work out. There were always fights so I stopped going back for family events. It was too much to deal with. Mostly it was just really sad to me. I felt bad that no one seemed to bring them all back together. I don’t know how or why but it seems to me everyone is coming back together naturally. We are all trading emails with photos of the kids or vacations. We are all talking about family trips to see each other. It’s a good place to be in right now with them. I know that it won’t last long, it never does, but for now it’s a blessing. I want my boys to know our family. We are all crazy but we are fun. I’ve seen my family struggle but never talk things out. We grew up thinking the best thing was to suffer in silence and keep praying. That’s wrong. You need to talk about what’s going on. It makes you feel better and the thing is this, someone may have words of wisdom that can help you. Even if all they do is listen, that lets some of the pressure off.
I’ve always had Drew and Lindz. They know when I’m tired or crabby or happy. They’ve seen it all. I couldn’t ask for better friends. I hope my children realize that even though they are not blood related that Uncle Drew and Aunt Lindsay are going to help me raise them. Drew will bring the traditional Catholic, sports minded, family part. Lindsay will bring the crazy amount of fun let’s eat cake for breakfast part. I’m starting to realize life is all about balance. When you are unhappy there has been a shift in your energy source. When you are happy, everything seems to be in order. I’m noticing more and more what makes me happy and what doesn’t. I started dropping people from my life that weren’t adding anything positive. It didn’t go over well but that’s life. I’m much more at peace knowing I am doing what I need to do to make sure my babies don’t feel tension from me. I’m trying to do my very best with them. I don’t mind the nights where I only get 2 hours of sleep. I don’t mind the endless diapers, feedings, and baths. I love it all. I’m at an age where I can appreciate every moment with them. If I was younger I would have breezed through these weeks and not really thought about it.
I love my boys. I wanted them from the moment I heard about the situation. Well I wanted the baby I thought was coming. I dropped the phone when she told me they found out it was twins Lol And then I wanted them both together. I couldn’t imagine my life without these 2 little guys. They are perfect. They aren’t at the age where they realize that life can be tough. They don’t have the sense that bad things can happen. They are living life without a care in the world. Because they have all of us to take care of them. That’s how we should all feel in relationships and friendships. That you know your group will be there for you no matter what. 20 of my closet friends I’ve known since I was 10 years old. Half of that group I’ve known since birth. We have stayed friends because we all went through the school years together. Some have been divorced a few times, all of them have a kid or kids. When we all see each other it’s just like old times. A big smile then a hug. Then how’s it going? My 25 year school reunion is coming up and I just can’t believe it. 25 years since I was in high school? How did that even happen. What have I done in my life with the 25 years since I graduated? Was it good enough? Have I been kind? Have I helped anyone that asked for help? To me that’s what defines me. I have success in business, but who really cares. I can’t take my job home and show it to my boys. But I can take stories home about how I helped someone who day. That’s what I tell them at night when I’m getting them ready for bed. I feed them and talk about my day. Funny things that happened or something really cool I saw. (The new Bolt car is pretty cool) I don’t want them to live a life of privilege and not be humbled by all of the hard work my family has put in to get us here. My grandmother’s family legacy is all about hard work. And none of my family works except a few of us. That’s how everyone was able to stay and visit so long. Also the reason they can just pick up and fly out here so easily.
I am a trust fund kid. I have never denied that. But what some people don’t realize is I worked my way up. I had a job at McDonald’s. I worked for my dad. I did landscaping. I had really bad college jobs helping people move or doing deliveries on campus. I have always worked since I can remember. Both of my boys will work to. During and after college if they choose to go. I’m not going to be setting up a trust fund for them. I will support them always but they need to work or do something they are passionate about. I never wanted to work in construction. I wanted to be a chef. My hand is so messed up from injuries that I can’t get it to use a knife like I know I would have to. That was my dream. I never went after it because obligation and trying to do things on my own never allowed the time to go to culinary school. I admire folks that have. I love talking food and learning how to do things. I love cooking and finding new recipes. I cook almost all of my meals myself. Rarely do I get food and bring it home. Even when I get food for the girls I either grab a salad or I don’t get anything for myself. I learned from my dad to always make sure you had enough money in your pocket to feed yourself at the start of the day. I’ve done that. It wasn’t always easy but I knew if things got really bad I could call my mom and she would send me $20 for the week. I want my kids to chase their dreams.
I know we will live overseas. I want them to have the entire world as their teacher. We will travel and learn new languages. We are already speaking Spanish to them. I know how to say I love you in Spanish and how to count to 5. I want them to have every opportunity they can. I know when it’s time for them to find a career it will be one they love. What’s that saying? If you can do something you love, you never work a day in your life? That’s how I want them to feel. That’s how I feel now doing the investments. I get to pick my projects and watch nothing turn into something great. It’s like playing with legos everyday and building something.
The financial forecasts are all pretty ominous. The oil prices tanking out wasn’t supposed to last this long. We forecasted it 3 years ago. That’s why we expanded to Oklahoma City because we knew oil prices would bottom out. That’s the best time for my industry to buy up all of the smaller based energy companies that feed the larger corporate companies and start to corner the market. It’s been a great strategy but it’s also difficult because you take a guy who has owned his company for 40 years and see me waltz in and pick it apart. The ones that we can help, we give back to them after we show them how to run it more efficiently. I’m not about grabbing all of the money and running. That’s what happened in Detroit. The auto industry moved and several large cities look like war zones. It’s tragic. I want to come in and help a company out because that creates jobs for people who live there. Hard working people who want to earn a paycheck and work in a safe environment. I hope that the market starts an upswing. But it’s not looking like it will until 2 years from now. Until then I pray we all find a balance. Life isn’t about work or success. It’s about family. I’m doing all I can to teach my babies, even this young, what balance means to stay happy forever. I’m talking to them about it. In our daily prayers I’m asking God to show them what their purpose is. It’s important for me to show them how good life really is.
I am really happy. I couldn’t imagine my life getting any better than it is right now. Things are great. I can’t believe I found peace, finally. I hope you all find that too. It’s the best feeling. It really is.

Well it is Los Angeles

downtown_los_angeles-normal  Good morning from Los Angeles. I’m into the last part of my work trip. I will be here until Thursday. This office is small, only 3 employees but it makes us the most money. Well at least until Lindsay can start making money off of all 3 of our casino investments. We are all working hard to help each other out. Teamwork, it’s the only way you can do business. I appreciate every one of my employees, they are like family to me. It’s been nice talking to this group here about what’s been going on and what we can do to make things easier. Across the board they want more employees. So we are going to hire 2 people. My plan is to first shoot out an email this morning offering anyone from my other cities to move to LA. That doesn’t always pay off, but I like to give them first dibs. If no one wants to pick up their life and move, we put an ad in the paper so to speak. Right about now is the time we start getting apps for Summer Interns. I had a big issues last summer with one of the kids. This year we will do a better job vetting people.
I am finally feeling better. I was battling something over the weekend. I thank the Lord I was not at home with my boys. That would have been a disaster. I think it was a sinus infection mixed with some crud. I went to the oncologist Monday to run a bunch of tests. All routine, they did not find anything to worry about which is a blessing. I’m a little anemic, and dehydrated. They pushed an IV and I’m back to my old self. Thank goodness, I don’t do very well when I’m sick. I get really crabby.
Dang I miss my boys! We have been Facetiming a few times a day. Sarah said they are fine but I miss their little faces. I can’t wait to get home. I am going home Saturday night late because we are doing their Christening on Sunday. Such a great dad, I had forgotten it was coming up so soon Lol That still makes me feel horrible and guilty. Lindsay and her family will be coming back to Chicago with me. I have to swing in Friday night late to visit her. She wants to have a “sit down” which means she’s going to yell at me about her budget. She had it good while I was on paternity leave. She allocated a lot of funds to her west coast offices. Then I came back and reversed some of it Lol We have got to communicate better. I know she needs the financial backing but until some of our bigger construction jobs finish up this month we have to watch things a little closer. It’s always a balancing act with the money. That’s why each city only has 2 or 3 employees so I don’t give in trouble with a huge payroll.
What I need is an accountant type person to come in, look over all of my books and tell me at what percentage profit can we expand a little in each market area. I may need to look into that. I have some really big checks coming in soon. I want to set myself up for more expansion this year. And I want to buy more buildings to develop. That’s my passion.
Did I mention I’m missing my boys? Facetime is making it a little easier but I want to be with them. I think we need to schedule shorter trips from now on. I really thought I would tough guy this out and it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Being away from them like this, I don’t like it. I think some of it is the guilt that I’m all they have as a parent right now. I can’t rely on a step-mom to help out. I have to rely on the nannies. I’m so thankful my cousin and her daughter have stayed. That helped the guilt. And they are really enjoying their time together. We have all decided to start doing a 3 trip a year open adoption schedule. They want to come in March, August and December. But not around their birthdays or direct holidays. They are being respectful that this is my family. We agreed they will come to my home, stay there with the boys for a few days are up to 1 week, then it’s time to go. We also agreed to revisit the visitation schedule when they are old enough to go on fun trips like Disney. I think when my boys are 6 we will do Disney for the first time. I want them to remember it. I want them to be kids forever, but I think by the time they are 6 years old they would remember an experience like that. I never liked Disney growing up. Seeing how happy the stories were just made me realize how crappy my childhood made me feel. I like their birth mom wants to stay in touch. She said she wants to watch them grow up and not deny them as a part of her life. It’s all very healthy. I’m proud of her. Her therapy has helped her see her decision was the best for her and best for them. She is so selfless for giving me this gift. It’s the biggest thing she will ever do in her life, up until she gets married and has more kids. I asked her if someday she wanted more kids and she said yes. I said that would be awesome.
Today is my friend Brooke’s birthday! Happy birthday, sugar! I pray your birthday is the best yet and you have a great day.
I signed a contract to work my book into a screenplay for one of those tv movies. I only agreed to it because I have some say on the screenplay they write. I didn’t want them to twist my book into their version. They want to stay true to the storyline and only embellish and sensationalize certain parts. To make it steamy and interesting. Well that relationship was steamy and interesting so go for it. And if I don’t like the screenplay, I can axe it. That was written into the contract, thank you to my lawyers for looking out. I won’t, because I do believe the writing team can just adjust the concerns I have. I’m excited. I’ve never been apart of something like this before. It’s going to be very cool watching the whole thing take shape. They wanted Lindsay’s approval to use some of her content and to talk to her about her part, she refuses. Typical Lol I tried bribing her. Nothing works. So we have to go around her, but still include her because that’s going to be the focus of the whole film until the big suspenseful ending. So we are officially in Pre-Production. Whatever the heck that means. They are hiring a bunch of folks to work on this. I can’t wait to see what actor they get for my part. I really can’t wait to see the actress they get for Lindsay’s part. That will be hilarious. I told them to hit a mental hospital and find the girl who no one will sit by because she’s just straight up crazy, then hire her Lol Lindsay started laughing when I told her that and she said “whatevs”.
All exciting things going on in my life. So much responsibility. I feel like this is a little vacation but even at night I’m still working on emails. Tonight I have some friends who were near by fly in to hang out. We are going to hit some clubs. I have to figure out where to meet them for dinner. There are some phenomenal restaurants in LA. I want to try them all. I finally got some BCD Tofu yesterday for lunch and dinner. Man is that place amazing! It’s literally right near my LA office so I walked over to grab my food. Delicious and healthy. I’ll probably do that again today for lunch. No one makes great tasting Korean food near me.
I went for a run early this morning. I need to shower and make my way into the office. My hotel isn’t too far away but it took me 25 minutes to get from the office to my hotel last night. Just love downtown traffic.
My Amazon book sales are doing great! I had the little sale tracker bar at 5 units per increment but now that it’s done so well the sales tracker bars go by 25 units per increment. That’s amazing. My best day I sold 53 books. In one day! That’s exciting stuff. I knew the sales would not be crazy high but it is still selling every day and it fluctuates. It’s also still selling on my website. I like that too. The paypal moves the money a lot faster into my bank account. I only have to wait a week. With Amazon you have to earn $100 then wait 60 days from the time you hit the first $100. So I can’t cash that money out for another month and a half or something like that. All of it is still going to those 2 Utah Charities. I want to make this book worth it. I want to help people who need it. That part was always important to me. I’m glad so far the money has helped and I’m doing good. I wanted to pay back in someway. Glad it’s for a great cause.
I still can’t believe I forgot all about their Christening on Sunday. My head is soup right now with everything I have going on. My whole family is coming into town Saturday. And some of my friends. I guess I need to call the party planner lady back. She has left me at least 10 voicemails Lol Whoops. I trust her, she knows what she is doing. I’m sure whatever she has planned will be just fine. The party isn’t even the important part of this. It’s us standing before God in Church offering their souls to Him forever. To me, it’s the only way my kids will live this life. And from that moment on, I know they will get into Heaven. No matter what they do in life, Heaven will be their Eternal Kingdom. IF…we make it through their teenage years Lol Oh boy I don’t even want to think about that yet.
Hope ya’ll are having a great week! I’m feeling better, I miss my boys, and I can’t wait to get home soon!
God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

California week


Good morning from Sacremento. I’ve been here a few days on business. I feel like crap. I was fighting allergies or so I thought. Turned into something else with a fever. Very glad I was not home with the boys when this started up. They are doing great. My cousin and her daughter, their birth mom, are at my condo visiting until I get home next Sunday. She only wanted to stay until today but asked if I would change their tickets to stay longer. It’s a healing process for her. I am trying to do anything I can to help her but I don’t know what to do. I’m so happy she gets this time with them and I am able to give her space to just be with them. She asked for an open adoption so this is part of it. My cousin loves seeing her grandkids. She keeps sending me pictures of them. I miss them but work goes on.

I missed Easter with them but not really. We did our Easter stuff the weekend before. We had our family photos taken. The girls and I made colored eggs. We were all reliving our childhoods on that Lol The boys got Easter outfits and cards from family. Lindsay sent them ridiculously overloaded baby Easter baskets with clothes shoes and baby stuff. Drew found out and sent them 2 huge stuffed ducks and a check for their college funds. I can see the competition between god parents has already started Lol I figured it would start at Christmas but I was wrong. My boys are so blessed to have so many people love them.

I’m going to an oncologist this morning for a routine checkup and to get paperwork filled out for my adoption judge. He wants current medical records to make sure my leukemia is in remission and I do get regular check ups to deal with it. He told my lawyer if we submit all of this paperwork he will move the adoption date up into this year. I will do anything to make that happen. Even all of these dang tests.

After that I have to wait 3 hours before I can fly myself down to LA. My office there is very behind and I came out to help get it back on track.

I will coming back to Sacremento on Friday to pick up the keys to our investment house we purchased. We went in a slightly different direction than what I was working on. It will maximize profits in about 12 months. It’s one of the biggest house flips we have ever done so I’m excited to see the progress. Plus I just want to demo some walls Lol That’s my favorite part.

I can not wait to hit LA and eat some really good vegan food. LA has so many awesome restaurants. I haven’t been eating much since I became sick and I’m finally getting my appetite back. My friend Tracy told me to find a Gatorade like drink called Recharge. Man was that a genius idea because within 24 hours I felt a lot better. I’m sure I was dehydrated from throwing up so much. Thanks Tracy!

I’m going to stop in to see Lindz and her fam on Saturday. She wants to yell at me for spending some of her budget on the new investment house. She was not feeling it at all and argued the whole thing. Also her mom is not doing very well. She is starting to forget words and wander off. Ben has had a heck of s time trying to help but not trying to take charge. He’s a good guy. Perfect fit for her and her crazy life.

Hope ya’ll have a great week. Mine will be very busy until I get back home to my boys. I miss them. I can’t wait to hold them again. I love my boys!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!