Comments are now ON!

Hi guys, how’s it going? I’m great. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should share this link out or not. I decided why not. Over the past week Lindsay and I have been working hard trying to redo some of my online accounts to make them look nicer. Ever since she moved to Chicago she keeps trying to pretty up my life. It’s a little weird. However, my online presence is pretty basic and simple. I’m not that creative. I just want my accounts to be functional and I’ve never really put much effort into making them look good. Well, you guys know that because you’ve been here for years Lol This place is dusty, moldy, and probably a little worn but now we have a new design.

What do you think? Not bad huh.

And onto this…

So Youtube has a new thing that connect your subscribers from your channel into more of a messaging with friends type thing. I have 155 subscribers. News to me too. I had no idea. Look:

You have to share your link to add in the friends so I’m sharing my link. Here is my Youtube friends link.

Add me, message me, ask away. I love all of my fans and I’ve never shyed away from answering questions that are respectful.

I also have several hidden subscribers, see them here:

Why are you hiding? It’s the internet we can see you Lol

I don’t get why you would hide your subscription on YouTube? Anyone know? The channel owner can see you guys. You aren’t hidden, at all. Weird. So we just redid my entire YouTube channel. Well the one with all the voicemails. I have a completely different YouTube channel, as some of you already know 😉 We will fix that one up tomorrow. We also just opened up all comments on that voicemail YouTube Channel. I’ve never done that before. The only reason I did is because of this

Sorry trolls, not today!

I get to review all of your comments before I post then respond to them. Lindsay is an added moderator so who knows what she will do. She’s also the moderator for the comments on this blog. It all goes to her first then she will text me to reply to it. I actually haven’t been posting your comments on here in probably over a year. That’s because most of my comments now are from my long time viewing fans who communicate with me elsewhere.

And in case you are wondering, yes it’s really me that owns that YouTube channel. I own it and Lindsay runs it because I didn’t know how to make the voicemails into videos. She did all of that with her friends. I’ve now been YouTube and Google verified. Where’s my blue checkmark? Lol

I had to upload a file to my website and then hit Verify. So I did.

It’s official, My Youtube is now verified. Woot!

Go check out all the hard work. No I’m not going to be adding a description to each voicemail. I already did that here and I don’t care. Just listen and you will see the REAL TRUTH of the situation, not the bullsh** lies Meri Brown said on tv.

Have a good day, Batfans!

Youtube kids

When my boys are napping and my little sweet angel Peace is napping I have free time at home. We have a maid that comes in to clean and do the laundry here so I don’t have to do any thing like that. I do my work calls and emails when I have down time. Lately though.

Okay I’ve been on Youtube guys. No one told me what it as like out there. I clicked on 1 stinking video that led me to another and another and another and…

You get it. These Youtube kids. I don’t really get them. I mean I know that we are in the Selfie age and I know people are a lot more narcissistic than I am (If that’s possible 😉 ) but I don’t know. I mean they do prank videos. Then they do reaction videos. Then they make up music videos and on and on. They get 9 million followers in a week? WTF. I’m up to, let me look, oh wow Lol Sidebar!

Guys I’m at 84,999 followers on my Twitter account. It’s been 1 year since I joined Crowdfire and I’m up that far. I thought that was good. The new Twitter app shows when your follower count goes up by one so let me wait a few to see who the lucky number 85,000 is.

It’s @TechGenYZ, go follow that account please. He just won a free shoutout! I just looked the account is in Kolkata, West Bengal. Oh that’s Calcutta. I had to google that too.

Okay back to what I was saying. They get all of these followers who “sub” their channel. I had to google that, it’s subscribe. They have all of this lingo, they are all dabbing everyone, everywhere. I don’t get it. I’m going to start watching more of their videos to try to understand this phenomenon. So far the only kid that seems nice and respectful if FazeRug. He just pranks his parents. Some of the videos do look set up. I think his parents are in on some of them but I also think they want to get famous too. They each have their own Youtube channel as well.

Does anyone get why you do prank/reaction/whatever videos daily on Youtube? Are they making money or is this all for the attention? I don’t know. Please explain I’m just an old dad over here trying to remember to put the twist tie back on the bread sack.