A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Intro

I am happy to say I’m finally making time to get this book started. It’s been a busy summer. The last time I tried to finish this book I made it up to page 300 and stopped. It has 3 sections. The text, the workbook, and the study guide. The text is 669 pages. Let’s get started!

IntroACIM The only section I highlighted was

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

It’s a great way to start such a word-heavy book. But what does that mean? Nothing real can be threatened? Isn’t this how wars are started? Nothing unreal exists? What about thoughts about ghosts? Herein lies the peace of God. Well I’m in search of peace so this will be great. It seems like a simple enough set of ideas. Let’s see what comes next.

Rowboat Book Club Book #31

We will be reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome book. This one sounds really good. And I do like King’s book.

Plot summary

At 11:44 a.m. on October 21, 2017, the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill is abruptly and gruesomely separated from the outside world by an invisible, semipermeable barrier of unknown origin. The immediate appearance of the barrier causes a number of injuries and fatalities and traps former Army Captain Dale “Barbie” Barbara—who is trying to leave Chester’s Mill because of a local dispute—inside the town.

Police Chief Howard “Duke” Perkins is killed instantly when his pacemaker explodes when he gets too close to the Dome. This removes the last significant opposition to James “Big Jim” Rennie, used car salesman and the town’s Second Selectman. Big Jim exerts a significant influence on Chester’s Mill and seizes the opportunity to use the barrier as part of a power play to take over the town.

Big Jim appoints one of his cronies, the incompetent Peter Randolph, as the new police chief. He also begins expanding the ranks of the Chester’s Mill Police with questionable candidates, including his son, Junior Rennie, and his friends. Junior has frequent migraines caused by an as-yet-undiscovered brain tumor which has also begun affecting his mental state; unknown to Big Jim, Junior was in the process of beating and strangling a girl (Angie McCain) to death when the barrier appeared and has killed another girl (Dodee Sanders) by the time Big Jim places him on the police force.

Elsewhere in Chester’s Mill, Col. James O. Cox (who is stationed outside of the Dome) calls Julia Shumway, the editor of the local newspaper, and has her carry a message to Barbie to contact him. Cox then asks Barbie to act as the government’s agent to bring down the Dome, as it has come to be known. Drawing similarities to Barbie’s Army specialization in locating enemy munitions factories, Cox gives him the task of locating the Dome’s power source, which is believed to be somewhere in the town. Cox is also able to foresee the small-town political ramifications of such a situation. By virtue of a Presidential order, Barbie is reinstated in the U.S. military and brevetted to the rank of Colonel. Barbie is also presented with a decree granting him authority over the township. However, small-town politics being what they are, this action is not well received by Big Jim and his band of renegade police officers. Around this time, Brenda Perkins, Duke’s widow, discovers a file on her husband’s computer that lists Big Jim’s money-stealing schemes.

As Big Jim covertly encourages and orchestrates unease and panic among the townspeople to build up his grab for power, Barbie, Julia, and some other townspeople attempt to stop things from spiraling out of control. After crossing Big Jim’s path on several occasions, Barbie is framed and arrested for four murders. He is accused of killing Reverend Lester Coggins, who laundered money for Big Jim’s large-scale methamphetamine operation, and Duke’s widow Brenda Perkins, who were both murdered by Big Jim, as well as Angie and Dodee. While Barbie is in jail, other residents track the source of the Dome, using a Geiger counter, to an abandoned farm; the device they find in the middle of the farm’s orchard is strongly indicated to be extraterrestrial in origin. The restrictions issued by Big Jim become more severe, and the police force grows more abusive, galvanizing the town and eventually leading some residents to break Barbie out of jail, killing Junior seconds before he can murder Barbie.

The semi-organized resistance flees to the abandoned farm, where multiple people touch the strange object and experience visions. They not only conclude that the device was put in place by extraterrestrial “leatherheads” (so named for their appearance), but that specifically they are juveniles who have set up the Dome as a form of entertainment, a sort of ant farm used to capture sentient beings and allow their captors to view everything that happens to them.

On an organized “Visitors Day”—when people outside the Dome can meet at its edge with people within—Big Jim sends Randolph and a detachment of police to take back control of his former methamphetamine operation from Phil “Chef” Bushey, who is stopping Big Jim from covering up the operation as well as hoarding the more than four hundred tanks of propane stored there (Chef wants it all, explaining, “I need it to cook”). Big Jim underestimates Chef’s capacity for self-defense and meth-induced paranoia; he, as well as the now-ostracized head selectman Andy Sanders (whom Chef has introduced to meth use), defend themselves and the meth lab with assault rifles. Many are killed in the ensuing gunfight, and Chef, who is mortally wounded, detonates a plastic explosive device he has placed in the meth production facility. The ensuing explosion, combined with the propane and meth-making chemicals, unleashes a toxic firestorm large enough to incinerate most of the town.

More than a thousand of the town’s residents are quickly incinerated on national television, leaving alive just over 300 individuals who gradually die out as the toxic air restricts their breathing. Among the survivors are the twenty-seven refugees at the abandoned farm, an orphaned farm boy, hiding in a potato cellar, and Big Jim and his informal aide-de-camp, Carter Thibodeau, in the town’s fallout shelter. Big Jim and Thibodeau eventually turn on each other over the limited oxygen supply (and Big Jim’s worry that Thibodeau may act as a witness against him if they survive); Big Jim stabs and disembowels Thibodeau, only to die several hours later when hallucinations of the dead send him fleeing into the toxic environment outside. The survivors at the barn begin to slowly asphyxiate, despite efforts by the Army to force clean air through the walls of the Dome.

Barbie and Julia go to the control device to beg their captors to release them. Julia makes contact with a single female leatherhead, no longer accompanied by her friends and thus not under peer pressure. After repeatedly expressing that they are real sentient beings with real “little lives,” and by sharing a painful childhood incident with the adolescent alien, Julia convinces the leatherhead to have pity on them. The Dome rises slowly and vanishes, allowing the toxic air to dissipate and finally freeing what is left of the town of Chester’s Mill.


The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become peaceful inside.

peace1This is my favorite 2 quotes on peace. I can’t share with you all that I know of peace, but I can share how I got there. I grew up in a household divided. My dad was loud, mean, drunk, abusive, and rude. My mom was quiet, soft spoken, scared, and passive. It was like living with 2 people that had no idea why they were together. And that came up a lot. But yet they stayed together until my dad passed away. I didn’t realize inner peace until I moved out when I was 16. I simply could not take it anymore. The fights were getting worse, my dad was getting louder, my mom was getting sadder, more quiet. And my little brother was always upset with everybody. When I left home I found that I really enjoy and crave the quiet. It’s where I can do all of my prayers and reflective thinking. I have never really focused on what I don’t have going on in my life. I focus most of my prayers on the good works I am and want to continue doing. I focus on asking God to use my life in service to others. And in doing so, I will find my own peace. It’s all I have ever wanted. Every birthday wish was please God, let me parents not fight today. I asked for peace constantly. And I did get it sometimes. It wasn’t all chaos, just mostly.

When I started going through therapy after my fiancee and baby passed away, I realized how angry I was. I was really angry about growing up in that household. I was angry that God had taken the woman that I loved and the son I had wanted so badly. I was angry that I let my life be guided by doing what everyone else wanted me to do, instead of doing what I wanted just once. I found that anger started coming out in rages with the therapist. Instead of going in there crying, like I really thought would happen, I would leave really pissed off and looking for a fight. I lost my sense of stability, foundation and love. And I was trying to get it back. But I had to find a new source of love. I had to start with myself.

I found out through reading so many books and really digging into the Bible, that I am the teacher I’ve been waiting for. I am the one who can end my own suffering. If I kept beating myself up for the things I lost, I would never find the things I needed. And that was love, companionship, trust, and peace. I had become focused on what I thought shouldn’t have happened to me. But God taught me that it should, because it did. I was trying to make my mind believe that it didn’t really happen. It took me a few weeks to realize she really, really wasn’t ever coming home. And that pissed me off. I wanted her home. I needed her home. And I suffered greatly not letting that thought go. Much of my stress came from mentally living elsewhere. I was not living in my present life. I was looking back, or looking forward and feeling lost both ways. All of the answers I ever needed were always available inside of me. I know what’s best for my life. I know what I want. I know what I need. But I wasn’t living for that. I was living for anger and suffering. I was playing victim 24/7 because I shut myself down. I wasn’t talking, I wasn’t hanging out with my friends, or doing anything other than working and coming home. I didn’t want to have people over, I didn’t want to answer the phone so I could be asked “How are you holding up”. I wanted to be quiet, still, and alone. And I suffered greatly.

What I found out, was that every stressful moment I experienced was a gift that pointed me to my own freedom. Then I found a book that changed everything. I learned to start looking into my own thoughts. I found that the questions in the book made me really stop and think. A powerful way of prompting myself was to add “and it means what” to anything that I was angry, sad, or hurt about. I learned from this book that I was doing this to myself. People were being nice to me, asking how I was holding up. I was getting pissed because I didn’t want to talk. And I found out I didn’t want to talk because that would mean I would have to let her go. The more I talked about her and our son, the more they became accepted as gone forever. And I didn’t want that at all. I was suffering greatly in the thought of what I thought I should have in my life. I had to ask myself how did I react when I think the thought, she shouldn’t have passed away. My son shouldn’t have passed away. I got upset. I got angry.  I cried. I didn’t want them gone. I wanted them with me so I could take care of them and love them. But that was no longer true for me. I began to notice the internal cause and effect of that question. My human nature is for truth, and when you oppose it, you don’t feel like yourself. I would never be myself again. And I knew it. And I suffered greatly.

But I also became a character in the pages of a myth of my suffering. I told myself all these crazy stories about what I could have done to save them, even though there was no possible way I could have. I told myself what if I was driving in the car with them. Maybe I would have gone and they would be okay. Which I asked God about day after day. Why them, why not me. She didn’t deserve this. Our baby boy didn’t deserve this. I reacted to these myths by living in a stressed body, seeing everything through fearful eyes and not living.

I had to begin investigating this suffering. I had to start inquiring all of these questions about myself that I really didn’t want to answer. I had to start noticing, not dropping the thoughts. I’m really good at not talking about my feelings. But that doesn’t cultivate any type of healthy relationship with anyone.

Who would I be without the thought?

Who would I be without the thought my fiancee and our son should not have died?

This one was tough. I didn’t want to write those words, let alone think about them. But this book said I needed to. So I did. I thought about it and I would be more at peace with reality.  I would stop suffering and realize they died. I died inside too. And letting go of the should, as hard as it was, freed me. People can barely recognize themselves freed from the limitations of their stories. What I learned was a heartfelt apology to myself was a simple way to undo an error and being again on an equal and guiltless basis. Apologizing and making amends to myself was for my own sake. I had to stop thinking they shouldn’t have died, and start thinking I should live. Because that’s what I was missing. I was missing my life. I was missing all these wonderful gifts God had for me. I was missing love, companionship, trust, and peace. And it’s all I wanted in my life.

I learned that I am willing to create openness, creativity, and flexibility in my thinking. My inner freedom became an expression of love and ease in the world. I began to tell everyone how much I loved them. Because I learned that life is short. And tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Not them, not me, not my family, not my friends. No one. And I became humbled by my experiences. I became kind, and loving. No longer angry and scared. I was living in fear, but loving the fear for teaching me lessons.

You have to answer the questions about your life without anyone elses judgement. Don’t we already judge ourselves too much? All those shouldn’t you tell yourself, are they really true? You shouldn’t change jobs? You shouldn’t talk to someone? You shouldn’t be angry and hurt? Is that really true?

I love my life. I love everything I have lost, I love everything I have found. And I love this book. It taught me what I needed most, that I was causing this suffering all on my own. It also taught me how to stop suffering by re-writing my new story. And after 10 years of staying alone, angry, and scared I found happiness and inner peace.

Then I found love 😉

God loves you guys and I love ya’ll too! Have a great weekend!


Soul to Soul Questions

Asked, Answered

How do you know?

I know enough to say that I don’t know about a lot of things in my life.

What is your philosophy based on?

My philosophy is based on the Catholic religion.

What is the source of your information?

The New American Standard Bible

Do your ideas come from Buddhist, Christian, or Sufi traditions?

Christian based

What is Evil?

Evil is lack of love

What is the distinction between recognizing something evil and judging it?

Recognizing evil is knowing that it has or shows no love at all. Judging evil is placing emotions or feelings onto what you view as evil.

What exactly is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is your soul leaving this life and being reborn into a new form of energy

Can your prove that life exists after death?

Yes. Look at a baby and see if you recognize their eyes

What physical proof do you have of life after death?

Flowers always come back every year

What do you mean by universe?

Universe is all that encompasses our world

Do you use the word Universe to mean God?

No. God is separate from the Universe

Does the Universe care about us?

Yes it does

If the Earth school ceases to exist due to a natural disaster of some kind, would the rest of this vast Universe even care, or be aware of it?

Yes it would. It would notice our absence

Do we have a destiny?

Yes, our destiny is set before we are born

If the Universe determines my destiny, what role do I play in shaping my fate?

Your role is to sit back and enjoy the ride your destiny is going to take you on

Why are thoughts powerful?

Thoughts are powerful because they create

How do thoughts create?

Thoughts create because they tell the mind how to put our body into action to make something happen. They are powerful because they

What is new about multisensory perception?

It is a new way to say spirit

Multisensory perception apparently does not exclude the products of thought and influence — so what makes it so new?

It is a new way to learn about the things that our 5 senses can not help us understand or learn.

What is the basis for the Earth School concept?

The basis is realizing that you are on this Earth and you are meant to learn what your life is all about while you are here. Everyday is a new learning experience.

What do you mean by spiritual?

Spiritual means beyond your body

What do you mean by inner work?

Inner work are the things you need to work on that come up as a conflict with your soul. When you are hesitating, when you are fearful, when you are feeling out of balance with your life, you have inner work to do.

You often say that a person has to do the work to change and to create a more compassionate self and world. Could you better define what you mean by work?

Work is anything that makes you off balance with yourself.

What are the first steps of spiritual growth?

The first steps of spiritual growth is realizing that you are not your body. You are a soul inside of your body.

What are the first steps I should take to begin to explore my spirituality?

To being to explore your spirituality, start questioning your belief system and see if you can really stand behind it.

What is the role of sacred practices in spiritual development?

The role of sacred practices is to help you find a routine that suits your beliefs and works within the balance of your soul.

What does the scientific method have to do with spirituality?

The scientific method is the evolutional explanation for how life was created and how your spirit fits within the realm of your life.

If we replace the scientific method with other ways of knowing, how will we replace the certainty that science provides?

Science is a technique to prove or disprove theories, without the scientific method you are relying on your faith to know something as true or untrue.

Why strive for spiritual growth if the world is coming to an end?

Your world is coming to an end quicker everyday. You are meant to live a peaceful existence while you are here on Earth, to do that, you must examine your spiritual growth everyday.

What’s the point of trying to grow spiritually if our destiny has already been written?

If you stop learning, you stop living a life full of enlightenment.

Do you believe in soul mates?

Yes I do. I have found the mate to my soul.

How can I let go of my expectations of others?

Let it go and let other people in your life, be who they are. Accept them for who they are. Do not expect anything in life and enjoy what comes your way.

Why is letting go of my expectations so difficult?

Because we want what we want. And we want it right now.

Why can’t I fall in love?

Falling in love is hard to do. You have to cultivate the feelings over a period of time, it means pulling down walls and boundaries. Opening up to someone and showing them who you are.

I feel complete but can never seem to fall for anyone. Why is this?

Because you are not focusing on love. You are focusing on finding someone to love.

How can I love without fear?

Open your heart, shut your eyes, and just love everything and everyone.

What is the difference between judging and discerning?

Judging is putting an emotional attachment onto something you see, think, or feel. Discerning is establishing what something is and viewing it just as it is.

Is discerning something in another person and judging another person the same thing?

No its not. To discern something in another person is to factualized what it is. To judge them is to see what it is and put your opinion behind it.

How can I protect myself without becoming judgmental?

Stay away from things that bring you harm, open yourself to everything else in your life.

How can I tell a friend about a flaw?

Be open and honest and speak to them in relation to you.

How do I tell a friend he is too judgmental without hurting him?

Telling someone something like that will hurt them no matter how you say it. Use compassion. Say it gently.

Do people who irritate me reflect a part of me?

Yes they do. It’s a mirror image of what you see yourself doing that annoys you

Will you speak about people mirroring each other? If what another person does irritates me, is that a reflection of myself?

Mirroring is viewing something in someone else that you recognize in yourself. Yes it is.

How can I avoid being drawn into the chaos of others?

Simply do not engage in their energy.

How can I remain authentic when others in my life try to draw me into their chaos?

Stand in your peace and do not let negative or dark energy enter

Why do children and parents have conflicts?

Because parents feel responsible for children their entire lives, no matter how old the kids get.

What steps can I take to resolve conflicts with parents?

Listen to what they are saying. Really listen

How can I teach my children to be non-judgmental?

Be the example of being non-judgmental

How do I move my children toward authentic power?

By example. Live an authentic life and let them see how it affects you. They will follow that path if they choose to

How do I set an example for others?

Do your best always, be kind, show love. And let others witness your actions

Is it possible to set an example for someone else without expecting a particular reaction or response?

Yes. Be an example everyday for everyone. People are watching you all of the time.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet consists on eating vegan food Haha ONLY Vegan food!

What constitutes for you a cleansing, healing diet? How can it help?

Vegan food. It changed my life. I have more energy, I fill up on healthy snacks

What is the role of fitness and physical health?

Exercise and eat a balanced diet. That is how you stay healthy

How connected or disconnected is this to our spiritual health?

It is directly connected

What is the relation of diet and spirituality?

The healthier the diet the healthier your spirit

Are antidepressants useful?

They can be on a temporary basis

What is the meaning of dreams?

Dreams are nightly letters that give you information about your life

What do dreams have to do with life? Are they a tool for discovery, and how can they be used?

Dreams can guide you into understanding things going on currently in your life. Yes they are. They can be used to interpret how you really feel about things.

What is the role of my soul in my life?

Your soul is who you are. It is there before your physical body was born, it will be there after you die

Why are souls created imperfect?

They aren’t. Every soul is created perfectly by God

If souls have parts of themselves that need healing, doesnt it mean that they are wounded, or not whole?

It means those are lessons that the soul has not learned yet and will have to learn sometime

Is it possible to experience my soul?

Yes it is.

How can I feel my soul?

Anytime you feel an emotion, that is your soul making you notice

Why do souls leave when they still have work to do?

Souls leave when they are supposed to leave. No matter how hard it is for us to understand, every death is on time

What is the difference between a personality and a soul?

A personality is the label you put on yourself. A soul is who you are

How do I keep from feeling at constant odds with my personality?

Accept you for who you really are. Do not label yourself anything because labels expire

Can souls communicate with us after their personalities die?

Yes. Souls are around us all of the time. When a loved one dies, their soul stays near us.

Do we need to grow into great souls?

No. We already are a great soul

Do we need to grow into great souls before we have the chance of leaving the Earth School?

No. We leave the Earth School when we are meant to

What is intuition?

Intuition is a nonphysical force that tells you by an inner voice or inner reaction how you feel about a situation

How do I find my intuition or inner voice?

Listen for it when you are presented with a situation in your life

How does intuition differ from paranoia?

Intuition is a subtle energy shift that guides you. Paranoia is an unstable energy that makes you afraid of situations that are non-existent

What is the difference between habit and addiction?

A habit is a repetitive action that does not harm you. An addiction is a repetitive action that harms you

How can I overcome my addiction?

You have to heal the painful history that is causing you to numb it out

If I have an addiction, how do I take away its power?

Focus on healing the part of you that is in pain

How do I change a behavior I want to change when the decision to act that way feels involuntary?

It may feel involuntary but it is not. A behavior can be altered to change the pattern of its activity.

How long will it take to find all of the unhealed parts of myself?

It will take as long as your soul keeps finding a reason to reincarnate

What is my responsibility to friends and family members who are addicted or in emotional pain?

Your responsibility is not to enable their destructive behavior, but to always love them.

Why do I get such bad karma?

Karma is not real. You can not get good or bad karma for actions in your life.

How do I challenge my anger or fear?

You challenge your anger and fear by setting a better example of love and compassion for yourself

Why does my anger increase when I challenge it?

Challenging something is changing things and thats what causes the anger

What is the difference between challenging my fears and repressing them?

Challenging your fears you are bringing them up to deal with. Repressing your fears you are not dealing with them. If you do not deal with your fears they will linger around for as long as you repress them.

How can I really change?

You work on living a loving and compassionate life and not holding onto things that cause fear or anger

How can I change my unconscious intentions?

Shift your energy to focus on positive things that show love

Why is the unexpected so painful?

Because its a change in your life that you did not see coming and we do not like change

Why do nonphysical teachers allow violence?

Violence is going to occur because thats what is happening when there is no love.

Why is my life so difficult?

It is difficult because you are stuck living it in a way you do not like. Your soul is making things hard so you learn the lesson and can move into a place of love

Why do some people find their path in life easier than others who seem to struggle and get nowhere?

They have let things go and are not wanting to stay in the life that is holding onto bad feelings.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bad things happen from time to time to everybody. Labeling it happening as a bad thing to a good person is not true.

How can I heal bad memories?

Talk about them

How can I handle my negativity?

Try very hard to stay positive, even when you do not want to

When I find I am upset, what can I do to stop the negativity in me?

Calm down and relax. Quiet yourself. Then figure out why you are upset.

How can I heal my competitive nature?

Do not compete. That’s very hard to say because I am so competitive

How can I get over making comparisons of myself, my house, or my children to others, and judging that I am better or worse?

You have what you have. There is no need to compare it to anyone else. Appreciate what you do have

How can I let go of the pain of ending a relationship?

That one I’m still trying to figure out. The pain from my last relationship is crushing me. I’m trying to deal with it but I’m completely paralyzed. I’m trying but its very very hard.

How does a person learn to let go of the pain, accept and move on, without your partner, when he or she no longer wants to continue the relationship?

Just let it go and accept it. You don’t have a choice. Be graceful and loving as you exit.

How can I forgive myself if I don’t feel worthy of forgiveness?

You have to forgive yourself. You have to.

How can I learn to trust?

I don’t trust very easily at all so this one is hard for me to answer. I am learning to give people a shot now. Before I would not. Now I am opening myself up to them and sharing what is going on in my daily life. That seems to be building a bond with them and we are trusting each other in being so vulnerable.

How can I become the person I want to be?

Figure out what you want to become and become that.

How do I change my ways and behavior to what I want them to be?

That is hard for me. I have been angry for so long. I am learning to let the negative feelings go and trying to understand why I get angry over such small things. I know it is a control issue, a trust issue, and an insecurity. But it’s hard to admit that I have behaved very very badly. The truth is, I have. And I am working very hard now, not to.

How does a person know what he was put on earth to do?

You will feel a calling to do something.

What is a person’s calling?

Whatever it is that aligns your souls and your happiness. That’s what you should do forever. Whatever it is

How do I find my purpose?

Your purpose is to live a peaceful life. That’s it

I feel so unfulfilled and lonely inside. How do I find my purpose?

Seek peace. Go be with people. They will fulfill you and make you not lonely

What is the single best thing I can do for myself?

Do not turn into a recluse like me. It does damage to yourself and to anyone else. Learn to live life and be happy.

What is the single best thing I can do to grow spiritually?

Read and learn

How can everyone in a community be equal?

If they put away all of their competitiveness, it can happen

How can I tell the difference between wants and needs?

A want is something you know you do not have to have. A need is something you have to have.

How do I know when I am running away or moving to my next lesson in life?

If you are running away you are turning off emotion to it, if you are moving on, you have dealt with the feelings and can let them go and move forward. A lot of people run away from feelings and never acknowledge them at all. They choose to stick their heads up their backsides and pretend they are happy. It pisses me off to see people do that when life is so precious.

Can awareness overcome temptation?

Yes. You can not be tempted by things that are not meant to be yours.

Is awareness the key that allows temptation to lose power?

Yes. Becoming aware of what urges you towards the temptation can help you shut your emotional attachment off to it.

Do intention and motivation mean the same?


What is the difference between a healthy boundary and emotional withdrawal?

A healthy boundary is setting up the line that is acceptable to you. Emotional withdrawal is choosing not to feel anymore towards somebody or something.

Does doubt have a purpose?

Doubt will teach you how to decide.

What is the purpose of doubt in our lives?

It is meant to show us what one decision can do over another decision. But we then must quit doubting and pick.

How can I feel authentically empowered every day?

Wake up grateful for life, be happy, find love, and enjoy your day.

How can I remember my spirit?

You will feel it in your heart when your spirit moves through you. Mostly during joyful moments but your spirit will also come through when you are sad.

How do I remember my spirit in the midst of a very negative situation?

Feel it wash over you and calm you down.

Do my surroundings prevent me from creating authentic power?

Yes they can. If you are not feeling authentic, remove yourself from that situation. I had to and it was very very hard to do. But it was for the best.

Do I need to isolate myself until I am strong enough to continue in the real world?

No you shouldn’t do that. I have done that and its not working for me anymore. I was trying to heal my heart from my pain. What makes you strong is being scared and still living the life you want. That’s strengthen.

Can I remain a christian and create authentic power?

Yes you can.