My response to the Tell All

All I have to say is I’m still in love with Meri. And I understand why she has to throw me under the bus. Kendra busted out our affair on June 1, 2015. She and Lindsay tried for months to squash all the rumors but it didn’t work. I want to thank Kendra for trying to protect us the best she could. She has unfairly been attacked, called a liar, and lost out on a lot of jobs and money opportunities because she stood up for me. I really appreciate her and consider her a new friend. Thank you Kendra. I know this has been really tough on you. I’m sorry about that. Anyone else claiming they were the first ones to write, publicize, or post an article in regards to our affair is lying. Kendra was the only one that figured it out first.

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About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. I believed you from the start!!! I love sister wives but Meri isn’t happy and I pray you have helped her live in her truth……Kody isn’t right for her. The whole baby issues made me think twice about him and now Robin has another baby on the way SMH…..shame on tlc trying to cover up the truth AGAIN!!LOve Hope and Prayers for Meri&Sam

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sam ~ 🌄

  3. That may be the worst part of it. Why all of the lying on TLC during the Tell-NOT episode? Viewers seem so disappointed in wanting her truth to finally come to light. Anyone’s truth. There was no abuse, and the correspondence speaks the truth I was looking for. I think that’s why Sam has found himself solid support group here. We all can’t stand Kody.

  4. All I can say is you must have A LOT of self control. When I love someone I can’t help myself and reach out when I’m feeling my weakest

  5. I believe you. It’s so obvious meri is lying. Kody is bizarre but if you watch his face when she talks he clearly doesn’t believe what she’s saying either. I guess his and the other wives view is “whatever keeps the show on the air and the money coming in”

  6. Will you ever show the photos? Has she tried contacting you , or have you tried? You say you knew each other for a long time , does that mean you had interaction with the family including kody prior to the affair? If you say you love you have to get her back!!!!!

  7. My husband has occasionally watched the show when he has been forced to (LOL) and I have watched it since the beginning. I was watching the tell-all sunday night, and he was in the room and would occasionally look up and watch. When they started talking about the “catfishing”, he actually watched it said, “She’s lying. What she’s saying just doesn’t add up.” Not to be ugly at all–She has always been my favorite wife on there but you can tell, like you said, that some of the stuff is being doctored or whatever you would call it.

    And did anyone else notice that when she was asked how long this had gone on, she originally was going to say six but then she stopped herself and said a long time or a while (I can’t remember the exact wording).

    I’m so sorry that this has happened to you.

    • That’s because we have known each other a lot longer than anyone knows and she didn’t want anyone to know that. Especially Kody. I kept saying we started talking publicly March 1 2015 but we knew met a long time before than. I’m not supposed to talk about that.

  8. Well up till the tell all i believe her but after that not anymore.
    To me watching the tell all every time she was ask something she would look at Kody like she was scared to say anything

  9. “People who are rude and see now sending me women abused photos and rape victim photos” wow are people really doing that? That’s so messed up, you guys need to leave sam alone! You can’t always help who you fall in love with and if he was sooo abusive why wouldn’t she just go to the cops? You people sending him these photos need jesus in your lives, get off this blog and go to church! Lol

  10. So she’s gone back to Kody who clearly doesn’t want her, that’s sad. You posting these pictures, let me be clear for myself, they are of you and Meri on FaceTime or another similar app correct?
    How’s she going to explain this away? Will anyone in her family even ask? Why settle for so very little in life?

  11. Sam ~ as far as I am concerned you do NOT have to prove anything to anyone ~ its your business and the only people that should be commenting here are people who feel for you because they have also been hurt and can maybe share their story and help you heal… From what I have read you are a good person in pain who has had it tough ~Please people (trolls ) give him a break!

  12. Come on, Sam! Please post more photos! I’m starting to wonder if there really are more…please, please!!

  13. photoshopped or eating crow?

    Sam i saw a comment on here that was very clearly laid out asking about instagram pictures that were posted wanting to determine which one was a picture of you and clarify who the others were pics of

    green jersey guy= you
    woman next to guy= lindsay
    blonde guy laughing=guy from tv

    and u responded yes and said thats from a charity football game,

    if you now claim that is not you why would you answer yes to that question and allow all your readers to believe that? to me that is just out right manipulation and lying, you had ample room to respond yes and no to each question individually instead of answering yes and then claiming i never said yes to that specifically but you sure the heck implied it beyond a reasonable doubt in your blog comments. and in fact you also responded yes when directly asked on twitter and then deleted that response. to me its like your throwing out stuff testing to see what sticks and this is getting really frustrating!!!

    i wonder how long til im blocked?

    • I was asked about it and I answered the truth. Then people went running around looking for this Michigan kid.

      How messed up are you to pretend to investigate things that I say? Are you that bored? I get the need. But I don’t see the need of 40 people working as a group to stalk me and my friends. They have crossed lines and it’s sad.

      Believe me or don’t. I really don’t care. People that are nice and respectful I don’t mind talking to. People who are rude and see now sending me women abused photos and rape victim photos, those people get deleted and banned. And I still pray for those people who are against me because all life deserves love.

  14. photoshopped or eating crow?

    Sam you must give your blog readers some credit, we aren’t all sheep or easily swayed by a rich handsome guy that is a smooth talker. Ive seen your kind before, and ive been played by men who pretended to be something they weren’t, maybe u are this rich guy but actually weigh 300lbs and are bald so therefore u post phony photos, maybe you are hot but actually poor, or maybe you are a lesbian. who knows right sam as we the readers have no proof, undeniable, tangible stand up in a court of law proof.

    you are big on showing proof and evidence right? like meri’s abuse claims. i won’t believe that until i have definitive proof, and not ss shots of it that could be photoshopped, i want voicemails or writings etc, REAL proof.

    So please give your readers the benefit of the doubt because there is absolutely nothing on the internet to prove you existence, you have no digital foot print so to speak, no friends in real life that post to your tweeter other then lindsey whose identity is in question also. you say you have a friends and family facebook and twitter but we the reader can’t see that so its just “hearsay” for now until you show proof right.

    Ill still keep reading and following along but please don’t expect me to be a sheep and fawn over you like some of the lonely creepy women that comment here do.

    And when the time comes ill eat crow and declare it from the roof tops your authenticity SAM

    • My digital footprint was removed years ago because I paid a google remove type service to remove me. The only things out there are my old blog. Which is fine. Other accounts being linked to me are fake accounts created by the trolls then ss of those accounts get passed around as if they are real. With so many different photos of guys it’s hilarious. To put that much effort into their lies is both amusing and annoying.

      If you are so skeptical after the amount of texts photos and voicemails I have posted you really are stupid. You can not dispute her own words and tone of voice. We were in love and she was leaving him for me.

      After we broke up she has aligned herself with the same horrible people she was bitching about. The same people she begged Lindsay to get rid of. But she won’t admit to any of that now because saying I am a catfish distracts everyone away from the truth that we had a real affair.

  15. ^Yeah, I definitely think she’s lying and I kinda-sorta understand your logic for posting all this… the Tell-All questions were ridiculous. And I’m sure it was difficult for you to hear all her BS. But I still think you should go after her. I don’t think either of you will be happy without each other.

  16. I know the photos you posted such as “wiring guy” aren’t you and you never claimed that…and soccer ball guy you allowed alot of your commentors to believe that it was you, ok so thats not…but you have claimed that the guy in the jersey is you and the pic on this blog is you correct?? even just the photo you use as your blog photo looks different then this one you posted video chatting to meri! Im not a troll, im just still waiting for that last 1% of proof i need that you are who u say u are!!!

    • Lol Wiring guy and soccer ball guy are guys that were doing something funny. They are inside jokes to my friends. The football pictures are from a charity football game where Lindsay was in attendance. People claim the photos are some kid at Michigan. They are wrong and really stupid to harass him once he openly said “Those photos are not me at all.”

  17. Sam do you have any photos of you and Meri together from your week in Utah? You guys both went somewhere in the mountains I believe, maybe it was called the ampitheatre, the place where you suggest having a spiritual commitment ceremony for you and Meri that you posted photos from, you can see road signs/construction in one of them. Do you know the place I am referring too?

    Do you have photos of you and Meri together up there? That would be the simplest way to prove you exist and did in fact meet as you guys spent a week together there right?

  18. I feel a little silly getting involved in this at all (by leaving this comment; you don’t even have to publish it, but I hope you read it), but it seems so obvious that you both still love each other. If everything you’re saying here is true, then GO AFTER YOUR GIRL! It’s not too late. There’s no way Meri wants to stay with gross Kody, she probably just feels trapped. Drop everything and go to her. Right now. Choose happiness–for you and her. You will have to fight for it, but all things worth having are worth fighting for. If you don’t do this now, you’ll wonder for the rest of your life, “What if…”

    (And apologize to her for posting all her correspondence with you; I would be pissed if someone did that to me, and I’m not even famous.)

    • It was necessary to post all of this because I was aware of the storyline she was told to follow to protect the show. A lot of people feel now she is lying because of the phrasing of both the questions and her answers.

  19. why does the photo of the man in the mickey mouse shirt not look like any of the other photos you have posted of yourself, guy in hat with soccer ball, guy in football jersey it especially does not look like your half face pic posted for this blog, thanks for answering

    • People like you run around the Internet stalking all of my social media accounts. Anytime I post anything you pass it around without knowing the context. I have posted a few photos of myself. But some photos I posted are of funny things or something that I was posting for my friends to see.

      People like you are the ones that say ALL of the photos I post are me. You are wrong.

      And now that I start posting photos of us together here come the it’s fake, it’s photoshop claims. Why do you think I don’t post many photos of my life in public? Because people like you. You all that target me and harass me think you know everything. The truth is ya’ll don’t know shit. So stop assuming and stop harassing me. Move on with your lives all of this mess is done. Life is too good to spend it attacking a guy you have never even talked to.

  20. These facetime photos do not look like any of the previous photos you have posted and upon further analyze appear to be photoshopped, can you explain this please?

  21. As someone who has been in an abusive relationship it really hurts and annoys me when people casually throw around abuse claims. I’m sorry that you’ve been portrayed as emotionally abusive and threatening, when clearly all you did wrong was falling in love with someone who was unable to commit. If any relationship is abusive or threatening, its Meri’s one with Kody. I’m sorry that your love has been turned into a way to get television ratings. Sending love your way.

  22. I was really disappointed that meri stooped so low about the physical/mental abuse and stalking!! After reading through the text exchanges, I felt that you could be emotionally manipulative at times’ but nothing more.

    I think you two had a beautiful relationship and I hope y’all can work it out and run away from her REAL abuser together!!


    Ps: I’m a vegetarian looking to go vegan. Could you email me your number to talk about some tips to make this happen!?

  23. Hottt damn Sam you are gorg!!! No wonder why she wanted to leave goldilocks

  24. Sam– would “keep sweet” — be ?? Quiet? Submissive? Cooperative? I have never heard that term before—reminds me of something that maybe the Amish or Mennonites might say.

  25. I’m sorry you are having a rough day! Hopefully this will get some of the negativity off of you! It seems to clearly be you in this

  26. How do you know that 2 wives and 1 of the older kids came to this site? They acted on the Tell All like they didn’t know anything about it. I highly doubt Kody has seen any of the pictures or listened to the voicemail’s.

  27. Kody cares about keeping the family unit together. It makes him look better and feeds his ego. But he doesn’t love Meri like a husband loves a wife….anymore at least

  28. You should watch Escaping Polygamy on Amazon. It will open your eyes.

  29. Wow! The Browns really played things to make themselves look good. Clearly, nobody wanted to address what really happened, Meri had an affair. I did laugh when kody called it a flirt. Hey, I’d be glad if that’s all my husband thought an online love affair was. I’m sure they will just sweep it under the rug.

  30. Just a thought from someone that has only watched 2 episodes and the tell all… And then became nosy enough to google it, have you ever thought that maybe you were the one “catfished”? Maybe she used you for her own gain?

  31. So – I, like so many, have to eat my words after seeing these pics. These are the only ones I’ve seen with the two of you in them. I just don’t understand why you didn’t just post these first when you were getting attacked (and still are)?? I think it would’ve prevented a lot of doubt with so many people. Anyway – Ive left one comment previously and I apologize for being a bitch. 😕
    I saw Meri struggling last night to find her words and I felt sorry for her because I could tell that she was completely and utterly lost … I’ve been there before and I know how it feels. She had been feeling on top of the world when in the relationship with you and she probably felt invincible and she is now having to come down from that “high” and face reality. The reality she so desperately wanted to escape… As we say in the south, “bless her heart”. I can only imagine how it feels for her being in that house by herself with that asshole of a “spiritual husband” only coming around when he’s not tied up with his 100+ kids (& another on the way). Nobody should have to share their partner.. It’s not how we are programmed. That’s why there is jealousy between them.. And rightfully so. I can’t imagine the secret competitiveness that must go on to try and be kody’s “favorite” – I mean really, that HAS to happen! Or at least it seems like it would anyway. Especially with Christine.. I think she is probably struggling as much as Meri and it seems like she’s ready to walk if you ask me….
    I think When Meri watches that show back, reality is going to hit her like a ton of bricks and she’ll soon be ready to call it quits. That man doesn’t love her and if he does, it’s more in a friend kind of way.. Not the way she deserves to be loved. The anguish on her face last night was evident and it was so painful to watch. I hope she finds her courage to leave him and be happy. I hope the same for Christine and Janelle too. And again – sorry for being a bitch. 😘

  32. Things will get better. I know you’re hurting and that makes me sad. I hate to read the still constant bullying that you’re enduring but eventually it will stop, they will get tired and get their own lives. Keep your head up and stay a sweet gentlemen!

  33. I understand(not agree with) TLC and the Brown’s running with the catfish story because it’s more fascinating. But I don’t understand the abuse claims. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. Was it just so people sympathize with Meri? From what I have seen the vast majority of people sympathize with her and her unhapp and depression in her marriage any way and this was before they threw around the abuse allegations.

  34. Will you be posting any more photos, etc. tonight? I want to know if I should keep checking back or give it a rest for tonight.


  35. Watching last night was hard—-seeing her search for an explanation to questions, hearing her slip-up by saying “he” —- and watching his face—I am sure he knows the whole story, and is burning mad that he is put in this position to look like a fool, but let’s face it–he knew something was going on when she put him out of her place months ago..he is not a fool.
    You wrote once that she was raised in polygamy — that it is the only way of life that she knows–I had never thought of it that way before–you used the word “cult” if I remember right–I can see that now–that mentality–could certainly be a problem in the real world.
    Walk proud my friend, I have believed you all along…….

    • A new friend told me about a phrase in religious cults called Keeping Sweet or Keep Sweet. Once I looked that up and read the definitions and the way men use it against their wives and daughters I started to see a pattern in her life that she has lived by. And I realized why she was so scared to leave with me. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust me. It was because she just doesn’t know any other way to live but this lifestyle. And asking her to leave it without us going through a transitional process would be like someone escaping polygamy in the middle of the night to a life unknown.

      I was so stupid for not seeing it like that until it was too late. And now she will have to keep sweet to gain back trust within the family because a wife that strays gets harsher treatment from everyone once she goes back.

  36. I will be the first to admit that I created fake profiles to harass you and Lindsay for months. I thought you were a catfish. After watching the last two episodes and now seeing these photos I admit I think Meri is the one that just catfished America with her multiple lies.
    She was not honest or forthright. The softball questions were not at all things we wanted to know and so many questions are left unanswered.
    The one person in all of this that has shown proof and told the truth even when people like me were making your life a living hell everyday is you. I’m so sorry Samuel. I feel really bad. I can say every time I was rude to you, you were a complete gentleman and even wished me to have a nice day several times. I think you are a really nice guy and I can’t believe Meri let you go for that asshole Kody.

  37. Sam, I honestly must say that I never believed Meri to begin with. Yes, catfishing happens, as it happened to me before, but from the beginning, what really confused me about Meri’s side of the story was the simple fact that the relationship had gone on for so many months. How in this day and age can an online relationship continue for so long, especially one with so much passion and love, even work out without seeing the other person? It simply does not make sense. Furthermore, her responses last night on the Tell All solidified my views. If there was no man, which Meri claimed to begin with, and it was all conspired via one woman, then who was the man with whom she spoke verbally on the phone? The man who hung up and then Lindsey called Meri back. Who was this man? Also, why the constant usage of “they” in reference to one person, and why continue to use the male pronoun on reference to the supposed catfisher whom she claims turned out to be a female? I also understand why she would lie, she has so much to lose. However, I believe the Tell All ultimately told more than what she was intending to.

  38. I am wondering who are all those people on twitter who spend a lot of time of their day bashing you. I don’t get who would dedicated their life to defend someone else… They are pretty aggressive & mean. They are not asking nicely like “leave Meri alone.” Do you know them , does Meri know them? Do you think Meri is using an alias in twitter & is one of those bashing you & saying your a fraud.. I am beginning to think she is behind some of those postings. Also what caused the break-up ? If she doesn’t go back to you do you see her staying with Kody for the sake of the family? Last did she ever express that all wives knew that the favorite wife is Robyn.. I mean its obvious on TV but do the wives just turn a blind eye ? Not that I hate on Robyn but I just see nothing going on with kody & jenelle, and Christine needs to find a partner for herself as Meri, if kody is just in love with Robyn it should just be the two of them.

  39. Hey, good lookin’! 🙂 it takes a lot for a person to stand their ground while the whole world looks down on them. Good men aren’t easy to come by; yet she had one who loved her with all his might. Yet, even after all the backlash, you haven’t said a negative word about her. She should have escaped her comfort zone and followed her heart!

    Dinner is on me if you come to Ohio!

  40. I was waiting for Meri to refer to you as a “catfish”, you and Lindsey both being Jackie Overton. I knew she would not reference the name.
    She constantly referred to her, him and they.
    This shows without a doubt that you are a man.

  41. I’ve been following this for about 6 weeks. I can’t believe Meri walked away from you. What I would give to have a guy like you in my life! Good luck and God bless.

  42. I have a question, but I’m not sure if you have the answer or not. Has Kody come to your site, read your journal & texts and heard the voicemails, which are clearly Meri’s voice? If so, how could he deny this? She says, “I love you” ALL THE TIME.

    Clearly she has/had feelings for you that he should be jealous or mad about. Does he just not care?

  43. I’m really upset today but I’m trying to get through work so I can go home.

  44. I knew it! Good for you Sam. 🙂

  45. I was wondering if Kody and the other wives decided as a family NOT to listen to the voicemails or read the texts. This sounded to me as if Kody and the other wives were confused and just believe Meri’s story. It sounded like a desperate excuse that her family just accepted as truth. I mean come on…one thing that cannot be denied is that you two had a relationship and she wasn’t afraid of you.

  46. I agree with Maria, it seems to me that Kody made it out to be nothing. If my significant other was sending text and pictures of the nature Meri was I would not sit there and say it was a “flirt” what does that even mean. I just don’t understand this whole situation she can’t go 6 months saying how much she loves you and telling you all those things and sending you private images if she felt unsafe. Things just don’t add up, it would have been amazing if she said “you know what, yes I had an affair with an amazing man, but I’m happier then I have ever been.” I get the fear but to completely not validate what you guys has is really fucked up excuse my language. One question are you going to be posting the pictures of you guys together?

  47. I believe you. I have the entire time. There are lies, I don’t know what they are, but I know there are lies upon lies. Meri stated she was afraid for her family, yet she never said what she was afraid of. Meri is in love with you as much as you love her, but she doesn’t know how to get out.

  48. I was very disappointed in Meri last night. She clearly wasn’t being totally honest. Also I don’t buy Kody’s reaction to the whole thing. So what, it was a flirt. Really,did you listen to the voicemails, text and did you look at the pictures she sent. I really don’t think Kody cares too much about Meri. If he was truly showing support for her he would have been sitting next to her.

  49. Sam,

    I have to say that I really didn’t believe you at first. I mostly just read the blog and your twitter because I was waiting for some definite proof. Either definite proof that you were in fact catfishing Meri or that you were real.

    I guess this is my apology. Even though I have never posted or tweeted anything, it is my apology for all the other people that are constantly harassing you.

    You seem like a good man and I am sorry that you are going through this. Especially since you were really in love with Meri.

    If you would ever like to talk on the phone, facetime, skype, text, tweet, anything, please let me know!

  50. Hi Samuel,
    I saw that in previous posts and comments, you’ve said you have photos of the two of you together. You said in the comments that you will be posting the pictures of you together. Is this what you meant? Or do you have an actual photo of you together in person that you will post?

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